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Michigan Spring Ball

After the 3-9 2008 season for Michigan I can't wait for 2009 to get under way. I'm really pumped for the Spring Game to see some of our new recruits and an early glance at our team. I'm hoping Tate Forcier turns out to be the great QB everyone is expecting him to be, because Michigan needs another great QB, like Henne. Rich Rod has recruited hard and I think his efforts are going to pay off in the long run.

Rich Rod, left everything to come to michigan. He grew up, went to College and had a great team right there in West Virgina, so the fact that he gave all that up to come to Michigan makes me really respect him. I'm just hoping he gets in a few good recruting classes and gets a few winning seasons under his belt, so the Michigan fans don't run him out of town. That might sound a tad harsh, but another 3-9 season, wont go over well with the Wolverine Nation. I think he needs to get to a bowl game this year to keep Michigan fans happy. Michigan's Spring Game is April 11th at Noon. Hopefully Rich can find out or get an idea of who Michigan's QB is going to be in 09. I see Tate Forcier being the starting guy in 2009 myself, but it's hard to say at this point. Nick Sheridan doesn't look to be in the picture after breaking his leg. I didn't think he had much of a chance to be the starting QB anyways. There's a lot of questions going into the Spring, hopefully some are answered before and after the Spring Game is played. I have a good feeling Rich Rod is going to name a starter soon after the game or sometime soon after. I think will know who's going to be our starter going into the summer up into the regular season.

The starting QB battle is between two players in my mind. Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson. Both are very talented and could lead Michigan to a winning season and a bowl game. I think having two Freshmen QB's will help each other get better and all in all find the right QB to lead Michigan.

Both of them are duel threat QB's, who will be able to run Rich Rod's spread offense with a lot of success. That was the main problem with Michigan last year, as we didn't have the right QB for the system. Neither Threet or Sheridan were fast enough for Rich Rod's spread. Forcier and Robinson will both be fast and athletic enough to run his system. Another player who will need to step up big for Michigan next year if Brandon Minor. I think Minor has all the talent in the world, but needs to stay healthy all year and help make an impact on the Michigan offense. I think he will be able to be our RB in the spread offense and take a lot of shotgun handoffs and inside carries. Anyways, there's a lot of questions to be answered going into the Spring Game, I'm hoping some of them are answered. Go Blue!!







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Celticpatsox12's Elite 8 Picks

We have some good Elite 8 match ups. My bracket isn't perfect as I had Duke in the Elite 8 along with Memphis, but it's not looking too bad, picking 6 of the 8 teams right. My final four, National Championship, and National Championship Winner are all still possible, so my bracket isn't looking too bad.



4:40 PM ET

West Regional Final

#1 Connecticut Huskies               #3 Missouri Tigers

This is going to be a pretty entertaining game in the west regional fianl. As I said I have Connecticut and Memphis playing here, but Missouri should give UConn a tough game. I had UConn winning and moving onto the Final Four and the fact there playing Missouri doesn't change my mind. UConn will be too much for Missouri. UConn 78 - Missouri 68


7:05 PM ET

East Regional Final

#1 Pittsburgh Panthers                #3 Villanova Wildcats

This is the other one of my two losses going into the Elite 8, as I had Pittsburgh playing Duke for a chance to go to the Final Four. I think Villanova gives Pittsburgh a much better game. Both teams come from the Big East and know eachother well. I think this could end up the best Elite 8 game as two Big East power houses battle it out for a spot in the Final Four. This should be a close hard fought game that is won in the final minutes. It could go either way in my mind. Pittsburgh 72 - Villanova 68



Midwest Regional Final

2:20 ET

#1 Louisville Cardinals                #2 Michigan State Spartans

This is one of the two Elite 8 games I picked right. I have both these teams playing eachother for a spot in the Final Four in my bracket. I'm a Louisville fan myself, so guess who I have winning this? I have Louisville winning and moving on. Although I wouldn't sleep on Michigan State, as they could easily beat Louisville. Should be a good #1 vs #2 match up. Louisville 81 - Michigan State 73


5:05 ET

South Regional Final

#1 North Carolina Tar Heels              #2 Oklahoma Sooners

I think this is going to be the best Elite 8 game. I mean Hanbrough vs Griffen? That's a great match up. Two great scorers, who will go at eachother all night. It's real hard to pick who's going to win this. On paper, I'd say North Carolina and I think there going to come away with the win. Both teams coming off big wins, but UNC is in my mind the best team in the country when healthy and playing there best basketball. It'll be interesting to see how Oklahoma stops UNC's offense and if Hansbrough can slow down Griffin whos been tearing up the tournament so far. In the end, I think UNC gets the win. North Carolina 86 - Oklahoma 77



So just for review. I have the four #1 seeds all moving on in the Elite 8 and making it to the Finals Four. I have Louisville, Connecticut, Pittsburgh and North Carolina as my Final Four teams. I think this makes the Final Four and the National Championship game all the better as there's going to be great games between great teams.




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Saturdays Bowl Games Review

Today was the first day of bowl action and the first 4 four games were played. I was glad to see some college football this Saturday. I haven't seen any since the Conference Championships ended two weeks ago. You gotta love Bowl season, it's such a great time of the year. Right around Christmas and New Years. Let's break down the four Bowl games of the day.

EagleBank Bowl
December 20th at 11:00 AM ET
RFK Memorial Stadium, Washington D.C.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs Navy Midshipmen
This game kicked off bowl season and didn't disappoint, it was an early kickoff at 11:00 AM, so I'm not going to lie I turned it on in the 2nd Qtr, when I got up. This game was dominated by the Midshipmen early and they looked like they may win this game, opening up a 13-0 in the 2 Qtr. The Demon Deacons fought back and scored a TD before the half to go into the locker room down only 13-7. The 3rd Qtr was pretty even, but the Deamon Deacons scored the only points, taking a slim lead into the 4th Qtr, up 14-13. Both teams played hard through 3 Qtr's and I knew the 4th would be a show. The Midshipmen fought hard in the 4th but the Deamon Deacons scored 15 points in the final Qtr to close out the game and win 29-19. It was a fun game to watch and wasn't a bad opeing bowl season game. The Decmon Deacons were lead by QB Riley Skinner who went for 11-11 for 166 yards and 1 TD. He also won game MVP and deserving so. Well played game by both teams.
Demon Deacons won 29-19

New Mexico Bowl
December 20th at 2:30 PM ET
University Stadium, Albuquerque N.

Colorado State Rams vs Fresno State Bulldog
This was the second game of the bowl season and was just as exciting. In my mind, this was the best bowl game of the day. There was a lot of scoring as the final score was 40-35 Colorado State. The defenses really didn't show up during this one. Billy Farris had a decent daying throwing the ball in his teams victory as he went 17-29 for 257 yards and 2 TD's and an interception. The player of the game and who lead the Rams was Gartrell Johnson who rushed for 285 yards and 2 TD's and also caught the ball 5 times for another 90 yards. He ended the afternoon with 375 total yards. A great performance for the Senior RB.  The Rams had 617 total yards in there win over the Bulldogs. Now the Bullsdogs offense showed up too, with 434 total yards, 248 of them coming on the ground. This was a very exciting game and was the best bowl game of the day.
Rams won 40-35

St. Petersburg Bowl
December 20th at 4:30 PM ET
Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg Florida

Memphis Tigers vs South Florida Bulls

This was probably the the worst bowl game of the day. The 41-14 South Florida smashing of Memphis had a lot to do with. Memphis never really had a chance in this one. South Florida had the lead after every Qtr was basically dominated them on all 3 phases of the game. The Bulls were lead by Junior QB Matt Grothe who had a great performance today. He went 17-24 for 236 yards and 3 TD's. This game was barely worth watching.
Bulls won 41-14

Las Vegas Bowl
December 20th at 8:00 PM ET
Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas

BYU Cougars vs Arizona Wildcats

This was expected to be the best bowl game of the day, in my mind it wasn't and the New Mexico Bowl was, but this game was at 8:00 PM ET and fun to watch. This game was well played by both teams. The Wildcats were lead by Senior QB Willie Tuitama who went 24-35 for 325 yards and 2 TD's. Nic Grigsby racked up 87 yards and a TD on the ground for the Wildcats. BYU's Junior QB Max Hall didn't play too bad either. He went 30-46 for 328 and a TD. I'd say this game was played to all expectations.
Wildcats win 31-21

Player of the Day

No question, Gartrell Johnson is the player of the day. He really was the difference maker in the Rams 40-35 Win over the Bulldogs today. He played an amazing football game today. His game today will probably be looked at as the best overall performance in all of bowl season, let alone today. Johnson rushed 27 times for 285 yards and 2 TD's. Including a 77 yard rush in the 4th Qtr. He also was the Bulls leading reciever on the day. He caught 5 passes for 90 yards and ended the day with a total of 375 total yards. What a game.


Overall you can't complain from the first day of bowl season. We had three hard fought games that came down to the 4th Qtr and the South Florida 41-14 beating of Memphis. Usually on the first day or first couple days of bowl season, the games are played between 6-6 and 7-5 teams that you never watched all year but today we saw some good schools even #16 BYU play and the action was better then excepted. I'd say a great first day for bowl season. Can't wait for the rest!
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College Football Playoffs

Well guys, I've been thinking this over. How can we get a playoff system into college football? It's a question that most people don't know how to answer and the BCS doesn't seem to want. I'd love to see a playoff system put in. It's the only way to name the "true" college football champion. The BCS is a mess year in and year out. There's always the "what if" and the "I beat them and they beat them" we need to end the madness. We need a big college football playoff. Something like college basketball. Smaller of course, but a bracket that is fair. Here's what I've thought of.

North Region
1. Penn State (Big Ten Winner)
2. Virgina Tech (Atlantic Coast Conference Winner)
3. Cincinnati (Big East Winner)
4. Tulsa (Conference USA Winner)

South Region
1. Florida (SEC Winner)
2. Utah (Mountain West Winner)
3. Boise State (Western Athlectic Conference Winner)
4. Buffalo (Mid American Conference Winner)

East Region
1. Oklahoma (Big 12 Conference Winner)
2. Alabama (At Large Bid)
3. Ohio State (At Large Bid)
4. Troy (Sun Belt Conference Winner)

West Region
1. Southern California (Pac 10 Conference Winner)
2. Texas (At Large Bid)
3. Texas Tech (At Large Bid)
4. Georgia (At Large Bid)

This bracket concludes the Winner of all the FBS conferences and some at large bids mixed in. The rules would be. The #1 seed plays the #4 seed and the #2 seed plays the #3 seed in your bracket. The winners move on and face eachother in the Regionl finals. Then the North region winner plays the South Region winner and the East Region Winner plays the West Region winner. Then the final 2 play in the National Championship. It's very simple. It's a 16 team bracket, all the conference winners are in (11), then there (5) at large bids, which would be teams like Texas or Alabama who did win there conference championship but still deserve a chance at winning the national championship. I think something like this should be used for the college football playoffs
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High School Propect Reviews: RB

Well now up for the high school prospect reviews is the RB's. There are some very talented RB's that are gonna be playing college football next season. There are still a few of the best RB's this looking for a school. There's a lot to be decied in the next few months on our way to signing day. Here's who I think are some of the best high school RB's.

Bryce Brown:

Bryce Brown is in my mind the best high school RB in the nation this season. As of right now has a soft verbal agreement to play for th Hurricanes next fall, but as it's only a soft verbal agreement a lot can change. He still is considering Missouri, Oregon, Purdue, Clemson, and Kanas State which would be the school closest to home as he lives in Wichita. He's an average size back, he stands at 6'0, 215 pounds. He will be a big help to the Hurricanes offense next season if he does stay with his soft verbal agreement and goes to Miami. Randy Shannons gotta be excited about this kid, he's a back that looks to have a big college career ahead of him. Stayed tuned to see where Brown ends up going.

Trent Richardson:

Trent Richardson looks to be another great RB. He's right up there with Bryce Brown as one of the best backs in the nation this past season. He as of right now has a soft verbal agreement to Alabama, but like Brown it's only a soft verbal agreement, so a lot can change. Trent has decent speed as he runs a 4.5, forty. Not blazing speed, but not slow. He stands 5'11, 210 pounds. He's from Pensacola Florida and is considering both Florida and Florida State, but not agreements with either school. He has a bright futre for the Crimson Tide or whatever school he decides to go to. My guess is he stays in the southern area around home.

Christine Micheal:

Christine Micheal rounds out my top high school RB's this year. He's been very productive in high school with over 1,000 yards and 20 TD's in his last 3 years of high school. His Junior season which was probably the most impressive season he rushed for 1,172 yards and 20 TD's. He hasn't decided on a school yet, but has showed the most intrest in LSU and Texas A&M. I could see him picking either of those schools or some of his other options. Which are Arkansas, Florida, Miami, Nebraska,  Oklahoma, and Texas. Micheal probably wont pick a school until signing day or make a commitment.  Micheals who is from Beaumonet Texas is 5'11, 202 has impressed me on what I've seen of him on highlights, looks like he has a bight future at the college level.

Here's some more RB's that have impressed me.

Cierre Wood:

Edwin Baker:

David Wilson:

Jaamal Berry:

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High School Propect Reviews: QB

There are some good high school QB's coming out this season. One of the fun things about looking over high schools QB's is if there a Pro Style QB or an Spread Style QB. I'll show you a few of the best from each style.

Matt Barkly:

Matt Barkly is looked at as one of the top propects in all of high school football this year and in my mind is the best high school QB, pro or spread. He is a pro style QB and has a strong verbal agreement to USC. He stands at 6'3, 226 pounds and runs a 4.7, 40 time. He probably wont make a huge impact at USC his freshmen season, but you never know. He's the type of player that has a chance to play pro someday, has a lot of upside.

Garret Gilbert:

Garrett Gilbert looks like he's gonna be a strong QB for Texas in the near future. He stands at 6'4, 205 pounds and threw for 4,826 yards and 52 TD's his Junior season. He was recruited to Texas by Greg Davis who is the OC and QB at Texas. Garrett also have a lot of upside with his pro style game.

Russell Shepard:

Russell Shepard is a very athlectic duel threat QB. He is in my mind the best duel threat QB in all high school football this year. He is 6'1, 179 pounds and runs a 4.4, a very fast QB and looks like he will be playing for Les Miles as he has a strong verbal agreement with LSU. He rushed for 1,946 yards and 28 TD's his Senior year and threw for 1,843 and 20 TD's. He looks like he will be be a great college football player for LSU, as he is very quick and athlectic. I'm not sure of his long term ability as he is more of spread QB.

Tate Forcier:

Tate Forcier, who I think will be a great player for Michigan. I'm a Michigan fan and I'm very excited to see him coming to play in Ann Arbor. He is going to graduate in December, so he will have a lot of time to come over to Ann Arbor and learn the new offense. He was recruited by Rod Smith, Michigan QB coach and looks on highlights to be an excellent QB. He's the QB that Michigan has been needing badly and will help the Michigan offense his freshmen year. I think that he will start for Michigan and be a productive player. There doesn't seem to be any reason he doesn't start, he looks to be the most talented.

There are a lot of great QB's that are gonna be playing college ball next year. Here are some links.

Aaron Murray:

Richard Brehaut:

AJ McCarron:

Tyrik Rollison:

Tajh Boyd:

Kevin Newsome:

Shavodrick Beaver:

Here is a good mix of pro style QB's and spread style QB's. They all should have some impact during there college career and have a lot of upside. Some of these QB's have a strong verbal agreement and others only have a soft verbal agreement or are still looking at schools. Will have to stayed tuned to see where some of these QB's go. Will Probably have to wait til signing day for some of them.

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Michigans Offseason

Well as you guys all know Michigan just came off there worse season in team history. Michigan ended there season at 3-9 and 2-6 in the Big 10.  It's now time to looks towards the offseason and how well RR can recruit. I have a great feeling he will bring Michigan back to the top as long as he can get in a couple of recruiting classes and find the right players to fit his system. Michigans glaring need was to find a Duel threat QB, so RR can run his spread offense successfully. Michigan has to dueal threat QB's committed for the 09 season.

Tate Forcier:

Shavodrick Beaver:

Both these QB's are great duel threat guys, that will fit RR sytem well. Michigan has 20 very strong verbal commitments right now that should help Michigans team next season.  Michigan right now also could use a RB. With the McGuffie situation being worse and different day by day you can't expect a lot out of him. Here's a solild RB Michigan has recruited.

Fitzgerald Toussaint:

He's more of an elusive runner and could fit in well with the spread offense. says he runs a 4.5, but I've heard from other sources he is faster then that. A 4.5, not being slow, but not real fast for a 5'10 185 pound RB.

I'm very excited about seeing Micheal Schofield in a Michigan uniform. He's a very big and talented OL that Michigan has a solid verbal agreement with. He stands at 6'7 272 pounds. Looks to be very athlectic for his size and might help Michigan up front as early as next season.

Micheal Schofield:

All and all Michigan needs talent. From what I've seen RR hasn't done a bad job of recruiting this offseason. Michigan should be much improved next season, I'm guessing either of the QB's stated above will start next year. Tate Forcier looks to be more college ready and I've heard a rumor that he graduates in December sometime and will have more time to learn the offense, not sure if thats true or not, but would be helpful. Shavodrick Beaver seems to be less college ready as Tate, but could start next season. He's the duel threat QB Michigan has been searching for and has a chance to make an impact next season. Let's just hope Michigan has a better season. Go Blue!

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