Posted on: February 24, 2008 7:58 am

Not only I am the President, but....

I am also a member of the Official Brandon Dubinsky Fan Club!!! Is there anything that Brando doesn't do?? If you can think of it please let me know..I mean this guy scores, can lead the rush up ice, makes sweet feeds, tosses the body around, drops the gloves and is willing to stick up for his teammates even though he isn't the best fighter YET!!  He plays with so much heart out there and this is exactly what the Rangers have been missing for a long time!! The Rangers teams that weren't making the playoffs lacked Brandon Dubinsky and players just like him..

On February 3rd of this season, Jaromir Jagr was being consisently worked over by the Montreal Canadiens, and one person in particular, Mike Komisarek...Well when the two teams met earlier in the week, Mr. Dubo had comments that go like this..."He knows I'm gonna be all over him." "Its gonna be noticeable that I'm gonna be going at him everytime I'm on the ice." "You just can't keep going around and being dirty and going at my best player, so yea he will get to know me." Being a youngster, you would think that was all talk, but it wasn't, as Brando saw Komisarek throw a check at Jagr than Komisarek threw a check at Dubo, then the gloves were off!! We all know Dubinsky isn't the best fighter, but over time, and having one of the game's best hand tosser's around in Colton Orr will change that!! So yes Rangers fans, we have ourselves a keeper and would love to see the Blue Shirts sign him to a deal sorta like Mike Richards got from the Flyers, but less money, because Brandon doesn't deserve multi-millions YET!!

Speaking of those Flyers...Can anyone say HEAVE-HO TEN IN A ROW!!! What a crushing defeat last night to the Florida Panthers!! 3.7 seconds and a weak wrister from the point goes in and then a slapper from the point in over-time!! Man, when things are going bad, things are going real bad!! For the Flyers to turn things around they better get there tails in gear and make a play for Mats Sundin!!! Better yet, stay the way you are Philly!!

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