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Posted on: March 26, 2010 1:56 pm
Edited on: March 26, 2010 2:03 pm

St. John's now talking to Skinner, Greenberg

St. John's search for Norm Roberts' successor continues with the school set to interview two ACC coaches.

Multiple sources have said Boston College's Al Skinner will interview, and the New York Times is reporting that Virginia Tech's Seth Greenberg will also meet with St. John's officials. Greenberg has been perceived as a candidate since Roberts was fired. He's clearly the top target now that Florida's Billy Donovan has rejected overtures and Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt has passed on the opportunity to move to the Big East school.

Roberts coached six seasons at St. John's.

He's now serving as an analyst for CBSSports.com on March Madness on Demand broadcasts.

Posted on: March 25, 2010 1:35 pm
Edited on: March 25, 2010 2:53 pm

Hewitt passes on St. John's

Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt has passed on the opportunity to coach St. John's.

A source told CBSSports.com that Hewitt informed school officials Thursday after basically concluding that the job he has now (Georgia Tech) is better than the job he could've had in the next few seasons (St. John's). Beyond that, Hewitt's buyout at Georgia Tech is roughly $7 million, meaning the worst case scenario has him walking with a huge check if Georgia Tech decides to fire him in the coming years.

St. John's will now turn its attention to secondary candidates, perhaps Virginia Tech's Seth Greenberg. Cornell's Steve Donahue is another possible candidate, although he has said many times he won't discuss anything with anybody until the Big Red's season is complete. They play Kentucky late Thursday in the Sweet 16.

St. John's is looking for a coach to replace Norm Roberts.

He was fired last week after six seasons.

Posted on: March 24, 2010 9:15 pm

Auburn hires UTEP's Barbee

UTEP coach Tony Barbee has accepted an offer to become Auburn's next coach, CBSSports.com has confirmed.

An official announcement is expected Thursday.

Barbee spent four years at UTEP and led the Miners to a Conference USA title and NCAA tournament berth this season. He was an assistant under John Calipari at Memphis before accepting the UTEP job. Some obvious candidates to replace Barbee at UTEP are Sam Houston State's Bob Marlin, former USC coach Tim Floyd and former Kentucky and UTEP coach Billy Gillispie.
Posted on: March 23, 2010 2:24 pm
Edited on: March 23, 2010 2:39 pm

St. John's gets permission to speak with Hewitt

St. John's officials have received permission to speak about the school's coaching vacancy with Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt, a New York native who might be willing to move back home after 10 seasons in Atlanta.

Hewitt has made five NCAA tournaments -- including the 2004 national title game -- but endured criticism in recent years because of a lack of postseason success. A source told CBSSports.com that no meeting is yet scheduled and that the parties will not meet Tuesday. Wednesday is more likely, according to the source.

St. John's fired Norm Roberts last week.

Hewitt led Georgia Tech to a 23-13 record this season.

The Yellow Jackets lost to Ohio State in the second round of the NCAA tournament.
Posted on: March 17, 2010 2:08 pm
Edited on: March 17, 2010 2:16 pm

There's a lesson to be learned from Gonzo

Bobby Gonzalaz beat Fred Hill twice this season, and he had a better record, better RPI, better shot at the NCAA tournament, and a better overall team than Hill did, too. By any normal measuring stick, Gonzalez was safe and Hill was on his way out. But Gonzalez is a crazy person who alienated nearly everybody, and Hill is not that at all. So though it came as a surprise, it actually makes sense that the crazy coach was fired Wednesday while the coach with four consecutive losing seasons was retained.

And let this be another lesson to all coaches.

If you didn't learn it from Billy Gillispie, learn it from Bobby Gonzalez.

You can treat people poorly, rant, rave, curse out reporters and enroll prospects with questionable characters, if you want. But if that's the route you take, you'd better be super awesome at winning basketball games. Otherwise, you won't last long. Gonzo is the latest example.

Speaking of, do you remember what I wrote in my Big East preview back in November?

"Bobby Gonzalez has his most talented team to date, and if all goes right the Pirates could make a run at the NCAA tournament. But is it really possible that all goes right? Gonzalez has brought in gifted but questionable-character guys in Keon Lawrence (transfer from Missouri) and Herb Pope (transfer from New Mexico State), and most believe things will blow up, sooner or later. If so, Gonzalez could pay with his job. But if he can somehow blend Jeremy Hazell (22.7 ppg), Robert Mitchell (14.6 ppg and 8.0 rpg) and Eugene Harvey (12.5 ppg) with his newcomers, then this team will finish in the top half of the Big East, for certain."

After I wrote that, Gonzalez called, cursed me out, told me I didn't know what I was talking about, you know, the usual. It was the single strangest yelling match I've ever had with a coach -- and I've had plenty -- because he kept asking why I wrote it was "inevitable" that his team would blow up even though I never used the word "inevitable." I told him that. He told me I was lying. Then we spent the next five minutes arguing about whether the word "inevitable" was even in my Big East preview. As you can see, it wasn't, but Gonzalez could never acknowledge that, for some reason. The call ended with him hanging up on me. He later expressed his displeasure to an SNY reporter, which led to SNY describing a "clash" between me and Gonzalez, which led to me addressing it in the blog.

And now here we are four months later.

And Gonzalez is out of a job.

One questionable-character guy I mentioned in the Big East preview (Keon Lawrence) caused an auto accident while driving the wrong way on the Garden State Parkway in the preseason, the other popped a Texas Tech player in the private parts in Tuesday's loss. Make no mistake, these are the things -- along with Gonzalez's personality -- that led to Wednesday's dismissal. It wasn't the losing. It was the enrollment of troubled prospects who embarrassed the university, and Gonzalez's divisive attitude that routinely did the same. Simply put, Seton Hall was tired of being portrayed negatively by a coach who didn't win enough to make him worth the trouble. So the school took the first step toward fixing the problem, and the first step was to make a change at the top.
Posted on: March 17, 2010 12:23 pm
Edited on: March 17, 2010 12:50 pm

Gonzalez out at Seton Hall

Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez was fired Wednesday, a day after Texas Tech routed his Pirates before a small crowd in the opening round of the NIT.

The Newark Star-Ledger first reported the news.

Gonzalez is out after four years despite Seton Hall nearly making the NCAA tournament this season. His difficult personality combined with a willingness to bring questionable-character transfers into the program are among the reasons. A formal announcement is forthcoming.
Posted on: March 16, 2010 4:15 pm
Edited on: March 16, 2010 4:18 pm

Oregon to formally announce Kent's firing

Oregon has scheduled a 6:30 p.m. ET press conference on campus, at which point athletic director Mike Belotti is expected to announce that Ernie Kent will longer be the school's basketball coach.

Bellotti and Kent will both attend the press conference.

Kent spent 13 seasons coaching Oregon.

He made five NCAA tournaments, two Elite Eights.
Posted on: March 16, 2010 2:38 pm
Edited on: March 16, 2010 3:24 pm

Coaching bits for a slow day in coaching news

It's been a slow day for coaching developments.

All together now: Thank God!

Seems some of the openings won't be filled until after coaches start getting eliminated from the NCAA tournament, among them Auburn. Word is that the SEC school will make a run at Missouri's Mike Anderson, an Alabama native. But when Anderson likely passes -- remember, Missouri is the better job, and he passed on Memphis last April -- the attention will turn elsewhere, perhaps toward UTEP's Tony Barbee.

Kansas State assistant Dalonte Hill seems to be a serious candidate at Charlotte.

Kentucky assistant Orlando Antigua makes sense at Central Florida.

Nearly everybody I've talked with has Boise State eventually hiring former Bucks coach Larry Krystkowiak and UC Irvine eventually hiring NBA assistant Russell Turner, though a number of west coast college assistants could also get looks at UC Irvine, among them USC's Bob Cantu.  Meantime, Tennessee's Bruce Pearl is leading a poll at DesMoineRegister.com asking who readers would like to see as Iowa's next coach, as well he should. But who the fans want and who might really take the job are often two different things, and that's the case here. Remember, Iowa is about the eighth-best job in the Big Ten. You don't leave Tennessee for Iowa unless you're in trouble at Tennessee, and Pearl isn't in any kind of trouble considering he's in his fifth NCAA tournament in five years.

As for DePaul, well, there's good news and bad news.

The bad: It doesn't seem to be as attractive of a job as DePaul fans probably hope.

The good: There's still time to apply for the position online, as Deadspin.com pointed out earlier.
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