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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - 1/29/10

Enjoy the read, gang:


- Recently on the Dan Patrick show, Browns team president Mike Holmgren was very non-commital regarding the QB situation. While he DID acknowledge that he'd like there to be a clear starter before training camp, he was very mum on who that might be. When asked if BOTH QB's would be on the roster next season, he said ".....I won't tell you that right now. They're both here right now. We'll see how it goes......".


- In a recent interview with the press, Terrell Owens states he plans to play for two or three more years in pursuit of a superbowl ring. He went on to - surprise surprise - take more shots at his QB's; stating that he'd be close to Jerry Rice's records if he had the quality of QB's he had. I guess we're just supposed to forget the inconsistent efforts and dropped passes. Silly us. Undecided I'll tell you what else Jerry Rice had (aside from "quality QB's") that T.O. does not - a great work ethic, a team-first attitude, character, class, and a solid, consistent effort. Perhaps - just maybe - that might have SOMETHING to do with Jerry Rice being the best WR of all time. For Terrell Owens to even compare himself to Jerry Rice is laughable at best.


- Word is the agent for Eagles WR DeSean Jackson plans on approaching the Eagles this offseason about a contact extension. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't DeSean Jackson only played in TWO NFL seasons? A little early to be requesting extensions and raises, isn't it? I'm inclined to believe that when the Eagles drafted DeSean Jackson in the 1st round, they signed him to more than a two year contract. What ever happened to a player playing his contract out before requesting extensions?


- Word out of Tampa is that unless injury-prone Buccaneers WR Antonio Bryant lowers his financial expectations, he will be playing elsewhere next season.


- The Denver Broncos are expected to trade disgruntled WR Brandon Marshall soon after free agency begins on March 5th. No word yet on who the suitors might be.


- Titans RB Chris Johnson is still trying to figure out why his former RB coach - Earnest Byner - was fired. I can't figure that one out myself. Byner coached a RB who made history; getting past the 2,000 yard mark. Why would you fire this guy? Has Jeff Fisher gone senile down there in Nashville?


- Dolphins OLB Joey Porter recently told a radio station in Bakersfield, CA that he hopes he does not return to the Dolphins next season. He was apparently unhappy with his role with the team last season. But, with Porter being a 33 year-old OLB, I'm not sure what he's expecting. He's not likely to be a starter on too many teams at this point in his career, so why trash your team publicly trying to get released or traded? How does this help Porter?


- The Patriots have already met with draft prospects - OLB Eric Norwood of South Carolina and OLB Brandon Graham of Michigan; creating speculation that they will select an OLB with their first round pick in April, and probably more throughout the draft. At least three of their linebackers are free agents.


- Word out of Tampa is the Buccaneers have scheduled a meeting with former WR Keenan McCardell to discuss their vacant WR coach position.


- The Vikings have granted the Bears permission to speak to QB coach Kevin Rogers about the Bears' OC vacancy.


- The Eagles have promoted VP of player personnel - Howie Roseman - to their new GM.


- There is speculation among the Buffalo fans and media that the team might try to bring in Michael Vick to be the Bills QB. Vick is still under contract with the Eagles. However, he is due $5 million in 2010 for basically being a third-stringer, so the team may be willing to trade him.


- The Ravens are reportedely looking at former Redskins head coach Jim Zorn and Al Saunders to fill the QB coaching vacancy. Both are said to be interested.


- The Broncos made it official. Linebackers coach Don Martindale has been promoted to the team new DC.


- Rams head coach Steve Spagnolo told reported recently that he plans to talk to 49ers WR Isaac Bruce about the team's vacant WR coach position. Bruce is not yet officially retired, but is expected to retire during the offseason after 16 NFL seasons.


- Despite the Giants defense being one of the most pitiful, pathetic, lethargic, disgusting, characterless, pulseless, gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, scrotumless, lack-luster units the game has ever seen last season, new DC Perry Fewell is telling the media that he doesn't plan on making any changes to the staff. He stated he has a lot of confidence in the current staff. I hope his confidence is justified. Because, if he's wrong and we get another year like what we saw in 2009 out of the Giants defense, both Fewell and Tom Coughlin will be job hunting this time next year.


- Vikings RB Adrian Peterson recently told reporters that that he plans to make correcting his fumbling problem his #1 offseason priority. He blames his running style for his fumbling problems, and plans to make adjustments accordingly.


- Raiders executives deny the perception that Hue Jackson was brough in to run the offense in an effort to salvage JaMarcus Russell's career. Senior executive John Herrera made it clear that he was brought in to help the entire offense regardless of who the QB might be. That's a public declaration that Russell is not guaranteed anything in '10. The reality is - it is up to JaMarcus Russell to salvage his own career; if that's even possible at this point.

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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - 1/25/10

- According to Fox's Jay Glazer, Brett Favre's Vikings teammates think he will retire. But, as we've all learned the past several years, what Brett Favre says he's going to do and what he winds up doing are two different things. He's changed his mind from month-to-month, so personally, I'll assume nothing until September comes next year, and Favre is not out on the field. Word is the Vikings are willing to give Favre more than the $13 Million he was due next season in his contract if it convinces him to come back.

- Rumor out of Oakland is that Tom Cable is interested in an Offensive Line position with another team. I guess one sure sign of a poorly run franchise is when your head coach would rather take a demotion just to leave the team.

- Word out of Chicago is that despite the loss of DE Gaines Adams, the Bears intend to let 33 year-old DE Adewale Ogunleye test the free agency market in the offseason.

- CFL kicker Sandro DeAngelis had a recent tryout with the Dallas Cowboys. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm still trying to figure out why they released Nick Folk in favor of Shaun Suisham. Isn't that kinda like releasing Ben Roethlisberger for Derek Anderson?

- Word out of Cleveland is that suspended WR Donte Stallworth will not be brought back to the Cleveland Browns next year when his suspension is up. Not a difficult decision there.

- Word out of Dallas is that their biggest draft needs are O-line, kicker, and safety. They do not consider WR a pressing need.

- Jets CB Lito Sheppard was benched for the AFC Championship game, adding to speculation that he will not be back with the Jets next season. Another Jets player that may not be back is Thomas Jones. He's due a roster bonus of $3 million on March 1st. That's a lot of money for a 32 year old RB. Plus, the emergence of rookie RB Shonn Greene makes Jones expendable.

- Rams assistant O-line coach Art Valero has interviewed with the Seattle Seahawks for the same position.

- According to a Phoenix radio station, Bills head coach Chan Galiey intends to hire Cardinals running backs coach Curtis Modkins as his Offensive Coordinator.

- Expect the Cowboys to sign WR Miles Austin to a long term deal this offseason. Austin is currently a restricted free agent.

- Word out of Cleveland is DT Shaun Rogers may be on his way out of town. The Browns brought Rogers in last year to improve their run defense. Ironically, in the 11 games Rogers played in, the Browns running defense (159 ypg) was dramatically worse that it was the five games without him (111 ypg) at the end of the season.

Some tidbits of my own:

- Rex Ryan's confidence and coaching style is to be commended. His big mouth, however, is not. Don't go holding press conferences bragging that you're better than the Colts before you even play them in the AFC Championship game. You're dealing with Peyton Manning - arguably the best QB of all time. When you make claims like that; then give up 24 unanswered points to that same team, you wind up looking stupid. Rex - you've got a bright future and so do the Jets, but tone down the self-shoulder-patting and win guarantees.

- The hit on Brett Favre was NOT a late hit or an intentional hit to the knee. It was incidental contact. The defender's job is to take down the QB. Brett Favre got taken down - end of story. Get over it. The last thing we need is the referees giving preferential treatment to TWO QB's instead of just one.

- The best team DID win the NFC Championship game. The Vikings lost the game - period. When you win the game, you are the better team by definition, so enough crap about ".....the best team isn't going to the Superbowl, blah blah, blah......." The Champions are the champions - end of story. If the Vikings were the better team, then they wouldn't have had six turnovers. They had a great season, but let's give credit where credit is due - to the Saints defense.

- Drew Brees versus Peyton Manning - do Superbowls get any better than that?

- What's the deal with those helicopters Brees was throwing yesterday? Better get that fixed and fast.

- I don't understand the hate of Reggie Bush by Saints fans. All the guy does is make plays and score TDs. Sure, he makes mistakes, but he makes up for them by getting in the end zone. Without that TD by Bush late in the game, the Saints lose. What's the problem? I don't get it.

- Why is Donald Brown NOT the starting RB for the Colts? He's more explosive, faster, younger, has better vision and awareness, and is more powerful than Joseph Addai. You rank 32rd in rushing, guys. What do you lose by making the change?

- Brett Favre was a warrior in the NFC Championship game. He had a helluva game. Still, I'm confused that the game was not put more in Adrian Peterson's hands. Where would that offense have been without him in '08? Why did the game HAVE to be put on Favre's shoulders? To feed his ego? To make Favre happy? Didn't Adrian Peterson almost hit 2,000 yards last season in just 14 games? What am I missing here? Someone explain it to me.......Anyone.

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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - 1/22/10

Welcome to my first 2010 edition of NFL Tidbits & Rumors.  I don't normally start these until the offseason, but screw it.  Here it is.  Look for updates about twice per week.  Enjoy. 

- Word out of Cleveland is that the Browns and WR/KR Joshua Cribbs are close to a contract extention.

-Word out of Buffalo is that former head coach Dan Reeves has expressed interest in coming to work on Chan Gailey's staff for the Buffalo Bills. Also, thus far, Chan Gailey has been non-commital regarding the QB situation, lending credence to the belief that the Bills will select a QB with their first round pick in April.

- If Cardinals QB Kurt Warner retires, QB Matt Leinart would be the man next season. While the coaches like Leinart's mobility and think he has all the tools, word is they STILL question his passion for the game and commitment. They may be reading too much into the frustration of the former 1st round draft pick. Most first round QB's are starters my their 3rd season. Matt Leinart is going into his 5th.

- Despite reports that have been circulating, Jim Harbaugh's agent denies a meeting took place between Harbaugh and the Oakland Raiders to discuss a possible Head Coaching position. Consequently, the Raiders are denying even being interested in Harbaugh. Generally, the media does not pull its stories out of mid air, so I'm inclined to believe that somebody; somewhere is lying.

- Word out of Denver is that aging CB Ty Law has spoken to Coach McDaniels about returning to the Broncos in '10 for yet another NFL season. Isn't this guy almost 40? Also out of Denver - Broncos linebackers coach Don Martindale is being considered for the vacant defensive coordinator position.

- The rumor in St. Louis is that WR Isaac Bruce is interested in filling the WR coach vacancy.

- As the Cardinals wait for word on Kurt Warner's intentions, one member of the team will definitely not be back. DE Bertrand Berry has annouced his retirement after 12 NFL seasons.

- Brian Billick had expressed interest in the head coaching job for the Buffalo Bills. Needless to say, he was shocked that the Bills never even interviewed him. So am I. How do they hire Chan Gailey without even interviewing a coach that won a superbowl? Yep - you're not alone in your confusion, Brian.

- The University of Tennessee has contacted Buccaneers linebackers coach Joe Barry about the possibility of replacing Monte Kiffin as the Vols' defensive coordinator. Ironically, he would be the second straight defensive coordinator that Tennessee hired from the Bucaneers' staff.

- The Seahawks have interviewed Redskins consultant Sherm Lewis about the possibility of becoming the teams running backs coach.

- Word out of Baltimore is the team is happy with back-up QB's Troy Smith and John Beck. However, coach John Harbaugh also stated that he would be open to trade offers should other teams be interested. Troy Smith has verbally expressed his desire to be a starting QB in this league, so he would be the more likely trade candidate of the two.

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Divisional Round playoffs - Picks & Predictions

OK, I was 1-3 last week, with the Ravens upset over the Patriots my only correct pick.  Yikes.  Undecided   Anywho, lets see if this week's guessing game goes better than the last.  Feel free to chime in: 

Cardinals @ Saints -- What Kurt Warner and the WR's were able to do against a pretty good Packers defense last week was unprecedented.  If the Packers couldn't stop them, I don't see how the Saints can.  The Cowboys and Buccaneers proved Drew Brees can be beat.  The Cardinals will prove it too. 


SAINTS             28

Ravens @ Colts -- The Colts offense usually struggles against this team, but the defense always manages to play a tad bit better than the Ravens defense.  Expect more of the same here with maybe a late TD or FG deciding the outcome.  Peyton Manning does just enough to get the win. 


RAVENS     17
COLTS         19

Cowboys @ Vikings -- I underestimated the Cowboys last week.  I won't make that mistake this week.  The Cowboys are playing their best football right now.  The Vikings are not.  If the Vikings are smart, they'll put the game in Adrian Peterson's hands.  But, they won't.  Brett Favre will cry about wanting to run the offense and boss the coaches around, and it will cost them.  Expect the #2 seed to go down as well. 



Jets @ Chargers -- The Jets won't push the Chargers around the way they did the Bengals.  The Bengals just wore down toward the end of the season.  However, the Chargers have won nine straight under the arm of Philip Rivers and an improving defense.  Expect Rivers to be prepared for the blitz and take advantage of one-on-one match-ups down the field.  Chargers big at home. 


JETS             21
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Wild Card Round - NFL picks & predictions

Here are my picks & predictions for the wildcard round.  I finished my regular season picks with a record of 172-84 (67%).  I beat Pete Prisco and most of the "experts".  Let's see how I can do in the playoffs: 

Jets @ Bengals--  I expect the Bengals to show up for this one.  The Jets have the #1 run defense and the #1 running game in the NFL.  But Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer are too good at what they do NOT to make some adjustments from the week 17 game.  Carson Palmer is a better QB than Mark Sanchez.  Expect the Bengals to take the shackles off & involve Palmer a bit more in the offense with plenty of throws away from Darrelle Revis.  It's a slug fest between two good defenses.  My gut tells me the home team comes out on top. 

JETS            14      

Packers @ Cardinals-- The Packers are peeking at the right time.  The O-line is playing much better.  Aaron Rodgers has done as good a job as any QB can do replacing Brett Favre.  The running game is jiving now with Ryan Grant.  And, what many may not know is that the Packers finished the regular season as the #2 defense in the league.  Don't be shocked to see the Packers in the Superbowl.  The Cardinals are simply outmatched in this contest, and Kurt Warner's best days are behind him.  The Cards will play hard and make it interesting, but Aaron Rodgers makes one more big play than Warner. 

PACKERS       34

Eagles @ Cowboys-- Despite the sweep of the Eagles during the regular season, all of the pressure will be on Tony Romo in this one.  Donnovan McNabb has won in the playoffs.  Tony Romo has not.  I expect the Eagles will be much better prepared and will change things up a bit to throw the Cowboys off their rhythm both on offense and defense.  Expect the Eagles to win the turnover battle, and for the Cowboys drought of playoff victories to continue. 

EAGLES       20

Ravens @ Patriots-- The Patriots have lost, in my opinion, their most valuable player in Wes Welker.  Most think Tom Brady carried this team this season.  I disagree.  In games Wes Welker missed this season, Tom Brady's passer rating was below 70.  The Ravens are not buying the Tom-Brady-broken-ribs story either, and they are preparing accordingly.  The defense of the Pats is also aging and has been vulnerable in the passing game.  Look for Ray Rice and Joe Flacco to put an end to the Patriots home game winning streak and pull off the upset. 

RAVENS        24
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Week 17 NFL picks, predictions, & random thoughts

Sorry I haven't put a blog out for a while.  Here are my picks, predictions, and random thoughts on week 17. Enjoy:



Colts @ Bills-- Expect the Colts to rest their starters again. A mistake, in my opinion. I guess they haven't learned from past mistakes. Don't know how you rest starters for almost a month; then expect them to be ready for teams like the Chargers, who've eliminated the Colts from the playoffs a bunch of times. But, what they hell do I know? LOL. PREDICTION: BILLS


Saints @ Panthers-- With nothing to play for, expect the Saints to rest their starters as well; handing the Panthers their third straight victory to end the season. PRECITION: PANTHERS


Jaguars @ Browns--The Browns are getting hot at the right time, and now have their running game going. The Jaguars have no passing game and no pass rush. Don't like their chances in this once. Expect the Browns to shock the NFL; finishing out the season on their fourth straight win. PREDICTION: BROWNS


Patriots @ Texans-- The Patriots need to win or risk losing the #3 seed. Regardless, they are guaranteed at least one playoff game and may rest their starters. The Texans will have another opportunity to come up big in a non-divisional game that doesn't matter. About nine other teams need to lose for them to get into the playoffs. It won't happen, and they know it, so expect them to take care of business when it doesn't matter per their MO. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Giants @ Vikings-- The Vikings have the #2 seed in the NFC to play for. The Giants are a bunch of gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, heartless, scrotumless, prideless, passionless, complacent, lethargic bums who should stay home and not even show up for this game after that disgraceful, disgusting performance in their final home game in the Meadowlands. They've already spit in the face of their fans, so why even bother showing up for a game that doesn't mean anything? Just stay home and forfeit. That would be less disgusting than the product they're putting on the field lately. PREDICTION: VIKINGS


49ers @ Rams--Steven Jackson is the Rams only scoring threat. Expect Patrick Willis & company to shut him down, which will, in turn, shut down the Rams. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Falcons @ Buccaneers-- I don't know what the heck's happened to Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. But, I expect this group to play hard Sunday to try to secure the first pair of back-to-back winning seasons the franchise has seen in quite some time. Bucs come back down to earth. PREDICTION: FALCONS


Steelers @ Dolphins-- Don't expect a dropped TD pass from the other team to bail the Steelers out this time. For the Dolphins, Chad Henne has really looked good, and I expect the defense to have a better showing than they did last week against the Texans. Dolphins pull off the upset at home. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Bears @ Lions-- With Matthew Stafford hurt, the Lions chances of winning are somewhere between zero and negative 50.


Eagles @ Cowboys-- The Cowboys are the better team than the Eagles. I think they're ready to prove it. They have the edge on defense and RB, and I think that's where this game will be won. Whoever can run the ball and stop the run will win. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


Chiefs @ Broncos-- Which Broncos team shows up? The Broncos team that flopped at home against the Raiders? Or, the Broncos team that nearly upset the Eagles? I have no idea, so I flipped a coin. Head - Broncos....... Tails........Chiefs................



Ravens @ Raiders--The Ravens have too much at stake to lose to a team who thinks it's a good idea to start a QB who has a concussion. Can't see them losing this one in even the most outrageous scenario. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Titans @ Seahawks-- Matt Hasselbeck is done as an NFL starting QB. The sooner the Seahawks accept that and draft a QB; the sooner they can get back to being competitive. PREDICTION: TITANS


Redskins @ Chargers-- I'll take MVP candidate Phillip Rivers and Vincent Jackson over Jason Campbell and Santana Moss.


Packers @ Cardinals-- The Cardinals are much improved on defense and the running game. The Packers are much improved on defense, the running game, and pass protection. So, what gives? No disrespect to Kurt Warner, but Aaron Rodgers is the better QB. He has done more with less. Expect more of the same here. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Bengals @ Jets-- With a home playoff game a guarantee, expect the Bengals to rest their starters at some point. The Jets will be given another gift of sorts, and will play their final game in the Meadowlands with more pride, heart, passion, and respect than the Giants showed their fans last week. PREDICTION: JETS

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Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

Here are my picks & predictions for week 15: 

Colts @ Jaguars-- The Colts probably have the best defense in the league that no one's talking about. When you have a great defense and a QB like Peyton Manning, you're going to win most games. The Jaguars struggle against good defenses. Expect more of the same, and for the Colts to remain undefeated. PREDICTION: COLTS


Cowboys @ Saints-- The Saints haven't exactly been dominant lately. They barely beat a Falcons team without its starting QB. But, this Sunday they're at home. I don't see how they lose this one at home to a Cowboys team that has struggled with consistency. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Bears @ Ravens-- Jay Cutler is really struggling. Even worse, his confidence is quickly deteriorating, and the coaches seem to have no answers. With playoffs hopes on the line for the Ravens, expect the home team to come out in this one fired up. Turnovers kill the Bears once again. PREDICTION: RAVENS

Patriots @ Bills-- Tom Brady is banged up and in more pain than he's letting on to the media. Randy Moss' effort is being questioned. They face a Bills team that is playing hard for their interim coach. The Bills defense has been strong the past few games, and the Patriots have been a lousy team on the road. Factor in a Tom Brady that's not 100%, and that spells an upset. PREDICTION: BILLS


Cardinals @ Lions-- Matthew Stafford or no Matthew Stafford, the Lions defense is just about as awful as the Giants defense. They face a Cardinals team eager to prove that Monday night's loss to the 49ers was a fluke. I don't think we'll see a 2nd bad game in a row from the Cardinals. Look for Kurt Warner & company to bounce back in a big way.  PREDICTION: CARDINALS


Texans @ Rams-- The Texans are one of the best teams in the leagues when there's nothing to play for. They seem to show up big only when the playoffs are out of reach. The underacheiving Texans win this one big. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Dolphins @ Titans-- Great match-up here. The Titans have the best RB in the league in Chris Johnson. The Dolphins have one of the best run defenses in the league. The Titans have a pretty good run defense of their own, so I think it comes down to QB play. I like what Vince Young has done since his return. But, I like Chad Henne better. Henne's a better pure passer, so I give him and the Dolphins a slight edge. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Browns @ Chiefs-- Matt Cassel is an absolute turnover machine. I think Todd Haley benches him in this one, which will give the Chiefs a chance. The Chiefs have the better running game and secondary, so assuming Haley doesn't let Cassel single-handedly cost them another game, I'll go with the home team. PREDICTION: CHIEFS


Falcons @ Jets-- I like the way the Falcons fought last week against the Saints. With or without Matt Ryan, expect Mike Smith to have the Falcons well prepared. The Falcons can pass the ball with either QB. The Jets have more INT's as a team than TD passes. I'll take the team with the better passing game. PREDICTION: FALCONS


49ers @ Eagles-- The 49ers showed a lot of grit & heart last week. But, I don't see how they beat a hot Eagles team on the road. Closer than most people think, but expect the Eagles to come out on top at home. PREDICTION: EAGLES


Raiders @ Broncos-- The Raiders are starting Charlie Frye over JaMarcus Russell. Ouch. The former Sixty-something-million-dollar 1st round draft pick is now a third string QB. How much further can Russell fall? Somehow, I don't see Charlie Frye coming into Invesco Field in December and knocking off the Broncos. PREDICTION: BRONCOS


Bengals @ Chargers-- The Chargers are a red hot team, but are not a team without flaws. That goal line stand bailed them out last week. They face a Bengals team with a much better defense and a better running game, and the Chargers defense can be run against. Look for the Bengals to key on the pash rush, and for Cedric Benson to have another solid outing. The December winning streak ends here. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Packers @ Steelers-- The Steelers offensive line made the Browns defense look like the '85 Bears last week. Next up, one of the better defenses in the league, with MVP candidate CB Charles Woodson looking to prove he is worthy of consideration. Aaron Rodgers & the gang - big. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Buccaneers @ Seahawks-- The Bucs were dreadful last week. The Seahawks weren't much better. I'll take Matt Hasselbeck over the rookie Josh Freeman. PREDICTION: SEAHAWKS


Vikings @ Panthers-- The Panthers can be shut down easily if you shut down their running game. The Vikings are the best run defense in the league. Won't be much of a contest here. PREDICTION: VIKINGS


Giants @ Redskins-- The Giants defense is a joke. They're unfocused, undisciplined, undertermined, detached, disinterested, disgraceful, disgusting, repugnant, lethargic, lazy, slow, lack-luster, pitiful, pathetic, lame, weak, soft, careless, ambitionless, clueless, prideless, passionless, characterless, gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, lifeless, scrotumless.....well, you get the idea. They’ve packed it in for the season. No reason to believe they'll come to life at this point. Expect the Giants to disgrace and embarrass themselves yet again in another primetime debacle. PREDICTION: REDSKINS

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Week 14 NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions

Here are my NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions on week 14 action.





- I don't understand either of these teams. The Cardinals win dominantly over the Vikings; then follow up that win with a no-TD, seven-turnover performance against the 49ers. On the flip side, the 49ers lose to a woeful Seahawks team; then follow that up with a dominant win over a red hot Cardinals team. Can anyone out there explain either one of these teams to me? Anyone? Credit the 49ers to getting back to the formula they had success with earlier in the season; a strong ground game and stingy defense. Frank Gore was the player of the game; hitting 167 yards rushing; his best performance of the year by far.





- The Steelers defense did their job; holding Brady Quinn to just 90 yards passing. But the offense couldn't get in the end zone and gave up EIGHT sacks to a Browns defense that hasn't exactly been lighting it up. This teams playoff hopes are just about dead, and Ben Roethlisberger is going to get killed if that O-line can't learn to do a better job of protecting him. The Superbowl champs have now lost five straight and must face a red hot Packers team this coming week. Good luck guys.  Undecided



NY Giants 38 FINAL


- The Giants gained well over 500 yards in offense. However, their defense is putrid and their special teams isn't much better. The Eagles receivers were wide open all night. The Giants defense made DeSean Jackson look like Jerry Rice. They couldn't stop anybody. They couldn't pass rush. They couldn't cover anybody. They didn't get close enough to NcNabb to even see what he looks like. The guy had time for a cup of coffee at times. They can't tackle. They can't stop the run. They can't stop the pass. They can't keep the other team out of the end zone. And to add insult to injury was DeSean Jackson's blatant cockiness. The New York Giants embarrassed and disgraced themselves. Even more shocking than the performance of the defense is Tom Coughlin's statement to the press yesterday that he's "confident" in defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. The Giants have given up an average of 32.3 PPG over the last eight games. Even the most devout, homeristic Giants fans must question where Coughlin's confidence in Bill Sheridan comes from.  Undecided





- Credit this victory to a Dolphins defense that doesn't get nearly as much credit as it deserves. They held Maurice Jones-Drew to 59 yards rushing and David Garrard to 139 yards passing. Chad Henne is getting better every week. He hit 17 consecutive passes at one point. Don't count them out of the playoffs or the AFC East title hunt just yet.


NY Jets 26



- This one got ugly in a hurry, and stayed that way the entire game. Josh Freeman was held to 93 yards passing on 33 attempts, and threw three more INT's. Ouch. The Jets defense dominated this contest from start to finish. The Bucs never had a chance. Thomas Jones had a nice day; finishing with just under 100 yards rushing.





- It wasn't pretty, but the Patriots will take it. The offense turned it over three times in this one. Tom Brady had a very average day. Wes Welker was the player of the game; ending the day with 10 receptions for 105 yards. The Panthers simply couldn't get anything going on offense. An early TD by Steve Smith was the sole highlight of the day.





- They're starting to look like the winless Lions from last season. Man, that was horrible. They'd better hope Matthew Stafford doesn't get injured too much going forward. Culpepper couldn't do anything, and Kevin Smith is nothing more that an average RB. Ray Rice absolutely humiliated the Lions defense on his way to 166 rushing yards on just 13 carries. The Lions are sure to draft high again in '10's draft, and would be wise to pick an impact defensive player with their first pick. You just can't play run defense like that and expect to win games.





- Credit this win to the impressive goal line stand the Chargers defense made in the first half. If they let Marion Barber get that TD in the 2nd QTR, the Chargers lose this game. Philip Rivers had another solid day. Tony Romo struggled a bit on 3rd downs. I thought the Cowboys got away from the running game a bit too much in this one. It was working, so why put the game in Romo's hands? The game was tied going into the 4th QTR. I don't get it.





- Credit the Vikings for getting back to their original winning formula - running the ball and playing stingy defense. The game was put more into Adrian Peterson's hands; less into Brett Favre's, which was a smart move. On the flip side, Cedric Benson got his rushing yards (16-96). But, the Bengals are going to need more than 94 yards passing out of Carson Palmer if they expect to win playoff games. The Bengals defense, which had been solid, wore down in this one. That will happen when your offense can't sustain drives.





- Credit this win for the Bills solely to Matt Cassel. The Bills only managed 86 yards passing. For the Chiefs, Jamaal Charles hit 143 yards rushing; averaging over 7 yards per carry. Matt Cassel had 224 yards passing, but threw 4 INT's; single-handedly wasting a good effort by this Chiefs team. Clearly, the Chiefs need to restructure Cassel's contract, and maybe check to see what Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy are doing for the next ten years.





- Peyton Manning struggled a bit against this solid Broncos defense; completing less than half his passes, but found a way to get it in the end zone 4 times. On the flip side, Brandon Marshall set a single game record for receptions with 21. Kyle Orton outpassed Peyton Manning. But, the Colts defense; perhaps the best defense in the league that no one's talking about, managed to keep the Broncos out of the end zone in the 2nd half. Jim Caldwell's got my vote for coach of the year.





- Leave it up to the Texans to play their best football when nothing is on the line. The defense was dominant. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson had probowl-caliber days. Why can't they do this against their division foes? Why does it take a four game losing streak before we see this from the Texans? It may be too little; too late to save Kubiak's job.





- The Packers can thank Ryan Grant for this win. The offense pretty much sputtered after Grant's 62-yard TD run to open the game. On the flip side, the Bears played well enough on defense to pull off the upset, but the 109 yards in penalties and two turnovers were killers. Jay Cutler threw 2 more INT's. Did the Bears make a mistake trusting their future to Jay Cutler?





- Yes, the Saints are still undefeated. But, any objective Saints fan has to be worried after this performance. They almost lost this game to a Falcons team that was without its starting QB. Chris Redman put up 303 passing yards. The pass defense is a concern. On the flip side, Drew Brees took what the defense gave him in an unspectacular, but efficient performance. But, the Saints must get more from their running game and pass defense if they are to go all the way to the Superbowl.





- Bruce Gradkowski went down to injury early in this one. Once that happened, the Raiders never stood a chance. JaMarcus Russell played like he usually plays - like a player that just wants his paycheck and to be left alone. The defense fell asleep in this one late in the game; giving up 17 unanswered 4th QTR points. The Redskins continue to improve each week. Quentin Ganther had two rishing TD's in his first start for the Redskins. Up next week, a Giants team whose defense will probably make Jason Campbell look like Doug Williams. They can't tackle, can't cover anyone, can't blitz, can't pash rush, can't play bump-n-run, can't stop the run, can't stop the pass....... well, you get the idea.





- Vince Young went down to injury early in this one, but it didn't matter. The Rams defense couldn't stop anyone, and the offense turned it over four times. Steven Jackson may ask for a trade is this crap keeps up. Yikes.

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