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Weekend Picks

This weekend we picked the following games:

#1 Kansas (12-0) at #19 Temple (11-2)
Louisville (10-3) at #3 Kentucky (14-0)
Pittsburgh (11-2) at #5 Syracuse (13-0)
#8 Villanova (11-1) at Marquette (9-4)
Notre Dame (10-2) at #10 Connecticut    
#11 Michigan State (10-3) at Northwestern (10-2)
Oregon (9-4) at #16 Washington (10-2)
#22 Gonzaga (10-3) at Illinois (9-4)
#20 Georgia Tech (10-2) at Charlotte (10-2)
UAB (11-2) at Arkansas (7-6)    
Baylor (10-1) at South Carolina (8-4)
Arizona (6-7) at UCLA (6-7)
Oklahoma State (11-1) at Rhode Island (10-1)   
Cincinnati (9-3) at Rutgers (9-3)
Stanford (6-6) at California (8-4)   
Utah (6-7) at LSU (8-4)         
#18 Clemson (12-2) at #7 Duke (11-1)    
Florida (10-3) at N. C. State (10-3)
#15 Ohio State (10-3) at Michigan (6-6)
UTEP (9-2) at #24 Texas Tech (10-2)    
Wisconsin (11-2) at Penn State (8-5)    
Missouri State (11-1) at Northern Iowa (10-1)
Xavier (8-4) at Wake Forest (10-2)        
Providence (8-5) at St. Johns (10-3)
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This Week's Picks: Including PUR-WVU

Since Arth and I both went 8-5 over the last week (during the Holidays), I maintain my two game lead over him in game picks. This week we are picking 25 games, including a huge showdown between Purdue and West Virginia on Friday. Picks

Games we picked :
Rutgers (9-2) at #10 North Carolina (9-3)
BYU (12-1) at Arizona (6-5)    
Portland (7-4) at Nevada (7-5)  
Marquette (9-3) at #6 West Virginia  
#5 Syracuse (12-0) at Seton Hall (9-2)
#24 Texas Tech (10-1) at #17 New Mexico (12-1)
LSU (8-3) at Xavier (7-4)   
Northern Iowa (10-1) at Creighton (5-6)  
#10 Connecticut (9-2) at Cincinnati (9-3)
South Florida (10-2) at Louisville (9-3) 
William & Mary (8-2) at Maryland (8-3)    
South Carolina (8-3) at Boston College (8-4)   
Northwestern (10-1) at Illinois (8-4)
Baylor (9-1) at Arkansas (7-5)
Providence (8-4) at Notre Dame (11-2)
St. Johns (10-2) at #13 Georgetown (9-1)  
#14 Tennessee (9-2) at Memphis (9-2) 
#15 Ohio State (10-2) at Wisconsin (10-2)    
Oklahoma (8-4) at #22 Gonzaga (8-3)
Green Bay (10-4) at Butler (8-4)
Richmond (9-3) at Wake Forest (8-2)
Arizona (6-5) at USC (8-4)   
#6 West Virginia (10-0) at #4 Purdue (11-0)    
Dayton (9-2) at #17 New Mexico (12-1)  
Missouri State (10-1) at Illinois State (9-2)

If you'd like to pick against us pick the games either here or on the picks page in the comments section. I tried getting something going where everyone voted on a game last week but I didn't receive enough votes.
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This Week's Picks: Why I'm Going Upset Crazy

This week Santa Claus will be coming down a chimney near you and due to that I feel I'm going a bit crazy with upsets.  I feel there could be a lot of upsets this week, so I'm jumping on the upset bandwagon and holding on for dear life.

This all means that if I were you, I'd take the 13 picks I chose and change nearly all 13 of them before heading to Vegas for last second Christmas money. Here's my breakdown of this week's "potential upsets":

Potential Upsets This Week:

Michigan State over Texas:
When will the Spartans become the team we thought we were in the preseason? If it's ever going to happen, it might be Tuesday night against Texas. Remember, in the preseason MSU was ranked #2 over Texas, so this may not be an upset at all if Sparty does happen to win. The key to the game might be Dexter Pittman. In 26 minutes versus North Carolina on Saturday, Pittsman scored 23 points and added 15 rebounds.

UAB over Butler: The Bulldogs are coming off of emotional wins over Ohio State and Xavier, while UAB sits quietly at 10-1 after a win over Cincinnati. Mike Davis has warned his team that it can't lose focus just because it's winning. It will be interesting to see if the Blazers can get to 11-1 and really open some eyes against a Butler team still in need of good wins for its resume.

Arkansas over Missouri State: There's really no reason to think this can be an upset other than the fact that an undefeated team, playing a few nights before Christmas, is taking on a SEC team on the road. Expect the Razorbacks to show some fight. 6-5 starts usually have you ready to fight.

Harvard over Georgetown: How many times does Jeremy Lin have to play well against a ranked opponent before he gets some national recognition? Harvard is a sleeping giant in the Ivy League that noone, and I mean noone, is talking about.

Mississippi over West Virginia: The Rebels are playing some of the best basketball in the country but aren't grabbing national headlines. If they knock off undefeated West Virginia, at WVU nonetheless, Mississippi will likely be rewarded with a top ten ranking and weighed down with expectations of a SEC West title.

Incredibly enough, I'm picking all 5 of these. Ive also got Arizona knocking off N. C. State at home. Why all the upsets? I feel this may finally be a week where the upset bug hits college basketball.

This Week's Picks: http://www.onlinesportsfanatic.com/

Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday Picks: Does Florida win on my bday?

Wednesday Picks:

Maybe my birthday will give me some luck...

12-Florida over Mississippi State
11-Purdue over Northwestern
10-North Carolina over Virginia Tech
9-Pittsburgh over Marquette
8-Memphis over Houston
7-Kentucky over Georgia
6-BYU over Wyoming
5-South Alabama over New Orleans
4-Wisconsin over Minnesota
3-Denver over Louisiana-Monroe
2-Middle Tennessee over Arkansas State
1-Missouri over Oklahoma


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Picks: Monday & Tuesday

Beer has requested that I combine today and tomorrow's picks again. Remember he's got the complete rundown on the tournament to be the pick national champion !

Monday  & Tuesday Picks

10-Texas over Baylor
9-Clemson over Virginia
8-Duke over Florida State
7-Eastern Kentucky over Morehead State
6-Ohio State over Iowa
5-Oklahoma State over Kansas State
4-Maryland over Wake Forest
3-Utah over New Mexico
2-Notre Dame over Villanova
1-Winthrop over NC-Asheville

And remember.......check these out:

Cool BRACKETOLOGY (Matchups, Regions, Complete Bracket, ETC): http://onlinesportsfanatic.com/2009

SEEDINGS, 1-65 RANKINGS: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

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CBB FAN AWARDS (VOTING STILL OPEN): http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

BUBBLE WATCH (NEW EDITION SOON): http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

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Sunday Picks: Big Bubble Games

On Sunday there are a couple of big bubble games, inlcuding Florida-Tennessee. It has been scorched into our minds that these teams are tournament quality based on their name alone, but this season that is not true.

The Volunteers have been very disappointing this year, and while they are considered a lock by some they still need some wins. Florida has feasted on a weak schedule and is now at the danger point of their season. Losing both games to Tennessee would be really bad for the Gators.

Last time I designated a game as the top game of the day and gave it its own little space I flamed out. UAB lost to Memphis and my gutsy pick resulted in a loss. This time I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

With the Gators playing for their NCAA Tournament lives I think they finally get a decent win on Sunday in Gainesville. Expect Nick Calathes to play well (doesn't he always) and Erving Walker to be the difference maker for Florida. 

But I can't just leave this at one big bubble game, because there are actually two. Michigan-Wisconsin is really big for both teams, although it appears the Badgers would have a slight edge if the field was selection today.

The Wolverines have big wins over Duke and UCLA out of conference and also played soon to be #1 Connecticut to the wire earlier this year. The Badgers have survived a six game losing streak and now appear on their way back to the NCAA Tournament, as long as they can avoid a long losing streak to the end the season.

I expect Michigan to win behind a big day from Manny Harris, although the Wolverines will play at Wisconsin's tempo for most of the contest.

Sunday's Picks :

8-Maryland over North Carolina State
7-Syracuse over Cincinnati
6-Rhode Island over Duquense
5-Louisville over Marquette
4-Michigan State over Illinois
3-Missouri over Kansas
2-Michigan over Wisconsin
1-Florida over Tennessee


BUBBLE WATCH: I posted my bubble watch just before this.......please check it out if you can. It takes hours to complete.



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Upset of the Year


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Friday & Saturday Picks

Friday/Saturday Picks:

20-Cornell over Dartmouth
19-Butler over Cleveland State
18-Creighton over Illinois State
17-Northern Iowa over Evansville
16-Texas A&M over Iowa State
15-Duke over Virginia Tech
14-Dayton over Temple
13-Purdue over Ohio State
12-Siena over Niagara
11-Villanova over Georgetown
10-LSU over Kentucky
9-Connecticut over Notre Dame
8-Florida State over Clemson
7-Washington over Arizona
6-BYU over Utah
5-Auburn over Mississippi State
4-Oklahoma State over Texas
3-UCLA over California
2-Nevada over Utah State
1-Kansas State over Nebraska

NOTE: Check out Beer's blog for all the latest on the picks championship.

AWARDS: Please nominate candidates for our fan awards!

MAILBAG: PM me your questions for the new mailbag!


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Thursday Picks UAB over Memphis (Trust me)

I cannot wait for the UAB-Memphis game. It's a game I wish I was going to but tickets are sold out. Let me put the magnitude of this rivalry into perspective for those that don't understand. Last time Memphis came to Bartow Arena, where they play tonight, the Tigers left with UAB fans/students trashing them with stuff from the stands. UAB led that entire game but Memphis found a way to win it in the closing seconds. The Tigers have won 54 straight Conference USA games. Any guess who their last loss was to in conference? That's right, UAB. John Calipari spoke about it on ESPN yesterday and referred to it as a war.

"Off the court, we're all OK. On the court, there's no friends between Memphis and UAB."-Robert Vaden. There's nothing like the UAB-Memphis game in Conference USA. If the Blazers want to go dancing then they will win. If Memphis wants a 2 seed then they will win.

But I am going out a on a limb. Matter of fact I will say it right now. The streak ends tonight at Bartow. UAB knocks off Memphis as the students rush the court. And to even to add to it I will put the most confidents possible on it.

6-UAB over Memphis
5-West Virginia over Cincinnati
4-Illinois over Minnesota
3-Michigan over Purdue
2-California over USC
1-Washington over Arizona State


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