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CBB Fan Awards: VOTE NOW

Is Hasheem Thabeet the player of the year in college basketball?

The college basketball regular season is almost over, and it's time to vote on the regular season awards before the NCAA Tournament starts.

This morning I created a post asking for help with nominations for candidates. I received tons of help (thanks to everyone that lended a hand). Now I am asking for you guys to vote on who you think is the most worthy of each honor.

One of the most interesting awards is player of the year . Stephen Curry (pictured left), Blake Griffin, Dejuan Blair, and Ty Lawson are the leading candidates. Will Griffin's absense hurt him or has his absense shown just how bad Oklahoma needs him. How about with Curry? The Wildcats couldn't even knock off The Citadel without their sharp shooter. Blair just dominated another player of the year candidate, Hasheem Thabeet, last week. Ty Lawson has done everything he's been asked of and more for North Carolina, including taking over games in the second half.

Other tough ones include coach of the year . Could it really be Bill Self just a year after he led his Jayhawks to the national championship?

I can't wait to see the results, especially of the most surprising and disappointing teams. Both of those votes should be very close.  Will most disappointing be Georgetown or Notre Dame or will someone else swoop in and claim the honor? The vote for most surprising is probably going to be extremely close so I'm not sure who the favorite is there.

Will Memphis, who has now won 55 straight conference games win the most improved award (from the beginning of the year to now)? There's no doubt that the Tigers are playing a lot better now than they were at the beginning of the season.

If you are a fan of a mid major team don't be worried, because your team has a chance at glory as well. I have included an award for the best mid major team . The problem is that Gonzaga, Xavier, and Memphis are included as mid majors.

There are other interesting votes as well, so make sure you check them all out.

All you have to do is click each link and then vote for the person you think should win. The winners will be announced next week!

Player of the Year

Coach of the Year
Most Surprising Team
Most Disappointing Team
Most Improved Team
Most Improved Player
Game of the Year
Team You Don't Want In Your Bracket
Best Mid Major Team
1 Player, 5 Seconds Left: Who Gets the Shot?
Freshman of the Year
Performance of the Year

Upset of the Year

Make sure you vote! I want this to be the voice of the entire CBS Sports nation, not just the voice of the first 100 that find it. I will give everyone plenty of time to get their votes in.

-Daniel Evans

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Friday & Saturday Picks

Friday/Saturday Picks:

20-Cornell over Dartmouth
19-Butler over Cleveland State
18-Creighton over Illinois State
17-Northern Iowa over Evansville
16-Texas A&M over Iowa State
15-Duke over Virginia Tech
14-Dayton over Temple
13-Purdue over Ohio State
12-Siena over Niagara
11-Villanova over Georgetown
10-LSU over Kentucky
9-Connecticut over Notre Dame
8-Florida State over Clemson
7-Washington over Arizona
6-BYU over Utah
5-Auburn over Mississippi State
4-Oklahoma State over Texas
3-UCLA over California
2-Nevada over Utah State
1-Kansas State over Nebraska

NOTE: Check out Beer's blog for all the latest on the picks championship.

AWARDS: Please nominate candidates for our fan awards!

MAILBAG: PM me your questions for the new mailbag!


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The CBS Sports CBB Fan Awards

Is Hasheem Thabeet the player of the year in college basketball? The regular season is almost over in college basketball, so it's almost time to hand out awards for the best player/teams in the country. I am going to have my own awards blog in a week, but I also want to include the fan's choice. All you have to do is vote for the representative you believe is most qualified to receive the honor of being the "best ______".

At this current time I am looking for candidate nominations from the fans as well as new category ideas. This can be a fun process if we all pitch in and help out a little bit.

The categories I have in mind are:
Player of the Year
Coach of the Year
Surprising Team of the Year
Disappointing Team of the Year
Game of the Year
Most Improved Player (from last year to this year)
Most Improved Team (as the year progressed)
Team you don't want to see in March
Best Mid Major Team (give the middies some love)
Player you want with the ball with 5 seconds left
Freshman of the Year

Right now all we are doing is nominatiing candiadates and/or more categories to vote on. Starting tonight (hopefully) the voting will begin.

Join the thread to join the conversation!



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CBB Nightly: Vaden Scoreless, Who woulda thunk it

1) Will someone please arrest the imposter that played as UAB's Robert Vaden on Thursday night? In one of the most mysterious identity thefts of all-time the Blazers leading scorer was nowhere to be found tonight at Bartow Arena in Birmingham. All that was left was an imposter that wore Vaden's well known #24 jersey and happened to look like Vaden's twin. The problem was that the unnamed imposter couldn't shoot worth a flip. Vaden's imposter went an incredible 0 for 17 from the field and left Memphis with a 55 game winning streak in conference play at the end of the night. John Calipari was reportedly already claiming he had nothing to do with Vaden's disappearance, although he said he didn't mind UAB's best player taking the night off.

Once again, Im kidding but it's got to be awful for Vaden, a senior playing his final big home game to go 0-fer from the field. Out of the 356 three pointers he's made in his career not one of them came tonight.

2) Cincinnati has decided to join the "bubble teams who want in the NCAA Tournament chase" list alongside Virginia Tech, Providence, and BYU. We are still waiting for other teams to actually show they want in, but at least the Bearcats improved their resume by knocking off West Virginia.

3) Speaking of teams apparently wanting to play themselves into the field, how about Michigan? This was my good prediction of the night (UAB was the bad). The Wolverines win over Purdue probably pushes them onto the good side of the bubble for now.

4) Minnesota has appeared to be locked into the field for quite a while now, but that is not so. The Golden Gophers lost again tonight to Illinois, leaving them just 8-8 in conference play. Games against Wisconsin & Michigan remain. Incredibly those two games will be must wins for all three teams.

5) Arizona is the most inconsistent team in the country. The Wildcats knock off top teams and lose to teams they shouldn't, For example they lost to Washington State tonight. The loss pushes Arizona back onto the fence for the NCAA Tournament.

6) Washington knocked off Arizona State in overtime. The win for Washington keeps their chances of a potential top four seed alive. Look out for this team in March. Right now the Huskies aren't getting any attention, but they should be.

7) USC joins fellow Pac 10 bubbler Arizona tonight with yet another loss. The Trojans fell to California (who is moving towards locking up their bid). 

8) UCLA survived a great battle from Stanford. The Cardinal have now lost 11 of 16 games since starting the season 11-0. Meanwhile the Bruins are staying in the mix for a top five seed.

9) Forgive me for any mistakes I'm making in this blog. I am extremely tired and trying to make it through it. Tongue out

10) Don't forget to check out March Madness on Demand ! I can't wait to see the new look!


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Thursday Picks UAB over Memphis (Trust me)

I cannot wait for the UAB-Memphis game. It's a game I wish I was going to but tickets are sold out. Let me put the magnitude of this rivalry into perspective for those that don't understand. Last time Memphis came to Bartow Arena, where they play tonight, the Tigers left with UAB fans/students trashing them with stuff from the stands. UAB led that entire game but Memphis found a way to win it in the closing seconds. The Tigers have won 54 straight Conference USA games. Any guess who their last loss was to in conference? That's right, UAB. John Calipari spoke about it on ESPN yesterday and referred to it as a war.

"Off the court, we're all OK. On the court, there's no friends between Memphis and UAB."-Robert Vaden. There's nothing like the UAB-Memphis game in Conference USA. If the Blazers want to go dancing then they will win. If Memphis wants a 2 seed then they will win.

But I am going out a on a limb. Matter of fact I will say it right now. The streak ends tonight at Bartow. UAB knocks off Memphis as the students rush the court. And to even to add to it I will put the most confidents possible on it.

6-UAB over Memphis
5-West Virginia over Cincinnati
4-Illinois over Minnesota
3-Michigan over Purdue
2-California over USC
1-Washington over Arizona State


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Bubble Watch: Before Wednesday's Games

At this point the bubble is very interesting, but here's the best I can do. My new bracketology is coming tonight!

Auto Bid Projection (31):
NOTE: At this point the teams listed below are the regular season leaders of each conference, meaning they would be favored to win their conference tournament. This list will change dramatically as conference tournaments are played out.

American East: Vermont (22-7, 12-3)
Atlantic Sun: Jacksonville (16-11, 14-4)
ACC: North Carolina (24-3, 10-3)
Atlantic Ten: Xavier (22-5, 10-3)
Big East: Connecticut (25-2, 13-2)
Big Sky: Weber State (18-8, 12-1)
Big South: Radford (17-10, 14-2)
Big Ten: Michigan State (21-5, 11-3)
Big 12: Kansas (23-5, 12-1)
Big West: Long Beach State (13-12, 8-4)
CAA: Virginia Commonwealth (19-9, 12-4)
Conference USA: Memphis (24-3, 12-0)
Horizon: Butler (23-4, 13-3)
Ivy League: Cornell (18-8, 8-2)
MAAC: Siena (22-6, 15-1)
MAC: Buffalo (17-8, 9-3)
MEAC: Morgan State (18-11, 12-3)
Missouri Valley: Creighton (24-6, 13-4)
Mountain West: Utah (19-7, 10-2)
Northeast: Robert Morris (19-10, 13-3)
Ohio Valley: UT Martin (19-8, 12-4)
Pac 10: Washington (20-7, 11-4)
Patriot League: American (19-7, 11-1)
SEC: LSU (24-4, 12-1)
Southern: Davidson (22-6, 15-2)
Southland: Stephen F. Austin (17-7, 9-3)
Summit: North Dakota State (21-6, 14-2)
SWAC: Alabama State (16-8, 13-1)
Sun Belt: Western Kentucky (19-8, 13-3)
WAC: Utah State (25-1, 12-1)
WCC: Gonzaga (21-5, 12-0)

Locks (13):
NOTE: These are teams that are going to the NCAA Tournament regardless how they finish the season.

Clemson (22-4, 8-4)
Duke (22-5, 8-4)
Wake Forest (20-5, 7-5)
Louisville (22-5, 13-2)
Marquette (23-4, 12-2)
Pittsburgh (25-3, 12-3)
Villanova (20-5, 10-4)
Oklahoma (25-3, 11-2)
Missouri (23-4, 10-2)
Purdue (21-6, 10-4)
Illinois (22-6, 10-5)
Arizona State (21-5, 10-4)
UCLA (20-7, 9-5)

Almost Locks (6):
NOTE: These teams are practically locks for the NCAA Tournament field. Barring a major collapse you can still count them in.

Florida State (21-7, 8-5)
West Virginia (19-8, 8-6)
Syracuse (20-8, 8-7)
Ohio State (18-8, 8-7)
Boston College (20-9, 8-6)
Texas (18-8, 7-5)

Bubble (15 Spots Available):
NOTE: These teams are all in contention for an at large berth. I have listed every team with even the faintest possibility of an at large berth. Notice there are 30 teams listed and only 15 spots available.

Maryland (17-9, 6-6)
Virginia Tech (16-6, 6-6)
Miami FL (16-10, 5-8)
Providence (17-11, 9-7)
Dayton (23-4, 9-3)
Temple (17-9, 9-3)
Cincinnati (17-10, 7-7)
Notre Dame (15-11, 6-8)
Georgetown (14-12, 5-10)
Minnesota (20-7, 8-7)
Penn State (19-9, 8-7)
Wisconsin (17-10, 8-7)
Michigan (17-11, 7-8)
Kansas State (19-8, 7-5)
Nebraska (16-10, 6-7)
Oklahoma State (17-9, 6-6)
Texas A&M (20-8, 6-7)
UAB (19-8, 9-3)
Northern Iowa (19-10, 13-4)
BYU (21-6, 9-4)
New Mexico (18-10, 9-4)
UNLV (20-7, 8-5)
San Diego State (18-8, 8-5)
California (20-7, 9-5)
Arizona (18-9, 8-6)
USC (16-10, 7-7)
South Carolina (19-6, 8-4)
Kentucky (18-8, 8-4)
Florida (21-7, 8-5)
Tennessee (16-10, 7-5)



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Wednesday's Picks

Remember to check out Beer's blog for the latest on the picks championship bracket:

Wednesday Picks:
10-Duke over Maryland
9-Kentucky over South Carolina
8-Connecticut over Marquette
7-Clemson over Virginia Tech
6-Auburn over Mississippi
5-Missouri over Kansas State
4-Utah over UNLV
3-American over Navy
2-Rhode Island over Dayton
1Tennessee over Mississippi State

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CBB Nightly: 10 Thoughts & Providence's Shocker

1. Providence, 81, #1 Pittsburgh 73: If you saw this coming please raise your hand. Actually stand up, raise both hands, do the macarena, turn yourself around, and take a huge bow. And then go buy yourself something really nice, because you are either the luckiest gambler on earth, a descendent of the great Nostradamus, or you thought Providence was the "p" team with 1 beside its name.

In all seriousness what about what the Friars just did? Not only did they go from afterthought to potential at large berth winnner, but they also shook up the entire national championship picture. Maybe this is what it takes to beat the Panthers. A few hot shooters, a frustrated Dejuan Blair, and an ecstatic crowd. A lot of teams are throwing that formula together right now, and it probably won't work the majority of the time against one of the nation's most phyically gifted teams. Tonight it did though, and for Providence that's all that matters.

Is Providence in my field right now? I honestly can't say for sure since I haven't created my new field after tonight's games just yet, but I do think they are. And I know whar your thinking. Wait a minute Dan this team is 17-11 overall and you are putting them in the NCAA Tournament? Look closer. The Friars now have wins over #1 ranked Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and they swept Cincinnati. That pushes them above the Bearcats in the pecking order and puts them above Georgetown & Notre Dame at this point.

2. LSU is one of the most athletic teams in the country. Laugh when you see the Tigers in your team's bracket on Selection Sunday but be warned. This team is a matchup nightmare. They have the length of Tayshaun Prince everywhere and a player that can absolutely take over any game in a split second, Marcus Thornton.

3. Florida's loss pushes them farther towards the NCAA Tournament bubble. I keep asking for heart from bubble teams and aside from Providence, Maryland, and Arizona I've been let down. The Gators are probably still in at this juncture, but fourth best in the SEC East may not be good enough on Selection Sunday. You are reading it here first, so remember I said this. Do not be surprised if Florida makes a run over the next few games, including a deep SEC Tournament run. Billy Donovan has got the youngesters buying into his system and slowly but surely it will churn out some results.

4. Boston College looks safer and safer as every day goes by. The Eagles now have wins over North Carolina, Duke, and Florida State in ACC play, which should be more than enough to get them into the field barring a collapse. At this point I don't see how anyone can keep them out.

5. BYU put together a tremendous second half comeback against hungry San Diego State. For the Cougars it means the line for dance tickets is getting shorter. The Aztecs are about to get a "sold out" sign unless they do something spectacular or win the Mountain West Tournament.

6. Everybody seems to keep sleeping on Creighton, but don't be surprised if the Blue Jays sneak into the at large field ever so quietly on Selection Sunday if they lose in the Missouri Valley Tournament.  The Blue Jays win over Missouri State pushed their overall record to an impressive 24-6.

7. The Texas A&M-Nebraska finish was the best of the night. Josh Carter hit a three at the buzzer to win the game for the Aggies, and keep alive their slim at large hopes in the process. Texas A&M is now 6-7 in conference play but still in need of big wins.

8. Baylor's hopes of reaching back to back NCAA Tournaments now relies on the Big 12 Tournament. Losing to Iowa State is unacceptable, especially when you barely have a pulse as it is.

9. I can't really say I've done my job unless I mention Ohio State's win over Penn State in tonight's first round of games. The Buckeyes jumped out to a quick lead before allowing the Nittany Lions to come back. Eventually Ohio State pulled away, enlarged its at large chances, and damaged Penn State's NCAA Tournament hopes all in one package.

10. One more thing I don't want to forget to mention is conference tournaments. On March 3rd the Big South & Ohio Valley tournaments start, so stay tuned for coverage of those on this blog. Radford will more than likely be the #1 seed in the Big South while the Ohio Valley race is still up in the air.

March Madness on Demand : This is one of the really cool features CBS has for us college basketball lovers during the NCAA Tournament. This season there are new features including High Quality live streaming video of the entire NCAA Tournament. I have used it in the past and I cannot wait to do so this year. Click the link and sign up!


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