Posted on: April 21, 2009 5:28 pm
Edited on: April 21, 2009 6:19 pm

Don't be surprised if Redskins drop down board

There's been a  lot of speculation about the Washington Redskins moving up to take Mark Sanchez in this year's draft, but I just don't see it.

Instead, look for the club to do what it did a year ago and move backward, picking up draft picks as it goes. Washington could use a defensive end/pass rusher, and there will be plenty after the 13th choice. Washington isn't alone. San Diego would like to go backward, too, and pick up a second-round pick in the process. The Chargers have none, trading it away last year to New England.


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Posted on: March 2, 2009 5:01 pm
Edited on: March 2, 2009 5:20 pm

What next for Taylor?

So here's my question: What does Jason Taylor want to do with his life? The Washington Redskins were going to pay him $8.5 million if he just showed up for 75 percent of the off-season workouts -- which worked out to something like 25 days -- but Taylor said that was a no can-do.

So they cut him.

The Redskins wanted Taylor around because they figured someone his age -- and he's 35 -- should be at the facility getting himself ready for the coming season while acting as a mentor for younger players. Taylor saw it another way.

So what's next? "I don't know," said Washington's executive vice president of player personnel Vinny Cerrato when I reached him this afternoon. "I don't know that he wants to play."

One thing I do know: He doesn't want to play for the Redskins, and he made that clear with his refusal to participate in their offseason workout. Taylor was unhappy with things there anyway, figuring he could be an impact player if the club would move him back to his position at right defensive end.

The Redskins said they would, but only on passing downs -- which meant Taylor would occupy the strong side on first and second downs and move on third. That must not have met his approval. So he left. Now what? My guess is he listens to a playoff-caliber club willing to play him at right defensive end, but Cerrato might be right. Maybe this is it. Stay tuned.


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