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Posted on: June 30, 2009 2:31 pm
Edited on: June 30, 2009 11:32 pm

Greatest Sportsperson of the Last Decade? Vote

Voting to determine the field has started here! Make sure to keep sending in suggestions. (Latest CBS Blog Entry with more Details! )

This decade is quickly coming to a close. Since 2000 there have been some great teams and some great individual players. Over the next few weeks I will lead the way as we decide who the most impressive player of the last decade has been.

Below I've listed some suggestions to be among the 32 player field for the last decade. I want you guys to help out by suggesting other players and tell me if you disagree with any of the players I've listed below.

How this all works:
I want to identify the top individual player of the last decade. Everyone has a different criteria for defining who that player is. Some individuals are not considered athletes by others while to other people they are. The key here is to somehow find the middle ground between the two. When it's all said and done we will have a winner that everyone here can be proud of.

How to Pick the Best:
That's entirely up to you. I think athletes that win championships, especially multiple championships, deserve more credit than those who don't. You may have a different criteria than I do and that's completely fine.

How the Process Will Continue from Here:
I will list all the players in the competition and put them in a poll later tonight/tomorrow and let everyone vote on all 32 spots. Those 32 players will then be moved into the bracket based on my seeding.

Player: Accomplishments From 2000-2009 (Stats are for these 10 Years Only!!!)
Tiger Woods: 12 Major Championships
Shaquille O' Neal: 4 NBA Championships, 2 Time NBA MVP, 6 NBA Finals Appearances
Kobe Bryant: 4 NBA Championships, NBA MVP, 6 NBA Finals Appearances
Roger Federrer: 14 Major Championships
Tom Brady: 3 Times Super Bowl Champion, NFL MVP, 50 TDs in a season
Peyton Manning: Super Bowl Champion, 3 Time NFL MVP
Michael Phelps: 13 Gold Medals
Rafael Nadal: 7 Major Championships
Serena Williams: 9 Major Championships
Ladanian Tomlinson: NFL Record for TDs in a Season
Brett Favre: 5 Pro Bowls
Lebron James: NBA MVP, NBA Finals Appearance
Lance Armstrong: 6 Tour De France Titles
Alex Rodriguez: 9 Consecutive All-Star Appearances, 3 Time AL MVP
Barry Bonds: 4 NL MVPs, 6 All-Star Game Appearances
Sidney Crosby: NHL Champion
Alexander Ovechkin: NHL MVP
Phil Mickelson: 3 Major Championships
Padraig Harrington: 3 Major Championships
Tim Tebow: 2 National Championships, Heisman Trophy Winner
Jimmie Johnson: 3 Consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championships
Randy Moss
Terrell Owens
Tim Duncan
Dwayne Wade
Albert Pujols
Christiano Ronaldo
Martin Broduer
Usain Bolt
Ken Griffey Jr.
Reggie Bush
Vince Young
Misty May
Ray Lewis
Zinedine Zidane
Michael Schumacher
David Beckham
Annika Sorenstam
Kevin Garnett
Ichiro Suzuki
Tony Stewart

The tournament will take place here on CBS and on OnlineSportsFanatic.com.

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