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Bold(very) predictions for starters and season...

Its May, the weather is getting much better, people are getting out more, and schools almost out.  But as the title proposes, i think this may be my last post for a bit, mainly because theres nothing to post about for now besides guessing what rookies will do and general news.  The other reason i wont be around too much because finals are here(college kids know)......and/or remember.  So here we go everyone......

Projected Day 1 Starters--Offense
Qb-Rex Grossman
RB-Cedric Benson(pending his allegation of driving a boat drunk) I think Peterson(as much as i dislike him) will start instead of Forte and Wolfe.....
WR-Marty Booker, Earl Bennett,
TE-Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen
T-John Tait, Chris Williams
G-Roberto Garza, Terrence Metcalf(Beekman will see some playing time im sure)
C-Olin Kreutz

DE-Alex Brown, Adawale Oguleye
DT-Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoracek
LB-Brain Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Jamar Williams
CB-Charles Tillman, Nathan Vasher
S-Mike Brown, Adam Archuleta(not who i want but will show promise in camp, if he wants his job, plus is better than McGowan whos a fillin, and Danny Manning cause he wont take the step to be better.  I'd like Steltz, but definitely not right away.)
K-Robbie Gould
PR/KR-Devin Hester


Week 1 @ Colts
Loss.  I honestly think we can hold a candle to this team.  Theres no denying that they are top 3 in the league, but they arent unstoppable.  I dont think it will be as bad as many think.

Week 2 @ Panthers
Win.  This will  be uglier than the fat girl no one wants to talk to at the party.  Two struggling teams trying to get a W.  Carolina is beatable, but not terrible by any means.  They werent supposed to beat us in the 03 playoffs, but we decided to put a DII rookie on Steve Smith that game......i remember.  Both offenses will move the ball, but the Bears D seems more solid now.  Not taking a thing away from Carolina.

Week 3 Vs Buccaneers
Win Very close game.  Cadillac Williams has good games before he gets injured.  He should be a tough one to stop.  They are more overall, but i dont think will show it.  Im calling Mr. Matt Forte to bust out of his shell this game.

Week 4 Vs Eagles
Im going win.  Both were neck and neck this past year.  i love the DeSean Jackson pick, and think he will play well.  Im a fan of Kevin Curtis, but dont think he will break out again.  I like the Bears offense against Philly's D......That DLine is shady, and Takeo Spikes isnt what he once was.

Week 5 @ Lions
Ehhhh....Loss.  This will be a series split i think.  Not every team can be flawless week in and out.  We made tons of mistakes against them last year, and i dont think that happens again, but they'll get the better of us at least once.

Week 6 @ Falcons
Win.  Michael Turner will realize when he plays against 1st team defenses, he wont break 75 yard gains so easily.  He may have a good game, but no more Deangelo Fall, a defense who i cant name a starter on, and Matt Ryan throwing to noone wont get it done.  If Vick was still playing i could see them beating us, but no.

Week 7 Vs Vikings
Win.  I cant stand the Vikings fans.  Im not taking anything away from that team, and they sure pissed away a lot of money this offseason.  Tavaris Jackson wont amount to anything and i think hes a fraud.  You can find a guy who can launch a football 50+ yards on the streets.  Hes inaccurate and may just master the screen pass this year!  Anyways, they arent that much better than us, beating us by one score or less last year in both games.  That wont happen again.  Berrian wont take over, AD wont march around for 200+ yards again, Madieu Williams came from the second worst secondary, and if they continue to kick to  Hester, its icing.  Jared Allen was the best pickup, but GB found a way to contain him last year, and Tait is better than Mark Taucher or whoever their T may be.  Close but bloody.

Week 8-Bye

Week 9 Vs Lions
Win.  We get the better of them this time. 

Week 10 Vs Titans
It shouldnt seem this way, but Loss.  Their O is as abysmal if not worse than ours.....sooo how will they move the ball on us?  Vince Young's legs?  He throws a good 3 ints when hes off.  Contain Young, and find a way to grind nose to nose with their defense, and it just may be a W.

Week 11 @ GB
Win.  Aside from us winning there more often than not with Lovie as coach, we do one thing to them everytime we play them, and it works.  Hitting.  We bruise their players.  They shouldnt have lost the first game last year, but we hit their recievers, causing the drops and crucial fumbles.  They arent a walk in the park, but until they can take the hits and even dish them, the Bears have a better hand.

Week 12 @Rams
Win.  Play pound for pound against Steven Jackson, hit Mark Bulger, and cover Torrie Holt and thats a recipe to beat the Rams.  The Bears are more than capable of doing so.

Week 13 @ Vikings
Im swallowing(choking down more like) my pride and saying Loss.  We wont beat them twice unless something big happens.  Their Defense will beat us, along with Peterson.  Jackson will be ineffective, and if Booty is in by this point, it could be worse.

Week 14 Vs Jaguars
Loss. If one thinks AD is bad to go against, Pocket Hercules and Fred Taylor are worse.  Both come in and provide fresh legs, which is huge for Jacksonville.  The best chance of beating this team is throwing on Reggie Nelson and surprises.  Throw a gadget play in here and there.   Make them guess, and attack where Marcus Stroud was, and WRAP UP Jones-Drew and Taylor and they are not out of reach to beat.

Week 15 Vs Saints
Win.  Vilma was a nice pickup, but what else has this team done in the offseason?  McAllister has shown in previous years that hes not as effective later in the year, and Reggie Bush showed that he cant take the load last year.  That RB core is very good though.  They need an effective TE and #2 WR to be better.  Both is what they dont have, nothing on Eric Johnson and Devery Henderson.  Hit Drew Brees like prior meetings and that passing game is not very good.

Week 16 Vs Packers
Loss.  I'd love to see it, but Im not so sure we will beat them twice.  There is no reason to say we cant beat them 2 times, nor them beat us 2 times.  If we stick to playing them as we have had in prior years, we very well could see a sweep.  But by this point we will know if Ryan Grant is for real, and Greg Jennings can run better routes.(all i see him run are fades)

Week 17 @ Texans
Im going win.  We wont be swept by the AFC south.  Their passing O is stellar, and if healthy and playing, Vasher and Tillman will have a time and a half covering.  Ahman Green isnt effective, and backup ex-Dolphins and Cowboys Safeties wont help that secondary.  They need LB help and secondary help.  Very beatable, but able to beat us too. 

Nice Season, nothing spectacular, but 10 wins is doable, along with a WildCard behind the Packers, who i still think are the best team in this division.
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Complete thoughts on the Bears draft, comment

Well i must say, this was a boring draft.  I am a little upset that the Bears chose to play it safe than take a risk or two, but i guess its better to be safe than sorry.  No QB?  Who is the 3rd string thatll get a shot?  I love Rex, as do the coaches, now lets just see him make it work.  Hes getting a line now, so no more excuses.  I would have really wanted to see Nick Hill from SIU as a compensatory, or even Anthony Morelli.  Someone, unless something gets pulled out of JA's sleeve. 

1-Chris Williams--I am definitely disappointed with this.  The front offices took the safe road with this.  I really wanted Rashard Mendenhall, and we had a shot at him.  Williams should be a starter right away i believe, and its good that we fixed the line.  It really just bugs me that i cant find anything special with this guy.  Hes a big body that we could have found in later rounds.  Oh well, que sera sera.  Grade-B+

2-Matt Forte--Good back, bad timing.  I like how JA and Co sent a powerful message to Cedric Benson.  I really hope our AP gets cut or traded or sent to the practice squad, because i'd rather stay young and keep Garrett Wolfe, who has more upside than Adrian.  Forte can catch out of the backfield and is a grinder from what i've seen, but i find this pick to be just sketchy.  I guess im just not comfortable with a back from an unproven conference.  I cant name a decent defense from the Sun Belt.  Grade-B-

3-Earl Bennett--Seemed good from film, and looks very good to the Bears.  He'll have a friend with Williams here, and should fit in as at least the 3 WR.  I can see him being similar to Bernard Berrian, but can block, and has slightly better hands.  Thats the reason he was taken, i think JA and Co were just looking for that Berrian replacement thats speedy and can catch balls here and there.  Can develop into something more in a couple years.  Lets just hope if he does, he doesnt get bought out.  Grade-A-

3-Marcus Harrison--What in the hell were the Bears thinking with this?  I still cant figure it out, granted my boy Tommy Zbikowski was taken 2 picks prior to this.  I think the Bears should have traded out of this.  We have 3 DTs who can be relied on, and 6 are on the current roster.  I am just baffled......He is talented, but this was a wasted pick.  I can see this as insurance if Tommie Harris leaves.  Thats the only reason they would have taken a DT this early.  Grade-D+

4-Craig Steltz--Ehhhh, there are many better safeties and we probably should have gotten him later.  Hes a hitter, and im not a fan from what i saw.  He just seems like an above average, hard hitting, uncoordinated safety.  Lets hope he can improve in camp and practice.  Grade-C

5-Zach Bowman--Another WTF were you thinking pick.  I do remember that Tillman and Vasher are locked up till 2013, and Trumaine McBride and Ricky Manning Jr are good fill-ins.  This guy blew out both of his knees, and before he did so, he was very good at what he did, very good in coverage and a great tackler and helped a lot on the running game, and once considered a 1st rounder.  Then he blew out his  knees.  Not wise, im not a fan.  Grade-C-

5-Kellen Davis--There were just a plethora of TEs that looked like they wont amount to anything special in this draft.  This kid was one of them, and not really a priority at this pick.  A John Gilmore replacement.  Lets hope he can block.  I dont see him catching much behind Clark and Olsen.  Grade D+

7-Evrin Baldwin--Worst pick of them all.  Dan Bazuin, Wale, Alex Brown, Mark Anderson, and Israel Idonije are DEs.  Unless the front offices dont plan on resigning Wale next year or two, maybe.  But this is not a time for theories.  We still needed a QB, OL depth, and a WR.  Horrible pick, so unless this guys a diamond in the ruff, he wont see playing time outside of preseason.  Grade-F

7-Chester Adams--Much needed depth on the OL.  There were better available linemen at G and T at this point, but I will take it.  Grade-C

7-Joey LaRoque--Right position, wrong player.  J Leman was here, and went undrafted.  He had better get an invite to camp.  Grade-D

7-Kirk Barton--I love this.  A late 7th rounder that was projected from the 3rd round to the 5th.  This was a steal, lets just hope he can keep it together.  Good depth quality too.  Grade-A

7-Marcus Monk--I really think there were better WRs at this point, Davonne Bess was.  He broke a lot of records at Arkansas, oh boy!  If he translates to anything, lets hope its Brandon Lloyd's replacement or a number 4.  I dont think he will.  Maybe he'll see a play or two, but i really doubt that.  Grade-D

we still need a QB here people.

Total draft grade--C
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Final Mock Draft, read and comment or else

Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, spring in is the air.  It is getting nicer out and of course, its raining like a biotch......anyways, its my final mock draft.  Everyones got their opinions, heres mine. 

1-Rashard Mendenhall, RB (Illinois)--Yes everyone, i have seen the Johnathan Stewart workout video on ESPN, and yes he is one ripped SOB.  But lets not stray from the fact that there is no way he would fit the Bears offense.  Injury aside, hes from a west coast, speed option offense, and thats how he will excel.  He would be a fit for Michael Vick, not Rex or Kyle Orton.  Mendenhall is a better fit, hes got lean speed and power that the Bears salivate over.  All OTs are pretty much the same, they will be good, but sometimes you just gotta take the risks.  Look what happened with Walter Payton and Gale Sayers.  Both had abysmal lines at the beginning of their careers.  Im not saying Mendenhall is the next Payton by any means, but is worth taking a gamble.

2-Anthony Collins, OT (Kansas)--Yes the OL needs fixing if we havent noticed with about hundreds of posts saying so.  Collins is young, and can compliment Tait in a year at least.  Maybe even less.  He anchored the line that took Kansas to a BCS game.  If Cherilus or Baker is available at 44, take him, if not, Collins is the man.

3a-Roy Scheuning, OG (Oregon State)--Im huge on Chilo Rachal, as are the Bears.  But hes a projected a early 2nd round pick.  If getting the 7th pick of the 3rd round gets him, then by all means.  But as a realist, hes not going to be there.  Scheuning is the next best option.

3b-Tommy Zbikowski, SS (Notre Dame)--After Phillips and Marcus Griffin, Tommy is the next best.  Hes faster, quicker, and smarter looking than Adam Archuleta was coming out of college.  Griffin wont fall this far, and Jamar Adams is someone the Bears have never even heard of.  Tommy has worked out with the Bears privately 2 times, i think theres interest.

4-Colt Brennan,  QB (Hawaii)--I thank Jiggadhu for showing the article about Colt's interview, and apparently both the Bears and Brennan are interested in eachother.  We all know the Bears can pick prematurely, but i think they take him now.  Hes bulked up from 180 to 218, so hes clearly showing hes taking the NFL seriously.  Josh Johnson is a fraud, and will be no better than a Tavaris Jackson.  Just remember, Curtis Enis had a good combine to.......I dont think Josh will amount to anything more than a watered down Michael Vick, and thats giving him more credit than hes due.  He picked on abysmal secondaries.......If Johnson was in the Pac 10 or other big conference, he would be a bust.

5-Mike Gibson, OT (California)--Depth is always a plus.  Gibson is a big body that was huge at Cal.  He is the reason the QB had time to throw to Desean Jackson.  Could be Tait's replacement in a couple years.

6-J Leman, LB (Illinois)--He is a beast.  His stock dropped so after the injury.  He could be a fantastic fill-in down the road. 

7a-Jason Rivers, WR (Hawaii)--Colt will need a friend to talk to, and another target to throw to when he gets his shot.  I love Davonne Bess and Ryan Grice-Mullen but i dont think they will fall this far.  Rivers is 6'2 and runs a 4.49 40 time, and will definitely help more than Brandon Rideau or Mike Hass ever will. 

7b-Jehu Caulcrick, RB/FB (Michigan State)--Has amazing power/speed combo.  Could push Jason McKie for a starting spot in a year or two......Could be a great late round steal.

7c-Marcus Coleman, C (Wisconsin)--Olin Kreutz is old, Patrick Manelly is older.  Time to groom a successor in a couple years or so.  The Big 10 is very well known for O linemen, and Coleman could be a steal.

7d-Pierre Garcon, WR (Mount Union)--Another WR project.  He a D3 stud who has unbelievable speed and hands.  Is a taller version of Wes Welker.  Could be a great slot man for some years.  Again, Rideau and Hass wont see light of day, much like David Ball didnt. 

Bring on the comments......keep it clean
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Offseason and mock draft(should be my last...)

Many things have changed guys and gals.  Players have gotten injured, others have moved, while some are still available.  Yes, the Bears can still make their move for depth purposes, and there still are some good looking free agents left.  So quit your crying that Jake Scott, Ryan Lilja, and Alan Faneca are unavailable(some of us still names.) 

Free agency wise, there are still some young OL for backup purposes, and hell, even starters because they are so bad.  Cory Lekkerkerker is 26 and still is available.  He has great size (6'7) and is quick.  The Dolphins have not resigned him yet, and dont seem to be looking like they will.  Blaine Saipaia was released by the Lions, and could come very cheap for depth usage.  He may not seem like the best household name around, but sure could help out more than what we see now.  He is 29, and may be looked at because we all have seen that Jerry Angelo likes veterans.  David Stewart is a RFA with the Titans, but no signs of progress seem imminent with his deal.  He is also a big body(6'7) and can be very useful if we can pry him from Tennessee.  He is 25.  Another potential RFA that is young at OT is Willy Svitek.  It is not known what the Chiefs are planning to do with him.  Any one of these or others will be better help than what we have seen, even if they are depth.

The Bears, regardless of who is acquired prior to the draft have needs (in no particular order) OT, OG, RB, QB, SS, WR.  It has come to my attention that.  There have been many Pre-draft rumors, and i have and have not taken them into account(some were just useless.)  So here it goes.......

1-Rashard Mendenhall, RB (Illinois)--I did think that we definitely needed a OT here.   Jiggadhu and myself have overstated, after Ryan Clady and Jake Long the next 6-7 are the same level.  Mendenhall is too good to pass up, and everyone is passing up that the Bears are interested because he hasn't "worked out" with them.  Thats BS, hes about 2 hours south of Chicago, so Ron Turner, Smith, and scouts dont have to do anything more than hop in a car and drive.  Everyone overlooks that, even Judge, Prisco, and everyone else.  To add to that, Mendenhall was part of the last class that Turner had recruited before Zook took over, so one can imagine he's on the radar.  He is the best pick available.

2-Anthony Collins, OT (Kansas)--Great fit for the abysmal line.  Now if Baker or Cherilus is available at 44, expect them to be picked.  But in the meantime, Nicks and Collins will be considered here, and I like Collins, preferably because he is younger, and helped anchor Kansas' great OL last year helping them to the BCS. 

3a-Mike McGlynn, OG (Pitt)--Next best OG after Chilo Rachal and Roy Sheuning.  The Bears are in love with Chilo after working out with him, and if moving to the 7th pick in the 3rd round can get him, expect him.  McGlynn is the next best choice.

3b-Tom Zbikowski, SS (Notre Dame)--Bears need Safety help, and Tommy has worked out with the Bears twice.  Hometown kid and a good 3rd round pick.  Expect him to be what Archuleta should have been.

4-Davonne Bess, WR (Hawaii)--I know Adrian Arrington could be available, and this pick is a little biased because i dont trust Michigan WRs.  But Bess has fantastic speed like Berrian, and better hands.  His blocking may be a little sub-par, but he can definitely work on that.

5-Corey Clark, OT (Texas A&M)--More help at OL.  Could take John Tait's place in a few years when his stint with the Bears is over.  Others are good picks, such as Mike Gibson, but Clark is young and a good run/pass protector, what the Bears need.

6-Nick Hill, QB (SIU)--The Bears tend to pick players prematurely, and at times it does work.  Hill has been a favorite for a while, and I think it will be between him and Colt Brennan.  Hill is the prototype size for a QB, with nothing terribly special, but doesnt have many flaws.  He could be a nice sleeper.

7-Marcus Coleman, C (Wisconsin)--Olin Kreutz is 32, i dont know how old Patrick Manelly is, but he is older, time to groom the new kid.  Big 10 can make some quality linemen, so i like either Coleman or John Masters out of Michigan State.

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Mock Draft version 3.

Some things have happened that have made me change up a couple of things.  here is what i think will happen, not what i want to happen.....

1-Rashard Mendenhall-RB, Illinois--Bears take the best available here.  The OT class is better than average, but after Clady and Long, the next 7 or so OT are the same level.  Bears pay who's worth it, expect Benson or AP to be cut, or traded.  I think Garrett Wolfe will stay.

2-Carl Nicks-OT, Nebraska--One of the next in the group of Cherilus, Baker, Otah and Williams.  The four just mentioned will probably be gone at 44, so Nicks is the next best.  He has great size and speed for an OT.

3a-Roy Shuening-OG, Oregon State--There's no saying if Beekman will be a starter.  Whether he is or not, depth is always a +.

3b-Tom Zbikowski-S, Notre Dame--Best Safety available at this point.  Hometown favorite, and has apparently already worked out with the Bears twice. 

4-Colt Brennan-QB, Hawaii--The 4th round or so is when teams start eating up the remaining half decent QBs.  Brennan is better than Josh Johnson and Kevin O'Connell at this point.

5-Davonne Bess-WR-Hawaii--He should pick up where Berrian left off.  Hes a speed WR, with great hands, which Berrian didnt have.  Can be deep threat and slot.  If Lloyd doesnt pan out, Bess will be the man.

6-Mike Gibson-OT, California--The Bears need depth for the abysmal OLine.  Gibson is very underrated, because coming from Cal, Desean Jackson gets all of the credit.......This guy gave the QB enough time to throw to Jackson, i like him.

7-John Masters-C, Michigan State--Olin Kreutz is 32, dont even ask how old Patrick Mannely is.  Time to groom a younger guy.

Supplemental pick(6 or 7th round)--Jehu Caulcrick-RB/FB, Michigan State--Very good runner.  Looks like a power back, blocks like a power back, hits like a power back, but is speedy.  Should challenge Jason McKie for the starting spot. 

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Bears Updated Mock Draft

Well, my first mock looked pretty nice, and i did some nice research on it, but things have changed since Brandon Lloyd has been signed.  Some things will be the same, but there will be some different things.

So now the Bears have added Lloyd and Booker to Hester and Bradley.  They must be crazy if they think they can go anywhere with this WR core.  I trust Jerry Angelo when the draft comes around, and think he will do the right thing(hope he does the right thing.) 

Before the draft, i still hold the believe that JA will bring in a FA G or T for depth usage.  Here's the draft.

1-Ryan Clady, OT(Boise State)--The Bears need help and a true starter on their offensive line, and Clady seems to be dropping on everyone's charts.  Lovie went to Boise to have a personal workout with Clady, and seems excited about him.  If he's there at 14, he will be taken, if not, look for Jeff Otah or Chris Williams.

2-Felix Jones, RB(Arkansas)--JA said Benson will have competition, and Felix should be around to be taken at 44.  I know everyone is huge on Joe Flacco, but he keeps rising and doesnt look to be available at 44.  The front offices may look to Chad Henne but Felix is way too good to pass up on.  His stock is falling and he has plenty of upside, and should try to garner starting hopes.

3a-Davonne Bess, WR(Hawaii)--The Bears need help at the WR position, and Bess should stick out like a sore thumb.  This means good or bad obviously.  He played a system where he got a lot of balls thrown his way, and hes proven he can make the best of it.  Hes very similar to Bernard Berrian when it comes to the speed factor, and comes from the west coast.  But unlike Berrian, Bess has good hands.  His blocking may not be stellar, because it was the Colt Brennan show in Hawaii.

3b-Tom Zbikowski, SS(Notre Dame)--No surprise here.  The Bears need a Safety.  Archuleta has proven to be a bum, McGowan should be back, unless another team matches our tender agreement with him.  Tommy should see much playing time, because McGowan is nothing more than a backup, and Archuleta is the new ST player.  Lets all hope Mike Brown turns it around and stays healthy.

4-Colt Brennan, QB(Hawaii)--Davonne Bess will need a teammate to get along with.  They hooked up and made a good tandem in Hawaii, and look for Angelo to pick from him, O'Donnell, and Eric Ainge.  Brennan gets the nod.  Coming from a very controversial team, Angelo will take him. 

5-Donald Thomas, G(UConn)--The Bears will still be looking to bring in young guns on the OL.  Thomas should be around, and has size and good fit for help on the line.  

6-Marcus Coleman, C(Wisconsin)--Olin Kreutz is getting old.  He will be 33 at the start of next season, so its time to groom a young one.  Hes got one of the best to learn from.

7-Jehuu Caulcrick, FB(Michigan State)--This kid would be an absolute steal.  Hes got power, good hands and explosiveness out of the backfield.  He was one of the dynamic duo at MSU.  His combine stats were unknown, but he would definitely make a tremendous upgrade to Jason McKie.    

All comments welcome.

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