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Week 5 NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions

Enjoy the read, and feel free to chime in with thoughts of your own: 

Here are my re-caps, random thoughts & opinions from Sunday's action. Enjoy the read:


Oakland    7

NY Giants 44 FINAL


- Well, there is good news for Raiders fans, sort of. JaMarcus Russell did complete over 60% of his passes. The bad news - he only passed for 100 yards. The Giants simply dominated this game from start to finish, and were without Eli Manning for most of the game. Ahmad Bradshaw is making his case to be the starting RB for the Giants. For Raiders fans, all I can say is - I empathize. It's time for Al Davis to do the right thing and turn the General Manager duties over to someone else.


Tampa Bay  14

Philadelphia 33 FINAL


- On the plus side for the Bucs, they did a decent job of shutting down the running game of the Eagles. Donovan McNabb was the leading rusher Sunday for the Eagles. But, the turnovers, missed opportunities, and the dropped passes beat the Bucs more than the Eagles did. I don't care who the QB is for the Bucs. When the WR's have almost as many dropped passes as receptions, there's a problem. On the flip side, Donovan McNabb had an efficient day; completing almost 80% of his passes. Rookie WR Jeremy Maclin showed us why the Eagles took him in the 1st round of the draft.


Dallas         26

Kansas City 20 FINAL OT


- The Cowboys have a long way to go before being considered a serious contender. But, credit Miles Austin for stepping it up and making the most of his opportunities with Roy Williams out of the game. I don't think even Michael Irvin ever had 250 yards receiving in a game. The Chiefs kept it competitive and showed up ready to play, but the defense let this team down late in the game. Way too many missed tackles.


Cincinnati 17

Baltimore 14 FINAL


- It's official. The balance of power has shifted in the AFC North. No way did I think the Ravens would lose this one after they were screwed by Tom Brady's personal referees last week. Credit the Bengals defense for coming out and dominating a Ravens offense that had been giving opponents nightmares all season. They made Joe Flacco look ordinary in this one. Cedric Benson is the first RB to rush for over 100 yards against the Ravens since Rudi Johnson did it in 2006. What makes this more impressive - they did it AT Baltimore. The Bengals are for real, and have now won seven or their last eight games going back to last season. It's time the AFC took this team seriously.


New England 17

Denver         20 FINAL OT


- Kudos to the Broncos for getting down 10-0 in this one and not deviating from their game plan. When all was said and done, the Broncos outplayed the Patriots in the passing game, the running game, and defense. Kyle Orton completed over 70% of his passes for 330 yards. The AFC West is now the Broncos' division to lose. Tom Brady's personal referees couldn't throw enough bogus flags in this one to help the Partriots out for a second consecutive week.


Minnesota 38

St. Louis   10 FINAL


- I think the Rams beat themselves in this one more than the Vikings beat them. The Rams actually had more rushing yards than the Vikings did. But, when you turn the ball over THAT many times against a good team, you don't have a prayer of winning. Good luck, Steve Spagnolo. On the flip side, another solid day for Favre. How long can his 40-year-old body hold up?


Pittsburg 28

Detroit    20 FINAL


- Ben Roethlisberger has a solid day, throwing for 277 yards and completing just under 80% of his passes. But, he was sacked and hit a few times in this one; suggesting that there may still be some lingering O-line isues. Rashard Mendenhall is a better back than Willie Parker and should be the starter for the rest of the season. I would be surprised at this point to see the Steelers stick with Parker. On the flip side, the Lions were competitive and will not be a push over for any team that plays them. But, their secondary must play better if they want more wins.


Washington 17

Carolina      20 FINAL


- The Redskins blew a 17-2 lead in this one. Ouch. They simply fell apart in the second half. I don't know how else to explain it. When you get only 145 yards out of your passing game, and 57 yards out of your leading rusher, you won't win too many games. Jim Zorn's seat isn't hot. It's burning. Credit the Panthers for hanging in there and not giving up on the game. The turnovers are still a big problem for the Panthers.


Cleveland 6

Buffalo     3 FINAL


- The Cleveland Browns made history Sunday. They completed TWO passes all game long and WON the game. That has never happened, and most likely will never happen again. I'd be surprised if Dick Jaron lasted the month as the head coach of the Bills. That performance was inexcuseable. As for the Browns, is the football nation to believe that a QB who goes a whole game and completes TWO passes is a better option than Brady Quinn? Good job, guys. Look what Mangini has done to that team through five weeks. Wow. Seriously, how excited can Browns fans be about that win? TWO complete passes?? Not even JaMarcus Russell is that bad. Yikes.


Atlanta          45

San Francisco 10 FINAL


- I wouldn't have wanted to be a player in the locker after this debacle. What the hell happened to the defense? It just simply disappeared. Well, the 49ers have an entire bye week to think about how badly they let their home crowd down in this one. Their defense killed me in my fantasy league. Way to show up for the game at home, guys. Thanks. On the flip side, welcome back Michael Turner. When I give up on the guy in my fantasy league and bench him for this one, he goes for three TD's. Thanks a lot, Michael; appreciate it. Matt Ryan looks like he remembers that he has a pretty good WR in Roddy White. It's about time he quit trying to force passes to Gonzales. Yep, about time to get your young WR's involved in the offense. Where the hell was all of this against New England two weeks ago?


Jacksonville 0

Seattle       41 FINAL


- Wow - did I misjudge this match-up. The Seahawks looked like a new team yesterday. They had it all working - offense, defense, special teams. I guess having Matt Hasselbeck back helps a lot. As for the Jags, they simply imploded. Perhaps the long road trip took its toll on them. Kinda hard to explain this collapse after dominating last week. What does Del Rio say to his team after this debacle?


Houston 21

Arizona  28 FINAL


- The Texans didn't start playing defense until the second half. Otherwise, they'd have dominated this contest. They had a chance to force OT, but were stopped at the goal-line. They're just too inconsistent and undisciplined to be considered a serious contender. They've spent the last three seasons drafting defensive players on draft day, yet their defense is getting worse. How do you explain that? Anyone? Anyone at all? The Cardinals will take this win, but no way should they have let the Texans back in this one they way they did. Their defense has issues of it's own, and their inability to run the ball will catch up to them sooner or later.


Indianapolis 31

Tennessee    9 FINAL


- OK, NOW can we quit putzing around with 38-year-old Kerry Collins and see if Vince Young is the Titans QB of the future? Peyton Manning and that offense had control of this game almost from the start. The Titans had no chance in this one. Jeff Fisher's stubbornness is costing this team.


NY Jets 27

Miami   31 FINAL


- This was the best game this week. The Dolphins secondary gave up too many big plays. But, the Dolphins O-line was outstanding in this one. Chad Henne was not sacked in this game. The running game was solid and efficient. Great job of clock control at the end of the game to make sure the Jets didn't have enough time to score at the end. On the flip side, it's a miracle! Braylon Edwards has remembered how to catch passes. Wow. How about that, huh? So, what happens a couple of years from now when Edwards gets unhappy again and wants more money? Will he start dropping passes again to hurt his team? Hope your faith in Edwards is justified, Rex.

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Week 5 Picks & Predictions

Here are my week 5 picks & predictions. Feel free to chime in and give your thoughts.  Enjoy the read:




Bengals @ Ravens-- The Ravens, fortunately, only have to battle the Bengals this week. They won't have to battle the referees as well. The Bengals struggled against the Browns last week. The Ravens are furious after last week's debacle with the referees' bogus roughing-the-passer calls deciding the outcome of the game. It will show in their play; expecially at home. Expect a big day from the defense and from Joe Flacco. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Vikings @ Rams-- This is the Rams we're talking about. Even if they manage to contain Adrian Peterson, it doesn't appear that Brett Favre has begun to wore down yet. PREDICTION: VIKINGS

 Buccaneers @ Eagles-- The Eagles are coming off a bye week and are at home. The Bucs are coming off a tough game against the Redskins that they should have won. They let a struggling Redskins offense take this game from them. I'm not liking the Bucs chances in this one. PREDICTION: EAGLES



Redskins @ Panthers-- The Redskins just hired themselves an offensive consultant to fix their offensive woes. The Panthers are intent on sticking with Jake Delhomme despite being the king of turnovers this season. The Panthers were flat out awful in their last game against Dallas. It is shocking to me that John Fox didn't see fit to make any changes. Expect the Redskins defense to give Delhomme nightmares all day and help their team win the turnover battle. I like the 'Skins in an upset here. PREDICTION: REDSKINS


Steelers @ Lions-- The Lions may be without Matthew Stafford due to his knee injury. Stafford is what makes the Lions go. Dante Culpepper's not going to get it done against the Superbowl champs. Easy pick here. PREDICTION: STEELERS


Raiders @ Giants-- Even if Eli Manning can't go, you have to like the Giants chances here. They face a starting QB who's completing less than 40% of his passes. Darren McFadden is out. The WR's are dropping more passes than Braylon Edwards. Not much to like about the Raider's chances here. PREDICTION: GIANTS


Cowboys @ Chiefs-- The second straight road game for the Cowboys, which is tough for any team. They face a Chiefs team desperate for a win; and Matt Cassel must start to prove he was worth the investment the Chiefs made in him. The Chiefs come out and play tough, but they're simply not good enough to shut down that Cowboys running game. Closer than people think, but the Cowboys pull it off. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


Browns @ Bills-- It's official. Dick Jaron's job is on the line. The Bills were blown out by the Dolphins last week. The feeling is we'll see a much better Bills team this week. Derek Anderson doesn't excite me as the Browns QB. This is 2009; not 2007. I don't care what he did two years ago. This is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately game. The Browns are one of the worst offenses and defenses in the league. Expect Marshawn Lynch to have a bigger impact in this one, and for T.O. to make a few grabs and at least one TD. Bills bounce back in a big way. PREDICTION: BILLS


Falcons @ 49ers-- The 49ers defense has become one of the best in the league, and has led them to a surprising 3-1 record. I'm not thrilled with Shaun Hill as their QB. But, he hasn't lost them any games yet. On the other side, Michael Turner has struggled running the ball all season. I expect those struggles to continue against this defense. Matt Ryan has not proven that he can take over a game and win it this season. Expect their offensive and defensive struggles to continue. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Texans @ Cardinals-- The Texans are a team I just can't figure out. When I believe in them, they have the worst game of their lives. When I give up on them, they have a dominant game. The one thing I DO know about them is that they can score points. It will be interesting to see how the Andre Johnson / Larry Fitzgerald match-up pans out. The one thing the Texans can do which the Cardinals can't is run the ball. Expect that to be the difference in the game. Upset special #2. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Jaguars @ Seahawks-- The Jaguars seem to have gotten their offense going. That's not good news for the 'Hawks, who may or may not have Matt Hasselbeck back for this one. I expect the Seahawks defense to play better than they did last week. But, I look for Maurice Jones-Drew to be the difference-maker here. Jags pull it out in a close one. PREDICTION: JAGUARS


Patriots @ Broncos-- It's impossible to beat a team when you're playing against the team AND against the referees. The referees want to treat Tom Brady one way, and the other 31 QB's in the league another way. You've gotta be kidding me with those roughing-the-passer calls last week. You can't win when you have to battle the Patriots AND Tom Brady's personal referees. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Colts @ Titans-- Jeff Fisher is stubbornly sticking with the 37-year-old Kerry Collins as his starting QB, and hasn't accepted that this isn't 2008 anymore. Anyone at all here think Collins will keep up with Peyton Manning?............................... Didn't think so. Expect Titans fans to continue to pay for Fisher's stubbornness. PREDICTION: COLTS


Jets @ Dolphins-- The Jets come off a tough loss and travel to Miami to face a very underrated Dolphins defense. Yes, the Jets defense is tough, but no one's talking about the Dolphins defense. Anticipating that the Jets will plan to blitz Chad Henne early and often, expect the running game to be the focus of the Dolphins' game plan. Both QB's figure to struggle some against the opposing defense. Whoever plays better defense and can run the ball will win this one. I like the Dolphins running game better than the Jets, so I'll go with the home team to make it two straight. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

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Week 4 Preview & Predictions:

Good morning, NFL addicts!  Here are my picks & predictions for week 4. Enjoy the read, and feel free to chime in with opinions & predictions of your own.


Lions @ Bears - The Lions are not the laughing stock of the NFL anymore. They will win a few more games this year. I don't think this will be one of them. Asking this young Lions team to go into Soldier field with a rookie QB and rookie head coach and win is too tall an order. The game will be close, but Cutler and company come out on top. PREDICTION: BEARS


Bengals @ Browns - The Browns are pathetic, and compound their difficulties with one dumb decision after another. Eric Mangini is not fit to coach an Intermediate School girls soccer team. Derek Anderson threw three interceptions against a Ravens team that gave up nearly 500 yards passing to Philip Rivers the week before. Sure, Brady Quinn hasn't exactly lit it up, but how do you bench him for a guy that threw three picks and has been statistically worse in every category going back to last year? Good job, Mangini. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Titans @ Jaguars - People say they can't see the Titans fall to 0-4. I can. Jeff Fisher has committed to sticking with Kerry Collins, a mistake the team will continue to pay for. Neither team can stop anybody on defense. Both teams are running the ball well. I look for the passing game to be the difference in this contest. David Garrard will make less mistakes than Collins and take care of the ball. Everyone will pick the Titans to win based on desperation. I'm going against the grain on this pick. PREDICTION: JAGUARS


Giants @ Chiefs - Eli Manning is 3rd in the NFL in passing. The Chiefs are somewhere near the basement. The Giants led the league in rushing yards last Sunday. The Chiefs rushed for 38 yards last week, and are talking about the possibility that Matt Cassel could be benched. This once-proud franchise is a mess. They are in denial about Larry Johnson and continue to stick with him as their starting RB. He's the one guy on this team they SHOULD bench. Giants win big. PREDICTION: GIANTS


Ravens @ Patriots - Everyone will pick the Patriots to win this one because they are the Patriots. Not me. The Ravens are the better team on offense, defense, and special teams. I see nothing from the Patriots that suggests to me that they can stop Joe Flacco and that offense. Tom Brady just isn't the same QB, and it's time to accept the fact that this isn't the '07 Patriots. Tuck rules and a team of aging veterans won't save the Pats on Sunday. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Raiders @ Texans - JaMarcus Russell has got to be the most disappointing #1 overall draft pick in history, and that's saying something. He's just flat-out awful. Not even the struggling Texans defense can make Russell look good in this one. Expect a huge day for Andre Johnson & company. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Buccaneers @ Redskins: The Bucs turn to Josh Johnson to run their offense. Not sure why they didn't go with Josh Freeman at QB; particularly when they've said in interviews that he is the future of this team. Johnson faces a Redskins defense on the road; angry with their loss to the Lions. The feeling here is the Redskins wake up and get in the end zone a few times. I just don't see them losing at home to a team that had 5 first downs last week. PREDICTION: REDSKINS


Seahawks @ Colts - Peyton Manning is on fire. For the 'Hawks, Aaron Curry is starting to live up to the expectations the team had for him when they selected him #5 overall. They fought hard against the Bears. I just don't think they have enough there to compete with the Colts O-line, Manning, and the rejuvenated running game. Colts win by at least 10. PREDICTION: COLTS


Jets @ Saints - Great match-up here. The Jets defense versus the Saints offense. Yes - the Jets will blitz Drew Brees early and often. The Saints will expect that, and turn to their running game; the very same running game that led them to victory last week over the Bills. No team in the league is more balanced on offense than the Saints. The Jets defense keeps it close, but in the end, I don't see Mark Sanchez putting up more points than Drew Brees. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Bills @ Dolphins - Most people are so high on Chad Pennington, they have doomed the team for the rest of the season because of his injury. Most think Chad Henne won't get it done because of his inexperience. I disagree. Sure, Chad Pennington's completion percentage is impressive, but most of those passes are under ten yards. Wins get you to a Superbowl; not stats. How many games has Pennington won in his past 4 starts? ZERO - that's how many. It was time for a QB change anyway; whether Dolphins fans can accept it or not. It's time to see if Henne is your future QB anyway. The only thing the Bills have proved to me this season is that they can't close the deal. They'll start out well in this one, as they did their other games. But, they face a good defense in the Dolphins that won't let Fred Jackson run up and down the field on them. Chad Henne will make some mistakes. But, the kid can throw the ball down the field, which is something they didn't have on offense with Pennington. I'll go out on a limb here and say it will be the difference in this game. Chad Henne sparks this offense to victory. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Rams @ 49ers - The Rams might actually be better off with Kyle Boller at QB. Stephen Jackson is having a solid season, and is the Rams only real scoring threat. Expect this 49ers defense to key in on shutting down Jackson; forcing Boller or Bulger to beat them. It won't happen on Singletary's watch. Expect a big day by the 49ers 'D'. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Cowboys @ Broncos - The Broncos bring a pretty darn good defense to the table as well. The Cowboys are #1 in the league in rushing. So, what gives? I don't think the Broncos have faced an offensive line quite like this yet. Any one of the three Cowboys RB's is capable of putting up over 100 yards or better. The Broncos defense keeps it close, but in the end, I think the Cowboys running game prevails. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


Chargers @ Steelers - This is a difficult pick. Philip Rivers will put up his usual big numbers in this one. The Chargers have been having trouble scoring TD's in the red zone, and they still don't have LaDanian Tomlinson. The Steelers can't run the ball and their defense is wearing down late in games. So, what gives? I'll take the Steelers 'D' at home. I think they bounce back in this one and pressure Rivers into one too many mistakes. PREDICITON: STEELERS


Packers @ Vikings - Ladies and gentelmen - it's the Circus Bowl. Brett Favre against his old team. I think Dom Capers will have his defense ready in this one. What is comes down to is - I think the Packers will play harder for Aaron Rodgers than the Vikings will for Brett Favre. Packers take home the win in the upset. PREDICTION: PACKERS

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Week 3 Sunday Re-caps, Random Thoughts & Opinions

Here are my Sunday NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions for week 3:


NY Giants 24

Tampa Bay 0 FINAL


- A dominating day for the Giants in this one. The defense was lights-out even without Kenny Philips. The goal line stand late in the 4th quarter is impressive. I'd like to see Brandon Jacobs run the ball better. He just doesn't seem like the dominant runner he was last year. Free agent rookie RB Gatrell Johnson looked good in limited action. For the Bucs, it's time to go with Josh Freeman or Josh Johnson at QB. You're 0-3, coach Morris. It's time for a change.


Miami       13

San Diego 23 FINAL


- Ronnie Brown had 56 yards rushing at half-time. Can anyone out there explain to me why they stopped using him in the second half? Anyone at all? Even with Chad Henne in the game, the coach did not call any deep pass plays. I just don't get what they're doing down there in Miami. The wildcat is cute, but at some point, you have to try to throw the ball down the field. Philip Rivers had a good day, but must do better in the red zone. This should have been a blowout.


Tennessee 17

NY Jets      24 FINAL


- The Titans stubborly stick with Kerry Collins at QB, and continue to pay for it. 15 of 37 for 170 yards isn't going to get it done. Running team or not, I think it's time to give Vince Young another chance. As for the Jets, their defense continues to come up big. Mark Sanchez wasn't spectacular but took care of the football and got the job done when the running game failed. This Jets team is for real.


Kansas City 14

Philadelphia 34 FINAL


- Matt Cassel completed almost 80% of his passes, but passed for only 90 yards. Blame that on the play-calling; not the QB. Larry Johnson rushed for 38 yards on 19 carries. Accept it, Kansas City. Johnson is not a featured back anymore. Poor coaching and play-calling continue to plague the Chiefs. As for the Eagles, Kevin Kolb had a second straight week with well over 300 yards passing. They are set at QB when McNabb decides to pack it in and call it a career.


Atlanta        10

New England 26 FINAL


- The Patriots were more balanced on offense than we've seen this year, but still don't look like the same team that the "experts" built them up to be before the season began. Credit Randy Moss and Fred Taylor for coming up big when it mattered. As for the Falcons, Michael Turner stunned the fantasy football world with yet another subpar performance. He managed just 56 yards rushing in this one. The Falcons tried to force the ball to Gonzalez and White a bit much in this one. Their game plan on offense was predictable and Bellichik had this game plan well scouted. Tony Gonzalez was held to just one catch.


Cleveland 3

Baltimore 34 FINAL


- Eric Mangini may have the shortest tenure at head coach in NFL history at this rate. He benches Brady Quinn after standing behind the guy to the media. Derek Anderson - who never should have been in this so-called QB competition to begin with - comes off the bench and throws 3 interceptions against a Ravens defense that gave up almost 500 yards passing last week to Philip Rivers. Does ANYONE really believe Derek Anderson is a better option than Brady Quinn? Why? Someone explain it to me. Aside from Anderson's size, I guess I'm just missing what the appeal is. Perhaps it's time for Mangini to take the blame upon himself for the team's dismal, putrid performances, instead of blaming his QB? As for the Ravens, they continue to roll. Flacco was outstanding, and Willis McGahee finally got his ground game going. On the other hand, how difficult is that against a Browns defense that can't stop anyone? I'd still like to see the Ravens score like this against stiffer competition.


Green Bay 36

St. Louis   17 FINAL


- The Packers got back on track in this one. Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Grant has solid games. Still, the defense, which I thought would be much better this season, gave up over 300 yards to a Rams team that has only managed 7 points in it's first two games. They must do better than that against the Vikings next week. Looks like it's back to the drawing board for Dom Capers. Credit Kyle Boller for coming off the bench and playing better than Marc Bulger has the entire season. Clearly, it's time for the Rams to make future QB plans. Marc Bulger is NOT the answer. Stephen Jackson had a solid day; leading the team in rushing & receiving, perhaps giving Rams fans something to look forward to next week.


San Francisco 24

Minnesota      27 FINAL


- I couldn't help but feel badly for the 49ers in this one. They should have won this game. The entire game was a battle; one of the best games on Sunday to watch. It came down to a fluke TD pass at the end that even Brett Favre himself admitted was lucky in his press conference. The question still remains - will Brett Favre still be playing like this in December? Or will his 40-year old body wear down like it did last season? Credit both teams here for a great defensive battle and a great overall game. The 49ers have nothing to be ashamed of.


Jacksonville 31

Houston      24 FINAL


- I just don't get the Texans. Their defense is even worse than it was last year, which is astonishing considering they spent the entire offseason trying to improve it. They go on the road and beat the Titans; something they'd never done @ Tennessee; then lose at home to Jacksonville? Huh? Someone please explain the Texans to me. Anyone...........


Washington 14

Detroit        19 FINAL


- I had this pegged for an upset, and I was right. Congratulations to Matthew Stafford for his first NFL victory, and congrats to the Lions for their first win since 2007. Watching them, you can see the attitude changing for this team. You get the feeling that they're sick and tired of being the laughing stock of the NFL. I'll go out on a limb and say those days are done. There is talent there with Stafford, Kevin Smith, and Calvin Johnson. The defense is improving. This is a team that may win five or six games this season. As for the Redskins, they didn't play particularly badly on offense. Jason Campbell passed for 340 yards. The problem was they couldn't run the ball nor score enough points. The media insistsJim Zorn's job is safe. I'm not so sure.


Chicago 25

Seattle  19 FINAL


- The Seahawks played better than I expected in this one, Credit Seneca Wallace and Julius Jones for stepping it up in Hasselbeck's absence. Jay Cutler completed over 75% of his passes in this one and stepped it up when the running game struggled. It turned out to be the difference in the game. Jay Cutler to Earl Bennett - ever think you'd have an NFL combination like this? Both are Vanderbilt alumni - something we may never see again.


New Orleans 27

Buffalo         7 FINAL


- The Bills defense held Drew Brees in check in this one; limiting Brees to just 172 yards. Credit Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush for stepping it up in the running game. It was the difference in this game. The Bills kept it competitive most of the game, but folded in the 4th quarter when it mattered. 17 of the Saints 27 points were scored in the 4th QTR. The Bills will never be considered a serious contender until the team learns to finish games.


Denver  23

Oakland 3 FINAL


- The Broncos didn't have to do much in this one. JaMarcus Russell was absolutely pathetic; managing just 61 yards passing. What happened to the improved QB we saw in week 1? Where is Darrius Heyward-Bey; the WR the Raiders drafted ahead of Michael Crabtree # 7 overall? How do you draft a WR THAT high in the draft and NOT utilize him? I don't get it. They looked almost as ugly as the Browns on Sunday. Yikes. As for the Broncos, they are back to their old formula - a solid running game and stingy defense. Can they keep it up when their schedule gets more difficult?


Pittsburg   20

Cincinnati 23 FINAL


- It's official. The Steelers dominance in the AFC North is over. For a second straight game, they failed to put the game away in the 4th quarter. They were outscored 20-7 in the second half; which will happen late in games when you can't run the ball. Willie Parker managed almost 100 yards rushing, but averaged less than 4 yards per carry. Credit Carson Palmer for coming up big late in the game when it mattered; on a day when the Bengals defense stuggled a bit. On the plus side for Steeler fans, rookie WR Mike Wallace looks good, and may unseat Limas Sweed for the #3 WR slot if he hasn't already.


Indianapolis 31

Cardinals     10 FINAL


- Peyton Manning was sensational in this one - 379 yards - 4TD's. The Cardinals defense had no answers for him. Manning threw 17 less passes than Kurt Warner did, and still outgained Warner by 47 yards. Dallas Clark is the best TE in the league right now. That's right; NOT Antonio Gates; NOT Tony Gonzalez; NOT Jason Witten. Dallas Clark is better than any of them right now. No linebacker in the league can cover this guy. As for the Cardinals, Warner hit his big numbers, but had to throw the ball 52 times. The play-calling and coaching for the Cardinals was questionable at best. Riddle me this - why did the Cardinals draft Chris "Beanie" Wells with their first round pick? Why did they waste the draft pick? The kid got TWO carries in this game. That's right - TWO. Why'd they bother drafting him?

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Wk 2 NFL Sunday Re-caps,Random Thoughts &Opinions

Here is the week 2 version of my Sunday NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions. Feel free to chime in:


New York Giants 33

Dallas 31 FINAL


- On the negative side, The Giants were unable to run the ball nor stop the run. That has to get corrected. On the flip side, what an incredible performance by Eli Manning, Steve Smith, and Mario Manningham. The Giants may have found their new #1 receiver in playmaker Mario Manningham. Very few WR's in the league are better route runners than Steve Smith. The passing game of the New York Giants has arrived. While the run blocking was attrocious, the pass blocking by the O-line was outstanding. I found it interesting that Eli Manning was the QB who kept his composure while Tony Romo seemed to be the nervous one. Like Eli or not, what he did last night in THAT environment was impressive. Eli Manning is the real deal. He has proved me wrong.


New Orleans 48

Philadelphia 22 FINAL


- Drew Brees is simply the best QB in the NFL at this moment. 9 TD's in just two games. WOW! Reggie Bush finally contributed as a runner. The Saints defense wasn't great but kept the Eagles offense at bay enough to get the job done. The one plus Eagles fans can take away from this game is QB Kevin Kolb. He put up almost 400 yards passing in his first NFL start, and looks to me to be a better pure passer than Donnovan McNabb. The Eagles have their QB of the future.


New England 9

New York Jets 16 FINAL


- Perhaps no victory was more impressive than this one. I tore into the Houston Texans because they were held to zero offensive TD's last week against the Jets, but maybe the Jets defense really IS that good. The Jets have now gone two games without giving up an offensive TD. Rex Ryan has put his stamp on this team in a major way. While I'm not a fan of the trash talking, you can't help but be impressed when a team can shut out the Patriots in the 2nd half of a game. Two games into the season, Rex Ryan looks like an early candidate for head coach of the year. Mark Sanchez played well and took care of the football. "Experts" will make excuses for the Patriots. Not me. Perhaps the balance of power is FINALLY shifting in the AFC East, and perhaps, the AFC as a whole.


Baltimore 31

San Diego 26 FINAL


- The Chargers let one get away here. They were the more talented team and had more than double the yards that the Ravens had. But, they never recovered from early turnovers and falling behind early. Philip Rivers statistically has the best day of his career, but couldn't manage to get it in the end zone when it mattered most. They must run the ball better. The Ravens scored TD's when they had to, and ran the ball the way I thought the Chargers would, which was the difference in the game. It wasn't pretty, but the Ravens will take it. They sit atop the AFC North, alone, in 1st place.


St. Louis 7

Washington 9 FINAL


- The Rams are averaging 3.5 points per game on offense. That'd be pretty good if we were talking about soccer or hockey, but it just doesn't cut it in the NFL. The Redskins did a better job of limiting mistakes in this one and doing enough to get the job done. As for the Rams, they'd better go out and find some playmakers on offense or we may have a team go 0-16 for the second consecutive year. A good defensive effort by the Rams went to waste.


Houston 34

Tennessee 31 FINAL


- Will the REAL Houston Texans please stand up? This was perhaps the most shocking upset on Sunday. After coming out flat and emotionless at home last week, the Texans bounce back in a major way in a hostile environment and overcome a ridiculous performance by Titans' RB Chris Johnson. Their defense is awful. But, they tightened up late in the game when it mattered most. Matt Schaub has finally arrived. For the Titans, their defense has some weaknesses. Perhaps this defense was overestimated. The Titans are now 0-2, and must prepare to go to the Meadowlands to face a Jets team that's only given up a total of 16 points for the entire season. The team with last season's best regular season record is staring an 0-3 start in the face. As for the Texans, great win but they simply must play better defense to be considered a serious contender. When I see them hold an opponent or two to 2 TD's or less, I'll be convinced.


Oakland 13

Kansas City 10 FINAL


- JaMarcus Russell regressed badly in this one. He had only 3 complete passes going into the 4th quarter. I don't have a clue how the Raiders won this game. Guess you can thank the Raiders defense for this one. They picked off Matt Cassel 3 times and bailed their anemic offense out. The Raiders looked nothing like the team that nearly upset the Chargers, and looked more like the Raiders team that went 5-11 last season. They simply must get more out of their passing game for anyone to take them seriously.


Arizona 31

Jacksonville 17 FINAL


- Kurt Warner look more like the probowler we saw last season in this one. While the numbers weren't huge, Warner did complete 93% of his passes; a new record for a regular season game. After playing the Colts tough in the opener, the Jags defense fell asleep in this one; letting the Cards get out to a 24-3 lead the team never recovered from. Now, the question is: which Cardinals team shows up next week? An even better question - why did Maurice Jones-Drew only get 13 carries for the entire game? Note to Del Rio - get this guy more involved in the game!!!


Cincinnati 31

Green Bay 24 FINAL


- This was perhaps the most disappointing game of the day. The Packers got beat at home by a Bengals team that couldn't score a TD last week until late in the 4th. I just don't get it. To add insult to injury, Chad "Ochocinco", quite possibly the most annoying, obnoxious NFL player there ever was, does the Lambeau leap into the crowd after his TD catch, which is a direct slap in the face to the Packers. Talk about getting disrespected. Aaron Rodgers didn't have a great day, but had absolutely no help from his defense in this one. What happened to that new Dom Capers defense that was dominating all year so far? After a hug division win, this loss is not only disappointing. This loss downright hurts.


Minnesota 27

Detriot 13 FINAL


- The Lions were competitive most of the game, but the talent difference between the teams caught up to them in the second half. There are some positives that Lions fans can take away from this game. The defense held Adrian Peterson to under 100 yards rushing. Aside from one or two huge runs late in the game, they held Peterson in check for most of the day. On the flip side, they STILL haven't won a game since 2007. Jim Schwartz must open up the playbook a bit and trust his rookie QB Matthew Stafford. After all, they ARE paying him $42 mil guaranteed. Let the kid air it out. He's got Calvin Johnson to throw to. You've got nothing to lose! You haven't won a game in two years. Conservative playcalling is NOT the way to go.


Carolina 20

Atlanta 28 FINAL


- A much better outing by Delhomme & the Panthers, but the more-talented Falcons team did what they were supposed to do and took care of business at home. Matt Ryan played well. Michael Turner has to do better. He averaged less than 4 yards per carry Sunday and has only one TD in two games. He's a big back. The coaches need to involve him more in their red zone offense.


Seattle 10

San Francisco 23 FINAL


- The 49ers defense was impressive once again, and they got their running game going. This team just got THAT much more dangerous. Hasselbeck's injury hurt the 'Hawks. But, I'm not sure Hasselbeck being out there would have made a difference in the outcome. The 49ers defense and the ground game controlled the tempo of this game from the start. The Seahawks' leading rusher was held to 35 yards. You won't win many games when you stuggle to run the ball like that. Mike Singletary and his new-look 49ers are in 1st place in the NFC West. If you go back to last season, Singletary is now 7-4 as the head coach of the 49ers.


Tampa Bay 20

Buffalo 33 FINAL


- This is the outcome most everyone expected after the Bills almost upset the Patriots. Still, if you're a Bills fan, you can't help but be concerned by the way the team came out and played lethargically in the second half. They dominated early; then just kinda went through the motions for about the next 30 minutes or so while letting the Bucs hang around in this one. While they were in no danger of losing this one, you can't help but wonder when that rest-on-the-lead mentality is going to catch up to them. I saw no urgency from the Bills in the second half until the Bucs came within 6 in the 4th. If you're a Bucs fan, you have to at least appreciate that the offense is playing better and scoring some points. But, it's back to the drawing board for that once-dominating defense.


Cleveland 6

Denver 27 FINAL


- Brady Quinn wasn't terrible in this one. But, when your leading rusher can only manage 38 yards on 14 carries, you're not going to win many games. Another impressive game by the Broncos defense. Kyle Orton wasn't great, but the Broncos ran the ball well enough and the defense has given up a total of 13 points on the season. Perhaps Josh McDaniels wasn't as dumb as many thought he was when he traded Jay Cutler for those draft picks. This defense is the real deal.


Pittsburg 14

Chicago 17 FINAL


- The Steelers lack of a running game finally caught up with them. They can't expect to keep winning games when they can't run the ball. 47 yards on 14 carries by Willie Parker - not going to get it done. They can't keep expecting Ben Roethlisberger to run around all over the place; throwing the ball on the run hoping someone makes a circus catch. This isn't a cartoon or a video game. That only works for so long. And, more puzzling; this Bears defense didn't have Brian Urlacher. The Bears stuggled as much as the Steelers did running the ball in this one. Credit Jay Cutler for shaking off that rusty performance last week and coming up big in this one when it mattered.

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Week 1 NFL Re-caps, Random Thoughts, & Opinions

Tennessee 10

Pittsburg    13 FINAL OT (Thurs)


- If you love defensive contests, then you loved this game. Still, I came away from this game with concerns for BOTH teams. Kerry Collins is no Drew Brees. If the Titans think Collins gives them their best chance to go to the superbowl, then they're in trouble. The missed field goals are a concern. As sloppy as they played, the Titans should have won this game. As for the Steelers, how long can late-game heroics from Ben Roethlisberger carry this team? That offensive line is going to get Ben Roethlisberger killed. And, What happened to the Steeler's running game? The team looks good, but is no lock to repeat as SB champs. Credit BOTH defensives for forcing turnovers and keeping things interesting.


Washington 17

NY Giants    23 FINAL


- This game was not as close as the score indicates. The late TD the Giants gave up bothers me. But, in a classic NFC East battle, the Giants defense held the Redskins to 272 total yards. The defense had three sacks and forced two turnovers. The Giants struggled to run the ball in this one and struggled in the red zone. However, credit Eli Manning for managing the game well and spreading the ball around. I'll take several quality receivers over a "#1" WR with character issues any day. So far so good for life after Burress, Umenyiora's return, and Bill Sheridan in his first season as D-Coordinator.


Miami   7

Atlanta 19 FINAL


- I think it's time for the Dolphins coaching staff to face it. The Wildcat is not sneaking up on anyone this season, and Chad Pennington CANNOT throw the ball down the field. Quit screwing around with Pennington and Pat White and get Chad Henne on the field pronto! That offense was putrid yesterday. Chad Pennington and gimmick plays with Pat White are not going to get the Dolphins deep into the playoffs. Chad Henne is a strong, young QB who is accurate and can throw the deep ball. The time to see what the kid's got is NOW. Keep running that offense we saw Sunday, and the Dolphins may go from first back to worst. On the other side, credit the Falcons defense for stepping up on an afternoon when their own offense struggled; with Michael Turner producing less than 70 yds rushing.


Dallas        34

Tampa Bay 21 FINAL


- The Bucs were competitive through most of this game. Take away those two blown coverages late in the second half that went for long TD's, and the Bucs win this game. Tony Romo hit a career high in passing YDs in one game. Next on deck: the home opener in their one trillion dollar stadium; with their billion dollar; 100ft. TV screen; against the Giants. Felix Jones looked awfully good in this game. Not sure why they didn't use him more.


NY Jets 24

Houston 7 FINAL


- Wow. Was that REALLY last year's #3 offense? To say this was a huge letdown to the fans and the Texans themselves is a understatement. Zero offensive TD's and 17 yards rushing from Steve Slaton is not how you want to start your season at home; especially for a Texans team that has playoff hopes coming into this season. The Texans defense looks just like it did last year, with the new additions not seeming to make much of a difference. This has the look of a team destined for, yet, another underacheiving season. On the other side, credit Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan, and the new-look Jets defense for opening up their season with a win on the road. Brett who?


Eagles    38

Panthers 10 FINAL


- This win had more to do with how bad the Panthers are than how good the Eagles are. McNabb only had 79 yards passing, and managed to break his ribs. Jake Delhomme played so poorly, he was benched in this one. Four INT's and a lost fumble; all resulting in scores, and in the post-game press conference he says "....stuff happens....". Are you kidding me? THIS is who the Panthers are paying $20 mil to in guaranteed money? With no QB of the future on the roster and a ton of money dumped into a complacent Jake Delhomme, this team is in serious trouble. Don't be shocked to see this team finish in the basement in this division.


Kansas City 24

Baltimore    38 FINAL


- Forget the Ravens of old. They are gone. That defense is not the same without Rex Ryan, Bart Scott, and Jim Leonard. The Chiefs - without their $60 mil starting QB - were in this game until late in the 4th QB. It took a 300+ yd performance by Joe Flacco to beat a team many thought would be among the worst in the league this season. Right before our eyes, the Baltimore Ravens became an offensive football team Sunday. On the other side, credit Todd Haley and the Chiefs for making a game out of this. Did ANYONE out there think the Chiefs would put up 24 points against the Ravens - without Matt Cassel?


Detriot         27

New Orleans 45 FINAL


- Rookie QB Matthew Stafford had a rough go of it in his first career start. But, credit the kid for hanging in there and not letting the pressure get to him. I don't believe Culpepper or any other QB on that roster would have faired any better. As for the Saints, Drew Brees is a stud. He threw for 6 TD's and completed almost 75% of his passes. He is my early pick for league MVP. Still, you have to wonder if the leaky defense and the lack of a legitimate red zone running game won't catch up to the Saints like it did last season.


Jacksonville 12

Indianapolis 14 FINAL


- It wasn't pretty, and the Colts won't be any where near the team they were in the past. Clearly, there will be a transitional period due to losing their head coach, offensive coordinator, and Defensive coordinator. But, Peyton Manning's 301 YDs were enough to get the job done against a competitive Jaguars team that came ready to play. I thought Jacksonville got away from their running game a bit too much in this one. Jones-Drew almost averaged 5 yards per carry. Why Del Rio didn't call more running plays is beyond me. The Colts never had more than a seven point lead in this one. The Colts are no lock for this division title by any means. They still can't run the ball, and are suddenly struggling to score in the red zone. The loss of Anthony Gonzales will hurt.


Minnesota 34

Cleveland 20 FINAL


- If you're anything like me, you wish Brett Favre would just go away already. But, this win had nothing to do with him. The difference in this game was the defense and Adrian Peterson doing what he does best; taking advantage of a leaky defense and controlling the tempo of the game. Brady Quinn didn't look too bad in this one. If the defense had been able to stop Peterson, the Browns might have had a chance in this one.


Denver    12

Cincinnati 7 FINAL


- In a just-about unwatchable game, this one ends on a fluke play with the Bengals defender tipping the pass; Brandon Stokely catching it off the tip, and taking it 89 yds for a TD. You've gotta be sick to your stomach if you're a Bengals fan. Credit the Broncos defense for keeping this game close enough to win when their offense couldn't get it going.


St. Louis 0

Seattle   28 FINAL


- The Rams offense was anemic in this game. Seattle's defense played well, and the offense was efficient. Matt Haselbeck played well, and Julius Jones has the look of a RB they can count on this season. As for the Rams, they need some offensive playmakers, and need to accept the fact that Marc Bulger is not the answer. The sooner they accept that; the sooner they can start getting better as a franchise.


San Francisco 20

Arizona          16 FINAL


- I can guarentee almost no one predicted the NFC champs would lose their home opener to the 49ers. The 49ers are a gritty hard-playing bunch that will play hard for Mike Singletary. This win surprises me, but it doesn't shock me. The defense for the 49ers was a nightmare for Kurt Warner most of the day. Shaun Hill doesn't excite me as the 49ers starter. I think Nate Davis is the best QB on that team. Regardless, Hill and Frank Gore did enough to get the job done and secure a tough win on the road. Kudos to Singletary and his team. As for the Cardinals, the only time they've looked good all season (going back to the preseason) is when Matt Leinart has been out there. Kurt Warner just doesn't look the same and neither does that offense. They're missing Todd Haley big time, and when your leading receiver (12 catches; 120 or so yards) is a running back; on a team that has Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, there's something wrong with your offense. The Cardinals have the look of a team that may take a step back. The 49ers have the look of a possible playoff team.


Chicago    15

Green Bay 21 FINAL


- A rough start for BOTH QB's in this game. That right tackle of the Packers was horrible. He personally gave up - what - 4 sacks and a safety? McCarthy better reconsider who he starts at RT. Credit Aaron Rodgers and the play-calling for that brilliantly executed play action pass that put the Packers over the top for good. The Packers defense, which I am proub to say is on BOTH of my fantasy football teams, had four picks in this one; including a late one to seal the win. Jay Cutler will be a good QB but will ultimately need better weapons around him before he can prosper in this offense.

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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - Updated 9/8/09

Some NFL Tidbits & Rumors. Enjoy.


In this era of blogging, Tweeting, texting and Facebooking, Browns coach Eric Mangini hopes to keep his starting quarterback a secret from the Minnesota Vikings until Sunday's opener. Will he be able to pull it off? He said Monday he's decided between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, but won't announce it during the week. He also said he'll tell the two quarterbacks in independent conversations in the near future.


Richard Seymour did not show up for practice with his new team yesterday. He did not report for a physical or anything else. He has yet to don the Silver & Black of the Oakland Raiders. He remains at his North Attleboro home. Because, according to Raiders coach Tom Cable, some issues need to be ironed out between Seymour and the Patriots [team stats] before the five-time Pro Bowl defensive end reports to the team. According to a league source, the hangup appears to be a financial one with the Patriots.


It is hard to see how Andy Reid will survive as the Eagles' coach if Michael Vick has an off-the-field problem that embarrasses the organization. It is hard to see how Reid will survive if Vick's presence causes a quarterback controversy that paralyzes the franchise. It is hard to see how Reid will survive if Vick can't play anymore, if he turns out to be an ineffective waste of everyone's time. It is hard to see how Reid will survive if the Eagles' rocky summer is a precursor to a rocky, unfulfilled season.


On her Twitter page, which as of Sunday night was blocked from public viewing, Tila Tequila Nguyen promises that she will address the situation on Tuesday. In a tweet, she described Tuesday as "judgment day." "I haven't release an official statement on what happened yet because I didn't lie, so no need to release 3 statements to 'cover' myself," she said in a backhanded slap at Shawne Merriman's contention that he prevented her from leaving his house because she was intoxicated.


It was all quiet on the Brandon Marshall front Monday - and it apparently will stay that way. Even though they're continuing to explore the wide-receiver market, the Jets have shifted their attention away from the Broncos' Pro Bowl wideout, according to league sources.


The New York Giants, who are still looking for a receiver to fill the shoes of Plaxico Burress, are also looking for another tight end. Per a league source, the Giants worked out Alex Smith (formerly of the Patriots) and Leonard Pope (formerly of the Cardinals) on Monday. Neither have been signed. Currently on the roster are Kevin Boss, Darcy Johnson, and Travis Beckum. Presumably, if a new tight end is signed, one of the current tight ends will be cut loose.The New York Giants, who are still looking for a receiver to fill the shoes of Plaxico Burress, are also looking for another tight end. Per a league source, the Giants worked out Alex Smith (formerly of the Patriots) and Leonard Pope (formerly of the Cardinals) on Monday. Neither have been signed. Currently on the roster are Kevin Boss, Darcy Johnson, and Travis Beckum. Presumably, if a new tight end is signed, one of the current tight ends will be cut loose.


With the Chiefs and their forlorn offense badly in need of some good fortune, they received some with quarterback Matt Cassel's return to the practice field. It remained unclear whether the Chiefs would receive whatever lift Cassel could provide in Sunday's season opener in Baltimore. Coach Todd Haley would not commit to Cassel being ready to play against the Ravens.


And so Richard Seymour is gone. In a New England Minute. Dispatched to Oakland, which is only a pooch punt from Alcatraz. Thanks for the three Super Bowl rings and the five Pro Bowls, big fella. Now take a hike and see how you like things at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. On paper, this makes a lot of sense. For the future. Seymour makes big dough ($3.685 million) and is in the final year of his contract. The Patriots figured they wouldn't be able to sign him after this season. He turns 30 next month and his best speed rushing is behind him. The Patriots have some depth in their defensive line and are looking to score a top-10 draftee in 2011. The trade presupposes that the Raiders are going to stink for another couple of years, a safe bet with calcified Al Davis at the helm. There's also a chance that there will be a rookie salary cap by 2011 -- which makes a top pick far more attractive to the ever-fiscally responsible Patriots. Nonetheless, it's a shocker. More shocking than trading Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to the Chiefs. More shocking that the retirements of Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi. Patriots fans, ever worshiping at the altar of Hoodie, are stuck with thousands of XXXL No. 93 jerseys. And New England's pass rush is weakened. The defense is dented. The 2009 season starts a week from tonight and the Patriots just got worse. For this year.


Now with Terrell Owens out of the picture, Roy Williams taking over as the No. 1 receiver, tantalizing backfield options and two pass-catching tight ends, the pressure is on Cowboys assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to produce. It all starts next Sunday at Tampa Bay when Garrett will don the headset as the most scrutinized offensive coordinator in the game. Garrett, who rarely reveals emotion behind his icy-blue eyes when talking to the media, speaks in monotone, offers limited information and delves mightily in cliche, said winning football games is his only focus.


Fired offensive coordinator Turk Schonert talked about the serious philosophical differences he had with Dick Jauron about the Bills offense. "He (Jauron) told me the offense wasn't simple enough for him," Schonert said. "We had too many formations, too many plays. I didn't simplify it to his liking." "He wants a 'Pop Warner' offense," Schonert said, referring to the Bills head coach. "He limited me in formations, and limited me in plays. He's been on my back all offseason."


The Raiders cut the safety net. It's JaMarcus Russell or bust. Quarterback Jeff Garcia was released Saturday, the surprise chop of 22 player cuts on 53-man roster day around the league. Garcia, 39, was hired in April to push Russell, if not for the starting job, then to teach the former No. 1 overall draft pick how to be a dedicated NFL quarterback in his third season.


Jacksonville Jaguars owners Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver know football fans are hurting because of the economy, but the pair say they're focused on building a tradition in Jacksonville that will someday result in a Super Bowl championship. The Weavers underscored that commitment before 1,400 people Friday at the quarterly Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce Cornerstone luncheon. They said the recession has hurt ticket sales to the point where officials think all home games will be blacked out from local broadcast.


Deion Sanders, who was represented during his playing career by Michael Crabtree's agent, Eugene Parker, and who still is believed to have close ties to him, said that Crabtree is willing to sit out the entire season and re-enter the draft in 2010. "You can't miss what you don't have," Sanders said regarding the money that Crabtree currently is leaving on the table. Sanders also said that two teams contacted the 49ers regarding a trade for Crabtree, that the teams were willing to pay Crabtree, and that Crabtree knows it. Though Sanders didn't say so directly, he implied that the other teams were willing to pay Crabtree a contract worth $40 million.

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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - Updated 9/4/09

Some Updated NFL Tidbits & Rumors. Enjoy:


Andy Reid hasn't decided yet how Michael Vick will fit into the offense. For now Kevin Kolb is the backup to Donovan McNabb. But everything could change once Vick gets his legs back. McNabb, who has always had an uneasy relationship with Eagles fans and Reid, will be marking time until he gets that tap on the shoulder to take a spot on the sideline. All it takes is an injury or a particularly horrendous performance, and McNabb will be out. McNabb said all the right things when the Eagles decided to take a flier on Vick, but he had to know that he was planting the seed for his own demise.


The first sign of problems with Jeff Jagodzinski came early in training camp. Trying to simulate game conditions, the Bucs' offensive coordinator studied his play sheet and radioed the plays to quarterbacks coach Greg Olson, who transmitted them to quarterback Byron Leftwich. At times, the communication was too slow, resulting in delay of game penalties. Too often, Jagodzinski would look at the down and distance and determine on which hash mark the ball was spotted but reverse the formation. Or there would be only a partial play-call. Olson, offensive line coach Pete Mangurian or Leftwich would try to fix the mistake before the snap count. Jagodzinski took the advice of coach Raheem Morris and others and called plays from the coaches' box above the field, hoping that getting him away from the distraction of the sideline would help. But a simulation at Raymond James Stadium before the Bucs' first preseason game wasn't much better. To be fair, Morris believed Jagodzinski deserved a few preseason games to prove he was up to the task. He wasn't.


Most likely destination if the Vikings are able to trade QB Tarvaris Jackson would seem Cincinnati, with Buffalo and Jacksonville secondary choices.


Matt Bryant took shots at fellow Bucs kicker Mike Nugent on Thursday and suggested that coach Raheem Morris and general manager Mark Dominik have been less than truthful. Bryant said he didn't know if he would kick in tonight's preseason finale against the Texans, though his hamstring is close to being healed. Morris on Monday had a meeting with Bryant in which he encouraged Bryant to try to kick this week if he didn't want to jeopardize his future with the team. It sounded like an ultimatum from the coach, but Bryant said Thursday that Dominik was in the meeting, too.


Forbes magazine, famous for its rich lists, just came out with its evaluations of the 32 NFL teams. No surprise, Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys tops the list with a current value of $1.65 billion. Only two NFL teams are unprofitable: the Seattle Seahawks, who lost $2.4 million, and the biggest loser of them all, the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis' once wondrous franchise is now the least valuable NFL club at a "mere" $797 million, plus the Raiders had the biggest operating loss in the league at $5.7 million.


Publicly, Josh McDaniels has stated Brandon Marshall is not available for treade; yet rumors and speculation persist. Word is that the Broncos' asking price for Brandon Marshall is a first- AND a fourth-round pick. Ouch. ESPN's Adam Schefter adds that the Broncos could take a first-rounder AND a player like inside linebacker David Harris.


When Brad Childress was asked about recent comments by LaDainian Tomlinson in which the San Diego Chargers superstar took umbrage with being put behind Adrian Peterson as a running back, Childress did not hesitate. "LaDainian is a hell of a back and he's entitled to his opinion," Childress said. "I'm going to tell you, my guy is the best football player in the National Football League and he's the best running back in the National Football League and I believe that."


Ongoing sibling disputes led to Tuesday's dramatic changes atop the Carolina Panthers' organizational structure, according to sources. The team issued a surprise news release during the morning practice announcing the dual resignations of team president Mark Richardson and stadium president Jon Richardson, but gave no reason for their departures. Sources said the brothers had vastly different ideas about how the organization should be run, which ultimately led their father, team owner Jerry Richardson, to decide the best thing for the business was for both of them to leave.


Ricky Williams revealed to The Miami Herald that he signed another one-year contract extension this offseason that will keep him in Miami through the 2010 season, at which point he said he plans to then retire as a Dolphin.


It turns out Josh McDaniels was interested in reuniting with Kevin O'Connell. Contrary to what was reported right here earlier today, the Denver Broncos did put in a waiver claim for O'Connell, who was awarded to the Detroit Lions. According to league sources, four clubs placed claims for the third-round pick of the New England Patriots last season -- Detroit, Cleveland, Denver and the New York Jets. So McDaniels was not blocked by just the Lions in his effort to add a quarterback familiar with his system to his stable of quarterbacks in Denver.


In recent years, the Redskins ticket office itself has sold tickets into this secondary market, making it easier for fans of opposing teams to invade FedEx. Thousands of general admission tickets were sold to brokers, who resold them on the secondary market, often at higher-than-retail prices, according to interviews and internal Redskin documents. These were often tickets to the very seats that Redskins fans have waited years to get. The Redskins acknowledged that the sales were made but said they were against team policy.


It's starting to look like A.J. Hawk is going to have to accept a reduced role in the Green Bay Packers' defense. As long as Nick Barnett's reconstructed right knee can handle a full workload, the Packers are considering using Barnett and Brandon Chillar as the inside linebackers in the nickel defense. Such a move would cut Hawk's snaps almost in half, considering the nickel is used every time opposing offenses line up with more than two receivers. What's more, it means that 3 1/2 years after making him the fifth overall pick in the draft, the Packers might be conceding that Hawk is not an every-down player.

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