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Did Taggart say he's leaving Memphis for good?

The University of Memphis is having a rough week.

If Shawn Taggart's Facebook status is any indication, it looks to be getting worse.

"Willie,p,spoon,dmack,r.dot,white chocolate,and angle......... love yal (expletive) no (expletive) but...... its ova wit...... yal hold it down."

Now I am no expert translator, but that kind of sounds like a goodbye to current Tigers Willie Kemp (willie), Pierre Niles (p), Wesley Witherspoon (spoon), Roburt Sallie (r.dot?), Preston Laird (white chocolate), and Angel Garcia (angle).

Am I reading that correctly?

Taggart entered the NBA Draft last month (but did not hire an agent) ... even though there's no indication he'll be selected. On the other hand, he's already graduated from Memphis. So leaving actually makes some sense if the goal is to simply earn a check somewhere, ASAP.
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Yep, there's already a Memphis/NCAA song

Jon Roser -- a radio producer in Memphis who cannot sing -- got a karaoke machine and a back-up singer (Mark McCleskey) and recorded a song inspired by the allegations of NCAA rules violations at Memphis. Naturally, it's called "Johnny Calipari." Everybody except Kentucky fans will probably get a chuckle out of it. But remember, this dude is a terrible singer (even if he is quite funny).

Click this link to check it out.

It's best described as an alternative version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Dani California."
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Rose mess shouldn't affect Memphis' future

Memphis basketball coach Josh Pastner confirmed to CBSSports.com on Thursday that he was never told the school had been charged with major NCAA rules violations when he accepted the job last month.

"I was unaware," Pastner said by phone from his office. "That's the truth."

Memphis received a letter alleging violations in January.

Pastner was hired nearly three months later.

So no, it does not appear athletic director R.C. Johnson was forthcoming with some crucial information when he offered Pastner the opportunity to replace John Calipari. But the good news for the first-year coach is that it seems highly unlikely that he'll be affected in any tangible way by the possible violations that happened while he was still an assistant at Arizona.

In other words, this is about the Tigers' past, not the Tigers' future.

So while it's possible Memphis might have its 2008 Final Four appearance banished from the NCAA record books, there is no indication whatsoever that a postseason ban, TV ban or any scholarship losses are on the way. That's a key point Pastner must stress going forward, if only because opposing schools will undoubtedly use the threat of harsh penalties in an attempt to scare prospects away from Memphis.

"I've been told by our athletic director and other people in the administration that none of this will affect the current team or any future team," Pastner said. "This is all about [the 2007-08 season]."
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Report: Rose had high school grade changed

A person with access to Derrick Rose's academic records at Simeon High in Chicago changed a D to a C on his transcript just before the future Memphis Tiger was applying to college, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday.

According to the paper, the Chicago Public Schools has been unable to determine who falsified the transcripts. But a report by the CPS inspector general claims Rose was one of four Simeon High athletes whose grades were changed after their 2007 graduation, which is notable now that the NCAA has alleged that an unnamed player who competed for Memphis in the 2008 Final Four knowingly had his SAT taken for him in advance of his enrollment.

Sources have told CBSSports.com that the player in question is Rose.

Attempts by CBSSports.com to reach Rose and his older brother Reggie have been unsuccessful.

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Rose's former summer coach clarifies quote

The Chicago Sun-Times ' Michael O'Brien is reporting that the NCAA believes former Simeon High basketball player Kevin Johnson is the person who allegedly took the SAT for Derrick Rose.

The paper's source on the story: Luther Topps.

He helped coach one of Rose's old summer teams.

He's receiving a lot of attention this morning because of the following quote:

"[Simeon coach Robert Smith and I] didn’t know anything about his test,’’ Topps told the Sun-Times . "(Derrick's older brother) Reggie (Rose) moved me and him out of the way long before that, as soon as the money got involved."

Money involved?

CBSSports.com reached Topps by phone early Thursday, asked for a clarification on that quote, asked what he meant by "as soon as the money got involved," asked whether he was accusing Reggie Rose of being on the take. In a brief conversation, Topps denied he was suggesting improprieties and insisted that when he said he was moved out "as soon as the money got involved" that what he really meant was that he was moved out when it became obvious that Rose's future clearly included millions of dollars as a professional basketball player.

"What (I meant) by 'money involved,' is that (I was moved out) when they started smelling the money as far as (Derrick) getting rich," Topps said. "That's what (I) mean. ... (I) was talking about (money as in) when the kid turned pro."

Multiple attempts by CBSSports.com to reach Reggie Rose have been unsuccesful.

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Kentucky/Calipari release statement

Kentucky officials released a statement late Wednesday in response to allegations of NCAA rules violations at Memphis under John Calipari.

According to the school, Calipari "was forthcoming with the University of Kentucky during the hiring process about any issues under investigation at the University of Memphis." The statement also explained that Calipari has received a letter from the NCAA stating that he is not at risk of being charged with any violations in this case, and it closed by pointing out that this is a "University of Memphis issue and the University of Kentucky will not comment further."

"Even though I'm not at risk, I will fully cooperate with the NCAA hearing," Calipari said via the statement. "Beyond that, I concur with the statement from the University of Kentucky and will have no further comment."

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NCAA accuses Memphis of violations under Calipari

The NCAA has accused the Memphis basketball program of major violations during the 2007-08 Final Four season under John Calipari.

In a letter first obtained by The Commercial Appeal and dated Jan. 16, 2009, the NCAA alleges "knowing fraudulence or misconduct" on an SAT exam by a player on the 2008 Final Four team. The player is not named in the report. But the letter states that the student-athlete "competed for the men's basketball team through the 2007-08 season, which included his participation in the 2008 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship."

The lone Memphis player who only competed in the 2008 NCAA tournament -- as opposed to multiple NCAA tournaments -- is Derrick Rose, a one-and-done prospect who was the top pick in the 2008 NBA Draft and subsequent NBA Rookie of the Year for the Chicago Bulls. If the allegation is proven true, Memphis could be forced to forfeit its Final Four appearance, meaning both of Calipari's Final Fours -- 1996 at UMass and 2008 at Memphis -- would then be removed from the offical NCAA record book.

Memphis is also accused of providing $2,260 in free travel for an associate of a player.

Calipari is not named or directly implicated in the report.

He now coaches at Kentucky.

CBSSports.com's initial attempt to reach Calipari by cell phone Wednesday was unsuccessful.

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Top 20 recruit expected to pick Memphis

Latavious Williams is expected to commit to Memphis at a Tuesday afternoon press conference, his high school coach told CBSSports.com.

"I'd faint if anything [besides Memphis] came out of his mouth," said Humble (TX) Christian Life Center's Carlos Wilson. In other words, unless Williams surprises everybody -- and sends his coach to the floor -- he will be Josh Pastner's second recruit, joining junior college standout Will Coleman.

Williams is a 6-foot-7 forward who is rated as the 17th-best prospect in the Class of 2009 by Rivals.com.
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