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What the future holds for the terps

Today is February 17th, and that means there is a little less than three weeks left in the regular season for my beloved Terps. It is for this reason that I feel it's not too early to start talking about bold predictions. I'll first start out by breaking down the rest of the season, then get into my ACC Tourney projections, and finally move to our chances in the NCAA tournament which we appear to be destined for.


The teams above are what await us in the following weeks, they are the most crucial games of the season. More wins than losses and you can bet on a pretty good ACC tournament seed. If we go .500 or lower, however, we could all but doom ourselves to a lousy tournament performance. Luckily this team, who has grown into a true contender right before my eyes, seems to be mature enough to handle this tough schedule. At NC State is tonight. I feel the fact that we are much better than the wolfpack should neutralize their home court advantage, and lift us above this potential trap game. Georgia Tech in my eyes will be the tone setter for the remaining games, if we are able to beat them, which we should, we could get a lot of confidence going ahead. I predict a ten point home court win in this one. When Clemson comes in we will have the momentum, also don't discount the fact that Vasquez will be pissed at Clemson for the way they shut him down just last month. 3-0 so far in my eyes, that would have us at 10-3, which is quite respectable even with a down ACC. Unfortunately, I see trouble on the herizon here in the form of a double digit loss to Virginia Tech. Why is this you say? Well, when we get hot sometimes the players get cocky and overlook games, and what better time for that to happen than the game before we play Duke, the hokies are just too good to overlook. From there we get Duke at home which will be no easy task. The players will be fired up though, and a 3 point win is likely the end result. The next game at Virginia should be a blowout, I'd say about 15 points. So 5-1 in the next 6. That would be fantastic and the end result will be 12-4 in the conference, this should be good enough for a second place finish behind 13-3 Duke.

Next up, the ACC tourney. With a number 2 seed in our grasp we should come out of the first round bye with the rest and ability we need to beat up on a lower seeded team. Possibly a Virginia or a Georgia Tech. Then in the semi's if we continue our hot play we should dispatch of yet another lower seeded team and meet Duke in the finals. Neutral court, Duke Vs. Maryland. This will prove if we really can hang in the tournament. I'm thinking a 1 point victory by Duke or maybe a couple point victory after an OT session, they win but we won't make it easy for them. That's a 2nd place regular season finish, and a second place tournament finish. I hope we can win the ACC tournament but if before the season you had heard we could win second place don't lie, you would have taken it.

With the 2nd place ACC finish and an overall 24-9 finish we should get about a 4 or 5 seed in the NCAA tournament. This team has beat up on lower competition all year so in round one I wouldn't count on us losing. Round two could be trickier however. As we would be playing either a 4 or a 5 seed. Against teams close to our talent we are a little better than average playing them. So this should be about a 2-5 point win for us taking us to a sweet 16 birth. A magical run that not many could have expected from us. Against what could potentially be a number 1 seed, however, I don't like my chances. MAYBE if we play Kansas we could win but against Nova, Cuse or Kentucky we would fall to the wayside. All three of those teams, especially the first two mentioned, can play smothering defense and shoot the 3. Those just happen to be our two weaknesses. A bad loss in the sweet 16 will send Maryland home, but even then I will be proud of this team. For even when they were in an early hole they fought their way back and made a decent tournament run. Of course I could be totally wrong and we could suck from here on out. It certainly won't be the first time I've made predictions that were nowhere near coming to fruition. But this time just feels different.

Til next time, this is dapillcaper signing out. Go Terps!

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Posted on: January 24, 2010 10:22 am

A look in at the terps

Well It's January and my football team was knocked out of the first round of the playoffs by the freakin jets...You know what that means, the 85 percent I had been commiting to NCAA basketball is now up to 100 percent!!! Anyone who knows me knows my team is the Maryland Terrapins and I'm just going to talk a little bit about them today.

With only about a month left untill the big dance, Maryland is looking to position themselves to make it in. As of now it looks pretty good, too. After coming out of the gate and going 5-3, they have really hit stride by going 8-2 in their last 10. Even those 3 early season losses were pretty good ones. they were handled pretty well by Cinci and Wisconsin but come tournament time I'd rather have those losses, coupled with the game they really could have won against Villanova than some of our losses in recent years (American and Morgan state come to mind). Oh and don't get me started on that Wake Forest game....With last nights blowout of NC State I really feel like this team is coming together, GV is playing much more mature basketball, Hayes is fitting in well in his role of shooting three's, Jordan Williams is coming into his own, and Milbourne is no slouch either. I feel like this team can and will get in to the tourney come March time and can really make a splash. I mean, hey look, we may even win the ACC. It's not like anyone is reaching up and taking it for themselves yet except for one team....Who could that be. Oh yeah! The Terps!

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Theres a funny thing about parity...

With the loss of yet another number 1 team in college basketball the onther night (The Duke Blue Devils) along with the loss of the number three Pittsburgh Panthers I think it's time to say that there is no team safe this year. What I'm saying is usually every year there is a team that is untouchable. Everyone thought that would be the Tar Heels this year but what have they done? Even with their immense talent they lost twice. Once to a team who lost to HARVARD and St. Louis. Does that make them a bad team? Does it make Pittsburgh a bad team for losing a couple as well? What about Duke or Wake Forest who have lost games as the number 1 seed? The answer is NO! It doesn't. Does it even mean that their team talent is down from years past? Again, no it doesn't.


What I'm getting at is that every team has gotten better. It seems that most teams have a star or two on their roster that on any given night can light up even the best of defenses, outscore the best of offenses, or even just get lucky and win at the buzzer. It makes the game a lot more interesting. Sure, the fans of the big name schools probably get a little frustrated when they lose because they aren't used to it as much but it makes every single game of the year watchable. ESPN has shown games for a couple weeks in a row now where the number one team has toppled (Duke lost this week to Wake, Wake lost to the Hokies, and Pittsburgh lost against Louisville).


Not only is this parity great for the college basketball regular season, but it will be great in the Tournament this year too. We saw glimpses of it last year with a whole bunch of first round upsets mostly happening in Tampa at the St. Pete Times Forum which I was there for. It could be great. Imagine your team, a team who usually doesn't make or do much in the NCAA tourney. Going all the way and winning as a 10 seed. Sound ridiculous? Not really, it could happen. That's the beauty of a tournament and not the BCS.


In conclusion, I will be watching a lot of NCAA hoops this year and I hope you all do the same. Good luck to all your teams.

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3reaZons why member mayhem is awesome.

Since it is the opening round of the CBS sports member madness tournament I though I would give you three reasons why I think I'm in love with it.

Reason 1: It gives me a chance to talk. In case you don't know me very well, I love to talk. I have infinitite amounts of topics and in fact the one I know best is my love for my favorite sports teams. Which include the Maryland Terrapins (What I happen to be writing about in this tournament)

Reason 2: I get people to notice me. Nothing better for exposure on this site than people noticing me writing for a tournament. And hopefully if I win, I can get my name up on the front page and write a few articles for CBS sports. That is my dream after all.

Reason 3: It gives me a thing to do. Sure, I should be doing schoolwork....but wheres the fun in that? I'm literally skipping my class right now just so I can write this. (Don't worry I'm not in college where class matters, It's just high school.)

In conclusion, gotta love this site and this tournament.

Ps. CBS please do more of these tournaments or any kind of user competition at another time, cause i'll be here waiting to enter them

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Posted on: February 21, 2008 7:44 am

3reaZons why the 2008 Maryland Terrapins kill me

Don't get me wrong. I love my team as much as any fan could, but never have I loved something that has broken my heart so many times. Here are my 3reaZons why my team gives me ulcers....this years team anyways

Reason 1:They can not hold a lead to save their lives. Most teams when they get a 12 point lead, they keep it...or at least win! Not my team, I'm pretty sure they do this on purpose, just to have their fans watching til the end....What I wouldn't do to be a fan of a real powerhouse and win by 20 +......

Reason 2:The absolutely awful shot selection and horrendous turnovers. All I can say is the same person can be blamed for every win as well as every loss. Greivis Vasquez! It all depends on his shot selection...When he takes those god awful shots that make you want to shoot him, often we lose. When he actually hits those ridiculous shots, which in all physics books should not work, we win. And I don't know where to check this but I'm willing to bet we're in the bottom 10 in turnovers if not the worst.....

Reason 3: We play up to Duke and UNC and then down to everyone else. Seasons aren't made just on beating UNC if you lose to American University! Come on! American University! I didn't even know they had a basketball team! Hell, we didn't even beat Duke once this year! Sometimes I just want to punch all our players right in the head! They're better than that!

This concludes 3reaZons for now.
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Until next time, thank you and have a nice day
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