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Greatest NCAA Basketball Champions Bracket: Rd 1

Here's the rundown of the field:

85: Villanova
86: Louisville
87: Indiana
88: Kansas
89: Michigan
90: UNLV
91: Duke
92: Duke
93: North Carolina
94: Arkansas
95: UCLA
96: Kentucky
97: Arizona
98: Kentucky
99: Connecticut
00: Michigan State
01: Duke
02: Maryland
03: Syracuse
04: Connecticut
05: North Carolina
06: Florida
07: Florida
08: Kansas
09: North Carolina

The first round vote is underway:

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Now that the 2009 North Carolina Tar Heels have claimed the national championship we can begin fun offseason activities like the one I have planned here. Since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1985 there have been 25 national champions.

There are some familiar faces.

North Carolina has three national titles teams. Florida has two, Duke has two. Kansas and Kentucky also have multiple title winners. There are also cinderellas like 1985 Villanova.

But who really is the best national champion of the NCAA Tournament 64 team field era? That’s up to you to decide.

Below is a bracket with all 25 national champions listed. We will start with a play in game between 85 VIllanova and 88 Kansas. After that the tournament is really going to get started.

Here's the Link:

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North Carolina wins national title, 09-10 talk

I actually called this one last April. There was just no denying all season long that from top to bottom North Carolina was the best team in college basketball this season.

The Tar Heels murdered Michigan State tonight in a game that was never close and never competitive. Tyler Hansbrough won his first title and now moves onto the NBA and Ty Lawson is probably going with him. Wayne Ellington was the MOP.

Congratulations to Michigan State on a great season. The Spartans played well and I don't mean to take anything away from them. Conference talk, future NBA talk, and history aside the guys in the baby blue jerseys were just better.

Now it's time to start discussing next year. Earlier last week I threw out a quick top 25. I will update it in a few days when a few more underclassmen make NBA decisions. For now you can check it out here.

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Dantheman's Title Game PIck: Is it UNC or MSU?

I've had North Carolina since last April and I won't change that tonight. The Tar Heels are just too talented for Michigan State in my opinion. We've already seen this happen once before, back in November at Ford Field. North Carolina murdered the Spartans 98-63. It was MSU's worst loss since 1996.

That won't happen again.

But North Carolina will win. And they will not let there be a whole lot of questioning it. Ty Lawson will have a big game but the MOP will be Tyler Hansbrough.

Why Hansbrough? Because tonight is all about him. If Psycho T doesn't win tonight his legacy will be tarnished forever with an asterisk. The greats usually win national titles, especially the greats we remember.

I wrote an article on this last night.

Prediction: North Carolina 76, Michigan State 65

Michigan State sticks around for a while but UNC makes a run with 10 minutes left to put it away. Congrats to both teams for being here. I look forward to a great game and I will have some sort of analysis afterwards.

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Dantheman's INITIAL TOP 25 for 2009-2010

My first top 25 of the year is here. There are a lot of things to consider when doing a top 25 before players announce their leaving and while coaches are playing ring around the rosey.

Here's some things to think about:

John Calipari's jump to Kentucky changed everything. Memphis went from #2 to #10 and Kentucky went from unranked to #12.

The Pac Ten looks like it is going to be wide open. When was the last time UCLA began a season unranked?

Is Kentucky now the SEC favorites? Florida looked like a team that could challenge for the title before Nick Calathes announced he was leaving. Will Bruce Pearl leave Tennessee and leave the Vols' future up in the air as well?

Who is going to leave school? I think we'd all agree that Blake Griffin will along with James Harden.

The rankings at the link below are sort of a mixture of players projected to leave and stay. For the most part I gave teams the benefit of the doubt until the players announce their leaving. Oklahoma and Arizona State weren't as lucky since I see both Griffin and Harden leaving. Neither has announced it though and Harden said he had a lot of thinking to do in an article I read earlier today. It still looks like they will both leave.

How about mid majors? Well I promise you won't sea a top 25 like this one anywhere else. I am almost 100% sure ESPN and Gary Parrish (who I respect tremendously) won't stick their necks out and rank seven mid majors like I have. Butler, Gonzaga, Xavier, Memphis, Creighton, Saint Marys, and BYU are all in my rankings.

The hardest part about ranking teams is to decide whether young means good. It doesn't. But it does mean that experience returns to a team. That was the case with the Cougars and Blue Jays.

My personal thought on this is that anyone with a computer can throw out a top 25. I take more pride in my work with that. Anyone can throw out random teams (as I saw someone on these boards do earlier today) without any research. I did a lot of research for this and kept the write ups as short as possible so it's more fun to read.  And anyone can throw out the big name teams and be confident they are going to have a pretty good top 25. I didn't do that. Like I said, seven mid majors prove that.

Here's the link and I hope you enjoy. Please comment here or there.

TOP 25:

There will be an update in the next few days.



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Your FIRST look at the Final Four

What is going to happen at the Final Four? I will give you my best thoughts as the best week progresses, but here's the first few things you may want to know about the four team teams at the Final Four:

Best Player at the Final Four: Ty Lawson
I actually think Lawson is the best player in the country (non Blake Griffin category). He sets up everything in North Carolina's offense and when he is playing well the Tar Heels are almost impossible to beat. Lawson is the key to a UNC championship. Don't be fooled by the hype for Tyler Hansbrough.

Notable Possible Rematch: North Carolina-Michigan State

The last time these two teams played was December 3rd and it was ironically at Ford Field. The Tar Heels won 98-63 behind Tyler Hansbrough's 23 points. After the game someone said "See you in April" to UNC head coach Roy Williams. He replied with "I will be back and I hope my team is with me." Well guess what Roy? They are.

Points Per Game in the Tournament:
North Carolina 88.75
Connecticut 87.25
Villanova 81
Michigan State 70.5

Points Allowed Per Game in the Tournament:
Michigsn State 61.25
Connecticut 62
North Carolina 66.25
Villanova 66.5

Threes Point %:
Michigan State 23-57 (40%)
North Carolina 27-70 (39%)
Connecticut 16-54 (30%)
Villanova 24-81 (30%)

Rebounds Per Game:
Connecticut 47.5
North Carolina 38.25
Villanova 36.5
Michigan State 34.5

Free Throw %:
Michigan State 65-82 (79%)
Villanova 86-112 (77%)
Connecticut 89-129 (69%)
North Carolina 64-95 (67%)

Turnovers Forced:
North Carolina 60
Villanova 54
Michigan State 48
Connecticut 41

North Carolina 43
Connecticut 48
Michigan State 49
Villanova 52

Wins by 5 or Less:
Michigan State 2
Villanova 1
Connecticut 0
North Carolina 0

Closest Winning Margin (in the tourney):
Villanova 2
Michigan State 5 (twice)
Connecticut 7
North Carolina 12

If you give a point for each stat (not counting the wins by five or less or winning margin) in a 4-3-2-1 format you end up with this:

Point System Totals:
North Carolina 21
Connecticut 18
Michigan State 18
Villanova 13

It's really interesting that the team that causes the most turnovers (North Carolina) also turns it over the least. Michigan State is the most efficient team offensively based off leading all four teams in 3PT% and FT% but they also score the least amount of PPG due to their slow it down type tempo. Also UNC hasn't even played a close game yet outside of the LSU game, where they pulled away late. I had the Tar Heels last April winning the national title this year and they are the team to beat this April. I won't reveal my picks just yet though.


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Dantheman's Sweet 16 Picks (Friday)

I forgot to post my Thursday picks on my blog but I went 2-2 with losses by Duke & Memphis. Tonight I have North Carolina, Louisville, Kansas, and Syracuse.

Here's a few interesting things to think about IF my picks happen:

  • All of the 3 seeds would've beaten the 2 seeds
  • Five Big East teams will be in the Elite Eight
  • UNC vs. Syracuse will be an awesome Elite Eight game, with the winner probably scoring at least 80+
  • All four #1 seeds would be one win away from making the Final Four. If all four do it then it's only the second time that's ever happened. When was the first? Last year. Go figure.

Full article:

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Mike Anderson FINALLY getting respect

Full article :

It's about time Mike Anderson is getting some respect. He has completely turned around Missouri's basketball program by taking the Tigers from a forgotten Big 12 team to the Elite Eight.

His phyiscal style of play helped the Tigers dominate Memphis on Thursday night. Missouri scored 102 points, the most points ever given up by a John Calipari coached team.

I am exhausted so I'm not going into a long blog tonight but I do want to congratulate Villanova, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, and Missouri on advancing. Tomorrow night should be fun as well.

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