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Top 10 - Me? - Featured Member too?

Wow!  I wake up this morning to find that I am a Top 10 member and the Featured member on the Community Home page.  Just 2 weeks ago I was not even in the top 1K. 

How did I get here?  I have no clue.  I have posted more in the past than in the last 3 months - although this month has been a bit more prolific.  I was top 1K for a long while, maybe 9 months, until I lost it a couple of months back.  Then, each time I came in and posted for a day or two, I returned to the top 1K.

About a week ago, I logged in to find that I was top 100.  Now, top 10.  Interesting.

The main change in my profile has been in the Value score.  Spotsline says this comes from the ratings you get form other members for your posts based on their status.  For months I had been in a free-fall on the Value score even though I was receiving 4 or 5 stars for all posts and the posts had scores of 90s or better next to them.  I even posted a question to Sporstline in the Support area, but the responding poster has no clue what  Value score was and gave meaningles answers.  It would be nice if their support personnel knew more about their own site.  They kept telling me my reputation was 99 and they didn't know what I was talking about.  I asked them to click on the Value tab and tell me why I was 30-something.  They didn't even know what that was.  Nice.

Anyway - - Top 10 - - Featured Member - - today is a good day.

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Did anyone hear McGrady's comments about everything being his fault.  Unbelievable.

Our boys need to put away their hankies and sack up and play.  I am very impressed with the Jazz's physical play and gallons of hustle. 

To spend any time commenting on the last call of Game 2 is worthless.  We had 2 games in H-town to take care of business and win at least one and we didn't do it.  Too bad.  Get your game face on McWhiney and start balling like you're a page 1 player.

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Posted on: March 2, 2008 11:41 am

Referees need TIVO

I'm not sure of anyone else has noticed the fan's curse of TIVO (DVR).  After every close play, call or foul we get the instant gratification of being able to review the play frame by frame to see what really happened. 

Be sure, I love TIVO.  I just hate the fact that it exposes so many poor calls by those that officiate.  Poor calls at TIVO speed.  Maybe, no one would have made a different conclusion at real speed; but that's they life they live.

On the other side of the coin, I have been a fan that thinks on initial view that someone was fouled, booing with the fans in the box, only to find out upon closer TIVO inspection that the ref got it right - all ball.

In any case, one of the more infuriating calls, or non-calls, as it should be termed, is traveling in basketball.  WOW.  Closely watch any game and you will find 6-12 violations; especially when someone is driving to the basket.  You can regularly find 3 steps (no jump steps counted), but almost once in every other game, you'll find the four-step clover.  Just yesterday, I saw 2 four-step travels in one game - one on a breakaway lay up - in plain view.  Neither was called.  What is traveling - a casual call the ref makes when ever they see fit.

What are your thoughts loyal fans?  TIVO is good overall, but maybe we see too much?


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