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Posted on: January 9, 2012 5:33 pm

Monday Musings: Carmichael Jr. deserves a look

Why isn't New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. getting any play on the head-coaching market? 

It has to be because the perception is that he's little more than an appendage for coach Sean Payton running the offense. But Carmichael Jr. has taken over as the play-caller in New Orleans. He did most of it -- with Payton's input -- in Saturday night's blowout of the Lions

 According to team sources, Payton has given Carmichael Jr. more and more of the offensive workload and more of the installation process. I wasn't sure how Carmichael Jr. would do leading a room, but the word according to team sources is that he would be good at it. I talked briefly with Carmichael Jr. after the Lions game and asked if he was getting any play for jobs, and he said he was not. I don't get it. 

The man is running the most explosive offense in the NFL. Yes, Payton has input. But shouldn't Carmichael Jr. be getting an interview somewhere? 

---You have to give Tim Tebow credit for making a handful of nice throws. But doesn't Demaryius Thomas deserve credit for turning a simple slant into an 80-yard touchdown to win the game? The guy made a great route adjustment on another throw for a big gain? Tebow did some good things. It was one of his better games. But let's not make him out to be John Elway.

---Marty Schottenheimer being interviewed by the Bucs is crazy. Look, he had some good year. But why not talk to some young coaches? There are good coaches out there. Let's get off the recycled coaches.

---I hear a lot of people coming down on Falcons coach Mike Smith. Some moron even suggested he be fired. What? The guy has gone to the playoffs three of his four seasons and he should be fired? Yes, the Falcons have had playoff disappointment under Smith, but only one of the three losses was at home. The Falcons need to be more aggressive on offense. That's the next step for this franchise.

---Lost in the all the Tebow-mania from Sunday's game was how well the Broncos tackles played. Rookie Orlando Franklin at right tackle and Ryan Clady at left tackle both had impressive days. Franklin's improvement from start to finish has been as good as any rookie in the league.

---So what happened to Brady Quinn playing? I guess not.

---When I watched the Texans beat the Bengals Saturday, I had to think about general manager Rick Smith and the great job he did in the off-season. He made some great moves and he doesn't get enough credit for the job he's done. If the Texans had quarterback Matt Schaub, they'd be a real threat to get to the Super Bowl. 

---Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul guaranteed that the Giants would beat the Packers. A lot will be made of that. It shouldn’t be. Nothing ever said during the week impacts a game. Ever.

---If the Lions don’t get a corner in free agency -- Carlos Rogers? -- it would be a big mistake. They also might want to draft one early in April. The secondary is horrible.

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Clady's injury could be big

The reporteed knee injury suffered by Denver Broncos tackle Ryan Clady is a big hit for the Broncos.

Clady is a arguably the best tackle in the NFL, and the talk is he suffered a serious knee injury. He's already been in surgery, according to a source. How the injury happened is the mystery, but there is talk that it happened when Clady was taking part in the team's off-season workouts, but the team doesn't want that out.

If that's the case, Clady will certainly miss the season. That means the Broncos could have problems protecting whoever their quarterback might be.

Clady is as athletic as any tackle in the game. That's what makes him so special. It will be interesting to see how this injury will affect his future.

His feet and his ability to move is why he's so good. If this slows him down, we could see one of the potential great tackles never be the same.

That would be sad.

For now, Denver has to worry about a big hole on their offensive line.



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