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Week 9 NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions

Here are my re-caps, random thoughts, and opinions on NFL action from week 9.


San Diego 21

NY Giants 20 FINAL


- This was a game the Giants should have won. Philip Rivers was held to 209 yards passing. LaDanian Tomlinson was held to 22 yards rushing. But, conservative, spineless play-calling and lack of confidence did the Giants in here. The overall effort was better by the Giants. However, Brandon Jacobs inability to pound the ball coupled with three red zone failures, a missed field goal, poor run blocking by the O-line, convervative, gutless, spineless, scrotumless playcalling, and dropped passes at crucial times led to this loss. Bad enough when the players are losing confidence. Even worse when the coaches lose confidence in the players. Did Manning even attempt passes in the end zone? A seven minute drive in their opening series on offense resulted in ZERO points. Even when the effort is there, it seems they're finding ways to lose. The Giants are on track to make history. They're on their way to being the first team in NFL history to start a season 5-0 and miss the playoffs. Nice going, guys. How long before Tom Coughlin's seat is hot?  How much worse does it have to get for Brandon Jacobs before they bench him? 


Miami 17

New England 27 FINAL


- Perhaps Joey Porter should do his talking on the field instead of to the press. After trash-talking the Patrios during the week, he was held without a single tackle. Tom Brady had a solid day, hitting 332 yards passing. Randy Moss looked better than he had in a while. The defense bent, but didn't break. On the flip side, Chad Henne has to try more passes down the field. Ronnie Brown has to get more than 15 carries in a game. This is their franchise RB. Can we quit putzing around with Ricky Williams and get Brown more carries? And, how many more dropped passes will it take to get Ted Ginn benched? Good grief. He is single-handedly costing them chances to win games.


Baltimore 7

Cincinnati 17 FINAL


- The Bengals are a team that get it. They didn't try to get flashy or fancy in this one. Cedric Benson carried the ball 34 times. THAT's what you're supposed to do with a franchise RB. Carson Palmer wasn't great, but limited his mistakes and let his RB do most of the work. They controlled the clock with the running game, and played great defense. That's a formula for a win in most contests.  Joe Flacco was held to under 200 yards passing. Ray Rice led the team in rushing and receiving; mostly because the Ravens WR's couldn't get open in this one. The Bengals appear poised for the playoffs, while the Ravens continue to move in the wrong direction.


Dallas 20

Philadelphia 16 FINAL


- The big plays seemed to be missing from Philly in this one. McNabb barely completed over 50% of his passes. LeSean McCoy led the team in rushing & receiving, but still has minimal impact. The Eagles only saw the end zone once. Credit the Cowboys for coming into an environment they'd struggled in recently, and getting the job done. Tony Romo has a solid day; surpassing the 300 yd mark. Thanks to the Giants loss, the Cowboys have a full game lead in the NFC East.


Green Bay 28

Tampa Bay 38 FINAL


- This loss hurts the Packers. They had this game under control; then fell apart in the 4th QTR. They gave up 3 TD's in the 4th. Aaron Rodgers was hit so much in this one, I thought I was watching a human pin~ata. They have to make some changes on the O-line, and they have to make them NOW. The defense fell asleep late in the game and let a rookie QB in his first start on a winless team get the better of them. There is no excuse for that. Absolutely none. On the flip side, congrats to the Bucs for getting their first win and ending all of the can-they-go-winless talk. Looks like they' ve got their QB in Josh Freeman. That was a nice start to his career.


Kansas City 21

Jacksonville 24 FINAL


- Jamaal Charles got his first start as the Chiefs' starting RB, but got the ball only six times. Yeah, I don't get it either. On the plus side, the Chiefs may have found a go to guy in newly signed WR Chris Chambers. Matt Cassel has an OK day, but didn't really get it going until it was too late. On the flip side, Jones-Drew got the ball 29 times; hitting 97 yards. Maybe the Jaguars are starting to get it. Sims-Walker had another solid day with 147 yards on six receptions. The defense must play better late in games.


Houston 17

Indianaloplis 20 FINAL


- Leave it up to the Texans to lose on the week I pick them to win. Someone please explain this team to me. How do you kick a 56 yard field goal before halftime; then miss a 40 yarder when the game is on the line? Talk about letting a team off the hook. Matt Schaub has similar numbers to Peyton Manning (34-43, 311 yds). Andre Johnson was solid as usual with another 10 reception performance. The defense again played well for the Texans. The Texans played well enough to win this one. Credit the Colts defense for bending, but not breaking. Manning has another solid day, but was held without a TD in the second half. Dallas Clark had 14 receptions on the day; partly because the WR's were covered well much of the game. The Colts get another test next week when they face Bill Bellicheat, Tom "I-have-my-own-referees" Brady, and the Patriots.


Arizona 41

Chicago 21 FINAL


- It was 34-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Someone please explain to me how a team can play like this on the road; yet stink it up at home. Anyone? It was an embarrasing day for the Bears D. Tommie Harris got himself kicked out of the game. Jay Cutler hit 369 yards passing, but most of it was in garbage time; playing catch-up. On the flip side, Larry Fitzgerald was the MVP with 9 receptions for 123 yards. The Cardinals now have a solid two-game lead in the NFC West.


Washington 17

Atlanta 31 FINAL


- It was the Michael Turner show in Atlanta (18-166, 2TD's). He averaged almost nine yards per carry and took the Falcons on his back in this one. Matt Ryan didn't have to do much. On the flip side, Jason Campbell actually had more passing yards than Ryan, but couldn't get anything going early on in this one. The Redskins did get it going on offense and defense in the second half; outscoring the Falcons 14-7, but the game was well out of reach by then.


Detriot 20

Seattle 32 FINAL


- This is another perfect example of playing NOT to lose instead of playing to win. The Lions has a 17-0 lead in this game; then got conservative and started playing scared. From the 2nd QTR on, Matthew Stafford and the offense went on vacation; letting Matt Hasselbeck mount a comeback en route to 329 yards passing. Good teams find a way to finish games the way they start them. The Lions are simply not there yet. With the win, the Hawks are now tied for 2nd with the 49ers in the NFC West.


Carolina 20

New Orleans 30 FINAL


- Yet again, Drew Brees found a way to rally his team from behind and found a way to win. This has become a recurring theme for the Saints. After being held to 6 points in the first half, the Saints exploded. Drew Brees spread the ball effectively; getting everyone involved in the passing game. The Panthers defense, which had played well for a half, let up in the 2nd half. As many teams have found out, you can't let up against the Saints. You must play 4 QTR for a full 60 minutes to beat this team.


Tennessee 34

San Francisco 27 FINAL


- Bud Adams is looking smarter and smarter by the week. Vince Young is 2-0. Kerry Collins is 0-6. The team just simply responds better to Vince Young being out there. Team chemistry is everything in this league, and the Titans have it right now. Chris Johnson has 135 yards rushing. Young took care of the football again and limited his mistakes. On the flip side, Alex Smith almost hit 300 yards passing, but the INT's late in the game cost the team. I don't get this defense. This 49ers defense comes off a bye week and holds Peyton Manning to 18 points and zero TD's; yet they can't stop the 1-6 Titans at home??? Does anyone have a clue who the 49ers are?


Pittsburg 28

Broncos 10 FINAL


- This has to be considered a disappointment for the Broncos. The critics were saying last week that they were pretenders because they got blown out by the Ravens at home. So, how do they respond? They get blown out again - at home. Wow. The Broncos running game seems to have disappeared; along with their run defense. Brandon Marshall did what he could; hauling in 11 catches for 112 yards. But, Kyle Orton is not spreading that ball around enough. Where is Eddie Royal? Tony Scheffler? These are pretty good receivers. Why are they not getting balls thrown to them? On the flip side, credit the Steelers for finally getting their running game going. The switch to Rashad Mendenhall seems to be paying off. 155 yards on 22 carries against a good defense is a nice outing. A big win for the Steelers as they remain tied for the lead in the NFC North.

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Week 9 NFL Picks & Predictions

Redskins @ Falcons-- The improving Falcons get a Redskins team who are tough defensively, but just don't have enough weapons to keep up with Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, & Company. The Redskins will play tough but come up short. PREDICTION: FALCONS


Cardinals @ Bears-- I won't even pretend to understand this Cardinals team. They are 3-0 on the road; just 1-3 at home. I expect the unblemished road record to come to a halt this week. I just can't have a lot of confidence in a team that can't beat Jake Delhomme & the Panthers at home. Look for a big game from Jay Cutler. PREDICTION: BEARS


Ravens @ Bengals-- A huge game for both teams. The Ravens come off a hug win against the Broncos, but must now face a much better offense in the Bengals. That won't be easy. Cedric Benson leads the NFL in rushing, and no one's been able to slow him down. The Ravens defense will try to get after Carson Palmer, but I expect the O-line will be ready for that. I suspect it's the Bengals defense that will dominate this contest. The Bengals have a certain swagger about them, and their home; so I give them the edge. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Texans @ Colts-- Matt Schaub leads the NFL in TD passes and yards. Ryan Moats has come out of nowhere and shown what he can do carrying the ball. Andre Johhson is Andre Johnson. You know what you're going to get with him every week. But, the story of the Texans lately is their improved defense. Crazy as it may sound, the Texans are the hotter team right now. Peyton Manning won't be held TD-less in this game. He'll get back on track. But, the Colts can't run the ball, which will be their downfall in this one. Look for an offensive battle with maybe a late field goal deciding the outcome. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Chiefs @ Jaguars-- The Jaguars get the perfect remedy coming off their embarrassing loss to the Titans; a struggling Chiefs team with a new starting RB and a $64 million QB who's turned out to be the biggest trade bust of the season. Expect another big day from Jones-Drew. PREDICTION: JAGUARS


Dolphins @ Patriots-- The Dolphins struggled on offense last week and failed to make adjustments when the Jets shut down the wildcat. They're not letting Chad Henne throw that ball enough. How many times can Ted Ginn bail them out with monster kick-off returns? They'll need a better game plan if they want to win in Foxboro. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Packers @ Buccaneers-- Rookie Josh Freeman gets his first NFL start in this one. He may do better than Johnson and Leftwich, but there still aren't enough weapons around him. The Packers defense and O-line were putrid last week against the Vikings. They need to get that fixed. At some point, they have to use that 3-4 defense for what it was meant for, and blitz the QB more. And, would SOMEONE stop other teams from sacking Aaron Rodgers? Bucs keep it competitive and close because of that lack-luster O-line, but the Packers take it in the end. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Panthers @ Saints-- The Saints are unstoppable, and won't hand the Panthers the game the way Kurt Warner did last week out in Arizona. This one won't be close. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Lions @ Seahawks-- The Seahawks defense looked horrible last week against the Cowboys. The Lions offense looked comatose last week against the Rams. So, what gives? Well, the coaches all of the sudden are afraid to let Matthew Stafford throw the ball down the field. When you play the game of football with fear, you will lose - period. I'll take Hasselbeck over the handcuffed Stafford. PREDICTION: SEAHAWKS


Chargers @ Giants-- Anyone that's read some of my recent blog entries knows why I'm making this pick.   PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Titans @ 49ers-- That was a nice return for Vince Young last week. But, he'll come back down to earth this week when he faces a 49ers defense that held Peyton Manning without a TD last week. The 49ers are tired of losing, and will shut down that Titans running game; forcing Vince Young to try to beat them. I don't have much hope for Young if Manning couldn't get it in the end zone against them. Good luck, Vince. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Cowboys @ Eagles-- The Cowboys are the hotter team right now. However, it is now November. Tony Romo usually struggles this time of year; particularly against the Eagles. This defense just has Tony Romo's number. Expect the return of Brian Westbrook to play a big factor in the outcome. PREDICTION: EAGLES



Steelers @ Broncos-- Some analysts are saying that the Broncos got exposed as pretenders because of their loss to the Ravens. I say - bullcrap. Whenever a team starts a season 6-0, it is not by accident. I don't care who their competition is. When you lose your first game in week 8, you've done something right. Expect the Broncos to bounce back against a Steelers team that struggles defensively late in games and can't get the running game going. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

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Week 8 NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions

Here are my NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions for week 8:





- The Saints record remains perfect, but they were not perfect on this night. Michael Turner was able to come up with 151 yards rushing on 20 carries; over 7.5 ypc. Matt Ryan managed almost 300 yards through the air despite completing less than half his passes. The Saints offense was solid as usual, but the turnovers kept the Falcons in this game until the 4th quarter. Drew Brees continued his historic MVP-type season; completing 75% of his passes for 308 yards.


NY Giants 17



- Right now, the New York Giants are a disgrace to the game of football, the NFL, their coaches, themselves, the FOX Network that airs their games, the city of New York, and all of their fans nationwide. It's one thing to lose three games in a row. Losing streaks happen. Fans can understand that. But, it's quite another thing to see your team come out and play with no intensity, no passion, no urgency, no conviction, no pulse, no inspiration, no discipline, no focus, no determination, no drive, no interest, no aggression, no life, no enthusiasm, no effort, no energy, no fight, no gonads, no guts, no testicular fortitude, no pride, no dignity, no character, no self-respect...........well, you get the picture. Eli Manning is playing like some 14-year-old street punk trying to make his High School Freshman team. They're paying Eli Manning $16 million per year, and in his past three games, he's thrown 3 TD's, 6 INT's, lost a fumble, and has completed less than half his passes. That's just unacceptable when you're a former Superbowl MVP QB; especially when you're making  that kind of money. Brandon Jacobs is afraid to get hit all of the sudden. The Offensive Line can't run block or pass-protect anymore. The offensive play-calling is so predictable right now, the Cleveland Browns could probably stop the Giants. The Defense doesn't blitz anymore, pressure the QB, cover receivers, deflect passes, stop the run, nor tackle well. Not sure what you call that scheme. They can't come up with INT's even when they are in position. Special Teams is poor. Even worse than the poor effort and focus is the non-chalant attitude of the team. The players are saying to the press that they've been here before and are not in panic mode. Oh, really? True, in the past, they've bounced back from poor play, but never have I seen this poor an effort and focus from the team. So, when is it time to panic? In week 13' when you're 5-6 and have lost SIX games in a row after starting 5-0? How much more can a team disgrace itself before realizing change is needed? I don't even recognize this team anymore.



NY Jets 25 FINAL


- The Jets still have a very good defense. Ronnie Brown was held to 27 yards rushing, and Chad Henne only managed 112 yards passing. Credit the Dolphins special teams for this victory. Ted Ginn has flopped as a receiver, but has become invaluable as a kick-off returner. His two TD's were the difference in this game. On the flip side, Mark Sanchez and Thomas Jones had solid games against a very good Dolphins defense, but the special teams let the Jets down in this one.





- Matt Hasselbeck had an OK day; completing more passes than Tony Romo did. But poor tackling and poor pass coverage on defense did the 'Hawks in on this day. When Miles Austin was well covered, Romo got Sam Hurd involved more. The Cowboys didn't put up huge numbers, but took much better advantage of scoring opportunities than the Seahawks; which is why the score differential is so huge. Both teams struggled to get the run game going.





- Some analysts are saying that this loss exposed the Broncos as pretenders. I disagree. I think that's a dumb thing to say about a team that didn't lose its first game until week 8. Your team is doing something right when you start your season at 6-0; regardless of your competition. The Ravens defense deserves the credit for this victory. They got after Kyle Orton all day and never let up; creating turnovers and scoring opportunities; something the Broncos had been able to do up until this game. The Broncos were held to 218 total yards on offense. A Ravens defense that had been dormant since September really stepped it up in this one.





- Credit the 49ers for coming off their bye week and taking it to one of the best teams in the NFL on the road. The 49ers defense was outstanding. Peyton Manning put up big numbers, but was held without a TD pass for the first time this season. Reggie Wayne did have a big day; 12 receptions for 147 yards. The 49ers offense was OK; but couldn't score in the 2nd half when it mattered. Still, despite the 4 game losing streak, I think it would be a mistake for any team to take the 49ers lightly going forward. Michael Crabtree has proven that he can come in and contribute immediately.





- Despite the return of Matthew Stafford, the offense came out flat in this one. Stafford took no chances with deep passes until it was too late. Either he doesn't trust his WR's, or the coach has him on a leash. Either way, no point being conservative when you're 1-6. On the flip side, Steven Jackson was a stud, rushing for 149 yards and a TD. The fake field goal by the Rams in the 2nd quarter was a thing of beauty. It turned out to be the difference in the game. The Rams do need more weapons on offense. The Lions need Calvin Johnson back pronto.





- Derek Anderson managed to complete six passes this week. He now has 2 TD's; 9 INT's on the season. His QB rating is now 36.2. The GM has been fired. What more will it take to give Brady Quinn another chance? And, they don't want to fire Mangini? I just don't get this Browns organization. On the flip side, Cutler wasn't spectacular, but didn't have to do much in this one. Matt Forte got in the end zone twice in this contest.





- Houston took a while to get it going. They were actually trailing in this game until the 4th quarter. Matt Schaub had an unspectacular, but efficient day. The story of the day was Ryan Moats, coming off the bench and rushing for 126 yards after Steve Slaton was benched for his fumbling issues. The Bills defense played well for most of the day, but they don't seem to have enough going for them on offense. Terrell Owens DID had five receptions on the day; his most in one game for the season so far.





- It's a shame it took the owner of the team's involvement to circumvent Fisher's stubbornness and get Vince Young back out on the field. He's not a great QB, but he WINS. Isn't winning what really counts; not personal feelings or grudges? Vince Young didn't have to do much. But, when called upon, he was poised, ran the offense with confidence, and didn't make mistakes that cost the team. He only had three incomplete passes on the day. The TD pass to Nate Washington was a thing of beauty. Oh, and by the way, he's 19-12 as a starting QB. Nothing flashy, but the offense responds to him. Chris Johnson was a beast; rushing for 228 yards on 24 carries. The Jaguars simply couldn't keep up despite 177 yards from Jones-Drew. The Jags need more from their passing game and their defense.





- The Chargers weren't exactly playing their 'A' game in this one, but they'll take the win. They were held to 3 points in the second half. Rivers was efficient, and Vincent Jackson had a nice day with over 100 yards receiving. Good news for the Chargers is they get a Giants team next week that's hapless, careless, emotionless, characterless, effortless, convictionless, scrotumless, gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, pulseless, lifeless, prideless, passionless, disgraceful, disgusting, disinterested, disconnected, lack-luster, lethargic, slow, lazy, soft, weak, lame, uninspired, undisciplined, unfocused, undetermined, unaggressive, unenthusiastic, undignified, unintelligent, moronic, pitiful, pathetic, complacent, non-chalant, putrid, ...........well, you get the idea. On the flip side, the effort by JaMarcus Russell and the Raiders was better, but the WR's simply aren't stepping it up enough. Too many trips in the red zone; only to have to settle for field goals.





- The Panthers can thank Kurt Warner for this victory. Warner turned into Jake Delhomme in front of his home crowd, throwing 5 INT's on the day. You won't beat ANY team in this league turning it over like that. The Cardinals are 3-0 on the road; yet just 1-3 at home. Yeah, I don't get it either. Delhomme only attempted 14 passes this game, and the Panthers used the running game to take advantage of the turnovers and scoring opportunities to get the job done.





- Brett Favre continues to prove me wrong with another solid performance. I still think he will wear down later in the season, but so far so good. Shocking to me that a Packer team who Favre trashed to the press let the Vikings imposed their will on their way to a 24-3 lead at Lambeau in the 3rd QTR. The Packers offense got it going after that, but it was too late. I really thought the defense would step up at home and make a contest out of this game. The offensive line is letting this Packers team down as well. They need to give the guy some time back there. That was ridiculous Sunday. Clearly, I have over-estimated the Packers and under-estimated Favre this season.

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Week 8 NFL Picks & Predictions

Here are my picks & predictions for week 8. Enjoy:


Broncos @ Ravens-- The Ravens come off a bye week with a three-game losing streak. No question the Broncos are for real. However, the Ravens are at home, are desperate for a win, and have a QB in Joe Flacco that can throw for a ton of yards against any defense. A close game, but I give the edge to the home team that's desperate for a win. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Texans @ Bills-- The Bills will once again be without their starting QB. Despite the two game win streak, Ryan Fitzpatrick is completing less than 50% of his passes.  That won't get it done this Sunday.  Matt Schaub leads the NFL in yards and TD passes. Look for him to have a huge game here to get his team to the first 5-3 start in team history. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Browns @ Bears-- The Browns have scored 20 points in their past three games. That's 6.67 points per game in case anyone's doing the math. Derek Anderson is the lowest rated QB in the league; with a rating of around 40. He has completed less than 40% of his passes since taking over as the starter. Yet, Eric Mangini stands there and tells the press Anderson gives the Browns the best chance to win. Wow. PREDICTION: BEARS


Seahawks @ Cowboys-- Which Seahawks team shows up today? The team that dominated the Jaguars three weeks ago? Or the team that got destroyed by the Cardinals two weeks ago? I still don't know who this team is. The Cowboys come home to their trillion dollar stadium riding the Miles Austin train. I don't think Austin has as big a game in this one, but The Cowboys get it going just enough to win a close one at home. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


Dolphins @ Jets--The last time these teams met, the Dolphins has a QB who couldn't throw passes down the field, and STILL won the game. Now they have a legitimate passing game with Chad Henne to go along with the wildcat. Ted Ginn will probably be benched in this one, which is good for the Dolphins. The Dolphins have one of the best run defenses in the NFL, so don't expect another 300 yard rushing performance by the Jets. They will key in to stop the Jets running game; forcing Mark Sanchez to try to beat them. Expect a Dolphins team that's pissed at blowing that lead to the Saints to step up and get the job done. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


49ers @ Colts-- Alex Smith gets the start for the 49ers, which is the right decision. Too bad it's against the best QB in the league. The 49ers will compete in this one and make it close. But, asking Alex Smith to beat a Colts team led by Peyton Manning; on the road, in his first start in three years, is asking a bit much. PREDICTION: COLTS


Giants @ Eagles-- The Giants suddenly have a who-cares-if-we-lost-it's-a-long-season attitude. Don't take my word for it. It's not just in their play. Just read some of the quotes from the players after that debacle of a loss last week. Silly me, but I thought every game was important. They have become a team that's lethargic, disinterested, dispassionate, detached, clueless, complacent, lazy, pathetic, undriven, unmotivated, uninspired, undetermined, undisciplined, unfocused, soft, predictable, lack-luster, gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, pulseless, scrotumless, careless, characterless, effortless, putrid, non-chalant, and suddenly doesn't seem to care when they lose games. Until that changes; until I see my old Giants again, I'll pick against them every week. PREDICTION: EAGLES


Rams @ Lions-- Not exactly a clash of the Titans here. But, I get the feeling Matthew Stafford will go in this one. The Lions are at home and have shown a better ability to get in the end zone than the Rams have, so I give the Lions the edge. PREDICTION: LIONS


Raiders @ Chargers-- Expect the Chargers and Philip Rivers to have a field day in this one against a Raiders defense that couldn't stop anyone last week. JaMarcus Russell is overweight, out of shape, and just doesn't seem to care what happens anymore. Disturbing to me that he refused to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the three turnovers he was involved in last week. How much confidence can anyone have in this guy? PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Jaguars @ Titans-- Jeff Fisher has FINALLY stopped being stubborn and has decided to go with Vince Young. It's the right move. Kerry Collins is NOT the future, and they need to find out if Vince Young is; regardless of personal feelings or animosities. The Jaguars have been unbelievably inconsistent. The Titans are at home and well-rested; coming off a bye week; with the 59-0 blow-out still etched in their minds. Something tells me they step up to the plate and get their first win of the season here. Bud Adams lobbied hard for Vince Young to start this game. The feeling is Young will play hard to show his appreciation. PREDICTION: TITANS


Vikings @ Packers-- Just about everyone will pick the Vikings to win this one. Not me. Why? Well, let's see. Brett Favre just about ruined his entire hall-of-fame history with the Packers by making a public statement that he thinks the Vikings team he is on is better than the Superbowl Champion '96 Packers. Three problems with that statement: 1) The Vikings team he is on hasn't won the Superbowl 2) The Packers team he was on was the reason he is the QB he is today; and 3) He felt a need, for some reason, to trash his former team after beating them in Minnesota. I'm willing to bet that not only do the die-hard Packers fans feel disrespected; the players do too. It will show in their play. Expect a much better showing this time around by a motivated, talented Packers team at Lambeau, and by a defense that will look to hurt the 40-year-old ego-maniac. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Panthers @ Cardinals-- The Panthers are sticking with the King Of Turnovers - Jake Delhomme. Wow. PREDICTION: CARDINALS


Falcons @ Saints-- The Saints are dominant in every phase of their game. No one's been able to even slow this team down. Until someone does, I've got to pick them to win every week. PREDICTION: SAINTS

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Week 7 NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions



Here are my re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions on NFL action in week 7. Enjoy:


NY Giants 17 FINAL

 - This wasn't simply a poor performance by the Giants. This was an outright debacle. Coming off a humiliating loss to the Saints, I thought the Giants would come out with intensity and focus at home against the Cardinals. Instead, Giants fans were treated to a lethargic offense and a defense that didn't push it into gear until the Cardinals had the lead. Not only did they lack intensity and focus; they lacked discipline. Brandon Jacobs ran the ball well, so I have no idea why they abandoned the running game. Between the dropped passes, bad throws by Eli, the interceptions, the fumble by Bradshaw, the lack-luster effort by the O-line, poor pass protection, poor coaching, poor playcalling, poor tackling, poor run defense, poor special teams, poor effort, poor focus, poor execution.............(well, you get the picture), I'm not sure what ticked me off the most. And, what gets me is the players don't seem too worried about it. "We're 5-2. It's a long season. We're not worried..." is what we're getting out of them in the media, as if denying there is a problem or ignoring it will make it go away. Call me crazy, but I don't think anyone on the Giants should be complacent after a performance like that. Not much to be encouraged about right now if your a Giants fan. Credit the Cardinals for having the focus and intensity the Giants should have had, and getting a big win on the road to get themselves back into first place in their division.


MIAMI             34 FINAL

 - I don't care how good the New Orleans Saints are. There's no way you should lose a game after having a 24-3 lead late in the 2nd QTR. The Dolphins had a great game plan; then got away from it in the 2nd half. Where were the turnovers, QB pressure and sacks by the Dolphins defense in the second half? You cannot rest on your lead and turn the ball over against a team like the Saints. This was another game that made me sick to my stomach. Kudos to the Saints for not giving up and showing perserverance on the road in a tough environment. This team looks unstoppable right now. Drew Brees is the best he's ever been.



 - Let me first say that I have never agreed with putting regular season games in London. Sure, the NFL makes money off of it. But, why help their economy and take a home game away from one of our cities? Gee - I dunno - maybe we should concentrate on playing more games in the US in cities like - duhhh, I dunno, maybe Los Angeles? Anyway, analysts will say that Tom Brady is back, and he's the best there ever was, he's the best there ever will be, no one even comes close, he's this, he's that..........whatever. But, aside from marrying a supermodel and running up the score against a dead Titans team, he's done nothing special this season. He had two picks Sunday against a defense that's ranked 30th in the league. Wes Welker, who is the REAL MVP of that team, had another impressive 10 reception performance. On the flip side, it's about time they got Josh Freeman on the field. Your season's over, Tampa Bay. You're 0-7. You traded up to land Josh Freeman. May as well play him and see what he's got. You're idiots if you start Josh Johnson next week.

 NY Jets 38

Oakland 0 FINAL

 - Now, THIS is how you bounce back from a tough loss. For the second week in a row, the Jets rushed for over 250 yards. Sanchez didn't have to do much in this one. Rookie RB Shonn Greene figures to see much more playing time going forward with Leon Washington out for the season. Braylon Edwards' arrest could be a possible team distraction going forward. On the flip side, benching JaMarcus Russell won't fix this teams problems. The coaching staff and the front office are the problems. Fix your issues there first, Al Davis. And, while you're at it, let someone else take a stab at GM duties.

 Atlanta 21

Dallas  37 FINAL

 - Once again, Michael Turner can't get it going, and it is catching up to the Falcons. Not a good sign when your back-up RB; who only carried the ball seven times, leads your team in rushing. The defense let the Falcons down as well and didn't have any answers for Miles Austin. On the flip side, Austin is becoming one of the fastest rising stars in the NFL. Look for Cowboys opponents going forward to key in on trying to stop Miles Austin. The Cowboys have some momentum and find themselves just 1/2 game out of first in the NFC.

 Indianapolis 42

St. Louis        6 FINAL

 - I give all the credit in the world to Rams RB Steven Jackson. He is basically the only scoring threat on the team; yet still manages to put out a great effort and performance week in and week out. Players on bad teams often give up, but Jackson has not. He still gives 100% on every down. I respect that. Players around the league can learn a thing or two from this guy. The Rams defense DID hold Peyton Manning to just 235 yards, but gave up three TD's. On the flip side, Peyton Manning continues to lead one of the best passing attacks in the NFL despite the absence of a consistent running game. He is neck-to-neck with Drew Brees in the MVP race. The Colts are now 6-0 and face a tough test this Sunday against a 49ers team looking to get back on track.

 Minnesota 17

Pittsburg   27 FINAL

 - This was a sloppy win, but the Steelers will take it. The two interceptions returned for TD's bailed the Steelers out in this one. Otherwise, the Vikings pretty much dominated this game. If you're a Steeler fan, you have to be concerned not only with the O-line, but with the defense as well. YES - they scored two TD's, but also gave up 334 passing yards to a 40-yeard old QB in Brett Favre who didn't exactly have his best game. Credit the Vikings for coming into the home of the Superbowl Champions and taking it to them. Statistically, the Vikings dominated, but the two INT's for TD's is what did them in.

 San Diego 37

Kansas City 7 FINAL

 - The Chargers bounced back nicely in this one; limiting the Chiefs to under 100 yards passing. Philip Rivers had an unspectacular, but solid day; hitting 268 yards passing. However, the Chargers still weren't able to get their running game going. Tomlinson was held to 71 yards on 23 carries; barely over 3 YPC. On the flip side, the Chiefs get a sorely-needed bye week to figure out why their $64 million QB hasn't made a bigger impact. Where was the team that almost upset the Cowboys?

 San Francisco 21

Houston        24 FINAL

 - The 49ers impressed me in this one despite losing the game. The defense really stepped up in the second half. They were down 21-0 when Singletary made a gutsy move and changed QB's. It was time for the change anyway. On a day when Frank Gore was held to 32 yards rushing, the 49ers almost overcame a 21 point decifit to win the game. Alex Smith - who only played the second half - only had 58 less passing yards than Matt Schaub. Vernon Davis is having his coming-out party this season, and is quickly emerging into one of the better TE's in the league. Don't be shocked to see him in the probowl. As for the Texans, they simply disappeared in the 2nd half; being outscored 21-3. That has to concern you if you're a Texans fan. The Texans need to play an entire game the way they played the first half. The Andre Johnson injury could spell disaster if it is more serious than anticipated.

 Green Bay 31

Cleveland   3 FINAL

 - The Packers simply dominated this game in every conceivable way possible. Probably the biggest thing to take away from this game is the improvement of the offensive line. Aaron Rodgers was not sacked in this one. Ryan Grant got his game going, averaging over 5 YPC, and Rodgers completed 75% of his passes. On the flip side, Derek Anderson is dead last in the NFL in passer rating. That's right. Not even JaMarcus Russell's rating is THAT low. He has completed 1/3 of his passes and has a rating of around 40; yet Eric Mangini is telling the media that he's sticking with Derek Anderson because he gives the Browns the best chance to win. Huh? The Browns have scored 20 points in their past three games. That's 6.67 points per game, in case anyone's counting.  Derek Anderson has completed 21 passes in his past 13 quarters. Most NFL QB's top that in one game. And, THIS is who Mangini thinks gives the Browns the best change to win? Wow.  Is he really THIS dumb?  Or, is Mangini perhaps putting his apparent personal vendetta against Brady Quinn ahead of winning?  Either way, I would be shocked to see Eric Mangini EVER coach another football team after this season.  I'll say it again - WOW. 

 Buffalo 20

Carolina 9 FINAL

 - Jake Delhomme passed for 325 yards in this contest. Impressive, right? The problem is he threw three INT's and zero TD's. Solid games by Steve Smith and DeAngelo Williams went to waste in this one. Don't be shocked to see a different starting QB for the Panthers on Sunday. ESPN analysts suggest that benching him just for a couple of weeks will help the team.  I say he should be done as an NFL starting QB.  Face it, his career is over.  His best years are so far gone, you can't see them.  If Jake Delhomme is on your fantasy team, the time to dump him would be now. As for the Bills, there weren't dazzling in this one, but they'll take it. The win gets them out of last place in the AFC East. Look for Ryan Fitzpatrick to start again this Sunday for the Bills.

 Chicago    10

Cincinnati 45 FINAL

 - Now, THAT's how you bounce back from a tough loss. Perhaps the Giants can learn a thing or two from the Bengals. Cedric Benson ran the ball like a man possessed. The Offensive line had their way with the BearsCarson Palmer only had 4 incomplete passes all day. Chad "Ochocinco" had a season-high 10 receptions on the day. The entire team played with an unsurpassed focus and determination. As for the Bears, Jay Cutler did what he could, but got no help from his defense at all. Where was the Bears defense? They didn't show up for this one. I'm not even sure they got on the plane to Cincinnati.

 Philadelphia 27

Washington 17 FINAL

 - It wasn't exactly pretty, but the Eagles will take it. McNabb was held to 156 yards passing, and DeSean Jackson, despite having only one carry, led the team in rushing. The good news for the Eagles is they get a Giants team next week that's lethargic, disinterested, dispassionate, detached, clueless, complacent, lazy, pathetic, undriven, unmotivated, uninspired, undetermined, undisciplined, unfocused, soft, predictable, lack-luster, gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, pulseless, scrotumless, careless, characterless, effortless, putrid, non-chalant, and suddenly doesn't seem to care when they lose games. A win at home next week puts them in 1st place in the NFC East. As for the Redskins, the lone bright spot has been the defense. They shut out the Eagles in the second half. The fact that the defense didn't give up is a testament to their character. If there's one thing Redskins fans can be proud of, it's the never-quit attitude of the defense. They have played well.

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Week 7 NFL Picks & Predictions:

Haven't done great the past couple of week, but still have a better record than Pete Prisco.  (67% on the season)  Enjoy: 

Packers @ Browns-- Derek Anderson has completed 11 passes in his past 8 quarters, and somehow, the Browns still believe he's their best option at QB. Wow. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Chargers @ Chiefs-- The Chargers defense looked lethargic against the Broncos. However, they face a Chiefs team that can't score TD's. The Chiefs played better defense last week, but now they face one of the better QB's in the league. Look for Philip Rivers to have a big game at Arrowhead. PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Colts @ Rams-- The Rams have been more competitive as of late, but face a Colts team with the best QB in the game. The Colts are fresh off a bye week. Can't see them losing this one. This one won't be close. PREDICTION: COLTS


Patriots @ Buccaneers-- The Bucs couldn't even beat the king of turnovers - Jake Delhomme. I won't even speculate on what Tom Brady's going to do to them. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Vikings @ Steelers-- The Vikings will see a better defense this week when they face the Steelers. The Vikings have had a lot of lucky breaks (the missed FG by the Ravens, the fluke TD pass against the 49ers, etc.....). This week, their luck runs out. Look for Big Ben to have a big day and for the Steelers O-line to step it up at home. Vikes get their first loss. PREDICTION: STEELERS


49ers @ Texans-- The Texans haven't won two games in a row all season. I don't expect that trend to break this Sunday. The 49ers are coming off their bye week after a humiliating loss at home. I expect the defense to play with intensity and slow down that Texans offense. Michael Crabtree won't make a huge impact, but figures to be enough of a distraction to open up that running game for the 49ers. Frank Gore will be back as well, which is a big boost to an offense that needs it. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Bills @ Panthers-- Jake Delhomme managed just 65 yards last week, and turned the ball over about a half dozen more times. I expect the Bills to concentrate on shutting down the Panthers running game; forcing Jake Delhomme to try to beat them. He won't. Look for the ground game of the Panthers to come back down to earth, and for the Bills to do just enough to win another squeaker. PREDICTION: BILLS


Jets @ Raiders-- Is it possible? Can the Jets drop a fourth game in a row after starting 3-0? My gut tells me the Jets will bounce back in this one, and I look for Mark Sanchez to bounce back as well. The Jets defense will get after JaMarcus Russell early and often; making him look like the JaMarcus Russell we've seen for most of the year. I'll take the Jets by a TD. PREDICTION: JETS


Bears @ Bengals-- The Bears have struggled to run the ball all season, leaving just about all of their games thus far in the hands of Jay Cutler. I expect the Bengals running game to get back on track after a disappointing outing last week. The defense should still be above average even without Antwan Odom. Close game, but the Bengals can't afford to lose this one. My guts tells me they pull out a close one at home. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Falcons @ Cowboys-- The Cowboys come off a bye week to face a much improved Falcons' defense. However, the Falcons play-calling doesn't excite me. Why are they trying to force-feed the ball to Tony Gonzales when they have Roddy White and Michael Turner? Why did Michael Turner only get 13 carries against the Bears Sunday night? Turner made this offense click last season. This season, he is just an afterthought. Yeah, I don't get it either. The Cowboys are not afraid to run the ball, and will ultilize their strong running game in this one. The Cowboys are well-rested, at home, and are running the ball better than the Falcons, so I give them the edge. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


Saints @ Dolphins-- I like what the Dolphins are doing. They beat the Jets two weeks ago with a physical O-line and a ball-control philosophy. I'm not sure that can work against this Saints team. This Saints team is dominating all aspects of their game right now. I don't see any weaknesses. Until I do, I have to pick this team to win every week. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Cardinals @ Giants-- I just don't know about this defensive coordinator of the Giants. They need to come up with something better than the no-pressure, no blitzing, no pass coverage scheme we saw last week against the Saints. The Giants have bounced back well from games like this before, and I have to believe Coughlin will have them ready. The Cardinals have to travel from Seattle to New York for this one. That's tough for any team. Expect a better outing out of the Giants defense at home. PREDICTION: GIANTS



Eagles @ Redskins-- Jim Zorn has been stripped of his play-calling. So, what will he be doing out there on Sunday in front of the home crowd? Taking up space? This team is a mess, and management is not handling things the right way. Look for an easy victory by the Eagles. PREDICTION: EAGLES

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Week 6 NFL re-caps, random thought, & opinions

Here are my Sunday NFL re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions. Enjoy:


Kansas City 14
Washington 6 FINAL

- The Chiefs showed signs of life for a second week in a row, which bodes well for their future. A much better showing on defense. However, the Chiefs must score TD's; not field goals if they are to return to competitive status within their division. On the flip side, benching Jason Campbell was not the answer Sunday. The problem isn't the QB; it's the play calling.


Carolina     28
Tampa Bay 21 FINAL

- Credit the Panthers for getting back to the running game in this one, which had been a winning formula for them in the past. The turnovers are still a problem. And, for the life of me, I can't figure out how you go through an entire game against a lousy defense and complete just ONE pass to WR Steve Smith for four yards. Smith is upset about his lack of involvement in the offense, as well he should be. They MUST draft a QB in the offseason; I don't care how much they're paying Jake Delhomme. On the flip side, it's time to see what rookie QB Josh Freeman's got. The Bucs are 0-6, and they traded up to land Freeman. The season's dead. Put the rookie in and give him the experience and see if you made the right decision drafting him. Josh Johnson, like Leftwich, simply isn't very good. There is no benefit to leaving Johnson in as the starter. Make the change now.


Cleveland 14
Pittsburg   27 FINAL

- Ben Roethlisberger had a nice day, passing for over 400 yards; yet managed only 10 second half points. I was suprised they did not run the ball more. The Steelers at no point trailed in this game. With the Ravens and Bengals losing, the Steelers are back in a first place tie in the AFC North. On the flip side, Derek Anderson had NINE complete passes. That's 2.25 completions per quarter, in case anyone's tracking. 122 yards passing won't cut it against any NFL opponent. And, I'll ask again - are we REALLY sure Derek Anderson is the better option than Brady Quinn? And when a WR leads the team in rushing, it's not a good sign. This team may not win another game. Good job, Mangini.


NY Giants 27
Saints      48 FINAL

- As a Giants fan, I was appalled by this performance. That was awful. The defense didn't even show up. The offense did make some dumb mistakes as well. However, scoring 27 points should win you most games, but won't do anything when your defense doesn't show up. So, forgive my bias here, but man - that was putrid. Credit Sean Payton and the Saints for having a great game plan and executing it just about flawlessly. Drew Brees will be fighting it out with Peyton Manning for MVP honors for the remainder of the season.


Baltimore  31
Minnesota 33 FINAL

- Brett Favre continues to prove me wrong with yet another solid performance. Sidney Rice is continuing to have his breakout season. Adrian Peterson got back on track with a 143 yard performance. On the flip side, Joe Flacco was outstanding late in the game, but got no help from his defense in this one. Ray Rice's 194 all-purpose-yards performance went to waste. This was a game the Ravens had to have to avoid a three-game losing streak. Where has this once-dominating defense gone?


St. Louis     20
Jacksonville 23 FINAL - OT

- The Rams showed signs of life in this game by forcing overtime. Their only real weapon - Steven Jackson - led the team in rushing and receiving. Marc Bulger was back in the starting line-up but managed only 213 yards passing in 5 quarters. Is Kyle Boller perhaps the better option at QB? On the flip side, David Garrard got back on track with a 335 yard outing. They finally got Maurice Jones-Drew more involved in the game. He ended the day with 133 yards on 33 carries. WR Sims-Walker continues to have his break-out season and made some fantasy owners very happy this week with his 9 reception; 120 yards performance. The question is - which Jaguars team shows up next week?


Detroit       0
Green Bay 26 FINAL

- Without Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, the Lions never stood a chance. The Packers dominated this game in every way possible. The defense had five sacks and three interceptions, and held the Lions to 149 total yards. Aaron Rodgers was outstanding, completing nearly 80% of his passes for 358 yards. They thoroughly dominated a Lions team that had been competitive all season. THIS is the defense we saw in the preseason. Where's it been all these weeks?


Houston   28
Cincinnati 17 FINAL

- This Houston Texans team is a complete mystery to me. You don't know what you're going to get from them from one week to the next. They have yet to win two games in a row. They also have yet to lose two games in a row. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson had great games against one of the better defenses in the NFL. But, the surprising thing to me was how well the Texans defense played. The Bengals were held scoreless in three of the four quarters. All 17 of the Bengals points came in the 2nd quarter. Has the Houston Texans defense FINALLY arrived? Or will their inconsistency resurface next week against San Francisco?


Arizona 27
Seattle   3 FINAL

- The Seahawks are another NFL team that is a complete mystery to me. After completely dominating the Jaguars in every conceivable way, they get completely dominated by a Cardinals team with a subpar defense. Who are the Seahawks? Do we know anything about this team? How does Hasselbeck follow up that performance from last week with a game like that? He completed a third of his passes for 112 yards. Wow. Someone, please explain this to me. Anyone..............

Philadephia 9
Oakland     13 FINAL

- As shocking as it is, it's true. JaMarcus Russell outperformed Donovan McNabb in this one. The Eagles threw the ball 46 times in this one; yet managed only 9 points. McNabb completed less than half his passes. I have no idea why Brian Westbrook only got 6 carries all game. Credit the Raiders defense for taking advantage of match-up problems at the line of scrimmage and getting after McNabb. THIS looked a lot more like the competitive Raiders team we saw in week 1. They came prepared, and the Eagles did not. But, which Raiders team shows up next week?


Buffalo 16
NY Jets 13 FINAL

- So, maybe it DOES take more than trash talking and bravado to win on Sunday. That crash you hear is the Jets crashing back down to earth. Sanchez has a rough go of it with 5 picks. A 210 yard effort by Thomas Jones went to waste. The Jets led this one 13-3 at halftime, but couldn't manage to put this one away. Credit the Bills for not giving up like they had in past games this season. However, they simply must get better play from the QB position. It's not often an opponent gift-wraps a victory for you with five turnovers. My advice to Rex Ryan - coach your team during the week instead of bashing them. Correct the mistakes instead of throwing out blame.


Tennessee 0
Patriots      59 FINAL

- Wow. I don't even know what to say here. 2 complete passes for minus 7 yards by Kerry Collins? Hello! What else is it going to take for the Titans to give Vince Young another chance? Will firing Jeff Fisher do the trick? And, where was the defense all day? They just looked disinterested. What a repulsive effort. NO NFL team should lose 59-0. The Duke Bluedevils would have given a better effort than that.


Chicago 14
Falcons  21 FINAL

- What happened to the Bears running game? Isn't this supposed to be a running football team? Jay Cutler was the leading rusher. That's astounding. The goal line fumble by Matt Forte killed this team. No excuse for fumbling on back-to-back plays. Absolutely none. The Falcons had a bad game on offense, but took advantage of the scoring opportunities when they had them. I thought the Falcons abandoned the running game in this one and were extremely lucky to come away with the win. Jay Cutler put up good fantasy numbers, but just couldn't get it done in the red zone when it mattered.


Denver     34
San Diego 23 FINAL

- I take nothing away from the Broncos outstanding performance. They were sensational. But, I thought the Chargers came out in this one with no intensity; especially on defense. The Chargers O-line was horrible and often missed blocking assignments. The defense looked lethargic and unaggressive, and let the Broncos do what they wanted for most of the night. On the flip side, the Broncos offense was consistent and efficient, and the defense was outstanding. They got after Philip Rivers and never let up. There should be no more questions. The Broncos are for real, and it would take a catastrophic collapse for them to NOT win the division at this point.

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Week 6 NFL picks & predictions

Here are my picks & predictions for week 6. Coming off my only poor week of the season; going 7-7.  Let's see if I can do better this week.  Enjoy the read, gang.


Texans @ Bengals-- The Bengals have a solid running game, and efficient passing game, and are playing great defense. The Texans are putting up solid fantasy numbers with Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson but still can't play defense, run the ball, nor win consistently. Winning is what counts in the NFL; not stats. The Bengals seem to get it, while the Texans surge toward another under-acheiving, disappointing season. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Lions @ Packers-- Hopefully, the Packers fixed their O-line issues during the bye-week. Fresh and rested, I expect the defense to come out and play well at home against a competitive Lions team. Matthew Stafford may be back in this one. The Lions keep it close, but in the end, that secondary won't be able to keep up with Aaron Rodgers & company. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Rams @ Jaguars-- The Rams actually moved the ball well last week against the Vikings, but still haven't proved that they're able to score points. Until they prove they can, I will pick against them every week. Look for the Jags to bounce back at home. PREDICTION: JAGUARS


Ravens @ Vikings-- The Vikings, ironcally, have been winning with their passing game. But, this is the week the winning streak and fluke passes down the field for TD's to win the game will end. The Ravens are coming off two tough losses and a sub-par performance by Joe Flacco. I look for that to get turned around against a Vikings defense that is vulnerable to the pass. The Ravens offensive line will hold up in this one, and the defense will get after Brett Favre to try to force him into mistakes. My thought is the game plan works and they bounce back. I don't see this Ravens team dropping a 3rd game in a row. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Giants @ Saints-- The match-up of the week, and most likely, the last battle of undefeated teams we will see for the rest of the season. Both teams are very similar. Both have great passing games. Both teams can run the ball. Both play solid defense. So, what gives? Well, the Giants have done a great job so far of playing through all of their injuries. I think this is the week it finally catches up to them. They play a Saints team at New Orleans; coming off a bye-week well-rested and healthy. For that reason, I have to give the edge to the Saints. Hope I get this pick wrong. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Browns @ Steelers-- Eric Mangini is hell-bent on sticking by a QB who only managed to complete TWO passes last week, and now there's ridiculous rumors floating around about Brady Quinn possibly being traded. Is he REALLY THAT much worse than a QB who can manage only 23 yards against the Buffalo Bills? This Browns team is a joke, and so is their head coach. What else is there to say?   PREDICTION: STEELERS


Panthers @ Buccaneers-- The Panthers still have a huge problem with turnovers. The Buccaneers have a problem with dropping passes. So, what gives? Well, lost in the Bucs game last week is the fact that they DID manage to shut down the Eagles running game. My gut tells me they'll be a few less dropped passes by the Bucs, and a few more turnovers by Delhomme and the Panthers. Bucs pull off the upset at home for their first win of '09. PREDICTION: BUCCANEERS


Chiefs @ Redskins-- The Chiefs offense seemed to come to life last week against the Cowboys. The Redskins defense came alive last week, but failed them late in the game when it mattered most. The Redskins STILL can get anything going on offense, and I don't see that changing this Sunday. Hiring an offensive consultant does not demonstrate a lot of confidence in your coaches. It is hurting the team more than helping. Look for the Chiefs to get into the win column for the first time this season. PREDICTION: CHIEFS


Eagles @ Raiders-- JaMarcus Russell is pushing 300 lbs., is out of shape, and doesn't seem to care. Neither does the rest of the team. Tom Cable might be going to prison for manslaughter. Not much else to analyze here. PREDICTION: EAGLES


Cardinals @ Seahawks-- I don't like how the Cardinals let the Texans back in the game last week and almost let them win it. They can't run the ball and can't play defense. That will get you beat on most Sundays. How long can 38 year-old Kurt Warner keep bailing them out and winning shoot-out contests? Hassebeck is back for the Hawks, and so is the Hawks' defense. I'll take the team with the better defense. PREDICTION: SEAHAWKS


Titans @ Patriots-- Jeff Fisher insists on sticking with 38 year-old Kerry Collins; insisting that it's not his fault they're losing. I'm not so sure about that. This offense needs a spark. Opposing teams have the Titans figured out. Fisher still hasn't figured out that this isn't 2008 anymore. Vince Young won't get anyone to a fantasy football championship, but the guy does have a winning record in the NFL. Kerry Collins is 0-5.  The Titans are not going to the playoffs.  Why not at least see if VY is your future QB?   The team and the Titans fans will continue to pay for Fisher's stubbornness. Look for the Pats to stay undefeated at home. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS


Bills @ Jets-- The Bills just lost to a team that completed two passes. How much worse can it get? I'm not so sure Rex Ryan bashing his defense to the media will necessarily help the team. But, I don't see the Jets having a problem with this one. Look for Dick Jaron to be out of a job sooner rather than later. PREDICTION: JETS


Bears @ Falcons-- Great Sunday night match-up. Both teams feature franchise QB's. But, look for the running game to be the difference in this one. Matt Forte just can't seem to get it going. Michael Turner rushed for 3 TD's last week against one of the leagues better defenses. I look for his success to continue and be the difference in the game. PREDICTION: FALCONS



Broncos @ Chargers-- The Broncos are the surprise of the NFL at 5-0. They are a better team than the Chargers right now IMO. However, I look for the Chargers to catch the Broncos by surprise. They come off a bye-week desperate for a win; knowing a loss here pretty much all-but-ends their shot at the division title. Going strictly by my gut here, I look for Philip Rivers to have a big day and for the Chargers to step it up and pull off the upset at home. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

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