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Awesome interactive football game.

What can I do in this game? Goal Line Blitz gives you a couple of options, depending on how you want to play the game. You can create players, level them up, and participate in a team's attempt to win the championship. You can also gain control of a team and set tactics, recuit players, build your stadium, and more. This is a truly community-based game. You should get to know some of the users on our forum. Most would be happy to answer your questions or recruit you to their team. What is Goal Line Blitz? Goal Line Blitz is a browser-based multiplayer online game based on American Football. It is assumed that you know at least some of the rules of American Football. For a brush-up on the rules and positions, check out the Wikipedia article. How do I join? Click on the following link.
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Its called Goal Line Blitz, the MMORPG

And it is a football game, where you create a player, and get him signed by a team - or possible manage a team.


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Posted on: April 9, 2008 11:28 am

For people with extra computer time...

If you are on the computer all the time, and are always kind of searching for something to do, and you like football, try this website.

Just sign up - its free, and kind of look around, see how you like it. You dont have to do anything if you dont like it.

What the main thing attraction - or atleast, what I'm into on that website is creating a player, and making him better. I guess its kind of like your chance to live out a season as a NFL player - if you get signed by a team.

It is pretty fun. Just kind of experiment with it.

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Posted on: March 17, 2008 12:24 am

Brett Favre, R.I.P... 10/10/1969 - 3/4/2008

I'm sorry if I'm not seeming as sensitive as I probably should be. I'm sorry if this :

it is a tragic day in the lives of all NFL  fans the Packers will never be the same u can never replace brett favres locker room influence nor his on the feild prowess u cant deny that he is truly a living legend and one of the greatest athletes ever 2 live n every1 knew it would happen sumtime soon but it is still a tragedy to all fans and all players of the NFL

:being labeled "March 4th 2008 A day that will live in infamy" is quite pitiful.

I am NOT trying to take away from Brett Favre as a person or player. We ALL know he was great.

What IS a stretch for me is the "one of the greatest athletes ever 2 live" parts. In what ways does Brett Favre even match up in atheticism with almost any NBA player. Sure, he was a genious in improvision, but... OK, not going to get into that.

But the tragedy part is way too far.

In Sports Illustrated, Favre said that it seemed that how people were reacting would be how they would have reacted if he had died.

As a Packer fan I just want to wallow in my grief and get these fools of the media off of the fans' backs!

Ouch... I feel sad for that guys wife - If he is married, that is. I mean... Seriously...


As a mature person, I just want to say... SNAP OUT OF IT, ITS RETIREMENT, NOT DEATH.


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