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Posted on: September 21, 2008 9:04 pm

The Battle of Ohio: Derek Anderson's last chance

For the Bengals and Browns, six games into the season they have lost them all.  Today the Browns colapsed in the third quarter against Baltimore and completely blew a 3 point half time lead.  The Bengals gave their all against the Superbowl Champion Giants only to lose in OT.  At least the Bengals put up a fight and Carson Palmer looked like an NFL starting quarterback.  The Browns colapsed like a house of cards and Derek Anderson's slump that started last season continued with three more interceptions today.  Has anybody noticed when Derek throws short he is getting picked off and when he throws deep he misses his target (as in his his 2nd half pass to Cribbs deep today)?  Okay, it's also true receivers JJ and Donte Stallworth are injured, Braylon Edwards is dropping the ball, and teams are taking TE Kellen Winslow out of the game by double teaming him.  I'd like to know what the Browns plan is to solve these problems?   

Browns had a 10-7 half time lead because Baltimore Rookie QB Flacco's threw two interceptions and Matt Stover's missed a field goal.  The Browns inability to pick up more than 20 yards on a play all season had the Ravens defense playing us tight and looking to cut in front of and intercept those short 10 yard or less passes and stuff the run.  The game effectively ended when DB Ed Reed cut in front of Braylon Edwards on a short pass up the middle and scored a defensive touchdown.

So, what of the battle of Ohio next Sunday at 1:00pm?  With a bye for the Browns in week 5, should they lose and Derek Anderson look bad agian, I think it is time give Brady  Quinn extended practice time with the starters and give him his chance.  At least he was successful at Notre Dame.  He is the QB for the future for the Browns, and the Browns do have a nice O-line.  Put him back there and see if he can hit the receivers.  The Browns have nothing to lose.  No way the Browns / Bengals game in week four should be almost meaningless.  For what management is asking for tickets, the Cleveland fans deserve better.  Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel have to do something and sooner better than later.




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