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Posted on: December 27, 2010 12:19 am

Singletary wasn't ready

Mike Singletary had the perfect temperament to be a middle linebacker.

It cost him as a head coach.

He was just too volatile and too unprepared.  In the end, that helped cost him his job. As word made its way through the NFL Sunday night that Singletary was being fired, all I could think about was conversations I had with some of his former players.

They all talked about how Singletary was over his head. They said he was as unprepared as any coach they had ever played for in their lives -- including high school.

The game plans were simple. The attention to detail, lacking.

That's not unlike what you heard about Singletary's interviews with some owners. He was never impressive, according to some league sources.

I just think he was fast-tracked to the position, without paying his dues. Now we see what happens often in those situations.

Singletary strikes me more as an assistant than a head coach. In the end, he was just way too emotional.

That's good when your ramming heads with running backs. It's not good when you're trying to lead 53 men who hang on your every word.

Singletary was asked to resign by the 49ers and he was defiant in that, refusing to do so, which led to his being fired. I would have done the same thing. Why leave without a fight?

I wouldn't have expected anything less from Samurai Mike.

Too bad his emotions might have been what cut his own head off. Here’s a prediction: The 49ers will hire either Jon Gruden or Jim Harbaugh.  At least those two have head-coaching experience and their game plans are far from primitive.

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Posted on: October 3, 2010 8:53 pm

Singletary shuns Smith

You might not want to get San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary and Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith at the same dinner table.

Singletary didn't shake Smith's hand after the Falcons' 16-14 victory over the 49ers Sunday at the Georgia Dome, according to a league source.

Smith went to the center of the field to look for Singletary and never saw him. That's because Singletary didn't show.

Yes, it was a tough loss. Yes, his team is now 0-4 and Singletary's job is on the line. But the rule is -- unless, of course you're Bill Belichick and you write your own rules -- is you always shake the winning coach's hand.

Whether it's an outdated tradition or not, it's the way it is. Not shaking Smith's hand speaks volumes about Singletary.

Is there is a reason? Did he think Smith ran it up when the Falcons blew out the 49ers last year at their place?

We'll find out. But, for now, it looks like a classless act.

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