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Champ. Week: Who could be this year's Georgia?

One of the key questions everyone keeps asking is this: Which teams can make a run like Georgia did last season? Remember last season the Bulldogs ran through the SEC Conference Tournament and shocked the world. Nobody saw it coming. The Bulldogs crashed the Big Dance from nowhere, grabbed a 14 seed, and had Xavier on the ropes in the closing minutes of the first round.

Minnesots & Illinois also made deep runs in the Big Ten Tournament before losing in the semifinals and finals. That's what is great about the system we have in college basketball. It's March and any team can still win the national championship (outside of Independents). So who could be this year's Georgia? Here's my five best guesses.

NOTE: Remember to qualify to become this year's Georgia type team the team must have absolutely no chance at an at large bid (or at least a minimal chance) and should not be among the favorites to win their conference tournament. This does NOT include teams like Georgetown, Notre Dame, UAB, or other teams not meeting the criteria. All the teams listed below would be Cinderella stories are none of them are considered one of the top FIVE favorites in their conference tournaments.

Five Potential Championship Week Cinderellas:

Auburn Tigers: It's March and we are still talking about Auburn basketball. Go figure. The Tigers are in the same crazy league Georgia was in last season and has been on fire lately. It's important to note that unlike Georgia the Tigers actually have a winning record in the SEC and appear to be on their way to a second place finish in the SEC West. The key to this is that nobody sees it coming. Auburn will be overlooked and needs to win the SEC Tournament to get in. Beware though because I also think Mississippi State could be a team to keep an eye on.

Northwestern Wildcats: The Wildcats have proven that they can win tough games. The Wildcats have wins over Minnesota, Michigan State, and Ohio State this season. At one point they were actually on the NCAA Tournament bubble, but since then they've fallen off their early season pace. Incredibly Northwestern is the only team from a BCS Conference never to make the NCAA Tournament. They look like they will be the #9 seed in the Big Ten Tournament.

Baylor Bears: Last season Baylor was one of the best at large bid stories in the NCAA Tournament. This season they aren't even on the bubble entering the last week of their regular season. Despite the bad year, Baylor has one of the Big 12's best players in Curtis Jerrells. Jerrells can take over games and lead Baylor to a Big 12 title if the dominoes fall the right way. Before the season nobody would've been surprised if Baylor had finished in the top three in the Big 12. When everyone's back in the same boat in a must win situation anything can happen.

Washington State Cougars: Where has this team been all season? The Cougars have won three straight games over Arizona, Arizona State, and UCLA to garner some national attention. The problem is that Washington State is still only three games over .500 and is now 8-9 in Pac 10 play. It's unlikely they can get back an at large bid. Right now WSU is line to be the #6 seed in the Pac Ten Tournament. Hot teams usually play well in their conference tournament.

Evansville Acers: I can't sit here and give all the love to the major conferences can I? Of course not. Let's just call this a big time hunch. The Acers are quietly in the middle of the pack in the Missouri Valley, but that's fine with them. In these smaller conference tournaments the pressure is on the 1 and 2 seeds, allowing other teams to quietly make runs.  In the competitive MVC I think Evansville is the team that can do that.

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Conference Tournament Previews: Sun Belt

I am going to preview every single conference tournament one by one. Instead of what I initially started I am going to do them all on separate blog entries because I feel like this will give everyone a chance to discuss these conference tournaments. It will give them a home where everyone can join in and post their thoughts. Please comment.

First Round

#9 Florida International at #8 Louisiana-Lafayette (March 4th)
#13 Florida Atlantic at #4 North Texas (March 4th)
#12 Arkansas State at #5 Middle Tennessee (March 5th)
#11 New Orleans at # #6 South Alabama (March 5th)
#10 Louisiana-Monroe at #7 Denver (March 5th)

Florida International/La-Lafayette vs. #1 Western Kentucky
Florida Atlantic/North Texas vs. Arkansas State/Middle Tennessee
New Orleans/So. Alabama vs. #2 Arkansas Little-Rock
Lou-Mon/Denver vs. #3 Troy

Semifinals: March 9th

Championship: March 10th

Prediction: Western Kentucky is the favorite, as shown by their #1 seed. The Hilltoppers lost some key players off of last season's NCAA Tournament Cinderella squad but have reloaded. The key is that all these teams are all in the same boat. Depite their dominance WKU still has to win the conference tournament to get in, as does everyone else. This is going to be one of the best small tourneys to watch.


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Bubble Watch: After Monday's Games

There hasn't been a lot of change since my last bubble watch but it doesn't mean it isn't time for a new one. My new bracketology is out, breaking down which bubble teams I think are in and out as of right now.

I have moved both Syracuse & West Virginia into lock status after both won their ninth Big East game on Sunday. I don't see how either can be left out of the NCAA Tournament field, meaning they are locks.

I'm sure the one question everyone wants to know the answer to is which bubble team listed below is in best shape to grab an at large bid. Right now it would be California, followed by Boston College, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. All four of those teams are pretty close being locks, followed by everyone else in one jumbled up mess.

At Large Spots: 34
Locks: 28
Locks (minus teams projected to win conference tournament): 28-7=21
At Large Spots Remaining: 34-21=13

My math shows that I am projecting that 13 at large spots remain .

I have 38 teams listed on the bubble below to fight for those spots. If your team isn't on the list below they probably need to win their conference tournament to get into the NCAA Tournament, but it is possible that a few teams can still win their way onto the bubble.

Here's today's bubble watch:


Locks (5):

Boston College (20-9, 8-6): The Eagles have wins over Duke, Wake Forest, and North Carolina this season so it's going to be hard for the selection committee to leave Boston College out of the Big Dance. The last two are very winnable so a 10- 6 finish in conference play is very likely.

Remaning Schedule: N. C. State, Georgia Tech
Nice Wins: UAB, Duke, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia Tech
Bad Losses: St. Louis, Harvard

Virginia Tech (17-11, 7-7): The Hokies have wins over Clemson & Wake Forest, but they haven't helped themselves lately outside of their road win over the Tigers. On Saturday the loss to Duke at home was costly because the Hokies had a chance to really solidify their resume.

Remaning Schedule: North Carolina, Florida State
Nice Wins: Boston College, Wake Forest, Clemson
Bad Losses: Georgia, Seton Hall

Maryland (18-10, 7-7): The Terps win over North Carolina was shocking, mainly because they had been blown out by good competition in most meetings this year. The victory tremendously helped Maryland because it brought wins they had early in the year over both Michigan and Michigan State back into the fray.

Remaning Schedule: Wake Forest, Virginia
Nice Wins: Michigan State, Michigan, North Carolina, Miami (FL)
Bad Losses: Morgan State

Miami FL (17-10, 6-8): The Hurricanes have played a lot of good teams this season, including Connecticut and Kentucky out of conference. The key is that their computer numbers are fantastic and they have two very winnable games remaining on their schedule against Georgia Tech & NC State.

Remaning Schedule: Georgia Tech, N. C. State
Nice Wins: Kentucky, Boston College, Maryland, Wake Forest, Boston College
Bad Losses: N. C. State

Big East

Locks (7):

Providence (18-11, 10-7): The Friars were really a forgotten bubble team before their huge win over #1 Pittsburgh on Wednesday night. Now the entire college basketball world is in shock and Providence is the talk of the bubble world. Now sitting at ten Big East wins a victory over Villanova would be huge for their at large chances.

Remaining Schedule:   Villanova
Nice Wins:
Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Cincinnati (2),
Bad Losses:
Northeastern, Baylor

Cincinnati (18-11, 8-8): The Bearcats loss to Syracuse really puts them in a very uneasy situation. Sure wins over South Florida & Seton Hall are very likely, but it will still leave the Bearcats without a large victory. Ten Big East wins is enough to keep them in the conversation, but they are going to need more than that.

Remaning Schedule: Syracuse, South Florida, Seton Hall
Nice Wins: UAB, UNLV, West Virginia, Georgetown
Bad Losses: None

Notre Dame (16-13, 7-10): Things are starting to look bleak again for the Fighting Irish. Before losses to Connecticut & Villanova the Fighting Irish had revived their season with wins over Providence and Louisville. Now they are back in need of a deep Big East Tournament run to make the Big Dance.

Remaning Schedule:   St. Johns
Nice Wins: Providence, Louisville, Georgetown, Texas
Bad Losses: St. Johns

Georgetown (15-12, 6-10): How many lives the do the Hoyas have? Every time they seem gone for dead they find a way to stay alive. On Saturday they knocked off Villanova to keep their chances of a miracle finish alive. Still wins over St. Johns and DePaul are absolutely necessary before a decent run in the Big East Tournament. The Hoyas have the #1 SOS.

Remaining Schedule: Villanova, St. Johns, DePaul
Nice Wins: Syracuse, Providence, Maryland, Memphis, Villanova, Connecticut
Bad Losses: Seton Hall

Big Ten:

Locks (3):


Ohio State (18-9, 8-8): Ohio State has now lost four of five games to fall squarely back on the NCAA Tournament bubble. Winning out would give Ohio State a 10-8 Big Ten finish, which will probably be enough with the list of good wins they have. The problem is one of those games comes against pesky Northwestern, a team OSU has already lost to once.

Remaning Schedule: Iowa, Northwestern
Nice Wins: Penn State, Michigan, Purdue, Miami (FL), Notre Dame, Butler
Bad Losses: Northwestern

Penn State (20-9, 9-7); Whew! That's the sound of Penn State fans after their comeback to knock off Big Ten bottom dwellar Indiana. Another win over Illinois (hopefully not as ugly as last time) and a win over Iowa would give the Nittany Lions a total of 11 Big Ten wins. That certainly may do it.

Remaining Schedule: Illinois, Iowa
Nice Wins: Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan
Bad Losses: None (did lose to Rhode Island)

Wisconsin (18-10, 9-7): Wisconsin's resume reminds me a lot of Notre Dame's resume (except they lost six straight games compared to seven), but the Badgers have much better computer numbers. They have now won six of seven games following a six game losing streak. The win over Michigan more or less locks them up barring a huge collapse.

Remaning Schedule: Minnesota, Indiana
Nice Wins: Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan (2), Virginia Tech
Bad Losses: Iowa

Minnesota (20-8, 8-8): The Golden Gophers appeared destined for an at large bid early in the season after a 18-3 start to the season that included a win over Louisville. Since then the Gophers are 2-5 with losses to Penn State & Michigan included.  The last two aren't easy but winning at least one is very necessary.

Remaining Schedule: Wisconsin, Michigan
Nice Wins: Louisville, Wisconsin, Penn State, Ohio State
Bad Losses: Northwestern

Michigan (18-12, 8-9): The Wolverines are up and down as evident by their wins over Duke & UCLA and losses to Maryland & Iowa. Still, how many teams have ever been left out of the NCAA Tournament when having wins over Duke and UCLA in the same season? I'm guessing it's a short list. The loss to Wisconsin makes the game with Minnesota crucial.

Remaining Schedule: Minnesota
Nice Wins: Purdue, Minnesota, Duke, UCLA, Illinois
Bad Losses: Iowa


Big 12

Locks (4):


Kansas State (20-9, 8-6): The Wildcats are quietly very alive in the bubble picture. Kansas State knocked off Nebraska on Saturday and moved farther towards an at large bid. The next two games against Oklahoma State and Colorado are going to be must wins for Kansas State to get an at large. The downside is they defeated nobody of importance outside of conference.

Remaining Schedule: Oklahoma State, Colorado
Nice Wins: Texas
Bad Losses: Baylor, Nebraska, Oregon, Iowa

Oklahoma State (19-9, 8-6): Finally the Cowboys won an eye opening game to back up their fantastic computer numbers. I'm not sure if Texas knows what hit them. The Cowboys have a huge bubble game against Kansas State next week before finishing with a chance to add a huge win to their resume versus rival Oklahoma.

Remaning Schedule : Kansas State, Oklahoma
Nice Wins: Siena, Nebraska, Texas A&M
Bad Losses: Texas A&M, Baylor

Texas A&M (21-8, 7-7): The Aggies seem like the forgotten team that just won't fade away. Texas A&M can't afford a slipup against Colorado before playing Big 12 monster Missouri. Winning out would make the committee think twice about leaving the Aggies out, especially with a split against Oklahoma State and a win over SEC champion LSU.

Remaining Schedule : Colorado, Missouri
Nice Wins: Nebraska, Oklahoma State, LSU
Bad Losses: Baylor, Kansas State


Pac 10

Locks (3):


California (21-8, 10-6): The Golden Bears missed a huge chance to lock up a bid on Saturday night against UCLA. The Bears have Arizona and Arizona State left on the schedule. A win in either game would probably be enough to lock up an at large bid. Even if Cal loses out it's going to be tough to deny them a bid with 10 conference wins.

Remaining Schedule : Arizona, Arizona State
Nice Wins: Washington (twice), Arizona, Utah, UNLV
Bad Losses: Oregon State (2)

Arizona (18-11, 8-8): Arizona has lost three straight games to Arizona State, Washington State, and Washington. A win over the Huskies on Saturday would've immensely improved their profile. Instead Arizona has to look at the plus side, which is two games remaining against mediocre conference foes. Wins over Gonzaga, Kansas, UCLA, and Washington are all nice.

Remaining Schedule : California, Stanford
Nice Wins: UCLA, Washington, Gonzaga, San Diego State, Kansas
Bad Losses: Washington State (did lose to USC though)

USC (16-12, 7-9): USC's inconsistency has left the Trojans needing a deep run in the Pac Ten Tournament. Even winning their last two games will not be enough after losing to Stanford, which is inexcusable at this point in the season. Two wins and at least two more in the Pac Ten Tournament (maybe even reaching the Pac Ten finals) is needed.

Remaining Schedule : Oregon, Oregon State
Nice Wins: California, Arizona, Arizona State
Bad Losses: Oregon State, Seton Hall



Locks (1):


Tennessee (18-10, 9-5): A lot of people are calling the Volunteers locks, but things are not that simple in Knoxville. Games against Florida and South Carolina won't be easy with at large bids on the line. It's very possible that 9 SEC wins could be enough as long as they don't lose early in the SEC Tournament.

Remaining Schedule : Florida, South Carolina, Alabama
Nice Wins: Siena, Georgetown, South Carolina, Florida (2)
Bad Losses: Auburn, Mississippi (also lost to Kentucky twice)

South Carolina (20-7, 9-5): I spent last night explaining how games against Vanderbilt and Georgia left South Carolina staring at 11 SEC wins at the minimum. Nobody expected Vanderbilt to whoop them, especially after South Carolina's murdered Kentucky on Wednesday. The profile is iffy now, even with wins over Florida and a sweep of Kentucky.

Remaining Schedule : Tennessee, Georgia
Nice Wins: Florida, Kentucky (2)
Bad Losses: Mississippi State, College of Charleston, Vanderbilt

Florida (21-8, 8-6): The Gators have feasted on a soft out of conference schedule and aside from beating Washington & South Carolina they have struggled to beat good teams. Florida missed chances to knock off Syracuse, Kentucky, and LSU. The Gators loss to Tennessee makes their chances of an at large look bleaker than ever.

Remaining Schedule : Mississippi State, Kentucky
Nice Wins: Washington, South Carolina
Bad Losses: Georgia (also lost to South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee twice)

Kentucky (19-10, 8-6): Well, well, well what do we have here? I really can't figure out if this is a team that wants to go to the Big Dance or a team that is okay being the first UK team since 1991 to miss the NCAA Tournament altogether. Back to back losses to South Carolina & LSU have left the Wildcats in big need of two wins to close their season.

Remaining Schedule: LSU, Georgia, Florida
Nice Wins: Tennessee (2), Florida
Bad Losses: Mississippi State, Mississippi (lost both games to South Carolina)


Mountain West

Locks (1):

BYU (22-6, 10-4): Another bubble team apparently wants to go dancing, and that team is BYU. The Cougars knocked off the only Mountain West team that was locked into the field, Utah on Saturday. Wyoming isn't an easy win but a win there paired with a win over Air Force would give BYU a 12-4 MWC record going into the MWC Tournament.

Remain ing Schedule: Wyoming, Air Force
Nice Wins: San Diego State, Utah
Bad Losses: None

New Mexico (19-10, 10-4):  Somehow the Lobos keep getting forgotten in all of this bubble talk although they are in a tie for second place in the conference. New Mexico came from behind to knock off Colorado State in double overtime, setting up a huge game with Utah.

Remaining Schedule: Colorado State, Utah, Wyoming
Nice Wins: BYU, UNLV
Bad Losses: UCF, Texas Tech, UTEP

San Diego State (19-8, 9-5): Knocking off TCU in overtime was really important for the Aztecs at large hopes. A win over Colorado State would set up a huge potential bubble elimination game between San Diego State & UNLV just a few nights before the start of the Mountain West Tournament.

Remaining Schedule : Colorado State, UNLV
Nice Wins: UNLV, Utah
Bad Losses: Wyoming

UNLV (20-8, 8-6): The Rebels have been one of the most disappointing teams in the country thsi year, but all is not lost. With four teams in the Mountain West with a chance to get to 10 conference wins (the maximum for UNLV) the Rebels probably need to win their remaning two and then at least one in the MWC Tournament to feel safe.

Remaining Schedule : Air Force, San Diego State
Nice Wins: Louisville, Utah, BYU, New Mexico
Bad Losses: Colorado State, Wyoming, TCU



Locks (4):


Dayton (24-5, 10-4):  The Flyers were in great shape before dropping back to back games to Saint Louis and Rhode Island. On Saturday their win over Temple got them back on track. If the Flyers can beat Xavier again this week then I don't see any way they get left out of the big dance.

Remaining Schedule : Xavier, Duquense
Nice Wins: Xavier, Marquette, Temple
Bad Losses: St. Louis, Charlotte, Massachusetts

Rhode Island (21-8, 10-4): The Rams just keep staying alive. Since starting the season 12-7 Rhode Island has won 9 of 10 games. The next two are very winnable (Duquense, Massachsetts) before the Atlantic Ten tournament. If they win their next two games they will avoid Xavier until the finals.

Remaining Schedule : Duquense, Massachusetts
Nice Wins: Dayton, Temple, Penn State
Bad Losses: Saint Josephs

Temple (17-11, 9-5): The Owls are probably going to need to win the Atlantic Ten Tournament to get into the Big Dance. The wins over Tennessee & Penn State look good on the resume but back to back losses to La Salle & Dayton have really affected their chances of getting an at large.

Remaining Schedule : Saint Josephs, George Washington
Nice Wins: Tennessee, Penn State
Bad Losses: Buffalo, Miami (OH), La Salle

UAB (20-9, 10-4): The Blazers really need to knock off Memphis to have any chance to get into the field, but that fell apart. They do have one more chance to knock off the Tigers, but it will likely be in the Conference USA Tournament final unless they fall to the #4 seed in the standings. In that scenario they'd meet the Tigers in the semifinals.

Remaining Schedule : East Carolina, UTEP, Marshall
Nice Wins: Arizona
Bad Losses: Tulsa, Houston

Siena (23-7, 16-2):  For all intensive purposes losing to Niagara on Friday night pretty much ruined the Saints at large hopes, along with losing to Rider earlier this week. Siena should plan on winning the MAAC Tournament to claim a NCAA Tournament bid, unless a lot of other bubble teams start to fall apart.

Remaining Schedule : MAAC Tournament
Nice Wins: Northern Iowa
Bad Losses: Rider, Niagara

Creighton (25-6, 14-4): The Blue Jays are making a huge run towards the Big Dance. After a 5-4 start in conference play Creighton has now taken the lead in the Missouri Valley by winning ten straight games. Beating George Mason in the bracketbuster game was pretty much the capping of a nice profile. If Creighton loses in the MVC final they have a compelling case for an at large.

Remaining Schedule : Illinois State
Nice Wins: George Mason, Northern Iowa, Dayton
Bad Losses: Illinois State, Drake

Davidson (25-6, 18-2): The Wildcats knew their game with Butler was probably for their at large hope lives, and they lost. Grabbing an at large bid would mean the Wildcats had lost three Socon games this year, which is not really an achievement after the way they've run through the conference in past years. Davidson better win the Socon.

Remaining Schedule : Socon Tournament
Nice Wins: West Virginia
Bad Losses: The Citadel, College of Charleston

St. Marys (23-5, 9-4): The Gaels case is going to be one of the more interesting on Selection Sunday. Will the committee cut them some slack because they lost Patty Mills in a game against Gonzaga where they were in control at halftime? Or will three losses (including one in the WCC Tourney) to the Zags be the doom of them?

Remaining Schedule : Loyola-Marymount
Nice Wins: Utah State, Portland
Bad Losses: Santa Clara, UTEP

Utah State (26-4, 13-2): The Aggies loss to St. Marys in the bracketbusters really killed their at large mojo, and following it up with a loss to Nevada didn't really help the situation any. I will leave Utah State on the list due to their decent RPI and guady record, but unless they lose an incredibly competitive WAC final I think anything short of an auto won't be enough.

Remaining Schedule: Nevada, San Jose State
Nice Wins: Utah
Bad Losses:
Boise State






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Conference Tournament Previews: All in One Place

I have decided to do a preview for every conference tournament. I realize that access to them will be hard to get since only the last blog entry usually gets a lot of attention on CBS. To make things easier I will try to give out the links to them every time I complete a new tournament preview. PLEASE(!) check these out! Like I said I realize usually only the last post gets a lot of attention here but I'd like all of these to be seen.

Conference Tournament Previews Already Completed:

America East
Atlantic Sun

Big South

Big Sky


Missouri Valley


Ohio Valley

Patriot League

Sun Belt

Please check them out and comment. I will release other previews soon!

And please continue voting in my CBB Fan Awards !










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Conference Tournament Previews: Ohio Valley

I am going to preview every single conference tournament one by one. Instead of what I initially started I am going to do them all on separate blog entries because I feel like this will give everyone a chance to discuss these conference tournaments. It will give them a home where everyone can join in and post their thoughts. Please comment.

Ohio Valley Conference Tournament:

1) UT-Martin (March 3rd)
8) Tennessee Tech

4) Morehead State (March 3rd)
5) Eastern Kentucky

3) Murray State (March 3rd)
6) Tennessee State

2) Austin Peay (March 3rd)
7) Eastern Illinois

Semifinals: (March 6th)

Championship: (March 7th)

Prediction: UT-Martin is the #1 seed but they've never been in this position before. The Skyhawks have never been to the NCAA Tournament before. Lester Hudson is the best player you've never heard of though. A lot people will give the Skyhawks attention, but beware of Austin Peay (my pick).



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Conference Tournament Previews: Patriot League

I am going to preview every single conference tournament one by one. Instead of what I initially started I am going to do them all on separate blog entries because I feel like this will give everyone a chance to discuss these conference tournaments. It will give them a home where everyone can join in and post their thoughts. Please comment.

Patriot League Conference Tournament

Quar terfinals:
#8 Lafayette (March 4th)
#1 American

#5 Lehigh (March 4th)
#4 Army

#7 Bucknell (March 4th)
#2 Holy Cross

#6 Colgate (March 4th)
#3 Navy

Lafayette/American Winner (March 8th)
Lehigh/Army Winner

Bucknell/Holy Cross Winner (March 8th)
Colgate/Navy Winner

Championship: March 13th

Prediction: Last season the Patriot League was a battle between American and Navy all season. This year it looks like it could end up the same way. American won the regular season title and is my pick to win the conference tournament. One of the more interesting first round matchups has Bucknell taking on Holy Cross, two pretty big rivals in the league. Don't be surprised if there's a Cinderella run but put your money on American.




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Conference Tournament Previews: Horizon

I am going to preview every single conference tournament one by one. Instead of what I initially started I am going to do them all on separate blog entries because I feel like this will give everyone a chance to discuss these conference tournaments. It will give them a home where everyone can join in and post their thoughts. Please comment.

Horizon League Conference Tournament:

First Round
#3 Cleveland State (March 3rd)
#10 Detroit

#6 Youngstown State (March 3rd)
#7 Illinois-Chicago

#4 Wright State (March 3rd)
#9 Valparaiso

#4 Loyola (March 3rd)
#5 Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Valparaiso/Wright State Winner (March 6th)
Loyola/Wisconsin-Milwaukee Winner

Cleveland State/Detroit
Youngstown State/Illinois-Chicago

Val/WSU/Loy/WM Winner (March 7th)
#1 Butler

Clev/Det/Young/ICU Winner (March 7fh)
#2 Wisconsin- Green Bay

Championship: March 10th

Prediction: Most casual college basketball fans don't realize it but there are actually two very good teams in the Horizon League. Everyone knows about Butler, and regardless what happens here they are going dancing. Wisconsin-Green Bay has to win the conference tournament to get into the NCAA Tournament, but do not put it past them. I would not be surprised one bit if Green Bay pulls the upset and makes the Horizon League a two bid league. I'm going with Butler though.



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Conference Tournament Previews: CAA

I am going to preview every single conference tournament one by one. Instead of what I initially started I am going to do them all on separate blog entries because I feel like this will give everyone a chance to discuss these conference tournaments. It will give them a home where everyone can join in and post their thoughts. Please comment.

CAA Conference Tournament:

First Round:
#8 Georgia State (March 6th)
#9 Delaware State

#5 Hofstra (March 6th)
#12 UNC Wilmington

#7 James Madison (March 6th)
#10 William & Mary

#6 Drexel (March 6th)
#11 Townson

#1 VCU (March 7th)
Georgia State/Delaware State

#4 Old Dominion
Hofstra/UNC Wilmington

#2 George Mason
James Madison/William & Mary

#3 Northeastern

Semifinals: March 8th

Championship: March 9th

Prediction: This league has three very good teams that must casual fans haven't had the chance to watch. Virgina Commonwealth, George Mason, and Northeastern can all win this tournament and all make a small run in the NCAA Tournament. It's hard to pick against the #1 seed in any conference tournament, and it's even harder to pick against an experienced team like VCU. Eric Maynor and the Rams are ready to get back to the NCAA Tournament.


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