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Posted on: May 4, 2008 11:01 pm

Bold(very) predictions for starters and season...

Its May, the weather is getting much better, people are getting out more, and schools almost out.  But as the title proposes, i think this may be my last post for a bit, mainly because theres nothing to post about for now besides guessing what rookies will do and general news.  The other reason i wont be around too much because finals are here(college kids know)......and/or remember.  So here we go everyone......

Projected Day 1 Starters--Offense
Qb-Rex Grossman
RB-Cedric Benson(pending his allegation of driving a boat drunk) I think Peterson(as much as i dislike him) will start instead of Forte and Wolfe.....
WR-Marty Booker, Earl Bennett,
TE-Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen
T-John Tait, Chris Williams
G-Roberto Garza, Terrence Metcalf(Beekman will see some playing time im sure)
C-Olin Kreutz

DE-Alex Brown, Adawale Oguleye
DT-Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoracek
LB-Brain Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Jamar Williams
CB-Charles Tillman, Nathan Vasher
S-Mike Brown, Adam Archuleta(not who i want but will show promise in camp, if he wants his job, plus is better than McGowan whos a fillin, and Danny Manning cause he wont take the step to be better.  I'd like Steltz, but definitely not right away.)
K-Robbie Gould
PR/KR-Devin Hester


Week 1 @ Colts
Loss.  I honestly think we can hold a candle to this team.  Theres no denying that they are top 3 in the league, but they arent unstoppable.  I dont think it will be as bad as many think.

Week 2 @ Panthers
Win.  This will  be uglier than the fat girl no one wants to talk to at the party.  Two struggling teams trying to get a W.  Carolina is beatable, but not terrible by any means.  They werent supposed to beat us in the 03 playoffs, but we decided to put a DII rookie on Steve Smith that game......i remember.  Both offenses will move the ball, but the Bears D seems more solid now.  Not taking a thing away from Carolina.

Week 3 Vs Buccaneers
Win Very close game.  Cadillac Williams has good games before he gets injured.  He should be a tough one to stop.  They are more overall, but i dont think will show it.  Im calling Mr. Matt Forte to bust out of his shell this game.

Week 4 Vs Eagles
Im going win.  Both were neck and neck this past year.  i love the DeSean Jackson pick, and think he will play well.  Im a fan of Kevin Curtis, but dont think he will break out again.  I like the Bears offense against Philly's D......That DLine is shady, and Takeo Spikes isnt what he once was.

Week 5 @ Lions
Ehhhh....Loss.  This will be a series split i think.  Not every team can be flawless week in and out.  We made tons of mistakes against them last year, and i dont think that happens again, but they'll get the better of us at least once.

Week 6 @ Falcons
Win.  Michael Turner will realize when he plays against 1st team defenses, he wont break 75 yard gains so easily.  He may have a good game, but no more Deangelo Fall, a defense who i cant name a starter on, and Matt Ryan throwing to noone wont get it done.  If Vick was still playing i could see them beating us, but no.

Week 7 Vs Vikings
Win.  I cant stand the Vikings fans.  Im not taking anything away from that team, and they sure pissed away a lot of money this offseason.  Tavaris Jackson wont amount to anything and i think hes a fraud.  You can find a guy who can launch a football 50+ yards on the streets.  Hes inaccurate and may just master the screen pass this year!  Anyways, they arent that much better than us, beating us by one score or less last year in both games.  That wont happen again.  Berrian wont take over, AD wont march around for 200+ yards again, Madieu Williams came from the second worst secondary, and if they continue to kick to  Hester, its icing.  Jared Allen was the best pickup, but GB found a way to contain him last year, and Tait is better than Mark Taucher or whoever their T may be.  Close but bloody.

Week 8-Bye

Week 9 Vs Lions
Win.  We get the better of them this time. 

Week 10 Vs Titans
It shouldnt seem this way, but Loss.  Their O is as abysmal if not worse than ours.....sooo how will they move the ball on us?  Vince Young's legs?  He throws a good 3 ints when hes off.  Contain Young, and find a way to grind nose to nose with their defense, and it just may be a W.

Week 11 @ GB
Win.  Aside from us winning there more often than not with Lovie as coach, we do one thing to them everytime we play them, and it works.  Hitting.  We bruise their players.  They shouldnt have lost the first game last year, but we hit their recievers, causing the drops and crucial fumbles.  They arent a walk in the park, but until they can take the hits and even dish them, the Bears have a better hand.

Week 12 @Rams
Win.  Play pound for pound against Steven Jackson, hit Mark Bulger, and cover Torrie Holt and thats a recipe to beat the Rams.  The Bears are more than capable of doing so.

Week 13 @ Vikings
Im swallowing(choking down more like) my pride and saying Loss.  We wont beat them twice unless something big happens.  Their Defense will beat us, along with Peterson.  Jackson will be ineffective, and if Booty is in by this point, it could be worse.

Week 14 Vs Jaguars
Loss. If one thinks AD is bad to go against, Pocket Hercules and Fred Taylor are worse.  Both come in and provide fresh legs, which is huge for Jacksonville.  The best chance of beating this team is throwing on Reggie Nelson and surprises.  Throw a gadget play in here and there.   Make them guess, and attack where Marcus Stroud was, and WRAP UP Jones-Drew and Taylor and they are not out of reach to beat.

Week 15 Vs Saints
Win.  Vilma was a nice pickup, but what else has this team done in the offseason?  McAllister has shown in previous years that hes not as effective later in the year, and Reggie Bush showed that he cant take the load last year.  That RB core is very good though.  They need an effective TE and #2 WR to be better.  Both is what they dont have, nothing on Eric Johnson and Devery Henderson.  Hit Drew Brees like prior meetings and that passing game is not very good.

Week 16 Vs Packers
Loss.  I'd love to see it, but Im not so sure we will beat them twice.  There is no reason to say we cant beat them 2 times, nor them beat us 2 times.  If we stick to playing them as we have had in prior years, we very well could see a sweep.  But by this point we will know if Ryan Grant is for real, and Greg Jennings can run better routes.(all i see him run are fades)

Week 17 @ Texans
Im going win.  We wont be swept by the AFC south.  Their passing O is stellar, and if healthy and playing, Vasher and Tillman will have a time and a half covering.  Ahman Green isnt effective, and backup ex-Dolphins and Cowboys Safeties wont help that secondary.  They need LB help and secondary help.  Very beatable, but able to beat us too. 

Nice Season, nothing spectacular, but 10 wins is doable, along with a WildCard behind the Packers, who i still think are the best team in this division.
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