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November 25th Bracketology Update

Bracketology: Purdue is now a #1 seed, Cincinnati storms into the bracket

Tonight's Bracket (a little info): We have a new #1 seed in the daily bracketology as Purdue grabs a #1 following its victory over Tennessee. The Vols fall to a #2 seed for now. Cincinnati storms into the field after reaching the Maui Invitational Finals (where the Bearcats will meet Gonzaga). Wisconsin and Arizona, two teams that met last night, have been unimpressive in their two wins in Maui and dropped out of the field. Florida rises a spot for its impressive victory over Florida State.  Vanderbilt drops the farthest in this addition in part due to their lackluster play versus Cincinnati (and even for the first half against Chaminade) and in part due to Florida’s win. The Gators take Vandy’s spot in the SEC pecking order at this point.


The Boilermakers are now a #1 seed (in the South Region) after their win over Tennessee.

Cincinnati: The Bearcats have wins over Maryland and Vanderbilt on back to back days. A win over Gonzaga would help add to what appears to be an incredible out of conference resume for the Bearcats.

Florida: The Gators jumped out early on FSU, allowed a huge Seminoles run, and then finished off the game with a big run of their own. We will know more about Florida when they play Michigan State on Friday, but for now they rise one spot.


Many have described the Wildcats/Badgers game on Monday as "ugly" and "hard to watch". Neither team was extremely sharp. Arizona went on to be taken to overtime by Colorado (after leading by eight with :40 left) before pulling out a win. Wisconsin lost to Gonzaga in a game the Bulldogs controlled most of the way. Both teams are out of my bracket for now.

Vanderbilt: The Commodores fell mainly due to their loss to Cincinnati, but also because they did not impress me during their win over Chaminade. Florida's win moves them temporarily ahead in the SEC's "pecking" order for at large bids, but there's a whole league season left to be played to decide the true pecking order.

Every other move in today's edition is mainly due to other teams moving up/moving down. Teams do not have to be in action on a given night to move up or down. A lot of the movement is based on what other teams do around the country.

Opening the Mailbag....
I will begin answering questions each night for anyone that has a bracketology question. For now, I ask that you just post the questions here. I may answer it in a comment and still use it for this section of my blog. Who knows, I may not get any questions.
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Dantheman's Bracketology: November 21st Update

There weren't a lot of changes tonight, outside of Syracuse's early surge to the top two seed lines. The Orange now own wins over North Carolina, the favorites in the ACC, and California, the favorites (along with Washington) in the Pac 10. For now, that's good enough to vault them to a 2 seed. Two days ago I had them as an 8 seed.

There's weren't many other adjustments tonight though. Mississippi moves in after beating Kansas State and takes the Wildcats spot in the process. Vanderbilt's two point win over St. Mary's gets the Commodores a spot, clearly in the field as a 9 seed. Northern Iowa fell out after a loss to DePaul.

Every other change is mainly things I thought should've been done already. For example, I lowered UCLA to a 10 seed. Right now the Bruins look like an iffy NCAA Tournament team to me. I know that's hard to read, but I said it. If Kentucky can miss the NCAA Tournament, UCLA can. I don't think the Bruins will, but they just might the way their playing now.

Like always I welcome all questions/comments/opinions on my bracket.

Link: Tonight's Bracketology | Forum Discussion: Tonight's Bracketology

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Dantheman's First Bracketology Update of the Year

LINK: Bracketology: Through November 19th's Games

Before tonight I had been only updating the records on my bracketology. I felt that was the only fair way to do it until each team had at least two or three games completed. Tonight, after three top 25 showdowns, I finally changed seedings and moved teams up/down based on the results thus far. From this point on, expect the bracketology to be updated nightly (like always).

Remember: I know we are only two weeks into the season, but a lot of people love this stuff all the time. They want to know where their team stands at all times. This bracketology is based on what has happened so far, along with preseason expectations. It won't be long before preseason expectations are factored out completely, but at this point they have to be included.

Here's some of the risers/fallers:


Tennessee Volunteers (2-0):
The Vols move up due to a combination of their own stellar play, and Kentucky's lackluster defense so far. I now have Tennessee projected as the SEC champs and have given them the #1 seed in the South. The other three #1 seeds remain unchanged.

Dayton Flyers (2-0): Although many haven't noticed what Dayton has done so far (neither one of their wins was on TV), I have. Wins over Creighton and Georgia Tech has Dayton on the top five seed line. If you want to argue it, name another team with two wins that can compare to Dayton's.

Syracuse Orange (3-0): Syracuse crushed California tonight and moved up four seed lines in the process. I didn't see that win coming, especially after Syracuse's poor offensive play in its first two outings. Their reward is a 5 seed in my bracket.

North Carolina Tar Heels (4-0): North Carolina, like Syracuse, benefited from a win today over Ohio State. I expected the Buckeyes to win, but outside a big Ohio State run to finish off the game, the Tar Heels were in control. UNC, a team I thought was overrated in the preseason due to last season's title, is a #2 seed in tonight's bracket.

Memphis Tigers (1-1): Memphis fans, it's too early for me to say I was wrong (because were only two games into the season), but I think I was wrong about the Tigers. I've had them just out of all of my brackets until this update. How can I not put a team that took the nation's #1 team to the wire as a top 7 seed? I've adjusted, and due to their seeding (compared to Tulsa's) I have also made Memphis the projected Conference USA champs.

Gonzaga Bulldogs (1-1): Gonzaga fans, I think I might've been wrong on the Zags too. I did have Gonzaga in my field, but I had the Bulldogs as an 11 seed in the preseason. After taking #2 Michigan State to the brink, and leading most of the game, I have rewarded Gonzaga with a #8 seed.


Kentucky Wildcats (3-0):
Kentucky is 3-0 and really, that's all that matters, but it hasn't been a pretty start. None of the three wins, Morehead State, Miami (OH), and Sam Houston State, have Wildcat fans pounding their chests in approval. The Wildcats three point defense has been awful and it will bite them if they don't fix it before better competition comes calling. For now, Kentucky falls to a 3 seed.

Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-1): I feel like I should probably move Mississippi State down a few more spots (their a 7 seed) due to their opening loss to Rider, but have hesitated to do so. At this point, preseason expectations are the main reason Mississippi State is still seeded where they are.

UCLA Bruins (1-1): The Bruins opening night loss to Cal State Fullerton had me banging my head on the wall. Why did I have UCLA as a 4 seed anyway? I thought everyone was overlooking them, but I see now that they should be overlooked. I moved the Bruins down to a 6 seed, but might even adjust to move them lower soon. Someone has to make the tournament from the Pac 10, outside Washington and California, right ?

NOTE: Most of the others teams that fell, fell because of lackluster play or another team moving up.

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First Bracketology & Why Kansas Has Issues

My first bracketology of the year is out . To go along with it I thought I'd begin my daily (hopefully) college basketball thoughts blog.

Kansas is the topic of my first thoughts blog. The Jayhawks have the most talented roster in the country, along with one of the best coaches in the business. Yet, for some reason they can't get out of their own way. Members of the basketball team were involved in a fight with the football team. This is a bigger deal to the basketball team, mainly because there are a lot less players to participate in a fight from the basketball team. The football team has a much larger roster. Brandy Morningstar has been suspended for a DWI. Exactly what the soon-to-be #1 team in the country needs, right? More attention?

Get it together Jayhawks. If you can't get along off the court, or act right, then how are you going to make a run at a national championship?

Jayhawks: #1 Seed in Midwest Region in First Bracketology of the Year

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I will release the seed lines here, but for the bracket you need to click here!

The Seeds (The Bracket )
1s: Connecticut, Louisville, North Carolina, Pittsburgh
2s: Memphis, Duke, Oklahoma, Michigan State
3s: Villanova, Kansas, Wake Forest, Missouri
4s: Florida State, Gonzaga, Washington, Syracuse
5s: UCLA, Xavier, Illinois, Purdue
6s: Arizona State, Tennessee, Marquette, West Virginia
7s: Clemson, Utah, LSU, Ohio State
8s: Butler, Oklahoma State, Texas, BYU
9s: Boston College, Texas A&M, California, Siena
10s: San Diego State, Utah State, Dayton, Wisconsin
11s: Mississippi State, Maryland, USC, Michigan
12s: Temple, Minnesota, VCU, Northern Iowa
13s: Western Kentucky, Cleveland State, North Dakota State, American
14s: Stephen F. Austin, East Tennessee State, Cornell, Buffalo
15s: Binghampton, Radford, Robert Morris, Portland State
16s: Chattanooga, Morehead State, Morgan State, CSU Northridge, Alabama State

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Selection Sunday Thoughts from a Bracketholic

Latest Bracketology: http://onlinesportsfanatic.com/2009

1) I keep going back and forth between Washington and Villanova for the final three seed on the line. Why? Because a 4 seed for Villanova creates a bracketing nightmare for the Selection Committee. Three Big East #1 seeds (Louisville, Connecticut, Pittsburgh) and two Big East four seeds (Syracuse, Villanova) leaves a Sweet 16 matchup between Big East teams, something that is tried to be avoided. So therefore in my latest bracket I have moved Washington down to the 4 line. In turn that helped Washington by allowing them to play in the West region where they will be closer to home for their entire Final Four run.

2) I have St. Mary's, Creighton, Minnesota, Penn State and Arizona on the board for two spots. I know Lunardi doesn't have it narrowed down this far but I do. I don't see how San Diego State can be left out of the field.

3) There is going to be a huge surprise somewhere today. Last year Oregon shocked the world by getting in the field. I don't think Notre Dame has a Fighting Irish chance to get into the field but they could be the HUGE shocker this year. That's just a hunch because Notre Dame doesn't deserve a bid. That shalacking of Louisville is looking a lot better right now though. The other team to keep in mind is Kentucky. It's been a long time since a committee said Kentucky's body of work wasn't good enough.

4) Siena and Utah State's seedings are going to be very interesting. Expect them to be a lot of people's Cinderellas when the brackets come out and are filled out.

5) Does the committee really give St. Mary's a lot of credit for blowing out Eastern Washington? I personally think that what St. Mary's did should be illegal because they just picked up a game at the end of the season as if they are a high school team. Schedules should be set in stone. Anyways now that that rant is over how much credit does St. Mary's get? They should get none. Forget the health of Mills against EWU. We could get better competition by watching him practice against his own teammates. If St. Mary's gets in I have a feeling that Eastern Washington game saved the Gaels (which is wrong). St. Marys is a good team and is NCAA Tournament quality but I don't want to see them get in because they blew out Eastern Washington. That's not fair.

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Bracketology Questions with 24 hours to go

Selection Sunday is almost here (the actual selection process is about 24 hours away) and it's time to look at some of the major questions going through this bracketologist's mind. My new bracketology will be out soon! My final bracket should be out by 2 o' clock tomorrow afternoon!

1) Who will get the #1 seeds?

North Carolina
Pros: RPI #3, Wins over Michigan State, Florida State, Duke (twice), #20 SOS, Acc reg. season champs
Cons: Losses to Boston College & Maryland (best I could come up with)

Pros: RPI #1, SOS #7, Wins over Connecticut (twice), Florida State, Syracuse, West Virginia
Cons: Lost two of last five games (WVU, Providence)

Pros: RPI #6, Wins over West Virginia, Villanova, Louisville, Syracuse
Cons: Lost last two games and three of last five (SYR, PITT, PITT)

Pros: #7 RPI, Big East regular season champions, In Big East tournament championship, 9 straight W's
Cons: Losses to Western Kentucky, Minnesota, UNLV

Pros: #8 RPI, 30 Wins, 24 straight wins, Conf USA reg. season & tournament champions
Cons: Plays in Conference USA, Best wins are Gonzaga & Tennessee

Pros: #2 RPI, #2 SOS, Wins over Wake Forest, Florida State (twice), Xavier
Cons: Has not won against UNC, Losses to Boston College & Michigan

Michigan State
Pros: #4 RPI, #6 SOS, Big Ten regular season champs
Cons: Lost in Big Ten semifinals, Lost to UNC, Penn State, Maryland

2) How many teams will the SEC get?

The disaster scenario has happened for the SEC. Not only did South Carolina and Florida lose on Friday but Auburn also lost to Tennessee on Saturday. LSU has gone from a potential top 5 seed to a questionable top 6 seed after losing to Mississippi State. Both Tennessee & LSU are in, but if Tennessee knocks off Mississippi State then the SEC could be left with only TWO bids barring a Selection Sunday miracle.

3) Who gets the final two seed?

I think it's pretty fair to claim that North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Louisville, Memphis, Duke, and Michigan State are going to be on the top two seed lines (or top line) tomorrow. The question is whether the committee gives Kansas or Oklahoma the final two seed. I have OU as my final two seed at this point, but a lot of bracketologists (Lunardi included) disagree with me. The Jayhawks have lost two of three but did knock off Oklahoma in their only regular season meeting. The key will be how much the committee weighs in Blake Griffin missing the game.

4) St. Mary's or Penn State?

I hate to just eliminate a lot of bubble teams but this appears to be the major question most of us bracketologists are asking at this second. I have Penn State in while most bracketologists have St. Mary's in. How much of a factor will the committee rule that Patty Mills injury played in St. Mary's losses?

St. Marys:
Pros: 18-2 with Patty Mills in the lineup
Cons: Best win is Utah State, Lost four games without Mills, Wasn't competitive against Gonzaga in WCC Final

Penn State:
Pros: Wins over Michigan State, Illinois (twice), Purdue, Michigan
Cons: Lost to Iowa, Wasn't impressive in final loss in Big Ten Semifinals to Purdue

5) Florida State & Syracuse, what does hot play get you?

Right now I have both teams as four seeds in my latest bracket (not released yet), but it's a tough line to draw. Both have great computer numbers and although hot play is important you don't want to over reward a team. Both teams are playing in championship games, I think both end up as four seeds when it's all said and done.

6) How do you sort out the Big Ten mess?

I've already touched a little bit on Penn State above (question #4), but how do you sort this mess out? I was actually listening to the Michigan State-Ohio State game when I realized that this is a weird year in college basketball. I don't want to take anything away from the Big Ten but by beating up on each other the conference is probably going to get eight teams into the field. Check this out.

Michigan State 4
Illinois 18
Purdue 30
Ohio State 35
Minnesota 40
Michigan 42
Wisconsin 44
Penn State 68

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but do not be surprised if there's a Big Ten surprise on Selection Sunday. I don't see how any of the top seven can be left out due to the weakness of the bubble, but outside of the top three teams there is major mediocrity going on.

7) Utah State, what happens if they lose?

There has NEVER been a team left out of the NCAA Tournament with 27 wins or more. Utah State has 28 but most of them are against Subpar competition. If the Aggies lose tonight are they still in? I think so, mainly just due to the unwritten rule based on win total.

8) Statement: Siena's seed could be a major surprise

Just know this one. Siena has the nation's #19 RPI and has the MAAC regular season championship & tournament championship under its belt, as well as a pretty nice run in the NCAA Tournament from last season. Now the question is how well the Saints will be seeded tomorrow. For those wondering if they would've gotten into the field with a loss in the MAAC Championship the answer is yes. The lowest RPI ever left out of the NCAA Tournament was Missouri State. Do not be surprised if Siena jumps all the way up to the 8 seed line tomorrow.

9) Auburn's winning streak before their loss today will mean what?

I still think it means NIT. Auburn flew under the radar all season long, didn't do anything extraordinary and didn't play a team better than Virginia out of conference. Expect Auburn to be one of the ten SEC teams sitting at home, barring an unforseen decision by the comitteee.

10) Sunday's Surprise will be?

By this I am referring to the fact that there is ALWAYS something we don't see coming that happens when the brackets are announced. Either a major snub, a major surprise team is in, or a team is seeded way too high or way too low. Keep your eye on a team like Clemson. I think they could be seeded way lower than what people think.

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March 14th Bracketology (Midnight Edition)

I will release the seed lines here, but for the bracket you need to click here!

The Seeds (The Bracket )
1s: Connecticut, Louisville, North Carolina, Pittsburgh
2s: Memphis, Duke, Oklahoma, Michigan State
3s: Villanova, Kansas, Wake Forest, Missouri
4s: Illinois, Gonzaga, Washington, Syracuse
5s: UCLA, Xavier, Florida State, Purdue
6s: Arizona State, LSU, Marquette, West Virginia
7s: Clemson, Butler, Tennessee, Ohio State
8s: Wisconsin, Utah, Oklahoma State, Texas
9s: Boston College, BYU, Texas A&M, California
10s: Michigan, San Diego State, Utah State, Siena
11s: Creighton, Penn State, Northern Iowa, Maryland
12s: Temple, Minnesota, VCU, Dayton
13s: Western Kentucky, Cleveland State, North Dakota State, American
14s: Stephen F. Austin, East Tennessee State, Cornell, Buffalo
15s: Binghampton, Radford, Robert Morris, Portland State
16s: Chattanooga, Morehead State, Morgan State, CSU Northridge, Alabama State

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