Posted on: July 20, 2008 9:54 pm

Michelle Wie and the LPGA

I have followed Michelle Wie for most of her career.  She is an exceptionally fine talent, spoiled, but at the same time innocent.  Perhaps the word is naive.  She has not managed her career well (not her fault because she was hood winked by her father).  As a result she has not learned the first thing about how to keep those around her from destroying the very God given talent she is blessed with.  Her ability as made her the target of those that have worked so hard to obtain talent she has only to hone in order to be successful.  The problem she faces as she tries to work towards being competitive on the LPGA tour is that silver spoon is not welcome.   The LPGA is all about the LPGA and Michelle's unwillingness until now to play by their rules.  I am not talking about the rules of golf but the rules of bowing to the LPGA and giving up her own personal goals.  She will now more than likely have to earn her card in order to play on the tour; and rely on sponsor exemptions to play other tournaments.  What should she do?  If I were her I would go play in Asia and set up the Michelle Wie charity tournament in Hawaii.  The sponsors that want to see her play and win can make a tournament attractive to invite the most competitive because it is not a LPGA event.  As  a result she won't have to look over her should to see if she is going to get disqualified because she left the tent before signing her card.  The tournament could be more entertainment in the vein of a skins game.   The LPGA is using Michelle Wie for their own gain.  This week was a classic example.  I can not believe that for some reason they wanted to hear her side of the story before they gave her the old DQ.  That my friends is bogus.  The LPGA should be ashamed of what happened this weekend. That's all I have to say, it's my observation and I'm sticking to it.
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