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Week 9 NFL Picks & Predictions

Redskins @ Falcons-- The improving Falcons get a Redskins team who are tough defensively, but just don't have enough weapons to keep up with Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, & Company. The Redskins will play tough but come up short. PREDICTION: FALCONS


Cardinals @ Bears-- I won't even pretend to understand this Cardinals team. They are 3-0 on the road; just 1-3 at home. I expect the unblemished road record to come to a halt this week. I just can't have a lot of confidence in a team that can't beat Jake Delhomme & the Panthers at home. Look for a big game from Jay Cutler. PREDICTION: BEARS


Ravens @ Bengals-- A huge game for both teams. The Ravens come off a hug win against the Broncos, but must now face a much better offense in the Bengals. That won't be easy. Cedric Benson leads the NFL in rushing, and no one's been able to slow him down. The Ravens defense will try to get after Carson Palmer, but I expect the O-line will be ready for that. I suspect it's the Bengals defense that will dominate this contest. The Bengals have a certain swagger about them, and their home; so I give them the edge. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Texans @ Colts-- Matt Schaub leads the NFL in TD passes and yards. Ryan Moats has come out of nowhere and shown what he can do carrying the ball. Andre Johhson is Andre Johnson. You know what you're going to get with him every week. But, the story of the Texans lately is their improved defense. Crazy as it may sound, the Texans are the hotter team right now. Peyton Manning won't be held TD-less in this game. He'll get back on track. But, the Colts can't run the ball, which will be their downfall in this one. Look for an offensive battle with maybe a late field goal deciding the outcome. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Chiefs @ Jaguars-- The Jaguars get the perfect remedy coming off their embarrassing loss to the Titans; a struggling Chiefs team with a new starting RB and a $64 million QB who's turned out to be the biggest trade bust of the season. Expect another big day from Jones-Drew. PREDICTION: JAGUARS


Dolphins @ Patriots-- The Dolphins struggled on offense last week and failed to make adjustments when the Jets shut down the wildcat. They're not letting Chad Henne throw that ball enough. How many times can Ted Ginn bail them out with monster kick-off returns? They'll need a better game plan if they want to win in Foxboro. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Packers @ Buccaneers-- Rookie Josh Freeman gets his first NFL start in this one. He may do better than Johnson and Leftwich, but there still aren't enough weapons around him. The Packers defense and O-line were putrid last week against the Vikings. They need to get that fixed. At some point, they have to use that 3-4 defense for what it was meant for, and blitz the QB more. And, would SOMEONE stop other teams from sacking Aaron Rodgers? Bucs keep it competitive and close because of that lack-luster O-line, but the Packers take it in the end. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Panthers @ Saints-- The Saints are unstoppable, and won't hand the Panthers the game the way Kurt Warner did last week out in Arizona. This one won't be close. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Lions @ Seahawks-- The Seahawks defense looked horrible last week against the Cowboys. The Lions offense looked comatose last week against the Rams. So, what gives? Well, the coaches all of the sudden are afraid to let Matthew Stafford throw the ball down the field. When you play the game of football with fear, you will lose - period. I'll take Hasselbeck over the handcuffed Stafford. PREDICTION: SEAHAWKS


Chargers @ Giants-- Anyone that's read some of my recent blog entries knows why I'm making this pick.   PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Titans @ 49ers-- That was a nice return for Vince Young last week. But, he'll come back down to earth this week when he faces a 49ers defense that held Peyton Manning without a TD last week. The 49ers are tired of losing, and will shut down that Titans running game; forcing Vince Young to try to beat them. I don't have much hope for Young if Manning couldn't get it in the end zone against them. Good luck, Vince. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Cowboys @ Eagles-- The Cowboys are the hotter team right now. However, it is now November. Tony Romo usually struggles this time of year; particularly against the Eagles. This defense just has Tony Romo's number. Expect the return of Brian Westbrook to play a big factor in the outcome. PREDICTION: EAGLES



Steelers @ Broncos-- Some analysts are saying that the Broncos got exposed as pretenders because of their loss to the Ravens. I say - bullcrap. Whenever a team starts a season 6-0, it is not by accident. I don't care who their competition is. When you lose your first game in week 8, you've done something right. Expect the Broncos to bounce back against a Steelers team that struggles defensively late in games and can't get the running game going. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

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