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Dantheman's January 5th Bracketology

My newest bracket is out. You can see the seedings below, but you have to click here to see the bracket .

Bracketology Seedings (Teams in No Particular Order):
1s: Kansas, Purdue, Texas, Kentucky
2s: Duke, Villanova, West Virginia, Syracuse
3s: Mississippi, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Kansas State
4s: Tennessee, Florida State, Georgetown, Gonzaga
5s: North Carolina, New Mexico, Pittsburgh, Michigan State
6s: Clemson, BYU, Washington, Georgia Tech
7s: Ohio State, UNLV, Florida, Temple
8s: Texas Tech, Northern Iowa, Butler, Minnesota
9s: Rhode Island, Louisville, Dayton, Oregon
10s: Oklahoma State, Baylor, UAB, California
11s: Memphis, St. Marys, Wake Forest, William & Mary
12s: Texas A&M, Vanderbilt. Cincinnati, Cornell
13s: South Alabama, Western Carolina, Siena, Akron
14s: Louisiana Tech, Murray State, Charleston Southern, Vermont
15s: Stephen F. Austin, Campbell, Pacific, Oakland
16s: Bethune-Cookman, Prarie View A&M, Weber State, Army, Robert Morris
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Weekend Picks

This weekend we picked the following games:

#1 Kansas (12-0) at #19 Temple (11-2)
Louisville (10-3) at #3 Kentucky (14-0)
Pittsburgh (11-2) at #5 Syracuse (13-0)
#8 Villanova (11-1) at Marquette (9-4)
Notre Dame (10-2) at #10 Connecticut    
#11 Michigan State (10-3) at Northwestern (10-2)
Oregon (9-4) at #16 Washington (10-2)
#22 Gonzaga (10-3) at Illinois (9-4)
#20 Georgia Tech (10-2) at Charlotte (10-2)
UAB (11-2) at Arkansas (7-6)    
Baylor (10-1) at South Carolina (8-4)
Arizona (6-7) at UCLA (6-7)
Oklahoma State (11-1) at Rhode Island (10-1)   
Cincinnati (9-3) at Rutgers (9-3)
Stanford (6-6) at California (8-4)   
Utah (6-7) at LSU (8-4)         
#18 Clemson (12-2) at #7 Duke (11-1)    
Florida (10-3) at N. C. State (10-3)
#15 Ohio State (10-3) at Michigan (6-6)
UTEP (9-2) at #24 Texas Tech (10-2)    
Wisconsin (11-2) at Penn State (8-5)    
Missouri State (11-1) at Northern Iowa (10-1)
Xavier (8-4) at Wake Forest (10-2)        
Providence (8-5) at St. Johns (10-3)
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This Week's Picks: Including PUR-WVU

Since Arth and I both went 8-5 over the last week (during the Holidays), I maintain my two game lead over him in game picks. This week we are picking 25 games, including a huge showdown between Purdue and West Virginia on Friday. Picks

Games we picked :
Rutgers (9-2) at #10 North Carolina (9-3)
BYU (12-1) at Arizona (6-5)    
Portland (7-4) at Nevada (7-5)  
Marquette (9-3) at #6 West Virginia  
#5 Syracuse (12-0) at Seton Hall (9-2)
#24 Texas Tech (10-1) at #17 New Mexico (12-1)
LSU (8-3) at Xavier (7-4)   
Northern Iowa (10-1) at Creighton (5-6)  
#10 Connecticut (9-2) at Cincinnati (9-3)
South Florida (10-2) at Louisville (9-3) 
William & Mary (8-2) at Maryland (8-3)    
South Carolina (8-3) at Boston College (8-4)   
Northwestern (10-1) at Illinois (8-4)
Baylor (9-1) at Arkansas (7-5)
Providence (8-4) at Notre Dame (11-2)
St. Johns (10-2) at #13 Georgetown (9-1)  
#14 Tennessee (9-2) at Memphis (9-2) 
#15 Ohio State (10-2) at Wisconsin (10-2)    
Oklahoma (8-4) at #22 Gonzaga (8-3)
Green Bay (10-4) at Butler (8-4)
Richmond (9-3) at Wake Forest (8-2)
Arizona (6-5) at USC (8-4)   
#6 West Virginia (10-0) at #4 Purdue (11-0)    
Dayton (9-2) at #17 New Mexico (12-1)  
Missouri State (10-1) at Illinois State (9-2)

If you'd like to pick against us pick the games either here or on the picks page in the comments section. I tried getting something going where everyone voted on a game last week but I didn't receive enough votes.
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Did Arizona get lucky versus Lipscomb?

I followed this game all last night and the more times I see the Youtube video, the more it looks like Lipscomb should've won their game against Arizona. Down in overtime, Nic Wise hit this game winner to get the Wildcats the win to avoid embarrasment. I've got the video on my site here , for those who haven't seen it.

Either way, since when Lipscomb start playing competitive games against Arizona? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the shot. Should it have counted? Should it have not counted?
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This Week's Picks: Why I'm Going Upset Crazy

This week Santa Claus will be coming down a chimney near you and due to that I feel I'm going a bit crazy with upsets.  I feel there could be a lot of upsets this week, so I'm jumping on the upset bandwagon and holding on for dear life.

This all means that if I were you, I'd take the 13 picks I chose and change nearly all 13 of them before heading to Vegas for last second Christmas money. Here's my breakdown of this week's "potential upsets":

Potential Upsets This Week:

Michigan State over Texas:
When will the Spartans become the team we thought we were in the preseason? If it's ever going to happen, it might be Tuesday night against Texas. Remember, in the preseason MSU was ranked #2 over Texas, so this may not be an upset at all if Sparty does happen to win. The key to the game might be Dexter Pittman. In 26 minutes versus North Carolina on Saturday, Pittsman scored 23 points and added 15 rebounds.

UAB over Butler: The Bulldogs are coming off of emotional wins over Ohio State and Xavier, while UAB sits quietly at 10-1 after a win over Cincinnati. Mike Davis has warned his team that it can't lose focus just because it's winning. It will be interesting to see if the Blazers can get to 11-1 and really open some eyes against a Butler team still in need of good wins for its resume.

Arkansas over Missouri State: There's really no reason to think this can be an upset other than the fact that an undefeated team, playing a few nights before Christmas, is taking on a SEC team on the road. Expect the Razorbacks to show some fight. 6-5 starts usually have you ready to fight.

Harvard over Georgetown: How many times does Jeremy Lin have to play well against a ranked opponent before he gets some national recognition? Harvard is a sleeping giant in the Ivy League that noone, and I mean noone, is talking about.

Mississippi over West Virginia: The Rebels are playing some of the best basketball in the country but aren't grabbing national headlines. If they knock off undefeated West Virginia, at WVU nonetheless, Mississippi will likely be rewarded with a top ten ranking and weighed down with expectations of a SEC West title.

Incredibly enough, I'm picking all 5 of these. Ive also got Arizona knocking off N. C. State at home. Why all the upsets? I feel this may finally be a week where the upset bug hits college basketball.

This Week's Picks:

Merry Christmas!

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Dantheman's December 20th Bracketology Q & A

Bracketology | S-Curve Rankings

My latest bracketology is out. Here's my thoughts on the latest batch:
  • The four #1 seeds are easy to identify. Despite the fact that Purdue and West Virginia are undefeated, at this point it is clear that Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, and Syracuse would be the #1 seeds.
  • The Mountain West has two teams as #5 seeds. In the end, I doubt that happens, but at this point I feel like both New Mexico and UNLV deserve high seeds.
  • Washington and Ohio State are two #3 seeds I'm very shaky on, but at this moment I don't know who else really deserves a 3. Washington is slotted there because the Huskies are the projected Pac 10 champs. Evan Turner's loss leaves the Buckeyes seed up in the air. If Ohio State can play well without Turner, the Buckeyes could still be in line for a very high seed when he returns.
  • Georgetown, Florida, and Gonzaga all lost Saturday but none fall very far. Why? There's not many options to replace them early on. The Hoyas lost to ODU, Florida lost to Richmond, and Gonzaga was run off the floor at Madison Square Garden by Duke.
  • Kansas remains the #1 seed overall in the tournament after its win over Michigan. Tuesday night's game with California will be a big game for the Bears NCAA Tournament resume, so the Jayhawks better be ready to get tested. 
Top Four Seed Lines: Bracketology
1. Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, Syracuse
2. Duke, West Virginia, Purdue, Villanova
3. Kansas State, Michigan State, Washington, Ohio State
4. North Carolina, Connecticut, Mississippi, Texas A&M

--Leave any questions/comments below and I will answer it in my "Mailbag" if I ever get enough questions.
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BUT-XAV controversy is no controversy at all

Most of you probably saw the end of the Butler-Xavier game. To clear up what happened in as few words as possible:
  • Down one, Butler had possession when the ball got knocked into the backcourt.
  • Once there, the clock stopped with 14.7 seconds left during mid-play in anticipation of a backcourt violation, but there was no violation because Xavier touched the ball last.
  • The clock restarts in the middle of the play, with no pause in the action, as Butler runs it down.
  • Butler loses the ball.
  • The Bulldogs Gordon Hayward picks up the ball and hits the game winning layup with 1,2 seconds left.
  • Due to the clock stoppage (which by my count measured 1.34 seconds left) the referees declared the game over.
Butler wins 69-68.

And just to avoid controversy, Hayward's shot was released with 1.8 seconds remaining and took around .6 to get through the net.

I agree with the call. I felt that with the 1.34 off the clock the game would've been over as soon as Hayward's shot went through. If Hayward had hesitated at all, his shot would've also been in question.

Here's all my thoughts on the game:

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My College Football Bowl Picks & NFL Mock Draft

That's right, a little non-basketball coverage from Dantheman. I've completed my college football bowl picks (along with two other guys who write for my site) and my 2010 NFL Mock Draft.

In the bowl picks, I have a couple of upsets. I have UNC taking down PITT, TEM over UCLA, and FSU over WVU. You can see them all here .

For Today's Bowl Games (All my picks ):
Fresno State over Wyoming
Rutgers over UCF

In the NFL Mock Draft , I have Ndamukong Suh going #1 overall to St. Louis and Eric Berry going #2 overall to Tampa Bay.

2010 NFL Mock Draft Top 5 Picks (Full Mock ):
1. STL- Ndamukong Suh
2. TB- Eric Berry
3. CLE- Jimmy Clausen
4. DET- Gerald McCoy
5. KC- Russell Okung

And for those wanting my basketball coverage, check out my last blog. I have my picks for today's games , along with Ricky Keeler's, posted on the site.
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