Posted on: March 17, 2009 7:15 pm

The AFC East: Reborn?

 The AFC East is making a stamp of approval once again in the NFL as possibly the toughest division of football.  For the longest time it most certainly was one of the most competitve.  All of the free agency moves by these teams have cause some stir amongst the NFL.  The biggest of course for the Bills when they aquired Terrel Owens.  The Bills have also signed a solid center and released some dead weight.  They are supposedly trying to get TE Tony Schefler from the Broncos.  They definitely have a shot at making some noise.  The Patriots are hoping to have Tom Brady back at 100% and they definitely will need him after trading away "first year sensation" Matt Cassel.  They have managed to shore up their RB situation in bringing in Fred Taylor.  Many people write that off, but remember when they took in old man Corey Dillon?  Championship ring folks.   They already had a solid wide out core with Randy Moss and Wes Welker, but they have added that third piece of the puzzle by signing Joey Galloway; who had a pretty solid year in 2008.  They are currently in talks with Julius Peppers who could shore up that d line and make them harder than they are already.  The Jets got younger by Bret Favre retiring, but lost a bit in letting Laverneous Coles vanish. They still have a solid defense is coached right and their offense could put up decent numbers if the qb is protected.  Last the Dolphins, who perhaps suprised everyone last year includin Miami fans.  The wildcat probably won't work the same this year, but Ted Gin Jr. started to show some life in 08 and the running back tandum of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams can still be lethal.  A year grown the Dolphins can compete.  So is the AFC East gonna be the toughest division in football, or is it a bunch of over hyped signings and releases which will inevitably lead to the Patriots taking another division title?

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Posted on: March 8, 2009 1:17 am

Get your popcorn ready Buffalo!!!

Welcome to Buffalo Terrel Owens and thank you for joining our Bills team that needs much help. First of all. Cowboys , Eagles and 49ers fans get over it!  When your teams were winnin with 81 in your offense, no one was saying how bad he was.  As soon as your teams start going down hill, well then the scape goat of its T.O.s fault.  The Bills haven't made the post season in a decade and they really have nothing to lose, so why the heck not?  I am a long time Bills fan and I was ready for something to happen... Little did I know the magnitude I was in for.  Look at some points I have to make and say I am wrong.


  • Trent Edwards - Everyone keeps saying "oh, poor Trent... He is gonna ruin his career because of this cancer".  You know what, if he can't manage to throw the ball to either Owens or Evans, well then the guy is not cut out to be a quarterback in the NFL.  T.O. may be this and he may be that, but one thing I do know is the guy wants to win.  Trent Edwards will be fine.
  •  I keep hearing all these people talking about how great our recieving core is and that T.O. will only take away from them.  Hello?  Do you all not know who the Bills are.  Our best reciever Lee Evans has a very hard time getting the ball because he has no one else on the team to take attention away from him.  Lets be honest, Josh Reed is a great possesion reciever, but he doesn't require Wes Welker like attention in that slot.  Roscoe Parrish is a specialty reciever and he is great at what he does, but he is not the consistant wideout to move the chains time in and out.  How does no one realize that over the last two seasons the Bills WRs have caught 15 touchdown passes.  Terrel Owens caught 25 td passes alone in those two seasons.
  • Marketing - Do we not know that the Bills are lucky to get one primetime game a season?  Its very rare they do, but with T.O. in town now I think it is safe to assume the Bills will land at least one or two primetime gigs this season.  The Bills home is a wonderful place to watch a game, but fans do become disgrunteled after season and season and season losing.  Terrel Owens will help get those seasts full for all home games and definitely will increase jersey sles most likely.

Terrel Owens has yet another chance to make up for the dumb things he has done, but one thing I know for sure is it cannot get any worse than it has been the last 10 years!

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Posted on: October 30, 2008 10:01 pm

L2408 Power Rankings PartII

  1. Tha Jello Jigglers - You may say I am biased, but come one the team has the highest points output, beat one of the best teams You Still Dont Want It With Us and not to mention dethroned the only undefeated team last week Big Bs Bad Boys.  Although the team has lost two games they have beaten arguably the other top teams and have done so in pretty impressive fashion.  Total points puts the team at number 1.
  2. Big Bs Bad Boys - Other than a tough loss last week Brandons boys have torn up the game center with points upon points recently.  A great coach and risky game plays have made this team one to mess with.  The only thing that may cause concern is the fact the another main threat YSDWIWU has yet to face this team.  Another loss would definitely switch the two teams around. Look for some smart safe moves from the coach to try to secure a win against a tough team this week. 
  3. Chrisper & Crew - Oh me oh my, this team has made a boom in the fantasy football forum winning their last three games against very good opponents.  While the point total may be a little farther back than a team or two lower in the rankings does not mean this team will not catch up.  With new aquisitions this team can only improve.  You cannot overlook wins over TJJ and YSDWIWU not to mention have had a rough opening schedule.  Things shape up nicely for Chris' team as the season is half way through.
  4. You Still Dont Want It With Us - Hit a rough spot after going on a tear since losing the first game of a season, Bryans team bounced back with a solid win last week.  No major changes made for his squad, but has definitely taken a big hit with the Tony Romo project going down.  We all know Jessica is not the only one sad to see Mr. Romo hurt.  Times will get better in 2 weeks after the bye and look for the team to survive to stay afloat a tough division. 
  5. Where Am I - Winners of three in a row including a shocker against TJJ.  Paul "where am I" Sigler definitely played the part by missing tons of the beginning of the season with family things but since returning has definitely made his presence felt.  Only up 1 point from the team right below him, but good enough to grab the number 5 spot.
  6. No Forward Laterals - I think its safe to say when Brian Westbrook plays Andrews team is simply awesome.  Winners of two in a row one coming from an off and on Hawaiin giving thanks team(just kidding NH) have gotten the team sitting in an ok position midway through the football season.  Plenty to play and plenty more points for the Eagles runningback to score for NFW.
  7. Team 1 Large Hawaiin Thanks- 4-4? Who would have thought this would happen to one of the most active coaches in the league.. Morgan has hit a bad slump losing 3 in a row.  Plaxico Burress definitely plays a part in costing some points, but there must be other reasons for a drop off in production.  The upside on the team is they are fewer points back than the two teams above.  Why are they here you ask?  Because if things continue they are in grave danger of not being so point fortunate.
  8. .
  9.  Broncos _SOS and B100d Ballers - Now records are different and points are different but both teams are close to the same.  Lets put it this way BJs team has the better of the two records but Ryans Ballers are less points back from the leader.  The one thing Ryans squad has going for him is Clinton Portis is playing MVP like football and will continue to score for him... We are still waiting to say the same about Adrian Peterson for BJs team.
  10. Hoochs Hammers- They have won 2 games and one was against a solid C&F team.. the other against a winless team.  I think things could be better here for the Hooch but at least they shouldn't get any worse. 
  11. Lions - WHAT!!!???  Yes I did, although Jacobs team has yet to win a game he has definitely been very close in more than 4 occasions.  Its only a matter of time untill you start saying what the hell did I just lose to the Lions?  Not to mention the team actually is closer point wise than the last team on our list.
  12. The Elites - Well trade here and trade there hopefully will get a few points and a few wins before the season is over.  Nothing is over until its over.  Its a point system that can get you back in a minute just never give up!

Please comment them guys, otherwise why eveb write them...

Some questions you may want to ponder and reply

  • In your opinion who has the team to win it all?
  • Who has the best chance of turning things around?
  • Whos team looks like they plunge from top to bottom?
  • Best coach?
  • Best team name?
  • Most exciting game thus far?

If you got any more please add!

Posted on: October 27, 2008 11:21 pm

My Multiple Bills log

Marshawn Lynch

Beast mode seems inevitable in this kid.. the only problem is the Bills deciding to not continue to give him the ball.  Don't getme wrong Fred Jackson is a great change of back, but your featureack needs the ball to get some consistancy.  Look at Marion Barber and Felix Jones in Dallas.  The Cowboys "seem" to give the ball quite a bit to the rookie however The Barbarion is still touching the ball 20+ carries most games.  I am very dissapointed that on of our best players is not getting 20-25 carries a game.  Think about it Buffalo.. giv him the ball atleast 5 times a quarter and you get him 20 carries and I can guarantee you he breaks one and piles some good yardage.  Feed the Beast!

Fred Jackson

Now I still have love for the once practice squad rb.  He does come in a give the element of suprise.  He is a good reciever and a pretty solid blocker, but he is not the work horse of this team.  So instead of feeding him the ball three times inside the five you need to put the manwho rarely goes down after one hit and show him why you drafted him.

Trent Edwards

Keep your head up young man because you had probably if not the worst close to the worst of your young career.  The good thing is we still could have won this ball game.  Trent has a great work ethic and will more than likely watch the film from this game for hours on in and com out next week with purpose.  Up until ths point he has nothing but good praise and thats alldandy but lets see how our franchise qb steps up after what will be a week full of adversity. 

Langston Walker

If the O-Line doesn't start opening up some holes for our backs all of us Bills fans will be yelling with Langston!


We have plenty good things going for us, but to lose the first of three divisional games in not a good way to prove your for real.  Get back on the horse and get ready to hand Brett Favre and butt whooping back home in Rich Stadum. Go Bills!

Oh by the way Lee Evans you are making us all very proud to have you with us for another four years!

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Buffalo Bills : Looking forward FINALLY!

Buffalo Bills logo

So lets take a look at the upcoming weeks to the bye and the week after.

Week 3 Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders logo

So this team has had plenty of its downs, but they have definitely added some hot young pieces for the future of their franchise.  While the head coach position is up in the air one thing that is not is the ability for this team to run the ball.  The passing game is not anything to exciting and nothing to worry to much about.  A win against the Cheifs in week 2 puts them a 1-1 however thats a temporary fix for a major situation in Raidazz land.  I think the Bills have shown they can handle powerfull running teams. (Jaguars)

My Prediction Bills 28 - 7  Bills 3-0 Raiders 1-2

Week 4 St. Louis Rams  St. Louis Rams logo

A team that was once built for bug plays wether it be through the air or running straight up the middle.  Since his injury Stephen Jackson has looked everything but himself not saying he doesnt have a big game ahead of him eventually.  Torry Holt will always be a dangerous reciever, but Marc Bulger has 2 seconds to get the ball out and his passes are less than stellar at this point.  The defense has alot of improving to do showing they are very vulnerable to big plays.  The Bills will come into this game looking to exploit this teams defense and move the ball around..  Marshawn will be able to run for some big plays as the Bills move on to another victory.

My Prediction Bills 35 - Rams - 10

Week 5 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals logo

This is probably the first real test the Bills will see since weeks 1 and 2.  Kurt Warner coming into the season looked good ending last season on a high.  Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald are one of the best duos of wideouts the league has and are great at their own skills.  Edgerrin James has declined since the days with the Colts but still has the prescense(spell check) to make your defense stay grounded for the run.  The Cardinals defense has improved overall although they have more to grow on.  A tight one that could end up in a shoot out the Bills will control the clock with their tandum of Mr. Beast mode and Fred Jackson

My Prediction Bills 28 Cardinals 24

Week 6 Bye

At this point if all is lived up the Buffalo Bills could be 5-0 for the first time in a very long time.  Sitting on a record like that after 5 games would very much help the chances of going to the playoffs for the first time since 1999 when they lost on a forward pass. (bitter)

One step Further... Week 7 San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers logo

What do you have to say about this team?  Great offense, Great defense.. Picked by many to be superbpowl contenders.  Going into week 3 this team is 0-2 but could easily be 2-0.  Losing on a last second pass by the Panthers and a complete blown call by Hochuli against the Broncos they have dropped two.  LaDanian Tomlinson is dealing with a nagging toe injury and Antonio Gates is still bugged from his from last year.  Phillip Rivers has played very well given the situation and Chris Chambers has produced some big plays.  If the Bills manage to get to 5 -0 and have the extra week to prepare they have a legitimate shot at putting the bolts down, but it would one hell of a performance to pull it off.  The Bolts do have to come in to Rich Stadium for this one though and the elements of changing weather may help the Bills. 

No Prediction on this game

Lots to look forward to in Buffalo Land! Go Bills lets Billieve



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