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Tag:Brett Favre
Posted on: July 27, 2008 8:05 pm

It's toasty in Green Bay

The last time I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the temperature was 15-below zero, causing me to praise the fact I live in Florida.

It was 100 degrees hotter than that when my plane landed there Sunday.

It's even hotter inside the Green Bay Packers' offices. With Brett Favre threatening to send in his letter of re-instatement any day, the Packers can't be too happy. If he comes back, they pay him $12 million to sit and watch, not to mention have to deal with the legion of Favre lovers who want him to play.

Favre will put off reporting a couple of days -- the team reported Sunday -- to try and give the Packers time to work out a trade. If not, he said he's coming to camp.

Practice that clipboard holding, Brett.

If the Packers can't trade him, they don't want to let him go to a team in their division, which he would do if he were released. So life as a backup might be in Favre's future. Aaron Rodgers is their guy.

Favre went national this weekend to some of his buddies in the media and let his story out, basically once again trying to portray himself as a victim. He said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to him again Saturday, with the chance the Goodell could intervene. He said he talked with Packers general manager Ted Thompson, who urged him not to report Sunday.

Why Goodell is involved is questionable. It's not his business. Favre's a player under contract and the team views him as a backup.

Story over.

The Packers have moved on. I feel for coach Mike McCarthy, a good man who doesn't need this circus hovering over his team and their camp.

Once again, Favre is trying to be bigger than the game. If his name were Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens, he'd be getting fried like a cheese curd. As it is, Favre is getting a pass.

Pass is an interesting word. Do those who think Favre can still be a star forget his last pass? That went into the stomach of one Corey Webster, leading to the Giants' game-winning-field goal in the NFC Championship Game.

That was six months ago, the last time I was in Green Bay. It was bitter cold that day.

Too bad I didn't have the Favre-Packers fire then to warm me up.


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Posted on: July 25, 2008 8:02 pm

Favre on the move?

Brett Favre in a New York Jets uniform? In a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform?

That's like seeing Mike Freeman in a Speedo.


But both the Jets and Bucs have reportedly have been given permission by the Green Bay Packers to talk with Favre, which could lead to a possible trade. The Jets are probably trying to talk Favre into lowering his salary, which is $12 million.

If he would agree to a restructured deal, there could be a move made. It's unlikely the Jets or Bucs would do anything without Favre re-doing his deal.

Favre has told the Packers he plans to show up for camp if no deal is made. That will make for a circus, which is fine since I will be there Monday to chronicle the entire mess for CBS

Step right up and see the sideshow.

As of Friday, Favre still has not sent his papers to the league to have him taken off the reserve-retired list. He would have to do so before he takes part in practice on Monday.

The fans will go nuts if Favre is on the field Monday. That won't be fair to Aaron Rodgers.

Go away, Brett. Go away

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Posted on: July 23, 2008 6:41 pm

Stay out, Commish


So Brett Favre is above all other National Football League players, looking down from his lofty perch at that top?

Why do I say that?

When was the last time NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told a team to do something with a disgruntled player?

That's what Favre has become, like it or not. He's trying to be bigger than the game, trying to force the Green Bay Packers to let him go after playing his retirement badminton game the past four months.

The Packers have said they will welcome him back -- if he wants back, but only as a backup.

Is that any different than the end of other great careers? It's a cruel business this NFL, one that can turn a quarterback icon into a clipboard holder in a couple of months.

It's the Packers decision to make on Favre. Not Goodell's. If they want to keep Favre as a backup, so be it.

There are a 100 backups in situations they might not like who would love to have Goodell intervene on their behalf, players, like Favre, who have contract obligations.

I respect Goodell greatly. I think he's been good for the league. But if he's pushing the Packers to trade or release Favre, I think he's overstepping his powers.

That's a team decision.

Not a league-office decision.

When you boil it down to the basics, and sift through the Favre love-fest we've witnessed over the years, he's still just an NFL player, nothing more, if he wants to come back.

Deal with it, Brett. You're a backup in Green Bay.

Having the commissioner intervene isn't good for the league. Can't you see it now?

Player: Hey, commish. Any chance you can talk to my coach about getting more playing time? Any chance you can get me traded?

Goodell: Is your name Favre? Uh, can't do it.

Nobody is bigger than the game. Let's keep it that way.



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Posted on: March 6, 2008 5:53 pm

Same old Favre


One thing you have to love about Brett Favre is that he's true to himself.

How many guys show up to their retirement press conference wearing a buttoned-down shirt and slacks, but no suit?

That's Favre. He always came to meet the media looking that way, so why change? I give him credit for that. He never bent to what people wanted or expected. He was true to himself.

He gets big props for taking it that way to the end.

I will say this, though: There should be no crying in football. Favre lost it during his press conference. Maybe he was thinking about the death of his father, and how he wished he were there. If that's the case, crying is okay. But crying because you're retiring is not.


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Posted on: February 28, 2008 5:07 pm

Premature posting

When the Green Bay Packers website featured a story that Brett Favre was retiring Thursday morning, it set off a bit of a frenzy around the league.

After all, it was the official website.

It turns out the page that featured the story was erroneously put up and the Packers pulled it a short while late. Packers public relations director Jeff Blumb said there was nothing to it.

Maybe the site has it ready just in case Favre does retire, much like newspapers do with obituaries.

In any case, it's interesting that the story appeared as Favre still ponders his decision whether to play again in 2008. A Packers source told me Favre is weighing pros and cons of the decision and family will play a huge part.

The guess here is that he plays again.

The website can put that page way for another year.

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