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Week 10 NFL Picks & Predictions

Happy Hump Day.  How's everyone doing?  Can you believe it's week 10 already?  I still remember anxiously awaiting for the preseason to get here.  Doesn't seem that long ago.  Here are my picks & predictions.  Enjoy the read: 

Ravens @ Falcons-- The Falcons are a great team at home, but I don't like the way they let the Bucs back into the game last week. If not for a heroic goal-line stand, they lose that game. If they sit on a lead against the Ravens, they will be crushed. The Ravens have their running game going, and Willis McGahee has once again become a factor in this offense to compliment Ray Rice. I'll take the team that knows how to finish games. PREDICTION: RAVENS

Lions @ Bills-- If ever there was a chance to win a game, last week was it. Instead, it was yet another let down for Bills fans. I don't see this contest shaping up any differently. Lions BIG - even without Stafford. PREDICTION: LIONS

Panthers @ Buccaneers-- The Panthers have not yet named a starter for Sunday's game at Tampa Bay. It will either be Jimmy Clausen; who isn't very good; or Tony Pike; who has barely played any NFL snaps in the regular season. Jonathan Stewart is injured, and no one is stepping up on this offense. I give them a slim-to-none chance in this one against an improving young Bucs team. PREDICTION: BUCCANEERS

Vikings @ Bears-- The Vikings are a mess. Adrian Peterson is not the factor in this offense he once was because the coaches have to cater to 50-year-old Brett Favre's ego and call 50 pass plays every game. Tension between Childress and Favre on top of that. I'm not reading too much into their comeback victory against the Derek Anderson-led Cardinals last week. The Bears have their own mess. The O-line is going to get Jay Cutler killed, and Matt Forte has been a huge disappointment. I don't like either team, but I guess I have to pick one. I'll go with the team I think will screw up less in this one. PREDICTION: BEARS

Texans @ Jaguars-- The Jaguars aren't much better than the Texans on defense. They are 28th in the league. In a battle between two bad defenses, I'll go with the team with the better offense. This seems like a great spot for Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson to get things going again. PREDICTION: TEXANS

Titans @ Dolphins-- I don't like what I'm seeing from the Dolphins. That Offensive Coordinator must go.  They started off with a heavy dose of Ronnie Brown; then basically quit using him from the 2nd quarter on. Where is Brandon Marshall? Has anyone seen him? They paid big Bucks to land this guy; yet they barely call his number. I don't get it. Anyway, I pick the Dolphins in this one simply because of the law of averages. They HAVE to win at home eventually, don't they??? PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

Jets @ Browns-- I'm starting to like the Cleveland Browns. I thought letting Brady Quinn go for Jake Delhomme was beyond stupid. But, drafting Colt McCoy is looking like a smart decision. The running game is going, and the team, though absent of elite talent, plays hard every down. They are no longer push-overs, and are going out there expecting to win. The Jets, in my opinion, got lucky last week against the Lions. Luck won't cut it this week. I expect the Browns' scrappy, hard-nosed play to continue and surprise yet another AFC East team. Upset alert. PREDICTION: BROWNS

Bengals @ Colts-- The Bengals are looking more and more like the little brother in the AFC North. Peyton Manning & company come home after a tough loss to the Eagles on the road, and will look to redeem themselves. I like the Colts chances no matter how many WR's get injured; as long as Peyton Manning is taking the snaps. PREDICTION: COLTS

Chiefs @ Broncos-- The Broncos don't have much going right for them at all. Just not seeing any positives there right now. They traded into the first round to draft a QB who they only use in goal-line gimmick plays maybe once every few games. Seems like kind of a waste to me. On the other hand, the Chiefs bring an improved defense and running game to this contest. That should be enough to handle this Broncos team. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

Rams @ 49ers-- The Rams are the better team here, but the one thing that worries me is they don't seem to play well on the road. The 49ers owners and coaches are still crowning the team the future NFC West Champions despite their 2-6 start. Not sure how realistic that prediction is. The 49ers defense just doesn't seem right to me. They're too inconsistent and underacheive in too many games. Let's just say that with first place on the line, I trust the Rams to play better on the road this week more than I trust the 49ers defense to show us the effort we saw from them back in '08 and '09. PREDICTION: RAMS

Cowboys @ Giants-- Two teams going in two opposite directions. The Cowboys will have a new coach and new defensive coordinator for this game. The Giants have the league's #1 defense and #2 offense. Not seeing much chance for an upset. PREDICTION: GIANTS

Seahawks @ Cardinals-- The Cardinals have Derek Anderson as their starting QB. What else is there to say? PREDICTION: SEAHAWKS

Patriots @ Steelers-- The Patriots got flat-out manhandled by the Browns last week. They will be motivated to redeem themselves in this one. They face an excellent, but not flawless, defense in the Steelers. Roethlisberger looks good. But, I think Tom Brady outplays him in this one. Very rarely over the past several years have the Patriots lost back-to-back games. I'll roll with the odds in this one. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

Eagles @ Redskins-- Mike Shanahan now has to go on television against Donovan McNabb's old team and try to make the home crowd forget he benched him in favor of Rex Grossman last week when the game was on the line. Good luck with that. The Eagles seem to have it more together plus a huge talent advantage on offense. Vick & company win the rematch. PREDICTION: EAGLES


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Week 9 NFL Picks & Predictions

Good afternoon, everybody.  Happy Friday.  Everyone ready for another week of football?  Well - I went 9-4 in these last week.  Let's see if I can top that.  My picks and predictions.  Enjoy the read: 

Jets @ Lions-- The Jets always bring a strong defense to the contest. They are 2nd in scoring defense. But, their offense CAN be shut down as evidenced by what happened against the Packers. They face a Lions team that's 6th in the NFL in scoring offense, and has a rookie of the year candidate on defense in DT Ndamukong Suh. Look for the Lions to follow the same formula as the Packers did and shut down the running game; forcing Mark Sanchez to try to beat them. The Lions are long overdue for a two-game win streak. My gut tells me it happens at home for them this Sunday. Upset special: PREDICTION: LIONS

Dolphins @ Ravens-- Going by the law of averages, at some point, the Dolphins will have to win a home game, and lose a road game. The Dolphins FINALLY started making big plays last week, but struggled against a team I feel they should have beaten easily. I don't think they're ready to hang with the Ravens yet. Ronnie Brown has been horrible, and as improved as Chad Henne is, I don't think he's ready to carry the team against this Ravens defense without help from his running game. I've seen nothing from the Dolphins yet to make me believe their running game will suddenly come to life. The team that runs the ball better will win, and I believe that will be the home team. PREDICTION: RAVENS

Patriots @ Browns-- You have to admire how Eric Mangini has this Browns team fighting hard every week. They're not very talented. But, they're a scrappy bunch who have surprised a few teams; including the defending Superbowl champs. This will be competitive. But, I think MVP candidate Tom Brady & company pull away in the 4th QTR and handle their business. Bellicheat's troops continue to roll. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

Chargers @ Texans-- The Chargers have the #1 offense in the NFL. The Texans are dead last in the NFL in defense. This is the time of year the Chargers usually get on a roll while the Texans defense starts to disappoint even more and cost them games. I don't see things shaping up any differently in this contest. Philip Rivers should have a field day with this defense. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Bears @ Bills-- The Bears offensive line has been horrible. Their running game - practically non-existent. The Bills have been competitve in back-to-back contests and are due for their first win. I think they get it at home this Sunday. Upset special #2. PREDICTION: BILLS

Cardinals @ Vikings-- Derek Anderson is once again the starting QB for the Cardinals. Enough said. PREDICTION: VIKINGS

Buccaneers @ Falcons-- Josh Freeman is the real deal at QB for the Bucs. This young Bucs team is playing well, and the organization has done a nice job building this team through the draft. But, Matt Ryan and Roddy White are on fire and are playing at home. If the game were in Tampa, I'd pick the Bucs. I'll go with the home team in this contest. Somehow, I think Michael Turner gets it going here. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Saints @ Panthers-- It certainly looks like the Saints defense is back. They face a Panther's team that ranks dead last in total offense. I'm not convinced Matt Moore is the answer. Blowout. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Giants @ Seahawks-- The Giants come off their bye-week on a four game winning streak; leading the NFL in sacks per pass attempt; facing a QB who's never taken an NFL snap. Not a good scenario if you're a Seahawks fan. Giants will be focused in this one, and will be prepared for the crowd noise. Expect big games from Ahmad Bradshaw and Hakeem Nicks. Big win for Big Blue. PREDICTION: GIANTS

Colts @ Eagles-- I don't care that the Eagles are 11-0 after the bye week under Andy Reid. Let the "experts" favor them in this one. What will matter in this one is Peyton Manning. Despite all of the injuries, somehow the players who are forced into starting duty seem to step it up for him. Manning doesn't seem to lose a step no matter who he's throwing the ball to. Call it a hunch, but I don't think Michael Vick out performs Peyton Manning. There's only so much scrambling he'll be able to do with Dwight Freeney coming at him.  PREDICTION: COLTS

Chiefs @ Raiders-- The Raiders are coming off back-to-back dominating victories. Their running game is improved and so is the defense. But, I like the Chiefs defense and running game better. Even though the Raiders have the edge at QB, I think the Chiefs running game and defense will dictate this contest. Look for another big day for Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

Cowboys @ Packers-- The Cowboys have basically given up. After that display at home last week, nothing makes me believe we'll see anything different up at Lambeau. PREDICTION: PACKERS

Steelers @ Bengals-- The Steelers will look to get back to their running game in this one to take the pressure of Ben Roethlisberger. The Bengals started off strong last week; then faded in the second half. Good teams don't do that; especially at home. Carson Palmer just doesn't look right. This defense will make the Bengals pay. Steelers BIG. PREDICTION: STEELERS

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Week 8 NFL Picks & Predictions

For my week 7 picks, I think I would have done better last week if I had put the teams on a dart board and thrown darts to make my picks.  Here's hoping for a change of fortunes.  Here's my picks and predictions.  Enjoy the read: 

Bills @ Chiefs-- The Bills seem to be fighting hard lately. Ryan Fitzpatrick seems like the temporary answer at QB. But, I don't think they will give the Chiefs as tough a time on defense at Arrowhead. The Bills will win some games this season, but not this Sunday. Chiefs continue to roll with a strong running game and solid D'. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

Packers @ Jets-- The Packers have lost to Chicago, Washington, and Miami, and barely beat Detroit and Minnesota. They just don't look like the dominiating team most thought they'd be. At this point, I just can't trust them to pull off an upset victory against a relaxed Jets team coming off a bye week. PREDICTION: JETS

Broncos @ 49ers-- The 49ers couldn't beat a Panthers team that ranked dead last in the NFL in offense. I don't see how they slow down a Broncos team that's #4 in passing offense. Even at 2-5, the Broncos don't look quite as bad as the 49ers. Troy Smith may provide a spark, but I won't count on it. The 49ers have burned me for the last time in the GB10 pick 'ems. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

Jaguars @ Cowboys-- The Cowboys will have Jon Kitna at QB. He's not great, but he IS a solid back-up who can put up some points. The Jaguars, on the other hand, are a mess. David Garrard (concussion) is their starter, with 38-year-old Todd Bouman as a back-up, and Trent Edwards as the emergency QB. Probably one of the worst QB situations in the league. On top of that, the O-line can't seem to block for Maurice Jones-Drew sufficiently. The Jags defense surrendered 42 points to a Chiefs team that wasn't considered THAT good on offense. Unless Jones-Drew manages over 200+ yards rushing & several TD's, I don't see how the Jags win. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

Panthers @ Rams-- The Rams blowing a 17-3 lead last week is disturbing. This team needs to learn how to finish games. Luckily for them, they play at home this week against a Panthers team that barely beat the lack-luster 49ers. I'll take Sam Bradford and Stephen Jackson over Matt Moore and DeAngelo Williams. PREDICTION: RAMS

Dolphins @ Bengals-- The Dolphins were a blown call away from beating the Steelers last week at home. This is a good team that's getting better. They face a Bengals team whose defense has regressed this season. I don't think Carson Palmer matches the stats he had last week. Not against this defense. Expect the Dolphins to remain undefeated on the road for at least another week. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

Redskins @ Lions-- The Redskins will be out for revenge for their loss to ths Lions last season. But, I don't think they get it. Matthew Stafford returns to lead one of the better scoring offenses in the league. I expect the Redskins 31st ranked defense to struggle against Calvin Johnson & company. PREDICTION: LIONS

Titans @ Chargers--The Titans looked strong and showed a lot of gritt in how they played late in the game against the Eagles last week. The Chargers, on the other hand, despite being #1 in the NFL in offense AND defense, are 2-5. This team is tangible proof that stats aren't everything. All logic tells me I should pick the Titans. But, I'm going with my gut on this one; anticipating that the #1 offense and defense finally stops shooting themselves in the foot and pulls out a win at home. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Buccaneers @ Cardinals-- Once again, I am going against logic here and going with my gut. I think the Cardinals will bounce back from that dreadful performance last week and give the Bucs a game. Larry Fitzgerald is due for a big game. My gut tells me this is the game he has it. PREDICTION: CARDINALS

Vikings @ Patriots-- The Vikings couldn't beat a struggling Packers team. I don't see how they beat the Patriots in Foxboro; especially with their improving defense. Looks like another rough day for a banged-up Brett Favre. If Tavaris Jackson starts, I don't expect him to fare much better. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

Seahawks @ Raiders-- I'll be honest. I don't know what to make of the Raiders. Was the 59 point outing a fluke? Or, have they REALLY improved THAT much? The Seahawks are an improved team. But, (and I can't believe I'm saying this) the Raiders look to be more improved. This game won't be a rout like last week. But, I think the Raiders have a bit of momentum coming into this one; plus they're playing at home. PREDICTION: RAIDERS

Steelers @ Saints-- The logical choice here would be to pick the Steelers. After all, they are a defensive juggernaut, and the Saints just lost to the Browns at home. But, I'll go against logic again and go with my gut. I don't see Drew Brees playing THAT poorly for a second week in a row. If they lose this game, that's two home losses in a row and a 4-4 record. I just don't see it happening. Going with my gut here. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Texans @ Colts-- The Texans are dead last in defense in the NFL. On top of that, they've lost DeMeco Ryans. I don't see how they come into Lucas Oil Field and slow down Peyton Manning; even if he is without Dallas Clark and Austin Collie. I saw nothing in the Texans last couple of games to make me believe an upset here is possible. This won't be a repeat of the season opener. PREDICTION: COLTS













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Week 7 NFL Picks & Predictions

Good afternoon, everybody  Cool  How's everyone doing?  Well, another NFL week; time for more picks & predictions.  Last week, a Ravens fan and a Chargers fan chimed in and insulted me for picking against their teams.  Interestingly enough, I got both picks correct.  I wonder if they'll be back to tell me what I should write in my own blog and insult me some more after going 10-4 last week.  LOL.  Try to do something nice for fellow NFL fans, and there's always some idiot or two that has to try to screw it up.  Anywho, Enjoy the read, gang.  Happy Almost Friday.  Laughing

Bengals @ Falcons-- The Bengals have been an uninspiring team for weeks. They face a Falcons team that comes off an embarrasing loss to the Eagles. I think Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, & company get it going again at home. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Jaguars @ Chiefs-- The Jaguars may be without David Garrard, which isn't really that big of a loss considering how he was playing last week before his injury. But, what concerns me is the running game. I honestly don't know if it's the play-calling or the player, but it seems to me Maurice Jones-Drew just isn't having the impact on this team that he should be. How do you only score 3 points when you have the ball TWICE inside the 5 yard line; with Maurice Jones-Drew as your RB? Unlike the Jags, the Chiefs are a team on the rise. They are coming off two tough road losses; both game in which they competed. I think they get back in the win column this Sunday at Arrowhead. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

Redskins @ Bears-- The Redskins played a tough game against the Colts. It's a game they could have won. But, call this one a gut feeling pick on my part. I think the Bears O-line holds up in this one, and Forte and Cutler have a bounce-back game at home. The Bears are 3rd in the league in run defense; 8th in total defense. The Redskins? Dead last in total defense. That's why I think the Bears O-line holds up in this one. PREDICTION: BEARS

Rams @ Buccaneers-- The Rams bounced back nicely last week against the Chargers. Their defense had seven sacks against one of the better offenses in the league. I don't see how the Bucs succeed where the Chargers didn't. Sam Bradford & company make it two in a row. PREDICTION: RAMS

Eagles @ Titans-- The Eagles may be without DeSean Jackson. That will limit Kevin Kolb's options. This will come down to who runs the ball better and who plays better defense. The Eagles rush defense is 22nd. The Titans rush defense is 8th in the league. Titans have the edge plus they're at home; plus they have Chris Johnson, so I like them to come out on top in this one. PREDICTION: TITANS

49ers @ Panthers-- The 49ers have been bad this season. But, they're at least competitive and they finally won. The Panthers are a mess. They're switching back to Matt Moore at QB. Horrible idea. Not only does that set back Jimmy Clausen's progress, but it creates chemistry problems with the WR's. Not to mention Moore was benched in the first place because of his own horrible performance. What are they doing down there in Charlotte???PREDICTION: 49ERS

Browns @ Saints-- Mangini has said he is only starting Colt McCoy Sunday because the other two QB's are still injured. Here's my problem with that statement. Why go back to either of those QB's when they're healthy? What's the point? I don't generally trust teams with coaches that make dumb decisions. Anyway, Drew Brees and the Saints are at home. I don't see the Browns beating them there; regardless of who's under center. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Steelers @ Dolphins-- Ben Roethlisberger is back, which is no doubt a lift to the Steelers. Yes - the Steelers appear to be the best defense in the league. But, the Dolphins have to start winning games at home if they want to go to the playoffs. My feeling is this Sunday it finally happens. I just don't see the Dolphins losing a third home game in a row. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

Bills @ Ravens-- The Bills are horrible and have made one dumb decision after another. They face a Ravens team that's angry after blowing a 10-point 4th quarter lead and losing last week. Good luck, Ryan Fitzpatrick. PREDICTION: RAVENS

Cardinals @ Seahawks-- The Cardinals are making the right decision to start Max Hall in leiu of Derek Anderson. The Cardinals running game is improving, & the defense is creating turnovers. I think they slow down the resurgent passing game of the Seahawks and win the battle of turnovers. The rookie QB wins his first road game. PREDICTION: CARDINALS

Patriots @ Chargers-- The Chargers will likely be without Antonio Gates this Sunday. However, at 2-4, they are now officially a desperate team. Brady & company have the talent on their side, but they don't play as well on the road as they do at home. I think the desperation factor plus home field advantage plays a role in the outcome. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Raiders @ Broncos-- Whether it's Jason Campbell or Bruce Gradkowski, I don't think either QB keeps up with Kyle Orton. Expect the Raiders' struggles to continue and the Broncos passing game to get it done. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

Vikings @ Packers-- I know what's going on with the Vikings. Brett Favre is old and so is that defense. No mystery there. But, the Packers are a mystery to me. Greg Jennings doesn't get the ball enough, and the other players aren't stepping it up enough to make up for all of the injuries. I believe the Packers finally get it going at home to avoid losing any further ground to the Bears. PREDICTION: PACKERS

Giants @ Cowboys-- I think this will be a competitive, hard-fought battle regardless of the Cowboys record. I just don't think the Cowboys are calling their best plays, and they're lacking a bit of discipline. The Giants have the edge in coaching, the running game and on defense. I believe that's where this game will be won. PREDICTION: GIANTS

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Week 6 NFL Picks & Predictions

Good afternoon, all.  How's everyone doing?  Well, it's been a rough season for pick 'ems.  Despite correctly predicting the Cardinals upset over the Saints last week, I still only went 7-7.  An unpredictable season, to say the least.  Here's my picks and predictions for this week: 

Falcons @ Eagles-- The Falcons are the better team. Whether the Eagles go with Michael Vick or Kevin Kolb, I don't think it matters here. Look for the Falcons offense to bounce back after a rough outing at Cleveland. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Chiefs @ Texans-- The Chiefs defense is for real. They held Peyton Manning to zero TD passes in his own home stadium. But, this is their second straight road game against a Texans team that's looking to bounce back after an embarrassing loss to the Giants. I don't see the Texans losing a 2nd in a row at home. Look for the Texans offense to come alive, and for the defense to do just enough to slow down the Chiefs running game. Texans in a close one. PREDICTION: TEXANS

Browns @ Steelers-- I expect Ben Roethlisberger to be a bit rusty in his return. I also think his teammates are less than thrilled with him based on his past actions. But, I just don't see the Steelers losing at home to a rookie QB; nor do I see Peyton Hillis being able to run the ball against this defense. Steelers take it in a close, but sloppy game. PREDICTION: STEELERS

Seahawks @ Bears-- The Seahawks have a new weapon in Marshawn Lynch, and come off a bye week. The Bears are getting Jay Cutler back, and are at home. Ultimately, I don't see how Hasselbeck and Lynch outplay Cutler and Forte in Chicago. PREDICTION: BEARS

Lions @ Giants-- The Lions are NOT the same ole Lions of old. This team is for real and will be a playoff contender next season. They should have beaten Chicago, and could have beaten Green Bay. This won't be an easy one for the Giants. But, the Giants are coming off two sold performance; especially on defense, and now the passing game is coming to life. I see that continuing Sunday in front of the home crowd. This is a must win of sorts. They travel to Dallas next week. I know they'd rather face the Cowboys at 4-2; not 3-3. PREDICTION: GIANTS

Ravens @ Patriots-- The Ravens are the better team, and I'm not saying that just because Moss is gone from the Patriots. The Ravens have the better defense and the better running game. However, the game is in Foxboro. The Patriots are a much stronger team at home and somehow often over-achieve in Foxboro. I'd expect more of the same here, with some kind of circus play at some point in the game bailing them out again. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

Chargers @ Rams-- The Chargers' so-called #1 defense gave up 35 points to the Raiders. Ouch. Philip Rivers is one of the best QB's in the game. But, he can't win games by himself. He's not getting much help from his team right now. This is their 2nd game in a row on the road. Not easy for any team, plus the Rams will be looking to bounce back. I don't think Spagnolo lets this team stink it up for a second week in a row; especially at home. I'll go with the upset pick here. PREDICTION: RAMS

Dolphins @ Packers-- After two solid wins on the road to start the season, the Dolphins lost two at home to division rivals. That is pathetic. Hopefully, they've learned something in the bye week about toughness and resolve. The good news for them is they are rested and face a Packers team that starting to look like a M*A*S*H* unit. TE Jermichael Finley is done for the season. Greg Jennings has done nothing lately, and Aaron Rodgers doesn't even know if he's playing Sunday. If he does, he'll most likely be playing at less than 100%. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

Saints @ Buccaneers-- The Buccaneers have played well this season, for the most part. But, something tells me Drew Brees & company get it going again this Sunday against this young Bucs team. It will be another close one like their previous wins, but the Saints find a way. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Jets @ Broncos-- The Jets defense gave up a ton of points and yards last week to a Vikings team that hasn't been playing that well. Now they face a Broncos team that's leading the league in passing yards. Despite the lack of running game, my feeling is the Broncos find a way to get it done at home via Kyle Orton and playing better defense. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

Raiders @ 49ers-- I think mere pride and frustration alone get the 49ers their first win of the season. If they lose to the Raiders at home and go 0-6, you may actually see Mike Singletary get fired despite what the team has said publicly. PREDICTION: 49ERS

Cowboys @ Vikings-- A match-up of two teams that are not jelling right now. The Cowboys are giving Felix Jones more carries, which is the right decision. Randy Moss might give the Vikings some more yards and a few extra points per game. But, their O-line play has been suspect, and Adrian Peterson still does not have the impact he had in his first two seasons. Aside from that, Favre's ankle is giving him problems, which I expected since he came back to football. He's not the same Brett Favre. DeMarcus Ware & company will prove that. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

Colts @ Redskins-- I think the Redskins come-from-behind win last week was more a testament to the Packers falling apart than anything else. They're averaging less than 20 points per game on offense, and their pass defense is 30th in the NFL. Call it a hunch, but somehow, I think Peyton Manning takes advantage of that. I don't think 16 points will cut it this Sunday. PREDICTION: COLTS

Titans @ Jaguars-- Both of these teams are playing better than I expected. Both are improving in their passing games. Both have probowl running backs. Both lack a true #1 WR. And, both teams give up tons of yards and points on defense. So, who wins it? Well, the Titans defense creates more turnovers. I think that's where this game will be won. PREDICTION: TITANS













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Week 5 NFL Picks & Predictions

An unpredictable season so far, no doubt. Here goes:

Jaguars @ Bills-- The Bills run defense is poor. Not good if you're going up against Maurice Jones-Drew. Between that and the confidence-boosting win over the Colts, I think we can expect the Jaguars to be the ones who come out swinging in this contest. PREDICTION: JAGUARS

Broncos @ Ravens-- Kyle Orton is the leading passer in the NFL. But, I think that's more a testament to the Broncos lack of a running game than anything else. Without balance on offense, I don't give the Broncos much of a chance in this one. I expect this Ravens defense will be well-prepared. PREDICTION: RAVENS

Chiefs @ Colts-- The Chiefs defensive coordinator - Romeo Crennel - knows Peyton Manning well from his days as the Patriots DC. Manning has less weapons now than he did then. But, as well as the Chiefs have been doing, I just don't see how they shut down Peyton Manning on his own home field. The Chiefs are better than expected, and it will be close, but I don't think they're ready to beat Peyton Manning on the road. PREDICTION: COLTS

Packers @ Redskins-- I'm not reading too much into the close call the Packers had against the Lions; nor am I reading too much into the Redskins victory over the Eagles. The Redskins offense still looks like a work in progress to me, and I don't think 17 points will get it done against the Packers. Look for Clay Matthews to give Donovan McNabb fits and Aaron Rodgers & company to bounce back and be more focused in this one. PREDICTION: PACKERS

Rams @ Lions-- Most of the experts are predicting the Lions will get their first win of the season. I disagree, and here's why. The Lions are 28th in the league in scoring defense. The Rams are 4th. Plus, the Lions STILL do not have Matthew Stafford back yet. I expect Sam Bradford to have a field day with this defense. Expect the 3rd win in a row for the rookie of the year candidate. PREDICTION: RAMS

Bears @ Panthers-- Oddly enough, some experts are picking the Panthers to win in the upset based soley on the # of times Bears QB's got sacked last week. Here's why I don't agree. The Panthers are dead last in the NFL in scoring offense. Somehow, I don't see Mike Martz, Jay Cutler, and the Bears offense being held to three points again; even if it is on the road. The Panthers are improving, but are still not scoring enough points to convince me they can beat a 1st place team. PREDICTION: BEARS

Buccaneers @ Bengals-- The Bucs come off a bye week to face a Bengals team that's ticked off after losing a game they should have won against the Browns. I expect a bounce-back day by the defense. Bucs come back down to earth. PREDICTION: BENGALS

Falcons @ Browns-- The Browns definitely look like a tougher; more physical team. Peyton Hillis is special. But, I don't think he can do it alone, and I don't think the Browns score as much against this Falcons defense. I'll take Matt Ryan and Roddy White over Seneca Wallace and Brian Robiskie. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Giants @ Texans-- The Giants finally showed signs of life on defense last Monday night. But, they have yet to show me in over a year that they can put up back-to-back efforts like that. This game is on the road against one of the best offenses in the NFL. The Texans are a team on the rise, while the Giants, despite the impressive outing Monday night, are a mere 5-10 in their past 15 games. I'll remain unconvinced until they can repeat a performance like that one back-to-back; on the road. PREDICTION: TEXANS

Saints @ Cardinals-- Rookie QB Max Hall gets the start this Sunday, which is the right decision. This is an upgrade and will make the team better. Another plus for the Cardinals is that they've done a decent job of running the ball. I'd give them the edge on special teams as well. Fitzgerald is due for a big game. Maybe the QB change helps that happen. The Saints have had trouble running the ball and scoring points. Only Chicago and Denver are worse running the ball so far. Through four games, it's pretty evident this isn't the same team as last year's. Want an upset pick? How about this one? PREDICTION: CARDINALS

Titans @ Cowboys-- The Titans haven't been all that impressive to me on either side of the ball. The offense is average because teams have figured out how to contain Chris Johnson. I guess they got sick of his "2,500 yards" predictions. The Cowboys aren't the superbowl caliber team most think they are either. But, they are the more talented team and they're at home, so I'll give them the edge over America's dirtiest team. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

Chargers @ Raiders-- Well, the Raiders have proven they can score more points with Gradkowski out there. Unfortunately, they can't stop anybody on defense. Let's put it this way, if Phillip Rivers and Ryan Matthews are on your fantasy teams, start them! PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Eagles @ 49ers-- The Eagles are having offensive line issues. That's not good; whether Vick is out there or not. On the flip side, which 49ers team will we get? The team that got blown out two weeks ago by the Chiefs? Or, the team that was a screw-up fumble away from beating the Falcons? My feeling is we'll get something in between. The 49ers play at home, so the effort will be there. This time they finish the game and give their fans their first win of the season. PREDICTION: 49ERS

Vikings @ Jets-- Moss to the Vikings is not as big a deal as people will make it out to be. Brett Favre is old, and he's at odds with his coach because he's a spoiled, selfish player who wants things his way and thinks he's above the team. I hate the Jets, but I will say that they function well as a team. I don't expect the Moss signing to effect the game's outcome whatsoever. Jets big at home. PREDICTION: JETS

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Week 4 NFL picks & Predictions:

Good afternoon, everyone.  I have been pathetic in the pick ems. Only 8-8 last week; a mere 26-22 on the season.  Sadly, I'm still beating some of the "experts" on here, Inside the NFL, NFL today, etc......  Hope to get it turned around this week.  And, yes - I deserve the told-you-so's from the Steelers fans who thought I was crazy for picking the Bucs last week.   Here goes:   

Jets @ Bills-- The Bills offense seemed to come alive. But, they are not playing a defense that they can expose like they did last week. The self-proclaimed future Superbowl Champions have the much better defense and should take this one easily. PREDICTION: JETS

Bengals @ Browns-- The Browns have been more competitive than I've given them credit for. What Peyton Hillis was able to do against the Ravens defense was impressive. But, a team can only do so much without legitimate QB's and WR's. The Bengals, struggles and all, should take this one by at least a TD. PREDICION: BENGALS

Ravens @ Steelers-- A battle of two great defenses. The Ravens have the edge on offense. However, the Steelers have the edge on defense; particularly run defense, and are playing at home. That's gives them the edge in this one. PREDICTION: STEELERS

Broncos @ Titans-- The Titans haven't been particularly sharp on offense. The Giants practically handed them the victory last week. I don't think they'll bait the Broncos into penalties with dirty-playing the way they did the Giants. McDaniels has this offense working, but they have struggled to score in the red zone. My gut tells me the Broncos correct that this week. Look for the Broncos to pull off the upset on the road to even their record at 2-2. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

Lions @ Packers-- No Matthew Stafford again + playing the Packers on the road = a recipe for disaster for the Lions. This Lions team is much improved, but still struggles against strong defenses. I also expect the Packers to clean up their act penalty-wise at home. PREDICTION: PACKERS

49ers @ Falcons-- I've picked the 49ers to win three straight weeks. All three weeks, they've made me look foolish. I can't have much confidence in a team whose head coach blames the Offensive Coordinator for losing a game 31-10. Was firing Jimmy Raye really the answer? What about holding the defense accountable? After all, isn't Mike Singletary supposed to be a defensive-minded coach? Well, I know what I'm getting with the Falcons, so I'll roll with them. 49ers continue to disappoint. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Panthers @ Saints-- Even with a banged up Drew Brees and no Reggie Bush, the Saints are the much better team; plus they're at home. Jimmy Clausen will get better, but asking him to beat the Saints on the road in his 2nd NFL start is asking a bit much. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Seahawks @ Rams-- As impressive as the Seahawks victory was last week, they only managed 13 points on offense. I expect the Rams to learn from what happened to San Diego last week and kick the ball away from Leon Washington. Matt Hasselbeck's been OK, but Sam Bradford's been terrific considering the lack of talent at WR. Plus, the Rams running game has gotten going. I don't think the Rams are the whipping boys of the NFC West anymore. They will prove it at home this Sunday. PREDICTION: RAMS

Colts @ Jaguars-- David Garrard looks awful, and I don't think Trent Edwards is going to help the Jags team that much. However, Maurice Jones-Drew will help expose the Colts vulnerability on run defense. They'll keep the game close. Jags will be better, but just not good enough to keep up with Peyton Manning. Colts will get a scare; but still pull off the win. PREDICTION: COLTS

Texans @ Raiders-- The Texans are a better team than they showed against the Cowboys. They'll prove it Sunday when they face a Raiders team that's basically still looking for its identity. I don't see how they beat the Texans when they couldn't handle a Cardinals team led by Derek Anderson. PREDICTION: TEXANS

Redskins @ Eagles-- A lot of the "experts" are picking the Redskins to win in the upset, but I just don't see it. If they can't handle the Rams, how are they going to handle Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, and Jeremy Maclin? I'm sticking with the home team; with the hot QB. PREDICTION: EAGLES

Cardinals @ Chargers-- The Chargers have Phillip Rivers. The Cardinals have Derek Anderson. Enough said. Don't expect the Chargers to give the game away the way the Raiders did last week. The Cardinals have already met their quota in gift-wrapped victories. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Bears @ Giants-- The Giants are pathetic. That's really all I can say about them right now. I can say more, but it would take me about ten paragraphs to outline all the problems with this team. Let's move on; shall we? PREDICTION: BEARS

Patriots @ Dolphins-- Everyone knows the Patriots can score points. The weakness on that team is defense. Chad Henne threw for almost 400 yards against the Jets last week. I believe he'll have a similar game against a suspect Patriots secondary. The Dolphins have the better defense and will slow the Patriots down enough to pull off the home victory. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

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Week 3 NFL Picks & Predictions

Onto my week 3 picks & predictions:


Titans @ Giants-- I have no faith in the Giants whatsoever. They play without pride, passion, and leadership, and the coaching has been dreadful. Never before in my life did I ever see a coach draft a DT in the 2nd round; then not even dress him in a big game. This team is clueless and the coaches and staff are a joke. Of course, the way my luck is going, the Giants will win BECAUSE I picked against them. PREDICTION: TITANS


Bengals @ Panthers-- The Bengals played on defense the way I thought they would play last week. No surprise to me at all. Jimmy Clausen will prove to be an upgrade over Matt Moore in the long run, but not in this game. Bengals defense gets it done again. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Cowboys @ Texans-- I don't care how rich Jerry Jones is or how desperate the Cowboys are for this win. They won't get it. The Texans are a better team right now. They have the better QB, the better WR's the better running game, the better O-line, and showed a lot of heart last week coming back from 17 points down. The Cowboys have the fancier field, but Trillion-dollar; 50,000 square foot television screens don't help you win games. The team that the "experts" pick every year to be the Superbowl Champions will fall to 0-3. Texans keep rolling. PREDICTION: TEXANS


49ers @ Chiefs-- Despite the 0-2 start, the 49ers are the better team here. The Chiefs defense and special teams will keep them in the game somewhat. But, Matt Cassel has been awful, and now there's descension in the backfield. I have to question the intelligence of a coach who benches a RB in Jamaal Charles who had a 70 yard TD run against the Chargers. 49ers have the better coach and the better defense, so I'm rolling with them. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Steelers @ Buccaneers-- The Steelers defense has been dominating. But, I'm not inclined to believe they can keep winning with virtually no offense. They had 21 yards passing last week. They have ONE offensive TD for the entire season. Field goals and luck won't cut it against an improving Bucs team at home. I'll take Josh Freeman over Byron Leftwich. PREDICTION: BUCCANEERS


Bills @ Patriots-- The Bills are dreadfully bad. Ryan Fitzpatrick won't fix that. Why the coach feels Fitzpatrick gives them a better chance to win than Brian Brohm does is beyond me. It won't matter. The Patriots are home and pissed off after their lackluster performance against the Jets. This one will be a blowout. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Browns @ Ravens-- Is Seneca Wallace REALLY a better option than the rookie - Colt McCoy? What have you got to lose by playing the rookie at this point? Jake Delhomme is - well - Jake Delhomme. Seneca Wallace is a career back-up, and not the future of your franchise. Are EITHER of them really any better than McCoy or Brady Quinn - the QB they traded away? The decision-making by this franchise has been questionable at best. Expect the Ravens to bounce back in a big way. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Lions @ Vikings-- A match-up of two 0-2 teams. Who would have thought that a few weeks ago? The Lions have shown that they can compete with anyone this season; even without Matthew Stafford. They have an offense that should be respected, and the running game has returned to Detroit after about a 15-year absence. Brett Favre should have stayed retired and won't be a determining factor in this contest. Expect Adrian Peterson to do the Lions in. The Lions are a work in progress on defense; despite the upgrades they've made. They'll play better, but not well enough to stop AP on the road. Peterson - at home - outplays Javid Best.



Falcons @ Saints-- The Saints found a way to win two games they really should have lost. I guess that's what good teams do. Atlanta had their coming out party on offense last week. The feeling is that carries over into this pivitol division match-up. The Saints will miss Reggie Bush more than they realize. The Falcon's defense will be able to concentrate more on defending the Saints receivers without worrying about the big-play threat Bush imposes. The Falcons pull off the upset to hand the Champs their first loss. PREDICTION: FALCONS


Redskins @ Rams--The Rams are giving Sam Bradford absolutely no help at all. Bradford's doing well. But, this Rams team (which I picked both times to win, by the way) gave away two winable games already. You can't do that and expect to improve. They look better this season, but don't play, as a team, with the confidence they should. I'm not letting this team burn me in the pick ems for a 3rd week in a row. PREDICTION: REDSKINS


Eagles @ Jaguars-- Benching Kevin Kolb in favor of Michael Vick is not the right decision. This franchise will pay for it in the long run. Still, I saw nothing from the Jaguars last week to make be believe they have any chance at all to pull off the upset here. Jones-Drew is just not getting the ball enough.



Colts @ Broncos-- The Broncos will give the Colts a better fight than the lackluster Giants did. Kyle Orton is thriving in this offense. But, it won't be enough to defeat one of the best QB's any of us will ever see. Not quite the blowout like the Giants game. But, the Colts take it to improve to 2-1.



Raiders @ Cardinals-- Neither team impresses me. The defenses are both suspect. The Cardinals have the edge as WR. The Raiders have the edge at QB with Gradkowski. I'll go with the team with the improving running game. McFadden gets it going again. PREDICTION: RAIDERS


Chargers @ Seahawks-- I have a feeling the Seahawks will bounce-back somewhat from that loss to the Broncos. But, I just don't think there's enough there to compete with Phillip Rivers and the Chargers offense. Close game, but the Chargers take it. PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Jets @ Dolphins-- Both defenses have been impressive. Both offenses have struggled at times. Still, I'm not sold on Mark Sanchez outscoring a team with a solid defense. I expect the Dolphins defense to once again take control of the game in their home opener. The self-proclaimed future Superbowl Champions fall to 1-2. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Packers @ Bears-- I'm not drinking the Jay Cutler koolaid just yet. The Bears are a team that, in all honesty, should have lost to the Lions. The Packers are firing on all cylinders right now, and have the offense and defense to beat just about anyone. Clay Matthews will get after Cutler and not allow him to sit back there and pick the defense apart. Even without Ryan Grant, I've gotta go with Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings over Jay Cutler and WR/CB/KR/PR/whatever Devin Hester. PREDICTION: PACKERS













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