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Posted on: September 6, 2010 6:30 am

User emails

I'll be doing a lot more blogging this season -- columns, random quotes, user emails, etc.
As an example, here are some user emails I got this weekend on their drafts. Feel free to comment on the results. Talk to you throughout the season right here.


I hope things are well and enjoy your Labor Day. I am working at the Fire Station all day, so hopefully it will be a little down time. Per your request, here is my Draft from this Saturday.
Our League is a 12 Team PPR (.5) and standard scoring: 6 TDs, etc
Also, our 8 Starters / 6 Reserves consist of: QB, RB, RB, WR, Flex#1(RB/WR/TE), Flex#2(WR/TE), DST, K
My Team:
Rd. 1> Ryan Mathews - I had to go Mathews here…a gut feeling, because I know I would get Mendenhall, Benson or Greene
Rd. 2> Ryan Mendenhall - Workhorse….
Rd. 3> Brandon Marshall - I changed my thoughts and went WR when I saw him drop to me…I had to get some sort of Elite
Rd. 4> Phillip Rivers - I have had Rivers going on my 4th year…Solid!
Rd. 5> Pierre Garcon - Look who is throwing the ball to him
Rd. 6> Hakeem Hicks - Another WR that was just in front of me that many passed up on…it might be a nice pick up.
Rd. 7> Felix Jones - A good Flex and Bye week. PPR, etc.
Rd. 8> Darrin Sproles - The best time to handcuff Mathews, plus a really good back if Mathews does go down. I'm feeling good
Rd. 9> Tim Hightower - I like Hightower's play; Wells is hurt on/off and his PPR is solid. They play a good schedule for him
Rd. 10> Johnny Knox - Speed and the no. 1 WR on a "thrown" Offense.
Rd. 11> Vishanth Scanco - Farve loves the red zone with him and he was just sitting there on the snake.
Rd. 12> Chad Henne - I made a mistake here in getting a no.2 QB when I should of gotten a DST…this might hurt me.
Rd. 13> Arizona DST - Okay, I might have to play weekly DST's because of my previous pick's mistake. Thoughts here: They do play STL?.
Rd. 14> David Buelhar - Cowboys are going to score and/or be in the red zone for any points they can get…my sleeper. LOL.


Hi Jamey,I hope you had a great Summer. First off, thank you again for all your advice last year as it helped me bring home a trophy!!!I wanted you to review my draft results and provide your opinion. I drafted in the 4th spot of a 12 team league which uses a standard scoring system.1-Andre Johnson, 2-Calvin Johnson, 3-Larry Fitzgerald, 4-Matt Forte, 5-Marion Barber, 6-Jermichael Finley, 7-Brett Favre, 8-Thomas Jones, 9-Fred Taylor, 10-Ravens DST, 11-Jabar Gaffney, 12-Lawrence Tynes, 13-Tashard Choice, 14-Indy DST, 15-Jay Feely, 16-Matthew Stafford.Thank you,Rob


Hey Jamey just did my draft and wanted your opinion My QBs Schaub & Eli RBS are Rice, Javid Best, Forsett, Harrison & Michael Bush, WR are Wayne, Bowe, Floyd, Laurent Robinson, Celek Manningham & Benn Kicker is Akers & DEF Bengals. Just wonder what you think and with wr & rb who u would start. Thank You in advance.


Hey Jamey,

Our draft was tonight and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my lengthy questions.
Moss WAS available, but I decided to stick with my original plan. I still got Flacco in round 5 (12th QB taken!)

Here's the squad:

Joe Flacco
Vince Young
Ray Rice
Felix Jones
Justin Forsett
Fred Jackson
T Choice
Randy Moss
Steve Smith (NYG)
Bernard Berrian
Mike Thomas
Anthony Gonzalez
Dallas Clark

Thanks to you and Dave for all the advice. Feel pretty good about my chances!

Tampa FL

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Posted on: December 26, 2009 2:22 am

Andre Johnson and our Top 12 receivers for 2010

Press Box View

By Jamey Eisenberg

Andre Johnson is finally getting the recognition he deserves. The Texans wide receiver is finally looked at as the best player at his position.

It used to be that Johnson was mentioned after players like Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald. He also doesn't get a lot of attention because he's not a diva like Chad Ochocinco or Brandon Marshall.

Instead, Johnson lets his play on the field speak for itself. And he has dominated all wide receivers this year -- on the field and in Fantasy leagues.

He is enjoying his spot as the No. 1 wide receiver in the NFL.

"It is exciting," Johnson said on a conference call heading into Week 16 at Miami, which is his hometown. "You always want to try to be the best at what you do. For people to be talking about it, it lets you know that you are headed in the right direction and that what you are doing out on the field, people are paying attention to it. To be honest, I don't really care if some people may not feel I am the best because everyone has the right to their own opinion. I really don't care too much about the attention either. I have never been a guy who was big on attention."

It's hard to avoid the spotlight based on his play. He has 90 catches for 1,433 yards and eight touchdowns. With 10 more catches he will have his third 100-catch season and second in a row. He's also one touchdown away from a new career high.

In standard-scoring Fantasy leagues, Johnson has scored 186 points, which puts him ahead of Miles Austin (176), Reggie Wayne (172), Randy Moss (167) and DeSean Jackson (165). We already have Johnson penciled in as the No. 1 wide receiver in 2010.

Check that, it's written in ink -- no one is passing Johnson on that list.

The Texans know Johnson is their best weapon, and they will continue to feed him the ball as often as possible. Coach Gary Kubiak said Johnson still has room to grow, which is a scary thought for the seven-year veteran.

"Obviously he is a hell of a player -- as good as I have ever been around," Kubiak said. "For me, since I have been here, he has played his best football the last two years. So he has gotten better for me each and every year. I don't see any reason that doesn't continue to happen. Very hard worker, takes good care of himself, studies football awfully hard. When you have those traits you tend to play a long time or play well for a well long time. So I think he is well on his way."

Johnson has benefited the past two seasons from the growth of quarterback Matt Schaub. And Schaub is on his way toward starting 16 games for the first time in his three years with the Texans.

The two have developed an outstanding rapport, and Johnson credits Schaub for his success. Like Johnson, Schaub is having a tremendous year with a career-high 4,181 passing yards, 25 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

"I remember when he first got here and we used to be in practice," Johnson said. "Every time I came back to the huddle he would tell me why he did not throw me the ball. When he would tell me, I would be like, 'Yeah, I saw the same thing.' It was kind of weird for me at first, but I was like we are out here seeing the same things so maybe we are on the same page. As time went along, the relationship became better. We became more on the same page. To this day, when we are in games, we are talking about plays. We are seeing the same things. I think it helps us out a lot when we are out on the field because we can communicate well with each other."

As Johnson and Schaub continue to get better, other teams try to take Johnson away. He sees constant double teams, which only got worse when tight end Owen Daniels (torn ACL) went down in Week 8. It doesn't help that Kevin Walter is having a disappointing season, and the Texans have struggled to run the ball.

Still, Johnson has thrived, which is what makes him so difficult to defend for opposing coaches.

"We've faced a lot of great receivers, and to me, he's one of the top guys," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said. "I just think this guy is outstanding. He's a heck of a football player, makes all the catches, makes the really hard catches, runs through double coverage like it's easy. The guy just makes things look pretty easy out there. I have a lot of respect for this guy."

Fantasy owners have a lot of respect for Johnson also, and he will enter next year as the first player drafted at his position with either a first- or second-round pick. And if Kubiak is right and Johnson continues to improve, then he could be a dominant force in all leagues.

But first, Johnson could lead many Fantasy owners to a championship. He is the reason many of you are still in the playoffs, especially recently with 27 catches for 488 yards and three touchdowns in his past three games against Jacksonville, Seattle and St. Louis.

Not many wide receivers can post those kinds of stats. But not many wide receivers are as talented as Johnson.


1. Andre Johnson, Houston
2. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona
3. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis
4. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia
5. Randy Moss, New England
6. Marques Colston, New Orleans
7. Vincent Jackson, San Diego
8. Wes Welker, New England
9. Brandon Marshall, Denver
10. Calvin Johnson, Detroit
11. Miles Austin, Dallas
12. Roddy White, Atlanta


1. Andre Johnson, Houston
2. Vincent Jackson, San Diego
3. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona
4. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia
5. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis
6. Brandon Marshall, Denver
7. Randy Moss, New England
8. Roddy White, Atlanta
9. Miles Austin, Dallas
10. Wes Welker, New England
11. Calvin Johnson, Detroit
12. Marques Colston, New Orleans

Posted on: October 24, 2009 12:18 am

Week 7 action

We have to wish congratulations to two members of the MLB Players Fantasy Football League. Brad Lidge, who had a disappointing regular season with the Phillies, has stepped up in the postseason and is back in the World Series for the second year in a row. And, more specific to Fantasy Football, Ryan Zimmerman won his first game this season. Zimmerman beat Aaron Rowand 89.5-76.5 in Week 6. Lidge, like his baseball team, continues to be succesful as he heads into Week 7 at 5-1 after beating Greg Maddux 86.5-70.5.

In other scores ...

Ben Sheets beat Travis Hafner 165-86.5
Mark Buehrle beat Michael Cuddyer 169.5-89.5
Adam Dunn beat Doug Mientkiewicz 117.5-88
Eric Hinske beat Jarrod Washburn 182-113
B.J. Ryan beat David Wright 97.5-76.5

In Week 7 ...

Mientkiewicz at Hafner
Maddux at Sheets
Hinske at Buehrle
Lidge at Dunn
Zimmerman at Ryan
Washburn at Cuddyer
Rowand at Wright


Hinske 4-2
Washburn 4-2
Cuddyer 3-3
Sheets 3-3
Buehrle 3-3
Maddux 3-3
Hafner 1-5

Dunn 5-1
Lidge 5-1
Ryan 4-2
Mientkiewicz 3-2
Wright 2-4
Rowand 1-5
Zimmerman 1-5

There are two exciting games in the All-Female Fantasy Football League in Week 7. Monique Walker (5-1), who already took down the previously undefeated Kristine Griffin in Week 5, has another tough game with Suzie Silvestri (4-2). This game could determine postseason seeding, and we could find out who is a real contender. We also have a battle to avoid the cellar between Lauren Shehadi (1-5) and Lindsay Jones (0-6). Shehadi has lost five in a row. And we had a trade this week as Jennifer Fernandez traded Mike Sims-Walker to Ashley Phagan for Ricky Williams. That's a great trade for both squads.  

In Week 6 scores ...

Kristine Griffin beat Lauren Shehadi 125-80
Anita Marks beat Brandie Taylor 104-97
Alison London beat Jennifer Fernandez 112-108
Kim Broder beat Suzie Silvestri 100-91
Vicki Smith beat Ashley Phagan 123-93
Monique Walker beat Lindsay Jones 105-93

In Week 7 ...

Kristine at Vicki
Ashley at Alison
Lindsay at Lauren
Jen at Anita
Suzie at Monique
Brandie at Kim


Kristine 5-1
Monique 5-1
Suzie 4-2
Kim 4-2
Alison 4-2
Jen 3-3
Vicki 3-3
Anita 3-3
Brandie 2-4
Ashley 2-4
Lauren 1-5
Lindsay 0-6

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Posted on: October 16, 2009 1:49 pm

Week 6 full of trades and talk

There was a big trade recently in the MLB Players Fantasy Football League with Ryan Zimmerman trying to shake things up. He traded Peyton Manning, Brian Westbrook and Dwayne Bowe to Jarrod Washburn for Rashard Mendenhall, Julius Jones and Marques Colston. While it looks lopsided, Zimmerman gave himself two starting running backs where he was starting just Westbrook and LenDale White, and now his receivers are better with Colston ahead of Braylon Edwards. When you're 0-5, you need to shake things up, which is what Zimmerman did. But Washburn now has Manning, Westbrook and Adrian Peterson to anchor his team, so it's no surprise he's 4-1.

In other scores ...

Jarrod Washburn beat Ben Sheets 120-85
Mark Buehrle beat Greg Maddux 99.5-97.5
B.J. Ryan beat Michael Cuddyer 124-107.5
Doug Mientkiewicz beat Aaron Rowand 126.5-41
Adam Dunn beat Ryan Zimmerman 120-77.5
Brad Lidge beat David Wright 109-80.5
Travis Hafner beat Eric Hinske 79.5-53.5

In Week 6 ...

Mientkiewicz at Dunn
Rowand at Zimmerman
Hafner at Sheets
Hinske at Washburn
Cuddyer at Buehrle
Ryan at Wright
Maddux at Lidge


Washburn 4-1
Hinske 3-2
Buehrle 3-2
Maddux 3-2
Cuddyer 2-3
Sheets 2-3
Hafner 1-4

Dunn 4-1
Lidge 4-1
Ryan 3-2
Mientkiewicz 3-2
Wright 2-3
Rowand 1-4
Zimmerman 0-5

The last undefeated team went down in the All-Female Fantasy Football League in Week 5 when Monique Walker beat Kristine Griffin 104-88. That sparked some good trash talk on the message board, and the league is still waiting to hear from Lauren Shehadi about a response. Read on since it's good fun.

So the last undefeated went down, looks like the league has some parity...except for poor Lindsay - maybe next week!

And is Lauren actually playing? It's reminds me of Amber last year - not changing her lineup in the bye week – pathetic! I mean, Ashley had a baby and SHE found the time to fix her lineup.

Jen - sorry about Sims-Walker, that was not cool...

And somehow Addai got a lot more points than Brown and helped me pull out the win. I thought it would be a closer battle (not that I am complaining). :)

On to next week...

Who wins a game first: Me, St. Louis, Kansas City or Tampa Bay? At least the Chiefs have another game against the Raiders.

Well, week 5 was a disappointment in more ways than one - not only did my team suffer its first loss (nice job Monique), but my Ravens lost to the Bengals. Ugh! But week 6 my winning streak will begin again!

Lindsey, I don't know which is more shocking - your 0-5 record or your Bronco's 5-0 record. You'll get a win soon, though. After all, you face Lauren in week 7, so don't give up!

In other scores ...

Ashley Phagan beat Lauren Shehadi 98-41
Brandie Taylor beat Jennifer Fernandez 97-88
Kim Broder beat Lindsay Jones 72-63
Alison London beat Vicki Smith 68-67
Suzie Silvestri beat Anita Marks 97-64

In Week 6 ...

Kristine at Lauren
Alison at Jen
Vicki at Ashley
Kim at Suzie
Monique at Lindsay
Anita at Brandie


Kristine 4-1
Monique 4-1
Suzie 4-1
Jen 3-2
Kim 3-2
Alison 3-2
Brandie 2-3
Vicki 2-3
Ashley 2-3
Anita 2-3
Lauren 1-4
Lindsay 0-5

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Posted on: October 9, 2009 10:38 am

Week 5 splits up the Nationals

It's sad to see teammates part ways. Sometimes it's a trade or free agency. Other times it's someone being sent down to the minors. In this case, it's one member of the Washington Nationals moving into first place of the MLB Players Fantasy Football League while another is sitting in last. Adam Dunn has jumped into the top spot of the National Division at 3-1 while teammate Ryan Zimmerman is stuck at the bottom at 0-4. This past week, Dunn beat B.J. Ryan 120-115, but Zimmerman had the lowest score of the league in an 85-44.5 loss to Brad Lidge. We'll see what happens this week if Dunn increases his lead or if Zimmerman can get his first victory.

In other scores ...

Michael Cuddyer beat Ben Sheets 138.5-45.5
Eric Hinske beat Aaron Rowand 139.5-76
Greg Maddux beat Jarrod Washburn 72.5-63.5
David Wright beat Doug Mientkiewicz 126.5-73.5
Mark Buehrle beat Travis Hafner 102.5-91

In Week 5 ...

Ryan at Cuddyer
Dunn at Zimmerman
Sheets at Washburn
Buehrle at Maddux
Rowand at Mientkiewicz
Wright at Lidge
Hinske at Hafner


Hinske 3-1
Washburn 3-1
Maddux 3-1
Cuddyer 2-2
Buehrle 2-2
Sheets 2-2
Hafner 0-4

Dunn 3-1
Lidge 3-1
Ryan 2-2
Wright 2-2
Mientkiewicz 2-2
Rowand 1-3
Zimmerman 0-4

There's more good news in the All-Female Fantasy Football League. Prior to Week 3 we had the birth of another future Fantasy owner when Ashley Phagan and her husband Kris gave birth to their first child, a healthy little boy named Conner Michael. Then on the eve of Week 4, Kim Broder got engaged. Knowing her, the wedding will not be during football season. I can't wait to see what happens this week. Unfortunately for Kim, the joyous occasion was not followed with a Fantasy victory as she lost 113-74 to Kristine Griffin. After starting 2-0, Kim needs to turn things around and end this two-game losing streak.

In other scores ...

Alison London beat Lauren Shehadi 94-79
Jennifer Fernandez beat Lindsay Jones 101-71
Vicki Smith beat Anita Marks 125-67
Monique Walker beat Ashley Phagan 68-65
Suzie Silvestri beat Brandie Taylor 118-84

In Week 5 ...

Ashley at Lauren
Alison at Vicki
Suzie at Anita
Brandie at Jen
Monique at Kristine
Kim at Lindsay


Kristine 4-0
Jen 3-1
Monique 3-1
Suzie 3-1
Kim 2-2
Vicki 2-2
Anita 2-2
Alison 2-2
Brandie 1-3
Ashley 1-3
Lauren 1-3
Lindsay 0-4

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Posted on: October 2, 2009 10:31 am

Week 4 welcomes a new addition

The defending champ has some work to do. Travis Hafner, last year's winner of the MLB Players Fantasy Football League, has started out 0-3 after losing to Michael Cuddyer 97-95.5 in Week 3. He will need to turn things around soon because he's at the bottom of his division with Jarrod Washburn sitting pretty at 3-0 on top. Newcomer Ryan Zimmerman also finds himself at 0-3 and at the bottom of his division after losing to David Wright 111.5-96. Like Hafner, Zimmerman needs to improve in a hurry before the playoffs are well out of reach.

In other scores ...

Adam Dunn beat Ben Sheets 109-85
Eric Hinske beat Greg Maddux 160.5-108
B.J. Ryan beat Doug Mientkiewicz 130.5-71
Jarrod Washburn beat Mark Buehrle 76-62
Brad Lidge beat Aaron Rowand 87-79.5

In Week 4 ...

Ryan at Dunn
Cuddyer at Sheets
Washburn at Maddux
Hinske at Rowand
Wright at Mientkiewicz
Zimmerman at Lidge
Buehrle at Hafner


Washburn 3-0
Hinske 2-1
Maddux 2-1
Sheets 2-1
Buehrle 1-2
Cuddyer 1-2
Hafner 0-3

Ryan 2-1
Dunn 2-1
Mientkiewicz 2-1
Lidge 2-1
Rowand 1-2
Wright 1-2
Zimmerman 0-3

Just before the start of Week 3 in the All-Female Fantasy Football League, we had the arrival of a future Fantasy owner. Ashley Phagan and her husband Kris gave birth to their first child, a healthy little boy named Conner Michael. Knowing Ashley, she will have Conner playing Fantasy Football before he can walk. Unfortunately for Ashley, she was a little busy Sunday, and her Fantasy team let her down in a 104-83 loss to Jennifer Fernandez. Ashley, the defending champ, is now 1-2 on the season, while Jennifer improved to 2-1. But, as you can imagine, Ashley was a winner despite the outcome, and now she can refocus on her Fantasy team heading into Week 4 against Monique Walker (2-1).

In other scores ...

Anita Marks beat Lauren Shehadi 98-58
Suzie Silvestri beat Lindsay Jones 82-63
Kristine Griffin beat Brandie Taylor 89-76
Vicki Smith beat Kim Broder 82-78
Monique Walker beat Alison London 83-67

In Week 4 ...

Lauren at Alison
Vicki at Anita
Lindsay at Jen
Suzie at Brandie
Monique at Ashley
Kim at Kristine


Kristine 3-0
Jen 2-1
Monique 2-1
Kim 2-1
Anita 2-1
Suzie 2-1
Brandie 1-2
Ashley 1-2
Vicki 1-2
Lauren 1-2
Alison 1-2
Lindsay 0-3

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Posted on: September 25, 2009 1:08 pm

Week 3 heats up

Four teams remain undefeated through two weeks of the MLB Players Fantasy Football League. Jarrod Washburn, Ben Sheets and Greg Maddux are tied at 2-0 on top of the American Division, while Doug Mientkiewicz is alone at 2-0 on top of the National Division.

Mientkiewicz, however, might have to keep an eye on Brad Lidge and Aaron Rowand, who tied for the highest score in Week 2. Lidge beat B.J. Ryan 128.5-115.5, and Rowand defeated Adam Dunn 128.5-107.5. As you can expect, each had two of the top performers last week with Lidge using Frank Gore's big game against Seattle, and Rowand taking advantage of Chris Johnson against Houston.

In other scores ...

Ben Sheets beat Eric Hinske 100.5-74
Mark Buehrle beat David Wright 113.5-86.5
Doug Mientkiewicz beat Ryan Zimmerman 117-92.5
Jarrod Washburn beat Travis Hafner 110.5-104.5
Greg Maddux beat Michael Cuddyer 100.5-66

In Week 3 ...

Dunn at Sheets
Maddux and Hinske
Mientkiewicz at Ryan
Wright and Zimmerman
Buehrle at Washburn
Lidge at Rowand
Hafner at Cuddyer

Week 2 Standings

Washburn 2-0
Sheets 2-0
Maddux 2-0
Buehrle 1-1
Hinske 1-1
Hafner 0-2
Cuddyer 0-2

Mientkiewicz 2-0
Dunn 1-1
Lidge 1-1
Rowand 1-1
Ryan 1-1
Zimmerman 0-2
Wright 0-2

In Week 2 of the All-Female Fantasy Football League, we had some rival games and some very close outcomes. Going into the week, our two newcomers in Jennifer Fernandez and Kristine Griffin faced off, and Kristine escaped with an 87-85 victory. Close friends Brandie Taylor and Alison London played each other, but Brandie didn't make it close with a 129-63 victory. Baltimore radio host Anita Marks got her first win by one point at 82-81 over Denver Post beat writer Lindsay Jones, who covers the Broncos. And our two previous champions, Ashley Phagan (2008) and Suzie Silvestri (2007), met with Suzie claiming the 90-59 victory.

In other scores ...

Kim Broder beat Lauren Shehadi 109-89
Monique Walker beat Vicki Smith 127-85

In Week 3 ...

Lauren at Anita 
Lindsay at Suzie 
Jen at Ashley
Kim at Vicki
Alison at Monique
Kristine at Brandie

Week 2 Standings

Kim 2-0
Kristine 2-0
Monique 1-1
Brandie 1-1
Jen 1-1
Ashley 1-1
Lauren 1-1
Suzie 1-1
Alison 1-1
Anita 1-1
Lindsay 0-2
Vicki 0-2

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Posted on: September 18, 2009 12:00 pm

Week 2 of our leagues

In the first week of the MLB Players Fantasy Football League, Jarrod Washburn took time out of his push to help the Tigers win the AL Central to put a beat down on Ryan Zimmerman. Washburn had the highest score at 139.5, while all Zimmerman could muster was 74.5.

In other scores ...

Eric Hinske beat Michael Cuddyer 123.5-91
Doug Mientkiewicz beat Brad Lidge 130.4-87.5
Adam Dunn beat David Wright 120-73.5
Ben Sheets beat Mark Buehrle 111.5-109
B.J. Ryan beat Aaron Rowand 93.5-83.5
Greg Maddux beat Travis Hafner 101-79

In Week 2 ...

Sheets at Hinske
Buehrle at Wrignt
Lidge at Ryan
Zimmerman at Mientkiewicz
Washburn at Hafner
Dunn at Rowand
Maddux and Cuddyer

In the first week of the All-Female Fantasy Football League, defending champion Ashley Phagan flexed her muscle with a 119-74 victory against Brandie Taylor. Phagan, who is an expecting mother, is off to a great start.

In other scores ...

Lauren Shehadi beat Vicki Smith 73-71
Jennifer Fernandez beat Suzie Silvestri 108-67
Alison London beat Anita Marks 82-61
Kim Broder beat Monique Walker 106-86
Kristine Griffin beat Lindsay Jones 91-82

In Week 2 ...

Lauren at Kim
Jen at Kristine (our two newcomers meet)
Alison at Brandie (two best friends in a showdown)
Vicki at Monique
Anita at Lindsay (The Denver Post vs. 1057 The FAN in Baltimore)
Ashley at Suzie (the past two champions meet)

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