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Posted on: May 27, 2010 7:38 pm

Big Ben returns

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is free to return to football.

Let's hope he comes back a changed man. As part of the suspension given to Roethlisberger by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the league's code of conduct rules, Roethlisberger had to take part in some behavioral evaluation and was forbidden from taking part in team activities.

Wonder if the evaluation got the jerk out of him?

Roethlisberger is not well liked by his teammates, the media and has acted at times as if he owns the world. That hasn't endeared him to many people.

He needs to be more humble. He needs to learn respect.

Just because you play in the NFL doesn't give you a right to treat people like garbage.

Don't even bring up how he allegedly treats women.

He needed a behavioral evaluation.

The jerk in him had to go.

We will soon find out if it has.

He's also trying to get his potential six-game suspension reduced. So you can bet he will be on his best behavior. The test will come after that.

Anybody can act a certain way if their job is on the line. It will be interesting to see if he truly changes.

If a motorcycle accident that nearly killed him didn't, it's hard to believe this will.

But you never know. Maybe maturity will be an issue.

Some of the biggest NFL jerks I've encountered changed some as they aged, realizing that it all wouldn't last forever.

We'll see about Roethlisberger.

One thing I know for sure: I'd love to see the behavior-evaluation reports. That would be good reading.
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Posted on: April 21, 2010 1:09 pm

Stiff suspension for Ben

Ben Roethlisberger's suspension for four-to-six games is about right. But you have to wonder how the league will sell this one to the NFL Players Association.

After all, he hasn't been charged with anything, except being stupid.

There were no formal charges in either case of alleged sexual misconduct against Roethlisberger. The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is free by the laws of the land, even if he isn't by the rules of the NFL.

For that reason, I thought the league would allow the Steelers to handle the suspension of their quarterback.

As it is, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is ready to slap the suspension on Roethlisberger for violating the league's conduct code.

I understand it. But at the core, other than stupidity, why is he being suspended? There wasn't even arrest. What he did is deplorable -- if true -- but who can prove it true without a court case.

Essentially he is being suspended for drinking with girls in a bar. If that's the case, most of the NFL should sit out four games.

The suspension is bad news for Steelers fans. They will have to play a quarter of the season, unless the suspension is reduced, without their two-time winning Super Bowl quarterback.

The winner in this is Byron Leftwich.

The Steelers traded a seventh-round pick to Tampa Bay Tuesday to get Leftwich, who was the backup to Roethlisberger for the 2008 season.

He knows the offense. The players in the locker room like him. He will be fine.
As for Roethlisberger, here's hoping losing a quarter of his pay and hurting his teammates helps change him.

I doubt it will.



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Posted on: February 11, 2009 4:44 pm

Prisco rants

 I really respect Ben Roethlisberger as a quarterback. I think he's tough. I like the way he moves around the pocket, not looking to run but rather doing it with his head up to make a throw. More quarterbacks need to do that.

He's a star now.

Having praised Roethlsiberger, it's time to rip him.

Please stop with all the drama, Ben.

The book on Roethlisberger is that he's a drama queen, and his recent revelation to Sports Illustrated writer Peter King that he played the Super Bowl with two broken ribs only intensifies his look-at-me style.

Why bother? What's the point? The game is over. All it does it put the spotlight back on Roethlisberger, with people saying how tough he must be. Somehow, I think Roethlisberger likes that.

The Steelers haven't confirmed the story and there are some Steelers players who think he's telling a tall tale.

If he did play with broken ribs, he's tough but why let it out? All it does is put the focus on him, and takes away from the team winning a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl star, drama queen.

They don't need to go together.

Quick hits

---Nice job by the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency last year. The two big signings were receiver Jerry Porter and cornerback Drayton Florence. They cut both of them Wednesday. Neither played very well, but it didn't help that the coaching staff thought both were problems inside the locker room. Those two landed $16.5 million in guaranteed money last year, which brings new meaning to taking the money and running. Porter had 11 catches -- $1 million a catch -- and Florence was nothing more than a nickel corner, and not very good at that.

---What do the Jets do at quarterback now that Brett Favre is gone? Decide if Kellen Clemens is the long-term answer or draft one. If they draft one, they need a veteran. How about Byron Leftwich? He would love the chance to start again.

---I keep hearing the Larry Johnson wants out of Kansas City. Who wants him? Is he worth anything? He's a crybaby who isn't nearly as good as he thinks. Johnson needs to shut up and play with the Chiefs. The same goes for Tony Gonzalez. You're at the tail end of your career, Tony. Live with it. You're not worth trading for either.

---In all the early draft talks I've had with scouts, the one name that consistently comes up getting a lot of praise is Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry. He might be the surest thing of all the players in the draft.


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Posted on: November 10, 2008 4:50 pm
Edited on: November 10, 2008 4:51 pm

Big Ben problems

Is Ben Roethlisberger overrated? Or is he hurt?

He's certainly not playing well. Something isn't right, and it has a lot more to do than just with the bad offensive line play.

Roethlisberger has taken a ton of shots, which has contributed to his bad play, and he's playing with a banged-up throwing shoulder. How bad? Nobody will say.

But the shoulder isn't an excuse for making bad decisions and his throws haven't been accurate.

In the past three games, he's thrown eight interceptions, including three in Sunday's loss to the Colts, and one touchdown.

For the season, Roethlisberger has 10 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. That isn't good enough.

The drop off is a major surprise since he played so well last season. It has to be the shoulder, although he won't use it as an excuse. The bad line play hasn't helped either. It didn't help that Byron Leftwich played so well in relief last Monday against the Redskins, without taking a sack behind the same offensive line.

If Roethlisberger doesn't get it going, the Steelers will be watching the playoffs. Or maybe he'll be watching Leftwich. Who knows?


Quick hits

---The debut of Brady Quinn last Thursday against the Denver Broncos wasn't spectacular, but it did show that he does understand the passing game. If there is one knock on him, it's that he didn't go down the field enough. The safe throws are fine for a first start, but the ball has to get down the field more than it did against the Broncos. That means Braylon Edwards, even if he is struggling to catch it.

---You have to feel for Denver Broncos rookie running back Ryan Torain. After missing the first seven games with an elbow injury suffered in camp, Torain came back and showed well against the Broncos but suffered a torn ACL that will keep him out the rest of the season. These injuries come a year after he suffered a foot injury at Arizona State, which dropped his draft status and limited him to six games. Some guys are just jinxed, I guess.

---For the price -- about $500,000 for the rest of the season -- the signing of DeAngelo Hall makes sense for the Redskins. One thing that does interest me: Can the egos of Fred Smoot and Hall fit in the same meeting room?

----I don’t get it. It's always about the ball when making a call. Did the ball cross the goal line? Is the nose of the ball where it needs to be for a first down? So why isn't it that way when deciding if a quarterback is over the line. The rule states any part of the body. Bad rule. The Giants and Eli Manning took advantage of it against the Eagles Sunday night with a key completion coming when Manning's heal was on the line as he made the throw. Initially the call was he was over the line, but the Giants challenged and the ruling was that Manning's heal was on the line. The completion counted, the Giants scored a touchdown instead of being forced to kick a field goal and won the game. I don't like the rule. It should be about the ball, not the body. I've always believed that.

---One of the better comeback stories of this season is Miami Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell. He missed most of last season after suffering a torn Achilles tendon in the season opener. He's back now starting and playing well. He knocked down Seattle's 2-point pass to preserve Sunday's victory over Seattle and he also had eight tackles. Bell is an underrated player who is a candidate for the comeback player of the year.

---Remember all that talk from the national media that Ray Lewis wasn't the same player he was a few years back? Forget that. He's dominating again like he did in his younger days. He had two interceptions in the Ravens' victory over Houston Sunday and he's been a force over the entire season against the run and pass. Ray can still play.

---When Bo Scaife came out of Texas, most scouts said he was too small to be a tight end and not fast enough to help as an H-back. But he has developed into a top-flight weapon. Scaife had 10 catches against the Bears Sunday. "Bo is one of those guys who has learned how to prepare more than he did last year," Titans quarterback Kerry Collins said. "That shows up on the field."

---The loss of Saints corner Mike McKenzie for the season with a broken kneecap is a damning blow to a team that has to play better defense. McKenzie is the best cover player on a team that lacks them.


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Posted on: March 3, 2008 5:54 pm

You have to keep them

Franchise quarterbacks cure ills. Not having one expsoes them.

That's why the Pittsburgh Steelers signing Ben Roethlisberger to an eight-year, $102-million deal was the right thing to do. When you have a 26-year-old franchise passer,  you make sure he isn't going anywhere.

The Steelers gave their quarterback peace of mind by rewarding him with the long-term deal. Roethlisberger has already won a Super Bowl ring, but it's more than that. He is just now reaching his prime. Locking him up for the long haul is the right thing. Some people will say it's a lot of money for such a young quarterback, but Roethlisberger is 26 and that's the right age to give him the long-term extension.

Franchise passers cure ills. Lack of one exposes them.

Big Ben is more than worth the money.


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