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Best Owner in Sports History

George Steinbrenner passed away today. I consider him the best owner to ever own a professional sports team. He wanted to win and was willing to spend the money to do it. He gave the fans of his city and state what they wanted. How many other organizations is willing and able to achieve such a task? Far and few.

Many consider him a scumbag who ruined baseball. That is their opinion, but I disagree. Whatever the case is he deserves much respect as a human being who sought the American dream to be rich and live happy, and that he did very well and brought much happiness to the fellow people of New York for two decades.

May he rest in piece. From a Malins Fan.

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Posted on: December 16, 2009 9:22 pm

Baseball Does Not Need A Salary Cap

To Hell with a salary cap. I think we should realign divisions based on team payrolls.

AL Division 1:
N.Y. Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Detroit Tigers
Los Angeles Angels

AL Division 2:
Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City Royals

AL Division 3:
Texas Rangers
Baltimore Orioles
Minnesota Twins
Tampa Bay Rays
Oakland Athletics

NL Division 1:
N.Y. Mets
Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Phillies
Houston Astros
LosAngeles Dodgers

NL Division 2:
Atlanta Braves
St. Louis Cardinals
Sa Francisco Giants
Milwakee Brewers
Colorado Rockies
Arizona Diamondbacks

NL Division 3:
Cincinatti Reds
Washington Nationals
Pittsburg Pirates
San Diego Padres
Florida Marlins

The divisions could then be realigned every season. It gives every team a shot at making the playoffs and drawing fans com October. And we all know when October comes around if a couple pitchers or hitters get real hot anybody could win this thing.
Posted on: October 13, 2009 8:49 pm

MLB Second Round Predictions

The first round to me was not so hard to predict in my last blog . Teams like the Twins, Rockies, and Cardinals were fortunate to have unbalanced and favorable schedules, and play in weak divisions. The Red Sox have no passion, no team chemistry, and just are not that good without Manny Ramirez in that lineup.

So anyways, moving on to the next round.

Yankees vs. Angels   ANGELS IN 6.

Phillies vs. Dodgers   DODGERS IN 7

I would like to see the Phillies win the whole thing to represent that NL East division, but somehting tells me that backend of the bullpen is going to exproad. No not explode, EXPROAD!

And yes I'm seeing this Angels team going to the World Series like it is 2002 all over again.

My prediction is an all L.A. Series, Dodgers vs Angels.

Good Luck Fellas.
Posted on: October 4, 2009 7:16 pm

End of Season Smack Talk

Early Season Predictions

So how about those Mets! Am I a genius for my early season predictions on the NL East or did I come upon dumb luck?

NL EAST: 5/5


NL WEST: 1/5

AL EAST: 0/5


AL WEST: 2/4

TOTAL: 12/30. 40% Correct

Season Awards

My picks on who should win what.

AL Cy Young

Winner : Justin Verlander

2nd place: Zack Greinke

3rd pace: Felix Hernandez


NL Cy Young

Winner : Tim Lincecum

2nd place:  Adam Wainwright

3rd pace: Matt Cain


Winner : Joe Mauer

2nd place: Ian Kinsler

3rd pace: Miguel Cabrera


Winner : Ryan Howard

2nd place: Albert Pujols

3rd pace: Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez (TIE)

AL Rookie of the Year

Winner : Elvis Andrus

2nd place: Gordon Beckham

3rd pace: Rick Porcello

NL Rookie of the Year

Winner : Chris Coghlan

2nd place: Tommy Hanson

3rd pace: Dexter Fowler and Colby Rasmus (TIE)

Playoff Predictions. UH OHHHHHHHH

1st Round

American League

(PENDING ) Yankees vs Tigers. YANKEES IN 5

(PENDING ) Yankees vs Twins. YANKEES IN 4

Red Sox vs Angels. ANGELS in 4

National League

Phillies vs Rockies. PHILLIES in 3

Cardinals vs Dodgers. DODGERS in 4

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Hank needs to let George run the Yankees

So Mr. Wang got hurt running the bases. boo fricking hoo. He can't hit, he can't field, and he can't run bases. So now we need the National League to have DHs in order to abolish the idea of pitchers having to learn basic fundamentals and keep themselves in shape.

I've seen some pitchers hit better then some players. So to demoralize the value of a pitcher at the plate is completely asinine. Dontrelle Willis now sucks at pitching. So what? He is a good enough hitter to replace quite a few bench players and maybe pull a start at first base every now and then.

Livan Hernandez is another excellent hitter got to watch in Florida. Throw in Carl Pavano. He might not be healthy but he certainly hits better then most of the Yankees bench players. Josh Beckett doesn't have a clue at the plate, but at least he swings the bat with intent to make contact. Alex Fernandez and A.J. Burnett were excellent hitters too.

Rick Ankiel has converted from a pitcher to a position player that bats cleanup now.

Hey Felix Rodriguez hit a grand slam this week off of guess who? Johan Santana.

From Little League up, some leagues use DH, some leagues don't. One fact remains if you ever played from Little League to High school, there is players that pitched and played positions. A lot of major leaguers could pitch and hit, we see that even at the major league level.

Babe Ruth was an excellent pitcher, not just a hitter.

Jose Canseco pitched a few innings in his career.

Butch Henry is probably the name that I remember the most. Butch wa a pitcher that was often used for pinch hitting. I believehe is the all-time homerun leader among pitchers.

Then you got Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux. Remember the old commercials "Chicks dig the long ball". Both were top pitchers in their prime and also very good hitters.

But the National League needs to get with the 21st century according to Hank Steinbrenner. By his belief I guess it is okay to be a fat ass pitcher that does nothing but pitch and get fat. Just ask Dontrelle Willis, Fernando Valenzuela, or Bartolo Colon.

Please. Half the league has pitched at one time or another when they played little league, high school, or college. How about management stop making excuses for their team sucking so much. Just accept the fact your team is weak conditionally, and the managers that you should have fired already is doing a horrid job.

Posted on: May 12, 2008 11:32 pm
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Potential Stories The Media Will Hate

So I decided to compile what would be the top 5 potential stories every lazy self proclaimed 'genius' baseball commentator, writer, and sports talk show host will dread upon. Ahem, I am talking specifically North Easterner sports news media.

5. Clemens Goes Ape Mad

In a shocking turn of events, Clemens decides to snitch. Yes, that is right. The one thing the media won't enjoy is this tired old man deciding he is going to snitch on every player he knows of that used steroids. Clemens decides that if he's not going to the Hall of Fame, then it is time to take some guys out, innocent or not. Clemens goes on to name names of former team mates that juiced ... Wade Boggs, Jorge Posada, Ruben Sierra, Carl Pavano, Bernie Williams, Carlos Delgado, Vernon Wells, John Wetteland, Craig Biggio, Mariano Rivera. etc etc etc. Not saying these guys juiced, but it would certainly be a very sickening day for every former team mate that played with Roger in Boston, New York, Houston, and Toronto. And then even more sickening for the fans and media to have to cover the story. While it likely may not happen, anything is possible nowadays.

4. Boston Red Sox Goes out in the first round

What kind of nightmare would it be, should the Yankees not only fail to make the playoffs, but if the Red Sox get swept in round one by a team like the Cleveland Indians. With Josh Beckett it isn't likely the BoSox would get swept, but in October anything can happen.

3. Alex Rodriguez or The Florida Marlins

The most popular article at the beginning of the season was how much Alex Rodriguez was making, and that he was making more than a major league ball club, the Florida Marlins. What kind of bitterness could Yankee fans hold on to should the Rays or Marlins make it to the playoffs while the Yankees end up at home. Should either of these teams finish with a better season then the Yankees you have to sit there and ask yourself, would you rather pay Alex Rodriguez 24 million dollars a year while your team barely stays out of last place, or pay 17 million dollars for the entire Marlins team?

2. New York Mets and New York Yankees Don't Make the Playoffs

Yep pack your gear you lazy corporate New Yorkers, this means you won't be able to sit on your lazy behind from a lap top at home to cover teams that are playing outside your window. Pack the bags and get ready to take a flight to Chicago, Oakland, maybe Seattle, Tampa, Miami, Arizona, Anaheim, or whatever other dark horse team that clinches a playoff spot. This could be one of the most dreaded winters ever

1. All Florida World Series

The Tampa Bay Rays versus the Florida Marlins. While the Rays and Marlins have not really had much rivalry during interleague play, a huge rivalry in the making could potentially happen tihs year in October should both teams make it that far. What does that mean? Yes you guessed it, an all Florida World Series. It is only May right now, but it could happen. The Rays currently are in second place, while the Marlins are in first place with the best record in baseball coming in tonight.

But of course, we're only in May and this is way too premature. Still it could happen.

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