Posted on: December 1, 2010 10:34 pm

Forgot what week it is...

but Indy got their butts whooped by the Chargers AGAIN!!!

Just wish I could go to the Raiders game this Sunday here in Daygo. I'm fighting to keep my sanity. I have no money to get my brakes fixed on my SUV. So I can't go anywhere at all. I have no money to survive, really. I'm just lucky I have a great roommate, some good friends, and parents who won't let me starve. But I will have no money for Christmas either. I don't understand how a company can treat their people like crap BEFORE AND AFTER they fire you. Really?!?! Why can't the EDD see through their lies? Instead, I am forced to survive with absolutely no source of income.

The only thing I can say is that if my car gets repossessed (which it probably will) then those jerks will have to pay my unemployment for a lot longer because there is no public transportation where I live. And yes, I am almost 100% certain that they can't win because they fired me because the retard QC Manager didn't like me. I mean, REALLY!?!? The woman couldn't even pronounce endoscopy!!! And she thought that the "meniscus" was "hibiscus"!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. REALLY!?!?! One is a scientific term, the other is a flower. How the heck did this woman get a job as a Manager? Oh wait...she started dating the boss. Right. No sense of business morals or ethics. Then again, this is the same woman who wears heels even though it's a safety hazard and she has admittedly fallen at work more than once, but still refuses to wear the right shoes. I'm actually glad I'm out of there. I hate working with people who sleep their way to the top and are totally unqualified. Then they get me fired because I'm a threat just because I actually KNOW what I'm doing and I refuse to play the "kiss the boss' butt" games.

Okay, done venting. Still mad because I can't go to the Raiders game and take my frustration out on some unsuspecting Raiders fans. Ending up in jail wouldn't be so bad at this point because at least they feed you there. LOL. Uh...not that I would know...
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Posted on: November 10, 2010 5:10 pm

Week 9 comeback

I am grateful that my team managed to make such an awesome 2nd half comeback. What makes me happier is that Rivers is on fire. I have said it before and I'll say it again: Rivers can make any WR look good. Ajirotutu was interviewed after the game and even said that his job was easy and that Rivers is the one who had to get the ball to him.

So hat's off (if I was wearing one) to Rivers. The Chargers are the best second-string team out there. LOL.


Sammy, sorry I haven't been around much. I'm horribly busy. The company that fired me is trying to deny my unemployment benefits.  =(   I have, however, filed a complaint against them for harrassment and discrimination. Now I have to follow through on that. Plus, I don't have internet at home. So that doesn't help. LOL. But it's probably a good thing because I get more work stuff done in general.

I called the HR lady at my former employer and man...she was quite rude. She accused me of lying to the EDD about why I was fired. Then she said that because my complaint of harrassment against my boss was never conveyed to her, that it "never happened." Ha. So if I close my eyes every time the Chargers lose, does that mean it "didn't happen?"

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Posted on: November 1, 2010 8:31 pm

Week 8. Awesome.

So I was at the Chargers game yesterday where they hosted the Titans. I was so excited to see the Titans with Vince Young and Chris Johnson in action. But I was more excited that the Chargers defense made several critical 3rd and 4th down stops and a goal line stand.

What I don't get is why on EARTH the Chargers went for the 2 point conversion??? They would have had a 2 score lead even without it. Well, despite that bad idea, the Chargers prevailed.

I think that this is a turning point for the Chargers. IMO the season has been bad because of all the injuries. Now, I think the team is learning to play with the weapons they actually HAVE. Offense wasn't as strong as I would have liked, but got the job done. Gates is still a beast. I have nothing but respect for him. I was disappointed that the defense still isn't causing turnovers. They didn't have any sacks, either...which also sucked. But again, it's a win.

I am increasingly mad at the refs for their obvious favoritism of whoever is playing the Chargers. Seriously, it needs to stop. Crayton had what was OBVIOUSLY a catch that they ruled an incomplete pass. Then they called a PI against the Chargers which I believe was NOT a PI. Lame.

Chargers are 3-5 now. Rivers has set a new NFL record and the Chargers STILL lead the league in offense and defense. Now if only special teams could catch up and defense could generate some points, we'd have a more complete team. So, like Norv said we just need to win a game.

Oh, and apparently some blond bimbo with her boobs hanging out said that the "fat b____" behind her needed to sit down and shut up. Really?!?! Since when is cheering for your team loudly AT HOME (especially when they are on defense!!!) a bad thing??? I think idiots like that should be banned from sports. She obviously went to the game to be seen (or at least have her boobs seen) since she wasn't wearing any Chargers attire. She's really lucky I didn't hear her or I would have started a girl fight smackdown.  =)   Ironically, there was a lady yelling at the guys in front to sit down when the team was on defense and I made a comment that the "fat lady over there" needed to get off her fat butt and cheer for her team instead of telling the people in front to sit down. LMAO!
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Posted on: October 26, 2010 10:18 pm

Unexpected life changes...

Okay, so my job went from being really crappy to non-existent. Translation: I got fired. I filed a complaint against my boss because I felt like he was harrassing me. I mean, what else would you call it when someone follows you constantly and does weird things like interrupt you while you're LITERALLY in the MIDDLE of a conversation with a co-worker?!?!?! If I left the lab...he would follow me. It became a running joke amongst my co-workers because if I was in the room, my boss would always show up about 60 seconds later and pretend he was doing something. It was bad. I was way too stressed out.

Anyway, I complained to my boss' boss...who used to be my boss. She's cool and smart and I figured she would see my complaint for what it was: an excuse to get rid of the guy who EVERYONE hates. I mean, really...nobody likes the guy. It's a long story, but it boils down to: I was making money for the company. My boss was ruining products and has probably cost that company more than he makes in a year. Seriously. Would you fire the MOST experienced person in the department?!?! NO!!!!! That was ME!!!! DUH. My boss had zero science background. No college degree. I HAVE 7 ******* YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! And 2.5 of those were at one of the largest biotech. companies in the world!!!!!!! AND I HAVE A ******* B.S. IN BIOLOGY!!!!! Okay, I had to get that out of my system. It feels good to visually scream.

Well, I got fired approximately two weeks after complaining. Ha. And the ironic thing is that I HAD TOLD MY BOSS' BOSS THAT I was looking for a new job because I couldn't handle dealing with my boss anymore. But one of the morons in QC went and squealed to her boss that I had made a comment about not being at the company long. Retard! they are going to have to pay my unemployment because they had no real reason to fire me. But the best part is: I'm just going to use this time to go back to school. I got in contact with the right people (because I'm Native like that) and they can help me get my Masters. And my MD. Funny thing is if my company had waited a few more weeks, I probably would have had another job.  =)   Now I'm happy and relaxed and keeping busy. I need to study for the GRE and the MCAT. Maybe do some volunteer work.

I've never been fired before, but it feels great. LOL.
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Posted on: October 13, 2010 4:24 pm

Week 5 what the...?!?!!?

Okay, really?!?! The Raiders?!?! You've got to be kidding me. I could be mad at that stupid call at the end which was CLEARLY an incomplete pass. How convenient that the ref blows it dead when it's Cutler or that it gets ruled an incomplete pass for ANY OTHER TEAM. I am really sick of that kind of biasedness against my team. I'm sure everyone says it happens to everyone's team...but I don't see it quite as blatantly obvious as with the Chargers. How many times have we seen that same exact play? And so far, it's ALWAYS been an incomplete pass. Even more frustrating is that the Chargers really didn't do much to recover the ball. And special teams couldn't possibly get any worse? Or wait...we'll find out this weekend, won't we? Ha, bloody ha. I have to say that I'm not quite as impressed with out WRs as I thought I would be. I still don't think we need VJ. But I'm still not sold on Buster Davis. I think Malcolm Floyd is the star we expected him to be. Legedu Naanee is not stellar, but dependable. And I'm really liking Patrick Crayton.

My biggest rant is that I want to see Ryan Matthews get more carries. I think the Rams game should be a good one for him. If the Chargers don't put him out there at least 20 times, I gotta wonder why they drafted him? I do like Tolbert, but I think Matthews needs to be established as the number 1 guy since that's what he's supposed to be. I guess only time will tell. Hopefully this weekend!

So my rant is a little late this week. It's because I screwed up my back on Monday somehow and tried to go to work yesterday. Didn't happen...I had to leave early. Woke up this morning unable to get out of bed. Just sitting here now is agony. It's only through the fact that I can turn off the pain in my head that I can even function. I'm going to try to go to the doctor on the reservation here in a few minutes. We'll see how that goes.
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Posted on: October 5, 2010 2:49 pm

Week 4 rant I finally don't have anything really substantial to rant about. The Chargers special teams got it together. Especially against such a dynamic and powerful team. Oh wait...what??? You mean this was the Cardinals? LOL. I can't really complain about a W. But it would be nicer if it was against the Chiefs or Patriots or Colts. A real team. Or a division know what I mean. This was a great game for building confidence though. It was nice to see. OH WAIT. We DIDN'T SEE Matthews' first NFL TD. Stupid blackout policy. The NFL sucks. I don't get it. Why not black out the game EVERYWHERE else and NOT San Diego? What is on TV that is so FFFFFFFFF important at 1p.m. on a ******* SUNDAY?!?!?! Sorry, I lost my cool for a minute. But really??? There's nothing more important than football. NOTHING. First child being born? NO. Fell and broke your arm? It can wait 'til the game is over. Besides, unless you fell off the bar stool, there's no excuse. How the heck did you break it anyway? Weddings? Who cares! Over 50% of them end in divorce. And what idiot would get married on a Sunday during football season? Work? Nope, sorry boss. I go to the church of the NFL which mandates that I not work on Sundays. Or Monday nights. See, if we can work some NFL into our lives, why can't the NFL work with us instead of against us? I'm just sayin'.

Back to football...

Now the sucky part is the Steven Gregory is out 4 games due to violating the NFL's illegal substance policy. Lame. We've been here before. But it especially blows since he just had that great game with a pick. Shawne Merriman is still an unknown. Whether he plays or not or WHEN is a big question mark. Norv Turner's comments on the injury issue led me to believe that Merriman isn't coming back anytime soon. Jyles Tucker got placed on IR. Suddenly some kid I've never heard of (Brandon Lang, I believe?) is going to be in the rotation at LB. BOO. I'm not liking these injuries and all I can say is I hope it stops. It's only week 5.

On another note, I'm shocked (kind of pleasantly) that this season has turned out to be such a crap shoot so far. However, I'm getting killed in my football pool at work by the likes of the Jags beating the Colts and the Browns beating the Bengals. UGH. I like it. I would like it more if my stupid crystal ball would work better. LOL. It's only $5 a week, but I would like to win. I hate losing. I hate losing because ONE person picked the Broncos to beat the Titans. Anyway, I might have questions for next Sundays picks. Since I'm doing such a bad job myself, I figure asking for advice isn't cheating. Right?!?  =)
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Posted on: September 27, 2010 6:45 pm

Week 3 rant

Okay, seriously...what is wrong with special teams?!?!?! Nick Cannepa should have give them a "U" in the paper today. For UNACCEPTABLE. There is no excuse for this kind of less-than-mediocre playing. Philip Rivers bailed their butts out not ONCE, but FOUR times. Even after those ridiculous delay of game calls. (How does a 3/4 full stadium generate that amount of noise? I'm just sayin'...). And after Dombrowski got nailed on that holding call...Rivers drilled it in for a TD (twice) and a two point conversion (also twice). And that was just to tie the game. I understand that there are injuries. But what happened to A.J.'s brilliant mind that is supposed to provide the team with depth at every position? We picked up another RB. We have Crayton now. Even if he's not being used that much yet. BUT...special teams SUCKS.

There was no rain. It didn't look windy. And yet, the Chargers kept coughing up the ball. What a disappointing game. I kept yelling for an on side kick rather than sending it down to Leon Washington. I think it would have been a better gamble. And in the end, another slip in the end zone (this time by Antonio Gates) and it's game over. Welcome to being a Chargers fan. This roller coaster of emotion known as FOOTBALL SEASON.
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Posted on: September 14, 2010 7:00 pm

Week 1 rant

Okay, so WTF. I was all hyped up, expecting the Chargers to go into KC and at least put up a W. I didn't think it would be easy. But I never imagined that the inability of the Chargers to tackle was going to kick them in the butt like this. Every year I watch while they struggle to tackle in open field. I mean, Weddle got embarrassed in open space. Special teams...can you please field the ball?!?! I swear I had a heart attack watching my team implode at Arrowhead. The Chiefs are NOT that good!!! Way to make them look better than they are, Chargers. People were both criticizing and praising Rivers for his outbursts. What do you expect him to do? He was trying to get these guys' attention. I saw two delays of game for letting the time clock expire. This has been a problem in the past (in Indy, for example). So you think they'd have figured it out by now. I guess not.

Wide receivers were missing catchable balls. I might blame the rain. But that would be the easy way out. I expect that Matthews is going to make rookie mistakes. Unfortunately, his fumble gave the Chiefs really good field advantage. Take better care of the rock next time. I'm going to let that one slide.

No, I still don't miss VJ. I am not convinced that he isn't replacable. Yet. I'll let you know around week 8 whether or not he deserves the money he wants. Because technically, he wouldn't even have been playing last night anyway.

Play calling sucked. Sproles obviously couldn't move the ball, but Tolbert could. So why take him out. I just don't get it. Yeah, go ahead and throw the ball in the rain.

Ugh. First of all, Sunday better be redemption here in sunny San Diego. And secondly, everyone get off your butts and buy tickets. I don't want to go to the game, but I would like to watch it!
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