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Week 14 NFL picks & predictions

Here are my NFL picks & predictions for week 14.  Enjoy.  Feel free to chime in with picks of your own: 

Steelers @ Browns-- The Steelers can't lose to the Browns after blowing 4th quarter leads to the Chiefs and Raiders, can they? I doubt it. Look for the losing streak to end here and for the Browns to lose their 11th straight home game. PREDICTION: STEELERS


Saints @ Falcons-- Even if the Saints defense struggles again this week, I don't see how they lose to a banged up Falcons team that may or may not have Matt Ryan and Michael Turner back. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Lions @ Ravens-- The Lions will be starting Dante Culpepper in this one; a QB who hasn't won a single game for them - ever. Not liking their chances. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Packers @ Bears-- The Packers defense is peaking at the right time. The O-line has done a much better job of protecting Aaron Rodgers. Look for Rodgers to have another big game, and for Jay Cutler's struggles to continue. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Seahawks @ Texans-- The Texans - for some odd reason - seem to play better when they have nothing to play for. With their playoff hopes dead, look for Andre Johnson & company to have a big day against a struggling Seahawks team. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Broncos @ Colts-- The Broncos are coming off two impressive wins to face a Colts team that hasn't lost a regular season game since some time early last year. Two very good defenses face each other here, so expect a close, low scoring game; with possibly a 4th QTR field goal deciding the outcome. I give the Colts the edge because of Peyton Manning playing at home. PREDICTION: COLTS


Dolphins @ Jaguars-- The Dolphins wised up and finally started to trust their QB last week when the running game was going nowhere. Chad Henne is the real deal. The Dolphins also have one of the best run defenses in the league, so look for them to shut down Maurice Jones-Drew; forcing David Garrard to try to win the game for them. I'll take Chad Henne over David Garrard. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Bills @ Chiefs-- The Chiefs looked putrid last week. It got so bad, Matt Cassel was benched. But, the Bills bring a pretty lack-luster offense to Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday. Don't ask me why, but I don't think we'll see the Chiefs come out and play the way they did last week for a 2nd home game in a row. The Chiefs in a close one. PREDICTION: CHIEFS


Bengals @ Vikings-- Two very good defenses face off in this one. Shockingly, the Bengals actually have the better running game right now. Adrian Peterson has only averaged 3.0 yards per carry over his past three games.  Both teams will bring a good pass rush. But, I expect Brett Favre will make one too many mistakes in this one, and the Bengals will ride the Cedric Benson train again to control the clock. I'll take the road team in the upset. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Panthers @ Patriots-- The Patriots "dynasty" is dead. But, they still have Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Randy Moss. The Panthers have Matt Moore, Steve Smith, and 40-something-year-old Mushin Muhamaad. Call me crazy, but I'll give the home team the edge here. LOL. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Jets @ Buccaneers-- The Jets are sitting Mark Sanchez in this one. I don't think it makes a difference. Rookie QB Josh Freeman will have to contend with one of the better secondaries in the league. He threw 5 INT's last week. I'm expecting at least 2 in this one. The Jets running game and defense takes care of business. PREDICTION: JETS


Rams @ Titans-- Steven Jackson is one of the best football players in the league that no one talks about. Too bad he's on a Rams team that can't score TD's. The Titans can score TD's. Look for them to bounce back in a big way. Titans big at home. PREDICTION: TITANS


Redskins @ Raiders-- Out of the 4 games the Raiders have won this year, three of those games were against the Eagles, Bengals, and the Superbowl Champion Steelers. Tom "Balboa" Cable has this team fighting hard, and the QB switch to Bruce Gradkowski appears to be paying off. They face a Redskins team that is competitive, but makes too many mistakes and has not learned to finish games. For the first time all season, I'm picking the Raiders to win. PREDICTION: RAIDERS


Chargers @ Cowboys-- The so-called, media-hyped "December swoon" will have nothing to do with this outcome. I don't believe in jinxes and media labels.  The better team will win - period.  The Chargers are red hot, and Philip Rivers is playing like an MVP-worthy QB. The defense hasn't been great. But, this team knows how to win, and will demonstrate it once again in the Cowboys trillion-dollar stadium; underneath the billion-dollar TV screen. Cheap shots by Flozell Adams won't save the Cowboys in this one either.  PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Eagles @ Giants-- The Giants seemed to come back to life last week and find their own pulse. Coughlin benched the players that were draggin a$$. The tactic seems to have paid off. Something tells me the good effort we saw last week will continue. The Eagles will underestimate the Giants. Look for the Giants pass-rush to get after McNabb and force him into one too many mistakes. Giants do just enough to win to take it in the upset. PREDICTION: GIANTS


 Cardinals @ 49ers-- The 49ers are a team I just can't figure out. They started off the season as a running team that played stingy defense. Now, they are a passing team that can't run the ball and plays average defense. Who are these guys? The Vikings couldn't get after Kurt Warner enough to slow him down, so I don't see how the 49ers do it. Look for the Cardinals success on the road to continue. PREDICTION: CARDINALS

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Week 13 NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions

Here are my week 13 NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions:





- The Packers defense controlled most of the game while Aaron Rodgers was his usual efficient self. CB Charles Woodson should be in the conversation for defensive player of the year. TE Jermichael Finley is emerging as a go to guy for Rodgers. On the flip side, The Ravens once-powerful passing attack is lack-luster as of late. Joe Flacco (15-36, 137 YDs) has struggled, and the team hasn't done a good job of developing the young WR's and getting them involved in the offense. The Ravens must now win all remaining games to even have a shot at the playoffs.


NY Jets 19



- The Jets got back to what they did earlier in the season; ran the ball well and played great defense. Limiting any team to 194 total yards is impressive. The Bills kept it competitive; playing tough defense of their own. But, they don't have a good enough running game to win close games like this. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a starting QB. If they don't believe Trent Edwards is their future QB, then they should draft one in April.



NY Giants 31 FINAL


- It was nice to see the Giants playing with pride and intensity. Not sure where that's been the past eight weeks. They need to play every game like this instead of waiting until their backs are against the wall and players get benched. The offense struggled, but made enough big plays when it counted. Credit this game to the defense, which saw several new starters shut down the running game and force Tony Romo & company to be one dimensional. When your QB has to throw the ball 55 times, more often that not, it's not a recipe for a win. On the flip side, the Cowboys, despite a career game stats-wise by Tony Romo, must now endure all of the December swoon talk and face a red hot Chargers team this week. Good luck.  The NFC East is STILL wide open.



MIAMI            22 FINAL


- It is official. The Patriots "dynasty" is over. The Dolphins were down 14-0 in this one mid way through the second quarter, and fought and clawed their way back to win. The underrated Dolphins defense gave up a lot of passing yards, but buckled down when it counted. The end zone interception by CB Vonte Davis was huge. Chad Henne proved he is the right choice at QB for the Dolphins; hitting a career high 335 yards; picking the offense up when the running game wasn't able to get going. On the flip side, the Patriots simply wore down in this one as the game went on. They have some nice young talent on both sides, but the veteran players are starting to show their age. Tom Brady hasn't been quite 100% this season. Are his best years behind him? WR Wes Welker just might be the best player on that team right now.



ATLANTA          7 FINAL


- The injuries caught up to the Falcons in a big way in this one. They couldn't get the running game going, and the offense turned the ball over three times; all leading to scores. Regardless of who is at QB, they need to get other receivers involved in the offense aside from Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. When you're not even throwing the ball anyone else's way, it's going to make it pretty easy for opposing defenses to game plan against you. On the flip side, the Eagles weren't spectacular but took advantage of all the short fields they had as a result of Falcons turnovers. Michael Vick had his first significant team impact all season.





- This game was a dogfight from start to finish. The Saints once-again pull out another late-in-the-game score to remain undefeated. Drew Brees had to throw the ball 49 times in this one because of the struggling running game, but he got the job done. The defense, which had played well most of the season, now has to be a concern. They made Jason Campbell looked like Doug Williams in this one; letting him complete nearly 80% of his passes for 367 yards. Devin Thomas is quickly emerging as Campbell's go-to-guy. The Redskins are no slouches and will be tough competition for anyone who plays them the rest of the way. But, they must find a way to win games like these. They have played hard the past couple games and taken it to good teams, but they have zero wins to show for it.





- The Steelers have now lost four straight; three of which were lost in the 4th QTR due to late scores by the other team. The Superbowl Champs look very ordinary on defense. While I realize Troy Polamalu is a big loss, there is no excuse for the total collapse we've seen from this defense. Raiders QB Bruce Gradkowski outpassed Ben Roethlisberger in this one.  Gradkowski passed for 308 yards and 3 TD's. Louis Murphy had his breakout game as well. Kudos to the Raiders for beating the Superbowl Champs on the road and continuing to play hard. The Steelers have now lost to two AFC West teams, and neither of those teams is the Chargers. Wow.


DENVER        44



- A Chiefs team that had been playing hard fell apart completely. Matt Cassel was putrid; completing only 10 passes all day. He was eventually benched. When you have to bench a QB you're paying $60 million to, you know things are bad. The Broncos early-season formula for success resurfaced in this one. They ran the ball well, and played stingy defense. Kyle Orton didn't have to do much. This game was over in the third QTR.


HOUSTON       18



- The Jaguars defense finally showed up; contributing 3 INT's and 2 sacks to this victory. Maurice Jones-Drew did a nice job running out the clock late in the game. Losing Matt Schaub to injury for most of the game hurt the Texans. They need a better back-up QB than Rex Grossman. Schaub did come back late in the game and almost led them to a comeback, but the defense failed late in the game when they couldn't stop the Jags from running the clock out. Gary Kubiak will be gone after this season.


TENNESSEE       17



- Chris Johnson has a good day for the Titans, hitting 113 yards rushing. Vince Young was above average. But, the Titans blew too many red zone scoring opportunities in this one. The defense did tighten up in the second half; holding the Colts to 3 points, but weren't able to compliment that with any scoring from the offense. The Colts defense deserves the credit for this win. They bent, but didn't break; holding a red hot Titans team to just two TD's; one of which was late in the game when it didn't matter. Peyton Manning wasn't at his best, but did enough in the first half to give the Colts a lead they would never relinquish.


DETROIT     13



- The Bengals got back to their winning formula; running the ball well and playing great defense. It wasn't pretty, but it was effective. Cedric Benson got 36 carries in this one for 110 yards. That's how you wear down a defense and control the clock. Not pretty, but very effective. On the flip side, as much as I admire Matthew Stafford's toughness, the kid shouldn't be playing right now. He's in obvious pain with that injured shoulder, and if he takes the wrong kind of hit, his career will be over before it begins. The Lions aren't going anywhere. Let Stafford heal from his injury before starting him again!





- At some point, Steven Jackson has to get tired of being the only significant contributor on offense. The Rams have no scoring threat at QB, WR, nor TE. That has to be addressed in the offseason. The defense played well, but when the offense can't score TD's, you won't win too many games. On the flip side, Jay Cutler struggled; completing only 8 passes. Yikes. But Matt Forte finally showed up and played the way most fantasy owners envisioned he would play earlier in the season.





- A good defensive effort by the Buccaneers went to waste in this one. Josh Freeman had 321 yards passing, but failed to get the ball in the end zone and threw five picks. Ouch. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. That's what I get for picking the Bucs to win it in an upset.  Undecided  Carnell Williams and Antonio Bryant had nice games, but the turnovers were killers. On the flip side, Jonathan Stewart had a nice day; hitting 120 yards rushing. Matt Moore and the WR's didn't have to do much.





- Philip Rivers was a beast in this one; hitting 373 yards passing on just 25 attempts. He averaged over 20 yards per completion. Antonio Gates cracked the 150 yd mark in receiving yards. On the flip side, Brady Quinn got it going in the 4th QTR, but by then the game was out of reach. WR Josh Cribbs was the leading rusher. That's not good. The Browns need a new RB, some more WR's, a TE, a revamped O-line, D-line, LB's,  and a new coach this offseason. I don't see how they keep Mangini around.



SEATTLE            20 FINAL


- Perhaps no team out there is more confusing to me than the 49ers. They finally get their passing game going (Smith - 27-45, 310 yards); then their defense disappears when the game is on the line. Alex Smith had over 100 more yards than Matt Hasselbeck, so don't blame the QB for this loss. Hasselbeck won the game for the 'Hawks on a key late 32-yard completion which set up the game winning field goal. Can anyone tell me what's happened to the 49ers running game? Anyone????





- Just went I start to give the Vikings their due credit, the team completely falls apart. They couldn't get their running game going, which is more than a shock to me. Percy Harvin was the leading rusher with 22 yards. Huh? Yeah, I don't get it either. Brett Favre threw 2 INT's and seemed indecisive at times. On the flip side, the Cardinals played exactly the way I thought the Vikings would; dominating at the line of scrimmage and completely shutting down the running game. The pass protection was outstanding. Kurt Warner had all day to throw. It's like the teams switched identities. Wow.

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Week 13 NFL picks & predictions

Here are my picks & predictions.  Enjoy:



Jets @ Bills -- The Bills are playing hard, which bodes well for the future. Terrell Owens is playing his best football of the season, and Ryan Fitzpatrick seems to be the way to go at QB. But, I expect more of the Jets defense we saw last week against the Panthers. My gut tells me the Jets defense dominates the game for a second straight week. PREDICTION: JETS




Eagles @ Falcons -- No Matt Ryan + possibly no Michael Turner = disaster for the Falcons. PREDICTION: EAGLES


Patriots @ Dolphins -- The Patriots haven't won a game on the road this season. The feeling is they win their first one here. The Dolphins WR's are making way too many mistakes, and it seems the Dolphins miss Ronnie Brown after all. Welker & the Pats big. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Buccaneers @ Panthers -- Jake Delhomme is just about done at QB for the Panthers. The Bucs seem to have found their answer at QB with Josh Freeman. The Bucs defense also played much better last week with Raheem Brock calling the plays. Expect the effort to pay off this week. Bucs in an upset. PREDICTION: BUCCANEERS


Rams @ Bears -- I picked the Rams two straight weeks to pull off the upset, and they made me look stupid. Won't make that mistake again for the rest of the season. PREDICTION: BEARS


Lions @ Bengals --The Lions defense is horrible. The Bengals defense is one of the best in the league. Not much more to analyze here. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Titans @ Colts -- The Colts have already clinched the division title, and have a three game lead on the second best AFC team for homefield advantage in the playoffs. The Titans are on fire, and have much more to play for. My gut tells me the Titans come out with more intensity. Look for the Titans to make it six straight and pull off the upset. PREDICTION: TITANS


Texans @ Jaguars -- The Jaguars have absolutely no pass rush, and just Maurice Jones-Drew and Mike Sims-Walker as the team's only legitimate scoring threats. The Texans are the more talented team, and at this point, Gary Kubiak's job is on the line. Expect the Texans losing streak to end here. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Broncos @ Chiefs -- The Broncos victory over the Giants was impressive. But, they're in Arrowhead this Sunday and face a Chiefs team that plays hard; especially at home. The Chiefs will put up a much better fight than the lack-luster Giants did. Another upset prediction. PREDICTION: CHIEFS


Raiders @ Steelers -- Expect the Superbowl champs to bounce back in a big way against a struggling Raiders team. Roethlisberger or no Roethlisberger, the Steelers are at home and should win this one easily. PREDICTION: STEELERS


Saints @ Redskins -- This could be a trap game for the Saints. The Redskins are at home and are still playing hard. The defense is one of the better ones in the league. But, I just don't seem them being able to stop the Saints offense when no one else has been able to. Look for the Saints to stay undefeated. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Chargers @ Browns -- The Browns simply don't know how to win. The Chargers have won six on a row. Any questions? PREDICTIONS: CHARGERS


Cowboys @ Giants -- The Giants are a pitiful, pathetic, lethargic, complacent, lazy, lack-luster bunch of bums who are a disgrace to the game of football. They're playing with no pride, no passion, no heart, no emotion, no intensity, no fire, no spark, no urgency, no interest, no gonads****, no self-respect, .........well, I think you get the idea. I'd be shocked if they won a single game the rest of the season. Cowboys BIG. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


49ers @ Seahawks -- The 49ers defense seems to be getting back on track, and Alex Smith looks more confident and poised every week. Vernon Davis has become a dangerous offensive weapon. I think they're the better team right now. The Seahawks are banged up with injuries. I don't see how they win this one; even at home. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Vikings @ Cardinals -- Whether it's Matt Leinart or Kurt Warner, I don't see how either QB gets it done against that pass rush. Brett Favre will continue to prove me wrong with yet another solid performance. Vikings big. PREDICTION: VIKINGS




Ravens @ Packers -- The Ravens barely beat a Steelers team without Ben Roethlisberger. There are still issues in their passing game, and Ray Rice can't do it all by himself. Expect another big day by the Packers 'D' and Aaron Rodgers. I like the Packers at home. PREDICTION: PACKERS

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Week 12 NFL picks & predictions

Hey, gang. Here are my picks and predictions for week 12. A happy and safe Thanksgiving to all of you.


Packers @ Lions-- The Lions minus Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson = another boring Thanksgiving Day game blowout. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Raiders @ Cowboys-- The Cowboys come off a slobberknocker against the Redskins to face a Raiders team riding high off their victory against the Bengals. However, the Raiders are the team that had to travel for this game on a short week. That's tough even for good teams. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


 Giants @ Broncos-- The Giants have the worst Defensive Coordinator in football. Every other defense in the NFL plays 60 minutes of football. The Giants defense plays for about 50-54 minutes, then gives a half-asses effort or no effort the rest of the way. Either that, or they're just plain wearing down. He refuses to make adjustments nor line-up changes. Only the oldest, slowest, fattest, most lethargic LB's crack the starting line-up and get any kind of significant action except for Antonio Pierce - the slowest and most lethargic of them all - who's only out because of injury. That means the Broncos offense will see the fearsome duo of Danny Clark and Chase Blackburn for pretty much the entire game. Yeah, baby! Wooohooooooooo! The DT's can't stop the run nor rush the passer and are basically just taking up space, so unless Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck can put on superhero capes and take this game over by themselves, expect another late game let-up, wear-down, siesta, vacation, collapse, disappearance.......or whatever you want to call it......by the Giants defense. However, the Giants offense can score points, so those guys should bail them out again in this one; giving the team enough of a cushion to avoid yet a third blown 4th quarter lead in a row. PREDICTION: GIANTS





Buccaneers @ Falcons-- The Falcons are a much better team at home and have much more talent than the struggling Bucs. This is the week Matt Ryan gets it going. PREDICTION: FALCONS


Dolphins @ Bills-- The Bills are no push-over team. They're still playing hard. But, they face an underrated Dolphins defense, a RB in Ricky Williams who can still get it done, and a very underrated QB in Chad Henne who has been very good at running this offense with poise and precision. The Dolphins aren't fancy, but they're solid at the line of scrimmage and find a way to win. Expect more of the same in Orchard Park, NY this Sunday. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Panthers @ Jets-- These two teams are very much alike. Both teams have underacheiving defenses. Both teams have QB's who have turned the ball over a lot. Both teams are coming off losses. Both teams run the ball well. So, what gives? Call it a gut feeling, but I think the Jets come out ready in this one and start getting back to what made them successful early in the season. Ultimately, I think the Jets defense will force more turnovers than the Panthers. PREDICTION: JETS


Seahawks @ Rams-- The Seahawks can't run the ball. Matt Hasselbeck can't seem to stay healthy. The defense can't stop the pass nor stop the run. Stephen Jackson has been playing like an all-pro RB all season despite the team's record. This week, it pays off. Rams get their 2nd win of the year. PREDICTION: RAMS


Redskins @ Eagles-- Jason Campbell is playing better, and the Redskins defense is one of the better defenses in the league. But, I don't think there are enough weapons on offense to keep up with DeSean Jackson & company. Close game, but the Eagles have more talent on offense and are at home, so the edge goes to them. PREDICTION: EAGLES


Browns @ Bengals-- The Bengals will look to avenge the embarrassing loss to the Raiders. The defense didn't have a sack last week. Look for them to take it out on Brady Quinn. The Browns simply don't know how to win even when they have huge leads. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Colts @ Texans-- The Texans are finding ways to lose games. Out of the five games they lost, four of them were lost in the final seconds; either by missed field goals or blown 4th and shorts at the goal line or some other form of stupidity. They played like a team afraid last week; not a team with confidence. It's official. My belief in this team is dead. Colts big in this one to stay undefeated. PREDICTION: COLTS


Chiefs @ Chargers-- I was tempted to go with the Chiefs here for the upset, but then remembered that this Chargers team is hot and they're at home. Asking the Chiefs to beat the Chargers on the road after knocking off the Superbowl Champs is a tall order. PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Jaguars @ 49ers-- The 49ers simply must start games better. They outscored the Packers 21-7 in the second half last week. They need to start games like that. The feeling here is they will Sunday. I like the 49ers Linebackers to win the match-up against Maurice Jones-Drew. The Jaguars have gotten away with a couple of close ones, Sunday, but the lack of creativity on offense catches up with them in this one. I like the 49ers in the upset. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Bears @ Vikings--Brett Favre is on fire. I thought he would start wearing down by now, but there are no signs of that. The Bears have decided to totally abandon their running game completely and let Jay Cutler throw the ball 50 times per game. It won't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to stop this offense. Blitz, blitz, and blitz some more. Vikings big. PREDICTION: VIKINGS


 Cardinals @ Titans-- It's possible Matt Leinart will get the start this Sunday because of Warner's injury. That would make this an ironic game; a battle of formerly-benched first round QB's. The Cardinals are undefeated on the road this season. They have the better weapons on offense. But, I just don't know if Matt Leinart can step in at this point and handle a red hot, rejuvenated Titans team. My gut tells me the Titans make it five straight. PREDICTION: TITANS


Steelers @ Ravens-- Joe Flacco only throws the ball to Derrick Mason and Ray Rice. Mason is more than half-way to 40, and screen passes only get you so far. He doesn't trust his other WR's or TE's. When you don't trust your teammates around you, you will lose, which is what they've been doing. Team chemistry is much better with the Steelers right now. Flacco and the Ravens seem to be in a downward spiral with no end in sight. PREDICTION: STEELERS



Patriots @ Saints-- Somehow, I don't think the Saints will allow Wes Welker to have 15 receptions for almost 200 yards the way the Jets did. The Patriots face the best defense they've faced in weeks, and a QB in Drew Brees that has a ton of weapons around him. I like the Saints at home to stay undefeated. PREDICTION: SAINTS

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Week 11 NFL re-caps, random thought, & opinions

Here are my re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions on week 12 NFL action. Enjoy:





- This can't be considered anything less than a huge disappointment for Texans fans. The Texans were coming off a bye week; well-rested and were at home. This was a game they needed to win to escape mediocrity and establish themselves as legitimate playoff contenders. What we saw was the Titans coming out and playing with the intensity the Texans should have had. All we got from the Texans was blown scoring opportunities, failure to convert on key third-downs, poor play at the line of scrimmage, and missed field goals. This is back-to-back games that K Kris Brown cost the Texans the game. He missed two last night. Can someone explain to me why he is still on this team? This loss for the Texans was nothing short of a meltdown. Credit the Titans for turning their season around and playing hard after an 0-6 start. That 59-0 loss to the Patriots seems like ages ago. This is a different team with Vince Young under center.


MIAMI       24



- Not too many people gave the Dolphins a chance once Ronnie Brown went down. The Dolphins proved once again how underrated this team really is. Ricky Williams carried the load; hitting 119 rushing yards. Chad Henne didn't put up big numbers, but was efficient, ran the offense with confidence and poise, and limited his mistakes. Can't ask for much more from a young QB. However, the unit that deserves much more credit than it gets is the Dolphins defense. The Panthers had just 3 points going into the 4th QTR.  Delhomme struggled; completing less than half his passes. Not sure why DeAngelo Williams only got 13 carries. He averaged almost 10 yards per carry.



NY Giants 34 FINAL - OT


- Any realistic Giants fan like myself can't feel too good about this win. The Giants had a 31-17 lead with six minutes to go in the game; yet somehow managed to blow the lead. This is the second straight game the Giants blew the lead in the final seconds of regulation. Perhaps the guys on defense never got the memo stating that you need to play defense for 60 minutes per game; not 54. Perhaps it's time to end this ridiculous loyalty to the older; slower, fatter, out-of-shape veteran players and put the younger LB's in the starting line-up and; just a thought, but maybe it's time to sign some DT's that can actually stop the run and rush the passer. This was a banged up Falcons team that had been struggling; yet somehow the Giants were dependant on an OT coin flip going their way to win this game. Anyone think the Giants would have won this game if the Falcons has won the coin toss in OT? ........................ Didn't think so. This Giants team is going nowhere with that defense; even if they do squeak into the playoffs. My confidence in this team is at an all-time low. Bill Sheridan must go. Memo to Jerry Reese - How about a DC with some gonads?



DALLAS          7 FINAL


- Credit the Redskins defense for playing hard and fighting for a full 60 minutes; even when their offense was struggling. THAT is how you're supposed to play defense. This Redskins team will be no pushover for any team. On the flip side, Tony Romo had a subpar game, but got the job done when it counted. Perhaps getting a Giants defense in two weeks that refuses to make adjustments, puts up half-assed efforts, and starts its oldest, slowest, fattest, most pathetic; pitiful players is just what the doctor ordered to get that passing game going again.





- Credit the Colts defense for this victory. They made key stops in this one to force the Ravens to settle for field goals all day. Peyton Manning wasn't as efficient in the red zone as he had been, but did enough to get the job done. On the flip side, Joe Flacco needs some other targets to throw to aside from Derrick Mason and Ray Rice. Mason is more than half-way to 40, and RB screen passes will only help so much. Flacco needs to trust his other players, and in turn, they need to step up. Time for the younger WR's on this roster to prove they belong on the team. The Running game for the Ravens was very average in this one.


NY Jets          14



- The Jets didn't really blitz or get after Tom Brady until the game was already a blow out. Not sure why they waited until the 2nd half of the game to try what made them successful early in the season. The Jets defense DID tighten up in the second half, but by then, it was too late. Mark Sanchez was putrid in this one; completing only 8 passes. I saw nothing in this game to indicate that Brian Schottenheimer is the offensive genius the Jets think he is. Braylon Edwards STILL drops too many passes. That's the risk you take when you decide to sign a WR who doesn't give 100% effort on every down. On the flip side, Brady had a solid day with over 300 yards passing. But, the game MVP was Wes Welker; setting a Patriots single-game record with 15 receptions for 192 yards.





- The Eagles were unspectacular, but efficient. LeSean McCoy has proven to be a more-than-capable replacement for the injured Brian Westbrook. DeSean Jackson continues to be the difference maker on this offense. McNabb did a better job of limiting his mistakes in this one. On the flip side, Jay Cutler is simply trying to do too much. The Bears don't even try to run the ball anymore, which I don't understand. The Bears had the lead in the 4th QTR. Why did Jay Cutler have to throw the ball 43 times? Where is Matt Forte? Where is Garrett Wolfe? Kyle Bell had 81 yards on four carries. So, why didn't he get more carries? When your passing game is only averaging 3.9 yards per pass, you simply must run the ball more.





- Ironically, the Bucs played pretty good defense in this one. Drew Brees only had 187 yards passing, and the Saints had no 100-yd rushers. But, the mistakes and turnovers on offense killed Tampa Bay. Josh Freeman has a day he'd rather forget; a day all rookies have at least once. Credit the Saints defense for creating those turnovers all day long. Can they keep it up against the Patriots this coming week?


SEATTLE       9



- Brett Favre continues to prove me wrong with yet another MVP caliber performance. He only had three incomplete passes. That's impressive. The Seahawks' leading rusher had 9 yards. Ouch. Won't win many games that way. I think it's time for the Seahawks to seriously consider drafting a QB in April. On the bright side, their defense did hold Adrian Peterson to 82 yards.





- The Steelers statistically dominated this game. Ben Roethlisberger has almost 400 yards passing. Hines Ward hit the 10 reception mark. The Steelers defense held Matt Cassel to just 15 complete passes on 30 tries; held Jamaal Charles to just 58 yards rushing. But, the Chiefs continued to fight & play hard, found a way to come back from 10 points down to force OT, and found a way to win. It was a gutsy performance by the young Chiefs team. I like how hard they're playing under Todd Haley. It bodes well for the future.


BUFFALO         15



- I give the Bills some credit. Their coach was just fired. Their starting QB was just benched. Yet, they almost pulled out this win on the road. I thought it was preposterous to bench Edwards in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick until the kid almost wound up with 300 yards passing. Terrell Owens had his best game as a Bill. The Bills defense held Maurice Jones-Drew to 66 yards rushing. Only a late TD by Mike Sims-Walker cost the Bills this win. I congratulate the Jaguars on the win. But, kudos to the Bills for not getting down on themselves and playing hard.



GREEN BAY         30 FINAL


- Aaron Rodgers had a big day; with 344 yards passing. Ryan Grant had 129 yards rushing; averaging over six yards per carry. The 49ers did outscore the Packers 21-7 in the second half; leaving fans to wonder why they didn't start the game the way they finished it. Even more confusing is that Frank Gore is their franchise RB. Why did he get only 7 carries the entire game? Who the hell's calling the plays on offense in San Francisco?  Wasn't this supposed to be a power-running football team? 





- You've gotta love football. What other sport would have the two worst teams combine for the most points on the day? LOL. If you're a Browns fan today, you've got to be sick to your stomach. The Browns had a 24-3 lead in the 1st quarter; then got outscored 35-13 the rest of the way. How the hell does that happen? Brady Quinn had his first career 300+ yard; 3 TD day, but it went to waste. Matthew Stafford made history; hitting 422 yards & becoming only the second rookie QB in NFL history to throw 5 TD's in a game. Stafford is the real deal and is as tough as they come. He threw his last TD of the game with a separated shoulder. Anyone else who says this kid should be benched should be slapped.





- It figures. Just when I start giving the Rams some credit for playing better, they lay an egg like this. Don't let the final score fool you. It was 21-3 at halftime. The only reason this game was even close is because Kurt Warner left the game due to injury. The Rams defense did shut out the Warner-less Cards in the second half, but still gave up 110 yards rushing to Tim Hightower on just 14 carries. Stephen Jackson continues to be an all-pro RB; stuck on an anemic team.





- Maybe someone can explain the Cincinnati Bengals to me. How do you sweep the Superbowl Champions after sweeping the Ravens; then lose to a Raiders team with Bruce Gradkowski as its QB? Anyone? Anyone at all?................ What hurts more than who they lost to is the fact that all three of their division opponents lost. They blew a sure chance to get two games ahead of the Steelers and take another step toward a first-round playoff bye. Wow.  Kudos to the Raiders special teams for not giving up & forcing that fumble at the end to set up the game winning FG. 





- The collapse of the Denver Broncos is nothing short of epic. Rivers didn't even get 150 yards passing in this one, so I honestly couldn't tell anyone why this game was a blow out. All I do know if that if Kyle Orton was able to go at game time, then he should have started the game. However, there is good news if you're a Broncos fan. They play Thanksgiving night at home against a Giants defense that has the worst defensive coordinator in all of football, likes to start their oldest, slowest, fattest, most out-of-shape players, and likes to rest on leads once the offense gets the team the lead. The Giants defense will play hard for about 50-54 minutes; then take a vacation and just go through the motions the rest of the game, so there will be the usual opportunity for a 4th quarter comeback. So, no worries, Broncos fans. If the Broncos can move the ball against any defense; especially late in the game it will be this one.

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Week 11 NFL Picks & Predictions

Here are my NFL picks & predictions for week 11. Enjoy:


Dolphins @ Panthers-- The Panthers have done a nice job of cleaning up their act lately. They face a Dolphins team that needs this win badly if they are to stay alive in the playoff hunt. The Dolphins run defense is very underrated and they will try to make the Panthers one-dimensional. The underrated Fins find a way to get it done even without Ronnie Brown. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Steelers @ Chiefs-- The Chiefs are competitive and play hard; which bodes well for the future. Jamaal Charles may be the real deal at RB. But, this team simply doesn't have the talent to hang with the Steelers just yet. Expect Big Ben & company to get back on track. PREDICTION: STEELERS


Saints @ Buccaneers-- The Buccaneers are a different team with Josh Freeman at QB. They upset the Packers two weeks ago; then almost beat the Dolphins on the road. The face a Saints team that struggled to beat the Rams and doesn't seem as unstoppable as earlier in the season. The feeling here is the Saints don't repeat last week's mistake and will not take the Bucs lightly. Drew Brees gets it done. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Falcons @ Giants-- The Falcons defense has been shabby at best, and the offense is now without Michael Turner. They face a Giants team coming off a bye week; desperate for a win. If the Giants lose this one; their season is over and they know it. If they can't beat a banged up Falcons's team with a leaky defense, then every coach on this team should be fired. PREDICTION: GIANTS


Bills @ Jaguars-- The Bills fired Dick Jaron. I'm not sure that fixes anything at this point. They're talking about possibly starting Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB over Trent Edwards, which is proposterous. Terrell Owens clearly isn't putting in the effort he used to. The fans can see the half effort he gives on Sundays. Exactly how much are they paying him to watch passes drop at his feet without making the effort to dive for them? Without a true leader on offense, defense, or head coach, I don't give the Bills much of a chance.               PREDICTION: JAGUARS


Colts @ Ravens-- The Ravens passing game has been struggling lately. Joe Flacco is getting little help from his WR's. Ray Rice is a stud, but if he's their only weapon on offense, then this game won't be close. Expect Manning and the Colts' dominance to continue. PREDICTION: COLTS


Seahawks @ Vikings-- The Seahawks have no pass rush and no running game. They also can't seem to stop the run. Not a very good winning formula. PREDICTION: VIKINGS


Browns @ Lions-- The Lions are at home against the worst scoring offense in football. If ever there was a chance for them to win another game this season, this is it. PREDICTION: LIONS


Redskins @ Cowboys-- The Redskins are averaging 20 points per game since Sherm Lewis started calling the plays on offense. The fake punt was a gutsy call last week. This one will be competitive. But, I look for the Cowboys to bounce back at home and get their dormant running game back on track. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


49ers @ Packers-- The 49ers defense picked off the Bears FIVE times; yet they managed to win the game by only 4 points. This team simply isn't good enough on offense to keep up with Aaron Rodgers & company. Rodgers will get sacked a bunch of times; but not enough to keep the Packers out of the end zone several times. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Cardinals @ Rams-- The Rams have been playing noticeably better football lately, while the Cardinals have been inconsistent. Spagnolo has done a nice job of turning this into a competitive team that plays hard. Steven Jackson has been a stud, the defense is creating turnovers, and even Marc Bulger's playing better. I smell an upset. PREDICTION: RAMS


Jets @ Patriots--The Jets are just 1-5 since starting their season at 3-0, and seem to have gotten away from what made them successful early on. On the flip side, Bellicheat & company have to be fuming after letting the Colts off the hook last week. Expect the Patriots to get even in this one. A season sweep of the Patriots by the Jets is looking less and less likely. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Bengals @ Raiders--The Raiders are a complete mess. They haven't even named their starting QB for this game yet. How much worse can it get in Oakland? Expect the Bengals defense to have a field day. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Chargers @ Broncos--The Broncos will have Chris Simms playing QB. What other analysis is needed? PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Eagles @ Bears-- Jay Cutler seems to be able to hit his yards, but can't seem to get the ball in the end zone. If they can't score against the 49ers, what are they going to do against the Eagles defense? I'll take DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin over Devin Hester and Marty Booker. PREDICTION: EAGLES



Titans @ Texans-- The Titans have been on a roll since winning their first game. Putting Vince Young back into the starting line-up was the right decision. But, they face a Texans team coming off a bye week; with a much-improved defense. The Texans need this game to prove that they are legitimate playoff contenders. Look for the Texans to shut down Chris Johnson and get the job done. PREDICTION: TEXANS

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Week 10 NFL picks & predictions

Here are my picks and predictions for the remaining games of week 10.  Enjoy: 


Lions @ Vikings-- The Lions started out well against the Hawks last week, but got conservative once they got the lead. This team does not know how to win yet and caves under pressure. Expect a big game from Adrian Peterson. PREDICTION: VIKINGS



Broncos @ Redskins-- The Redskins have struggled on offense all season, and are now without their best weapon; Clinton Portis. A perfect remedy for a Broncos team that has dropped two straight. PREDICTION: BRONCOS



Falcons @ Panthers-- Expect the Falcons to figure out that if you stop DeAngelo Williams, you stop the Panthers. I predict two or three picks by Delhomme, and Michael Turner to be the RB that puts on a show in this contest. PREDICTION: FALCONS



Buccaneers @ Dolphins-- The Bucs won't catch the Dolphins asleep at the wheel the way they did the Packers last week. The Dolphins are a better team than their 3-5 record indicates. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS



Jaguars @ Jets-- Expect the defense of the Jets to get back on track against the one-dimensional offense of the Jaguars. Mark Sanchez and Thomas Jones get back on track here. PREDICTION: JETS



Saints @ Rams-- Stephen Jackson will continue to show the NFL his character; putting up a solid effort for all 4 quarters. But, don't expect much else if you're a Rams fan. This one won't be close. PREDICTION: SAINTS



Bills @ Titans-- The Bills do bring their defense every game, so expect a close; low-scoring game. Trent Edwards returns, which should help the Bills. But, I'll take Vince Young and Chris Johnson over Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch. PREDICTION: TITANS



Bengals @ Steelers-- The Bengals have that championship formula about them. They play great defense, have a great O-line, run the ball well, control the clock, and limit turnovers and mistakes. Even more importantly, the Bengals will play with a chip on their shoulder because no one believes they can win this game. The Steelers have shown that their defense can wear down late in games. The Bengals defense has not shown that; plus they haven't forgotten that grin Hines Ward had on his face after he broke OLB Keith Rivers' jaw to end his season. I don't think Ward will be smiling after Sunday. I'll take the Bengals in the upset. PREDICTION: BENGALS



Chiefs @ Raiders--The Chiefs are starting to get their passing game going somewhat, so they at least have that going for them. What do the Raiders have going for them at the moment? Not much of anything except a QB in poor shape with a poor work ethic, an underacheiving former first-round-pick RB, and a bunch of young WR's who drop so many passes, you'd swear they were wearing vasoline on their fingers. The Chiefs have played hard and the effort has been there. Can't say the same for the Raiders. PREDICTION: CHIEFS



Cowboys @ Packers-- The Packers O-line is dreadful, and now their defense can't stop anybody. Is Dom Capers on vacation? Tony Romo and that defense must be licking their chops after watching tape of the game against the Bucs. Expect Aaron Rodgers to get absolutely no help whatsoever, as usual. PREDICTION: COWBOYS



Seahawks @ Cardinals-- The Cardinals are undefeated on the road; yet just 1-3 at home, so this pick is a crapshoot. Which Kurt Warner shows up? The Kurt Warner that threw 5 INT's against the Panthers? Or the Kurt Warner that threw 5 TD's against the Bears? I flipped a coin for this pick. PREDICTION: CARDINALS



Eagles @ Chargers-- The Eagles struggled at home against Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Philip Rivers is a better QB than Romo, has better weapons, and is at home, so I'll give the Chargers the advantage in this one. PREDICTION: CHARGERS



Patriots @ Colts-- Just about everyone and their grandmother thinks the Patriots will win this one. That's exactly why I think it won't happen. Sure, the Patriots are #1 in scoring defense. But, the Colts aren't exactly slouches on defense either. They held Matt Schaub & the Texans to 17 points last week. Peyton Manning is a better QB right now than Tom Brady, and has taken this team on his back. The Colts won't go undefeated, but they won't lose THIS week. PREDICTION: COLTS



Ravens @ Browns-- Brady Quinn gets his starting job back, which is the right move. I don't think he should have been benched to begin with. But, there is no team chemistry here whatsoever, and Jamal Lewis is complaining that Mangini is working the team too hard. Players that complain about hard work shouldn't play in the NFL. This team is a mess. They have about as much chance of pulling off the upset as the Moon does of turning green. PREDICTION: RAVENS

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Week 9 NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions

Here are my re-caps, random thoughts, and opinions on NFL action from week 9.


San Diego 21

NY Giants 20 FINAL


- This was a game the Giants should have won. Philip Rivers was held to 209 yards passing. LaDanian Tomlinson was held to 22 yards rushing. But, conservative, spineless play-calling and lack of confidence did the Giants in here. The overall effort was better by the Giants. However, Brandon Jacobs inability to pound the ball coupled with three red zone failures, a missed field goal, poor run blocking by the O-line, convervative, gutless, spineless, scrotumless playcalling, and dropped passes at crucial times led to this loss. Bad enough when the players are losing confidence. Even worse when the coaches lose confidence in the players. Did Manning even attempt passes in the end zone? A seven minute drive in their opening series on offense resulted in ZERO points. Even when the effort is there, it seems they're finding ways to lose. The Giants are on track to make history. They're on their way to being the first team in NFL history to start a season 5-0 and miss the playoffs. Nice going, guys. How long before Tom Coughlin's seat is hot?  How much worse does it have to get for Brandon Jacobs before they bench him? 


Miami 17

New England 27 FINAL


- Perhaps Joey Porter should do his talking on the field instead of to the press. After trash-talking the Patrios during the week, he was held without a single tackle. Tom Brady had a solid day, hitting 332 yards passing. Randy Moss looked better than he had in a while. The defense bent, but didn't break. On the flip side, Chad Henne has to try more passes down the field. Ronnie Brown has to get more than 15 carries in a game. This is their franchise RB. Can we quit putzing around with Ricky Williams and get Brown more carries? And, how many more dropped passes will it take to get Ted Ginn benched? Good grief. He is single-handedly costing them chances to win games.


Baltimore 7

Cincinnati 17 FINAL


- The Bengals are a team that get it. They didn't try to get flashy or fancy in this one. Cedric Benson carried the ball 34 times. THAT's what you're supposed to do with a franchise RB. Carson Palmer wasn't great, but limited his mistakes and let his RB do most of the work. They controlled the clock with the running game, and played great defense. That's a formula for a win in most contests.  Joe Flacco was held to under 200 yards passing. Ray Rice led the team in rushing and receiving; mostly because the Ravens WR's couldn't get open in this one. The Bengals appear poised for the playoffs, while the Ravens continue to move in the wrong direction.


Dallas 20

Philadelphia 16 FINAL


- The big plays seemed to be missing from Philly in this one. McNabb barely completed over 50% of his passes. LeSean McCoy led the team in rushing & receiving, but still has minimal impact. The Eagles only saw the end zone once. Credit the Cowboys for coming into an environment they'd struggled in recently, and getting the job done. Tony Romo has a solid day; surpassing the 300 yd mark. Thanks to the Giants loss, the Cowboys have a full game lead in the NFC East.


Green Bay 28

Tampa Bay 38 FINAL


- This loss hurts the Packers. They had this game under control; then fell apart in the 4th QTR. They gave up 3 TD's in the 4th. Aaron Rodgers was hit so much in this one, I thought I was watching a human pin~ata. They have to make some changes on the O-line, and they have to make them NOW. The defense fell asleep late in the game and let a rookie QB in his first start on a winless team get the better of them. There is no excuse for that. Absolutely none. On the flip side, congrats to the Bucs for getting their first win and ending all of the can-they-go-winless talk. Looks like they' ve got their QB in Josh Freeman. That was a nice start to his career.


Kansas City 21

Jacksonville 24 FINAL


- Jamaal Charles got his first start as the Chiefs' starting RB, but got the ball only six times. Yeah, I don't get it either. On the plus side, the Chiefs may have found a go to guy in newly signed WR Chris Chambers. Matt Cassel has an OK day, but didn't really get it going until it was too late. On the flip side, Jones-Drew got the ball 29 times; hitting 97 yards. Maybe the Jaguars are starting to get it. Sims-Walker had another solid day with 147 yards on six receptions. The defense must play better late in games.


Houston 17

Indianaloplis 20 FINAL


- Leave it up to the Texans to lose on the week I pick them to win. Someone please explain this team to me. How do you kick a 56 yard field goal before halftime; then miss a 40 yarder when the game is on the line? Talk about letting a team off the hook. Matt Schaub has similar numbers to Peyton Manning (34-43, 311 yds). Andre Johnson was solid as usual with another 10 reception performance. The defense again played well for the Texans. The Texans played well enough to win this one. Credit the Colts defense for bending, but not breaking. Manning has another solid day, but was held without a TD in the second half. Dallas Clark had 14 receptions on the day; partly because the WR's were covered well much of the game. The Colts get another test next week when they face Bill Bellicheat, Tom "I-have-my-own-referees" Brady, and the Patriots.


Arizona 41

Chicago 21 FINAL


- It was 34-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Someone please explain to me how a team can play like this on the road; yet stink it up at home. Anyone? It was an embarrasing day for the Bears D. Tommie Harris got himself kicked out of the game. Jay Cutler hit 369 yards passing, but most of it was in garbage time; playing catch-up. On the flip side, Larry Fitzgerald was the MVP with 9 receptions for 123 yards. The Cardinals now have a solid two-game lead in the NFC West.


Washington 17

Atlanta 31 FINAL


- It was the Michael Turner show in Atlanta (18-166, 2TD's). He averaged almost nine yards per carry and took the Falcons on his back in this one. Matt Ryan didn't have to do much. On the flip side, Jason Campbell actually had more passing yards than Ryan, but couldn't get anything going early on in this one. The Redskins did get it going on offense and defense in the second half; outscoring the Falcons 14-7, but the game was well out of reach by then.


Detriot 20

Seattle 32 FINAL


- This is another perfect example of playing NOT to lose instead of playing to win. The Lions has a 17-0 lead in this game; then got conservative and started playing scared. From the 2nd QTR on, Matthew Stafford and the offense went on vacation; letting Matt Hasselbeck mount a comeback en route to 329 yards passing. Good teams find a way to finish games the way they start them. The Lions are simply not there yet. With the win, the Hawks are now tied for 2nd with the 49ers in the NFC West.


Carolina 20

New Orleans 30 FINAL


- Yet again, Drew Brees found a way to rally his team from behind and found a way to win. This has become a recurring theme for the Saints. After being held to 6 points in the first half, the Saints exploded. Drew Brees spread the ball effectively; getting everyone involved in the passing game. The Panthers defense, which had played well for a half, let up in the 2nd half. As many teams have found out, you can't let up against the Saints. You must play 4 QTR for a full 60 minutes to beat this team.


Tennessee 34

San Francisco 27 FINAL


- Bud Adams is looking smarter and smarter by the week. Vince Young is 2-0. Kerry Collins is 0-6. The team just simply responds better to Vince Young being out there. Team chemistry is everything in this league, and the Titans have it right now. Chris Johnson has 135 yards rushing. Young took care of the football again and limited his mistakes. On the flip side, Alex Smith almost hit 300 yards passing, but the INT's late in the game cost the team. I don't get this defense. This 49ers defense comes off a bye week and holds Peyton Manning to 18 points and zero TD's; yet they can't stop the 1-6 Titans at home??? Does anyone have a clue who the 49ers are?


Pittsburg 28

Broncos 10 FINAL


- This has to be considered a disappointment for the Broncos. The critics were saying last week that they were pretenders because they got blown out by the Ravens at home. So, how do they respond? They get blown out again - at home. Wow. The Broncos running game seems to have disappeared; along with their run defense. Brandon Marshall did what he could; hauling in 11 catches for 112 yards. But, Kyle Orton is not spreading that ball around enough. Where is Eddie Royal? Tony Scheffler? These are pretty good receivers. Why are they not getting balls thrown to them? On the flip side, credit the Steelers for finally getting their running game going. The switch to Rashad Mendenhall seems to be paying off. 155 yards on 22 carries against a good defense is a nice outing. A big win for the Steelers as they remain tied for the lead in the NFC North.

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