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Posted on: March 27, 2008 5:33 pm

Marvin Harrison healthy

In perusing some offseason news today, here's what I found. There was some interesting injury news regarding several key Fantasy players heading into 2008.

  • Texans QB Matt Schaub is making progress in his rehab from shoulder surgery. The team expects Schaub to be limited during offseason work, but he should be fine for the start of the season. It's curious, though, that the Texans signed Quinn Gray as insurance. Hopefully it's not because they don't expect Schaub to be ready for the start of the year.
  • Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown should be ready to go by the season opener as he recovers from a torn ACL. I'm concerned about Brown being ready, but if he is, that would be great for Fantasy owners. He was awesome last year before getting hurt, and the new Dolphins regime will want to lean on Brown often if he's ready for the pounding.
  • Bucs WR Joey Galloway had offseason shoulder surgery. He's expected to be fine to start the season, but you have to be concerned about a 37-year-old player with a history of injuries. At some point, Galloway is going to break down, and the Bucs are also counting on another big year from veteran QB Jeff Garcia.
  • Browns TE Kellen Winslow is on schedule to start the year at 100 percent following offseason knee surgery. As long as Winslow is healthy, which he appears to be, he should be the top tight end in the NFL next year ahead of Antonio Gates and Jason Witten. I think Winslow has better upside, and I don't think the Browns will have as much success running the ball in 2008 because Jamal Lewis will not be as motivated following his big payday.
  • Bears RB Cedric Benson says he'll be 100 percent by training camp. He's also expected to be the starter heading into 2008. Benson was drafted as a starter in 2007 and was a disappointment. Now he's coming off an injury, and the Bears offensive line isn't that good. I'd still draft Benson this season, but he's a definite reserve for me, maybe even a fourth RB depending on how the draft goes. I still think Chicago will make a play for a running back, whether in the draft or in free agency. If Shaun Alexander is released as expected, the Bears could go after him.
  • The Giants are still saying Jeremy Shockey is the starting tight end. I don't like this move. Both parties should part ways. Shockey would be better off with a new team, and the Giants should give Kevin Boss the starting nod. That would open up two more tight end spots for Fantasy owners. Boss has plenty of upside and doesn't need to be stifled by Shockey.
  • It appears Colts WR Marvin Harrison is on pace for a full recovery. That's great news. Harrison is near the end of the line for his career, but he could still be a starting Fantasy option when healthy. His offseason and training camp will be closely monitored, and hopefully Harrison won't suffer any setbacks.
Posted on: March 10, 2008 2:29 pm

What now for Shaun Alexander?

In NFL news ...

Seattle went from a combination of Shaun Alexander and Maurice Morris at running back to Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett. I'm not sure if the latter is that much of an upgrade.

Alexander is going to be released by the Seahawks. He is due a roster bonus on June 1, so don't expect him to be in Seattle much longer. What happens to Alexander now remains to be seen. Teams in need of a running back, much less a starter, are slim. Some possible destinations could be Arizona, Carolina, Detroit, Chicago and Dallas. He could still start for the Lions, Panthers or Bears, but he won't be very good.

For now, consider Alexander a No. 3 Fantasy running back. His best days are well behind him, and he is not worth holding onto in keeper leagues at this point. I'll be curous to see where he goes in our latest mock draft (www.sportsline.com/nfl/fantasy/stor
), but my guess is somewhere after the sixth round is safe.

As for Jones, he will become the starter for the Seahawks. He remains a No. 3 Fantasy option also, but he will be better with the Seahawks than he was with the Cowboys. Consider him a deep sleeper at this time.

Jesse Chatman also signed with the Jets. That gives the Jets a nice trio of running backs in Thomas Jones, Leon Washington and Chatman.

New York must believe the Raiders are going to select Darren McFadden in the draft because otherwise they wouldn't have brought in another tailback. It will be interesting to see what the Jets do if McFadden is still there when they draft.

In NBA news ...

Dwyane Wade is done for the season. According to the Heat, Wade will undergo OssaTron treatment on his left knee. What? It's being described as shock wave therapy, but come on, who are they kidding. The Heat is tanking the season to guarantee themselves no worse than the No. 4 spot in the draft and the most ping-pong balls in the lottery.

Pat Riley has quit on the season to go scout the NCAA conference tournaments and NCAA Tournament. I guess he doesn't have TiVo. For the Heat, hopefully they end up getting the No. 1 or 2 pick and can turn things around. This year has been brutal.

If you have Shawn Marion, expect more shots, and go pick up Ricky Davis now in your Fantasy leagues because as we all know, he's going to start chucking up shots.

I'll be headed down to the Heat game tonight to talk to Clippers forward Elton Brand and find out when he's coming back this year. Hopefully he'll be in a talkative mood.

Posted on: March 7, 2008 4:43 pm

You say hello, Favre says goodbye

The song from that commercial was in my head.

Anyway, some random thoughts for today ...

  • Where does Brett Favre rank in your mind of all-time best quarterbacks? My top-five list goes like this: John Elway, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Dan Marino and Tom Brady. Peyton Manning will eventually knock Marino from the top group.


  • Enough of the Favre retirement shows. He said it best at his news conference that he now knows what it's like to be dead. Too much already.


  • We're doing a football combine with our Fantasy department. We'll do the 40-yard dash, shuttle run, broad jump, vertical jump and wonderlic test. We'd like to incorporate some more ideas, so if you have any suggestions, pass them along. In a practice test of the wonderlic Friday with 15 questions between David Gonos, Eric Mack, Dave Richard and Scott White, Gonos and White each had 13, while Richard and Mack got 11.


  • We're doing a mock football draft on the site right now with other Fantasy experts here in a 12-team league. I had the No. 8 pick and took Larry Johnson. There are at least three other running backs I like better than Johnson, but it's too hard to pass up on him at that spot unless you take a quarterback, which I didn't want to do. I'll likely go running back again in the second round and get one of my guys. We'll be doing mock drafts all offseason so make sure you check it out.



  • We're doing plenty of stories this offseason to get you ready for the 2008 Fantasy season. I'd like to know what you're interested in reading about, so let me know, and we'll address it.
Posted on: March 3, 2008 4:59 pm

Randy Moss signs

Finally, Randy Moss returns to the Patriots. Fantasy owners in keeper leagues with Moss and Tom Brady can exhale now. But can Moss possibly duplicate his 2007 stats? I don't think so.

There's no way Moss comes close to his 98 catches, 1,493 yards and NFL-record 23 touchdowns in 2008. Teams saw in the playoffs how to take Moss out of the game, and though most non-playoff teams don't have the talent to play the same defense, they will make sure to limit what Moss can do.

There's also the motivation factor with Moss. He now got his payday with a three-year deal worth $27 million. Last year, Moss was playing on a one-year deal full of incentives and was out to resurrect his career. He did all that and helped New England go perfect in the regular season and reach the Super Bowl.

I'm not sure Moss, who worked his butt off last year, comes back and does as much and puts in as much effort. Believe me, I hope he does, but I just don't see it happening.

The good news is the Moss saga is finally over. If anyone really thought he was tying his fate to former teammate Daunte Culpepper, get a clue. That was ridiculous.

Posted on: February 25, 2008 4:21 pm

Randon NFL thoughts

Some random NFL thoughts following the news of the weekend ...

Tight end shake up

So Antonio Gates is considering surgery to repair his dislocated big toe, and Kellen Winslow had minor surgery on his knee and could have surgery on his shoulder. What does this mean for Fantasy owners? First off, keep an eye on what happens with Gates. If he's out for six months, as one report states, he would be slow to start the season. And if Winslow has the shoulder surgery, since the knee reportedly is fine, he could be limited in the offseason as well. So if you were drafting now, the safe bet is to take Jason Witten as the No. 1 tight end off the board. I'd still recommend drafting Gates and Winslow high because their value is too good to pass on in most leagues. If I'm drafting, it's Winslow first, Witten second and Gates third. That's how I like them in 2008.

McFadden is fast

Darren McFadden ran a 4.33 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. Let's just say that's fast. What does this mean for his draft status? Not much because most NFL teams know how good he is from watching him at Arkansas. McFadden will likely be drafted sometime in the first five picks, with Atlanta making the most sense at No. 3 barring a team like Dallas trading up. For Fantasy owners, you should plan on drafting McFadden somewhere in the first three rounds of a standard draft. Depending on where he ends up, he has the chance to be special right away. And if you're the guy who passed on Adrian Peterson hoping to get him one round later, please don't miss on McFadden this year.

The Bears know something we don't

Rex Grossman is back in the fold. What? Have they not watched anything the past two years? I know Grossman led them to a Super Bowl, but he's not a good starting quarterback. The sad thing is he's better than Kyle Orton and Brian Griese, which means the Bears are in bad shape in 2008. They are likely going to lose Bernard Berrian and Lance Briggs as free agents, and Brian Urlacher's back could potentially keep him off the field. Outside of Cedric Benson or whoever starts at running back for the Bears next year, don't plan on drafting many players from the Bears for your Fantasy team.

More Jets-Patriots drama

The Jets and Patriots don't like each other. We know this. Since Eric Mangini left Bill Belichick to coach the Jets, the rivalry has gotten worse. Now the Jets told LB Jonathan Vilma to seek a trade but it can't be with New England. Now part of that is smart because you don't want to give talent to a division rival. But it's also petty. While the feud is childish, it's fun to watch grown men act like kids in the public eye.

Zach Thomas to the Cowboys

I covered Zach Thomas for several years when he played for the Dolphins and I was a newspaper writer. He's a good guy and a solid football player. If he's healthy, and I hope he is following his concussions, he will make an impact with the Cowboys, who signed him to a one-year deal. Thomas is the kind of player you root for because he never let his size or what people said about him stop him from putting together an excellent career. Let's hope that continues for at least one more season.

Posted on: February 22, 2008 4:40 pm

Football Mock Draft

The Fantasy Football season might be over, but that doesn't mean we get an extended vacation. It would be nice, though. One thing Dave Richard and I recently did was take part in a mock draft with the guys at FantasyFootballXtreme.com. 

It was 12 teams, 14 rounds, standard scoring and we started the day after the Super Bowl.  I had the fifth pick in a snake draft.

Round 1: Tom Brady, QB, New England

I wish I could play out different leagues in the offseason to see what strategy works best. My preference is to always go two or sometimes three running backs right out of the gate, but I'm leaning toward quarterbacks lately because of the value they bring. If you have the chance to take Brady, Peyton Manning or even Tony Romo next year, my advice right now is to take him. The way last year went, you can mix and match with running backs and wide receivers and still be successful.

Round 2: Earnest Graham, RB, Tampa Bay

Cadillac Williams won't be ready for a while, if at all, next season. That means Graham will be able to carry the load for a full season, and I like what I saw from him last year. Graham isn't an ideal No. 1 running back, but he has potential to give me 1,200 yards rushing and double digits in touchdowns.

Round 3: Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville

I love Jones-Drew in 2008 because Fred Taylor will start to break down at some point in the season, and Jones-Drew will pounce on the opportunity. It's also his third season, so look for MJD to get back to scoring plenty of touchdowns and increase his yardage total.

Round 4: Kellen Winslow, TE, Cleveland

This was a risky pick for several reasons. In a three-wide receiver league, I took a tight end first, which again goes against every draft strategy I preach. I also took Winslow ahead of Antonio Gates and even Jason Witten. But Winslow, like Gates, is more like a wide receiver than a tight end. And I think Winslow is going to be the No. 1 tight end in the NFL in 2008.

Round 5: Hines Ward, WR, Pittsburgh

Ward is a solid No. 2 Fantasy wide receiver, but he will have to be my No. 1 guy in 2008. I'm hoping Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense remains pass-happy in 2008 because that would mean good things for Ward and Fantasy owners.

Round 6: Donald Driver, WR, Green Bay

Like Ward, Driver is a good No. 2 Fantasy option. But he's a high catch guy, and his touchdown total from 2007 will improve. Brett Favre will return for one more season, and Driver will be playing for a contract in 2008.

Round 7: Michael Bush, RB, Oakland

This is probably my worst pick of the draft. I took Bush just days before Justin Fargas resigned with the team. Not that I thought Bush would get 20-plus carries in 2008, but I figured he would get an extended look and be productive. Now it appears he'll be part of a tandem. And the worst thing -- Fargas was still on the board when I took Bush. Hey, we all have to reach some time.

Round 8: Santana Moss, WR, Washington

I like Moss as a No. 3 Fantasy wide receiver. He's not going to put up overwhelming stats on a weekly basis, but as we know the potential is there for an explosive game every three or four weeks. If you have enough talent in place on your roster, Moss can be a useful Fantasy weapon.

Round 9: Reggie Brown, WR, Philadelphia

Brown could be a great sleeper in 2008. With Donovan McNabb healthy for a full season, Brown should thrive. He played well toward the end of 2007 and has the potential to be a solid wide receiver in the NFL. If you can get Brown as a No. 3 or 4 Fantasy wide receiver, that's a great move in your draft.

Round 10: Maurice Morris, RB, Seattle

Shaun Alexander's days with the Seahawks are numbered. I love getting Morris as a backup running back because he will eventually be a starter at some point in 2008.

Round 11: Adrian Peterson, RB, Chicago

At this point I started looking at running backs who play behind injured or fragile starters. And with Cedric Benson coming off injury, Peterson could be good value in later rounds.

Round 12: Donte Stallworth, WR, New England

I didn't like any of the other wide receivers on the board here, and if by chance Randy Moss left or Stallworth was sent packing, his value would change. Otherwise Stallworth will just be a low-end Fantasy option in 2008 and only useful on a bye week or as an injury replacement.

Round 13: New York Giants

If they can sack the quarterback at the same level in 2007, then this defense is going to remain a tremendous Fantasy option. And if they fix the secondary, they could be the No. 1 defense in the NFL.

Round 14: Shayne Graham, K, Cincinnati

I always like to get a good kicker who plays for an explosive offense. Graham fits the bill.


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