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What a boring trade deadline!

Last year we had the Lakers taking Pau Gasol from the Grizzlies, Jason Kidd made his way to the Mavericks and Shaquille O'Neal became the Suns center.  This year with all the huge rumor of Amare Stoudamire and possibly Vince Carter making moves in the NBA, were sitting less than 24 hours away from the deadline with the biggest deal being Jermaine O'Neal heading to the Heat in return for Shawn Marion to the Raptors.  Not sure were going to see any late minute blockbuster deals this year due to economy and lack of offers.  We have seen Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown come to the Lakers in return for Vladimir Radmonovich, which made sense due to contracts and the fact that the space cadet had lost his minutes to Trevor Ariza and Luke Walton. The most recent buzz was the move including Drew Gooden and Andres Nocioni for Brad Miller and John Salmons.  The Bulls and the Kings were rumored to be making some moves with other teams.  Brad Miller had been rumored to possibly land in San Antonio and finish his season as a Spur, but as most of the rumors it is what it was... A rumor.  So if you are an NBA fan waiting for something huge as I am, I wouldn't stay to in tune to the deadline as it looks like this year will be a bust.

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The Wizards blog... A win and a bunch of losses.

Washington Wizards logoThe Wizards will look forward to the upcoming All Star activities, in which none of them made.  Why will they look forward to the lay off?  Well simply said because it is what it is... a 5 day vacation from what this team has become.  It hasn't all been bad as of late though as they were able to pull a big win from the newly deemed giant killers of the NBA, the Pacers.  Last minute heroics by the former all star Caron Butler gave them a breath of the life they used to know.'I wasn't going to come out,' Caron Butler says after scoring the Wizards' final 15.  (Getty Images)  The effort the young man gave on the court was nothin short of breath taking, especially after missing the previous two games with the flu.  The game came down to the last five minutes of the game.  "I wasn't going to come out," Butler said. "I wasn't going to let Coach know I was tired. Every time he made eye contact with me, I tried to seem as bright as I could. Just trying to stay out there and will my way through it." He did just that as he hit the game winning shot falling down with great defense played on him by Danny Granger.  Hand in his face and all, this was the one time this season they made the impact play. On a side note, Caron Butler needed to recieve a total three IV treatments throughout the game to keep himself able to run around on the floor.  Great win from a Wizards team who could be described as dissapointed to say the least. 





 So here we are a few days away from All Star festivities in Phoenix, half way through the season and closer to the draft.  It would be hard to say Wizards faithfull have not begun to think about their future.  The Wizards present a very solid team when healthy.  Brendon Haywood and Gilbert Arenas will prove to show a compelling one-two punch when returned to action, most likely next season.  Andray Blatche who will be back this season should continue to grow and put up some impressive numbers.  Then you have Caron and Antawn Jamison who could arguably be moved for something missing.  Probably wont be shopped around by the trading deadline, but the off season could bring for some interesting conversation.  So there ya go, half way done and still not proving much the Wizards will most likely begin to look at who should be drafted and who should be dealed.

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Wizards : A blog no one will read

Washington <a href=page/WAS">Wizards logo" width="160" height="100" /> Washington Wizards

Well Wizards faithful, the long season continues on.  I am not sure how many people are beginning to jump ship or how many have just decided to stick around for what’s supposed to be known as a professional team. The season is now half way through and the Wizards have played more of their easier opponents, yet have only posted an 8-33 record.  To date they have lost 8 of their last 9 with the most recent coming at the hands of the West’s best Los Angeles Lakers.

The game at STAPLES center started out as a close one, with both team battling back and forth.  By the time halftime came around the Lakers had managed to score 72 points to the Wizards 49.  Some could argue that it’s the Wizards defense losing games for them, as they do struggle in about every part of that court.  Pick and rolls, pick and pops, isos and open threes are made fairly too easy for the opposition. I think this team just doesn't have the heart to continue to fight.  At this point in the season with the record they have, what can you tell a player to get them motivated to continue to try?  They better start to get things together if they want to avoid the leagues worst record at the end.  With a tough 3 game stretch, the Wizards will face the Blazers, Suns and Heat.  It will be interesting to see if Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler can will them to some wins before the season ends in late April.

Where do they go from here? Is it a let go and look forward to the lottery in hopes to land a big name from the college world?  Should they even bother to have Gilbert Arenas make an attempt to come back? Time will tell where this organization is headed and what plans they have for their future...

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The Wizards: Funny 1/2 a blog

Washington Wizards logoWashington Wizards

Antawn Jamison comes up huge in a big win for the Wizards at home against the Cavaliers.  This should have been their second win against the Cavs, but as we all know the first was taken away by the same ones who assured this win.  With the game on the line, the ball finds its way in to LeBron James, who then takes his patented bull charge approach to the basket.  The Wizards pull a quick double to him, he hesitates and walks through the mall and makes his way to the basket for an easy lay up as normal.  Wait!? There's a travel called on the play, a travel called on the superstar King James.  The Wizards would win this game in deserving fashion and tonight host the great Orlando Magic.  I want to use this blog as a means of quotes about the travel known as the "Crab Dribble"... lets rock


Coach Ed Tapscott

"I'll have to check in my book to see what a 'crab dribble' is. I'm not quite sure," Washington interim coach Ed Tapscott said with a smile Monday. "I do know that we don't seem to get away with very many of them, whatever they are."

Antawn Jamison

Asked Monday if he knows what a "crab dribble" is, Wizards All-Star forward Antawn Jamison said, "I know what a traveling is. ... I think we all know what traveling is."

Caron Butler

"'Crab dribble' is when you, uh, travel," Butler said. "That's the hottest thing on the market right now."

Turning to a more serious explanation, Butler said he thought James switched his pivot foot.

"I couldn't do it in AAU, I couldn't do it in college," Butler said, "and obviously I can't do it now."

Now thats some funny stuff! I appreciate a good laugh and these Washington Wizards definitely gave me one.  Hope you all enjoy the Wizards next couple games and the real analysis blog on this team will be out in a few days

Josh Perry - L2408

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The Wizards: Robbery Edition

Washington Wizards logoWashington Wizards

Well happy holidays to you and yours, except of course if you are a Wizards fan or any member of the organization.  I’m not going to talk about the losses or the win against the Thunder.  I want to solely concentrate on the disaster known as Christmas day against LeBron James and the Cavaliers.  I would like to state now, I fully believe the refs handed this game to the Cavaliers.  How could you not?  Let’s review...

The Wiz were up 89-82 with less than 2 minutes to play in this game, when all of a sudden nothing could go right for them.  They did not score on their final 5 possessions, but even so should have won the game had the refs not have gotten whistle happy against them.  Let’s start with Antwan Jamison and his misfortunes.  He was hit with his fifth foul on what could have been a block, but that was not the worst of it... With 26.6 seconds to go Jamison picked up his sixth to make his way to the bench.  The foul was foul in my opinion; as he battled for a rebound with one of the most infamous flopper Anderson Varajao.  Come on refs! Let these guys play ball, especially when going for a crucial rebound!  What a horrible call to decide the game, as it would lead to the Cavaliers going in front 90-89 after the floppers two free throws.  It's not like the refs only made that ridiculous call, they actually called Caron Butler on a charge as he cut to the basket for a bunny.  Ben Wallace, who we all know is not the fastest he has ever been was called to have had his feet set and took the penalty.  Caron was also whistled on "can't touch me" James; while in the act of shooting a three.  I saw the play and no matter how many times I look at it, I don’t see the contact called that enabled James to get three free throws to trim Washington’s lead to four.

With all that said and done, the newly acquired Mike James had his chance to make amends for scratchy play and put this game into overtime and maybe in the win column.  With about three seconds left he blatantly threw up a three pointer and clanked straight to Delonte West, who would then make 1 of 2 free throws to put the game out reach. 

The Wizards played hard to win this game and it seems as if it were taken away from them by the men with whistles.  After the game Mike James stated "We had a chance to win,'  'we were up six with two minutes to go and calls just didn't go our way, man. There was a tough call on Antawn, the charge and then another one on him on that rebound and then that tough call on Caron. But that's the way it goes sometimes. Sometimes, when you're down, you almost have to play a perfect game.'  Interim Coach Ed Tapscott was asked about the game in general and replied 'There were some poor executions on our part and a couple of other poor executions out there, too,' 'Those were big plays that did not go our way.'... The interviewers tried to weasel a controversy concerning the refs, but all Tapscott could say was he doesn't make enough money to pay the fines.


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The artists formerly known as the Wizards

Washington Wizards logoWashington Wizards

The this is what I would do Wizards edition

Where do you start?  I had the Wizards prior to the season start as a top 5 team in the East.  Do you blame me? Perennial All-Star Caron Butler and superstar Antawn Jamison, backed by a bunch of heavy scorers in the measly East (which is far more advanced than last year) they should be on top of this thing.  They should be, but a coaching change, 7 different starting line ups and your best player still injured later were looking at a team with no sight.  You could argue that maybe they are still the same and every other team just got better, but seriously is that the truth? 

The Wizards have dropped their last four games, all by double digits.  Celtics 122-88, Sixers 104-89, Pacers 118-98 and the Pistons 88-74.  That’s not good, that’s not a sign of a team that should be good and is just heading in the wrong direction; that’s a sign of a team that is consistently bad.  They are back in Washington to play the Sixers for the second time in a week and they DO have a legitimate shot at winning.  The only thing is while Elton Brand is missing a month from his injury; Antwan Jamison may be sitting this one out with a thumb injury.  If I am a coach on the Wizards staff I would immediately improvise.  Do something that has not been done yet... run a faster offense, play full court defense for 24 minutes.  Heck you have already tried 7 lineups why not make it 8.  Let’s try this; if I am the head coach and I need to win who has performed and who has not.  Who can I start the game with to get me a lead and some momentum...?


player photo Javaris Crittenton

I start J.C., he is young and explosive.  The minimal time he was a Laker, I loved the kid.  He can create his own shot and can penetrate and kick out to the open man.  He may need some time to learn the system in Washington, but seriously the way the team looks out there no one knows the system.  Give this kid a shot and bring Mike James off the bench, in doing so you get instant offense with James on the second unit.  Juan Dixon would still get playing time at the 2 and some here at the 1, but I think Crittenton is the future and why wait?  See Derrick Rose, O.J. Mayo, etc...


player photo Nick Young

Obviously Gilbert Arenas takes the spot when healthy and actually earning his money.  Until then I say go young; Nick Young of course.  Nick brings yet another pure scorer who can put it on the floor or rise up with a Jumper.  If this kid is given a chance I think he gives this team a great chance to win.  DeShawn Stevenson is just too inconsistent and to much of a nut case to be productive in my starting line up.  Limit his minutes and have him come in with James in the second unit to keep the scoring afloat.


player photo Caron Butler

As if there were any doubts!  The All Star is putting up tremendous numbers against teams who know he is the main threat.  He is young and explosive and with someone to help take the pressure off on the outside Caron Butler could make this team a valuable opponent once more.


player photo Antawn Jamison

You know the bah is Caron and the bing is Jamison.  Antawn is one cool cat who knows how to use his size in the paint and his finesse on the outside.  I have said it before and I will say it again... without these two guys in the lineup do the Wizards even have 1 win?


player photo Andray Blatche

Oh yeah, I am moving him down low.  This team is not strong enough to play big so I am moving him down low and were are running and pushing and it all starts with my rebounder.  Andrays return has been very pleasing and it is nice to see him back in good form.  When Brendon Haywood returns he obviously will take his starting role back, but look for more minutes from the Blatchinator.

And there you have it ladies and gentleman, Lakers 2408 starting lineup to get your Wizards out of their funk.  What worse could it lead to?  4-20? I think the organization needs to take matters in their own hands and save their season.  There are too many good players on this team to not get it together and make a run to get back to contention for the playoffs.  Sounding off L2408.

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Crazy week for the Wizards

Washington Wizards logoWashington Wizards


The Wizards started off a very tough five game schedule after beating the Nets and obtaining their first road win.  The Wiz have definitely started to look like a professional basketball team of late.  Caron Butler playing arguably the best basketball of his career and Antawn Jamison being consistently productive have kept them in a handful of games.  They started the hard five as I will call them against the Blazers at home where the game could have gone anyway had the Wizards had that killer instinct.  This game was the second in a back to back however and percentage drops for wins on the second night.  Regardless the team looked to have played a pretty solid game.  Two nights later they face my beloved Lakers.  Now I watched every minute of this game and I honestly believe the Wizards deserved to win this game, but they did not. The Lakers had jumped ahead by some twenty points when Phil Jackson put the games determination into the hands of his bench.  Now I am no genius, but I do know that the Wizards did not quit for one minute.  They came back and they did so with heart.  The game came down to the last minutes... something to this effect.  Kobe Bryant is fouled; the Lakers are up by one with the reigning MVP going to the line to at least secure overtime for the game.  Kobe had been 13 of 13 from the stripe this night and nothing could be more perfect, Bryant receives the ball at the stripe, goes through his pre shot routine... swoosh (or swish if you prefer that).  One down one to go, but wait before Kobe went to the line his former teammate Caron Butler stepped up to him and tried to get in his head... "I was messing with him," said Butler,”I went and walked up to him and said, 'Man, give me one."  Well looks like Kobe misses his old friend and decided to do just that... his second clanked rim and the Wizards had the ball down two points.  With few on the clock; Butler received the ball took it up court and stopped at half court.  He stares into the eyes of his man while eyeing the clock... less than ten seconds he starts making a move.  Butler starts the penetration and pulls up at the three, pump fakes, Trevor Ariza goes flying... open look...draws the front iron and bounces off.  "It felt real good," said Butler, who scored 26 points. "I had no intention of driving it. I was going for the win."  Why question it?  Something has to turn the season around and I for one have no problem with Caron going for the W against the best in the west.  Although this team lost that evening, I believe they found an identity. 

The Wizards would go on to lose the next game against Chicago, only to return with a huge win against Allen Iverson and the confused Pistons.  Tonight the Wizards faced the Celtics, but after they faced them the game was over.  I don’t think there is need to go into to much depth of what happened tonight.  The Celtics are the best team in basketball and there is no reason to feel ashamed or continuously talk about losses like this one.  So we will move forward and get ready for the future.

The future holds the Wiz making a trip to Philadelphia to play the Sixers and Elton Brand.  If I am a gambling man (and I am) I would put my money on the Wizards to step in that arena and pull off the upset.  Why?  Well because they are tired of losing, they have felt some good wins this season and I am sure they will begin to learn to win again.  The emergence of Andre Blatche is a boost that they need and as long as there in no setbacks with their all-stars or young star Nick Young this team can become a threat.

The Trade

The Wizards on 12/10/08 decided they are going to get rid of a veteran guard in Antonio Daniels and are going for the future.  The Wizards received Mike James and Javaris Crittenton for the exiled Antonio Daniels.  This trade is to be looked at for more explosiveness and with all due respect to Gilbert Arenas, I think they made the right move.  Agent 0 is taking an extremely long time to make his return and at the point he does come back who is to say he will be the same player he was before he went down.  Javaris Crittenton comes in to the organization in his second year.  He was drafted by the Lakers only to be traded away last year in the big steal known as the Pau Gasol deal.  Mike James is a proven scorer coming in from the Hornets.  This definitely adds some depth for the Wizards and will give them the flexibility to try new things and maybe pick up their tempo and use their speed as an advantage. 
Be faithful Wizards fan as your team is going to improve, just have patience.  -Josh Perry (L2408)


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And then they had one: Wizards win on the road

Washington Wizards logoWashington Wizards

The Nets come off a three game win streak, all in which were won on the road.  The Wizards well come in to this game not having won a game yet on the road (Only team to have not won a road game).  After losing 11 straight games, the win came at a good time as they beat their first Eastern Conference team in fashionable style. 

Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison put their foots down in this one, each dropped 22 points in a night where many would have called a Nets win.  Even DeShawn Stevenson got into the act adding 21 points to help cushion the win.  The game was closely contested through the first half as the Wizards had a 51-50 lead going into the break.  Then during the half Michael Jordan came into the locker room and handed the players some of that Space Jam water.  Obviously M.J. would not be anywhere near his former team, but something was said or done in the locker room because in the third period we saw the Wizards of the past.

The Wizards took the third quarter into their own hands as they went on a 14-3 run in the first 4:54 of the third.  The fun continued through the quarter as they closed out the 12 minutes outscoring New Jersey 35-12.  Do not forget this is the same Nets with Vince Carter putting up impressive numbers this year and young point guard Devin Harris who just went off against the Suns.  This team is definitely not a bunny and the Wizards looked like they were not either. Speaking of Devin Harris, he had 15 in the first half and was held by the Wiz defense to only 3 in the second. 

Caron Butler did leave with a knee injury, but shouldn't be anything to linger.  I will definitely update on the injury as more presents itself.  For now Wizards fans just sit back and enjoy this win as the Wizards go on a hard stretch.  They have the Blazers, Lakers and Bulls in their next three.  Nothing is impossible, but they sure need to keep up this intensity. 

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