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Dantheman's Bracketology: March 1st

My new bracketology is finally out but before you check out the seedings below there's a few things you need to know. The first and most important thing is that this is JUST the seedings. The complete matchups, bracket, and regions are available here .

NOTE: The only difference between these seedings and my pairings is that I could not locate the North Dakota State logo here on CBS, so instead I used Oral Roberts for the seedings. It doesn't matter at this point because the auto bid has not been handed out for the Summit League just yet.

The Seedings: (The Bracket )

1 Seeds:

2 Seeds:

3 Seeds:

4 Seeds:

5 Seeds:

6 Seeds:

7 Seeds:

8 Seeds:

9 Seeds:

10 Seeds:

11 Seeds:

12 Seeds:

13 Seeds:

14 Seeds:

15 Seeds:

16 Seeds:


Ranking the Seeds 1-65 (My S-Curve):
1) Connecticut
2) North Carolina
3) Pittsburgh
4) Oklahoma
5) Louisville
6) Kansas
7) Memphis
8) Duke
9) Michigan State
10) Wake Forest
11) Washington
12) Villanova
13) Purdue
14) Missouri
15) Marquette
16) Xavier
17) Gonzaga
18) LSU
19) Arizona State
20) UCLA
21) Illinois
22) Florida State
23) Clemson
24) West Virginia
25) California
26) Utah
27) Butler
28) Texas
29) Syracuse
30) Boston College
31) Wisconsin
32) BYU
33) Ohio State
34) Tennessee
35) Miami (FL)
36) South Carolina
37) Dayton
38) Creighton
39) Arizona
40) UNLV
41) Oklahoma State
42) Kentucky
43) Michigan
44) Siena
45) Penn State
46) Virginia Tech
47) Davidson
48) San Diego State
49) VCU
50) Utah State
51) American
52) Western Kentucky
53) Buffalo
54) North Dakota State
55) Stephen F. Austin
56) Cornell
57) Robert Morris
58) Vermont
59) Jacksonville
60) Radford
61) UT-Martin
62) Weber State
63) Morgan State
64) CSU-Northridge
65) Alabama State

BUBBLE WATCH: My latest bubble watch is available here (being updated soon!)
CBB FAN AWARDS: Please continue to vote!
CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT PREVIEW: My take on five of the first conference tournaments!

And remember........the bracketology is available here!

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Dantheman's Bracketology: After Wednesday's Games


One quick note from tonight's bracket is that I made a few corrections before Shuless Joe could help me out. Those are:
1) Michigan State-Minnesota can meet in the Sweet 16
2) Arizona State-BYU rematch
3) Villanova-West Virginia can meet in the Sweet 16

Like I said I have changed all those but until we can get it changed we will roll with this. A special thanks to the already mentioned Shuless Joe for his help.



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Dantheman's Bracketology: Feb 8th (Night)

My bracketology has a new look. If I can get in touch with Shuless Joe then I will get it posted here as well, but for now it is only on my website. Here's the link.

Today's Big Winner: Wisconsin
How about the Badgers? Wisconsin knocked off fellow Big Ten bubble team Penn State. With the win and their strong computer numbers they move back into my bracketology for the first time in a couple of weeks. The Nittany Lions fall out.

Today's Big Loser: Northern Iowa
The loss to Creighton shows that the Panthers aren't as dominant in the Missouri Valley as they appeared before today. They also dropped a seed in my bracketology. Dayton would've been another option here.

I will have a more in a few minutes......


MAILBAG: Send me questions!

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February 8th Bracketology (Morning Edition)

I did this JUST for everyone here at CBS. I haven't had a chance to get it in my usual format yet because I had to work my butt off to get it ready before Sunday's games. This is subject to change at any moment, and I will hopefully have it in its usual format tonight. The games today are liable to change things up some, but please comment below .


1s: Connecticut (22-1), North Carolina (21-2), Oklahoma (23-1), Pittsburgh (21-2)

2s: Wake Forest (17-3), Marquette (20-3), Duke (20-3), Memphis (20-3)

3s: Louisville (17-4), Michigan State (19-4), UCLA (18-4), Xavier (20-3)

4s: Missouri (20-4), Kansas (19-4), Gonzaga (17-5), Villanova (19-4)

5s: Clemson (19-3), Washington (16-6), Purdue (17-5), Illinois (18-5)

6s: West Virginia (16-7), Ohio State (17-5), Syracuse (18-6), California (18-6)

7s: Florida (19-4), Butler (21-2), Florida State (18-5), Minnesota (18-5)

8s: Utah (16-7), Arizona State (18-5), Davidson (20-4), Boston College (18-6)

9s: Dayton (21-2), Utah State (23-1), Texas (15-7), Tennessee (14-8)

10s: South Carolina (17-5), San Diego State (17-5), USC (15-7), LSU (18-4)

11s: Virginia Tech (14-7), Kentucky (16-7), Siena (18-6), Northern Iowa (17-6)

12s: BYU (17-5), Michigan (15-9), Arizona (16-8), Miami FL (14-8)

13s: Western Kentucky (17-7), Buffalo (16-5), Penn State (17-6), VCU (17-7)

14s: VMI (19-4), Belmont (14-8), Cornell (15-7), American (15-7)

15s: Portland State (16-7), Stephen F. Austin (15-6), North Dakota State (18-5), Vermont (17-7)

16s: Morgan State (13-10), Long Beach State (12-10), Robert Morris (17-8), Austin Peay (13-10), Alabama State (12-10)

Last Four In: Penn State (17-6), Miami FL (14-8), Arizona (16-8), Michigan (15-9)

Last Four Out:
Mississippi State (16-7), Cincinnati (16-8), UNLV (17-6), Baylor (15-8)

Next Four Out:
Providence (14-9), Oklahoma State (14-8), Wisconsin (13-9), Georgetown (13-9)

-Daniel Evans

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Dantheman's Bracketology: February 6th

My newest bracketology is out, and this time I have it in table form here on CBS. Check it out and make sure to comment below. On OSF (link at the bottom) is a full bracket that shows all of the matchups, so check that out also. Special thanks to Shueless Joe for some help on getting this to work.

For the tournament bracket showing the matchups and more bracketology coverage click here .

-Daniel Evans

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Dantheman's Bracketology vs. Joe Lunardis

Apparently this bracketology science is starting to get a little bit easier at the beginning of February. First off, if you doubt Joe Lunardi...don't. The man is pioneer in the field of college basketball, and he deserves all the props in the world for what he has done.

My bracketology is getting better all the time, or at least that's what people tell me. I hope it's not the same "you're doing great" that my father use to tell my five year old sister when she threw a football three feet. I try my best on my bracketology and fortunately a lot of you guys tell me it is the best on the entire internet.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to post it here for two reasons. The first is that CBS' picture editor is messed up and I use logos for mine. The second is that it is very difficult to do without a table.

Maybe sooner or later it will work.

Let's compare Joe Lunardi's bracketology to mine, just for fun.

My #1 Seeds: Connecticut, North Carolina, Duke, Oklahoma
Lunardi's #1 Seeds: Connecticut, North Carolina, Duke, Oklahoma

My #2 Seeds: Lousville, Wake Forest, Marquette, Pittsburgh
Lunardi's #2 Seeds: Lousville, Wake Forest, Marquette, Pittsburgh

My #3 Seeds: Michigan State, Xavier, Clemson, UCLA*
Lunardi's #3 Seeds: Michigan State, Xavier, Clemson, Memphis*

*Memphis is a 4 seed in my bracketology & UCLA is a 5 in Lunardis. Not a big difference.

My Last Four In: Penn State, Virginia Tech, Utah, BYU
Lunardi's Last Four In: Baylor, Penn State, BYU, Saint Marys

A crazy stat: Lunardi & I have the exact same number of teams from the ACC (7), Big Ten (6), Big 12 (5), Pac 10 (5), SEC (5), Mountain West (3), and Atlantic Ten (2). He has 8 Big East teams in while I have 7 in, with the different being 3-6 in conference Georgetown. If today was Selection Sunday the Hoyas would be a very interesting case because they would have the highest RPI ever to be left out if they were denied a bid. Their RPI is 18.

I'm not trying to say one is better than the other by no means. I just found it very interesting that it is February 2nd and Lunardi & I agree on basically every team (not counting one bid leagues).

If you want to do some more comparing do so for yourself: Mine    Lunardis . If you have any other bracketologies you think are very good please send me the link via PM or email .

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