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Posted on: November 20, 2009 9:11 am

11/20/09 - Lazy Joe's Friday Caption Contest

Since Shuless Joe is too lazy to play with us on Friday's, let's have our own party. Put captions to the pictures below and I'll choose winners later tonight. All the same rules from Joe's regular blog will apply to this one....1 winner per photo plus a winner for the best "theme" post. But I'm going to take it 1 step farther. Each week there will be a bonus point given to the best caption that includes the "challenge" that I give you. Sometimes the challenge will be to "throw under the bus", if you will, a certain member of our little Caption Community. Sometimes I will throw a phrase at you to use in a caption. Sometimes I will challenge you to do a "theme" post about a certain subject. Or I might just come up with something different, these are just some examples. Some weeks I also might have a guest judge doing the rewarding of the points. If anybody has any suggestions for this "challenge" I will welcome all of them. So with that here we go for Friday the 20th....

Challenge Point: Best theme using Snoop Dogg "Izzle" speak

Picture #1
Deon Thompson, 15 points, leads four Heels in double figures.

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

November Friday's Scoreboard:
1) River_Rat - 4
2) BuccinGator - 2
3) NFL-Solomon - 1
3) austin26666 - 1
3) Shuless Joe - 1
3) skinsinsk - 1
3) PheasentPlucker - 1
3) D2Moo - 1
3) Green Street El(ite) - 1

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