Posted on: March 14, 2008 5:54 pm

Would you rather...?

Aah yes... The age old question " would you rather"

Here are some questions to ponder...

Would you rather....
                                1. Be a fan of the Houston Astros or the Florida Marlins? -The Marlins have won two World Series Championships since 1993(Via wildcard). However, they have also become notoriously famous for fire-sales and not being very competitive yearly. The Astros on the other hand, yearly compete amongst the top teams , but have not won any World Series Championships.

                                 2. Be a well-liked player on a cellar dweller or a hated player on a playoff team? Think Kevin Durant of the Seattle Supersonics and Kwame Brown, formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers.

                                 3. See the XFL come back to life or see Michael Jordan's ego take over and have him attempt another comeback? Free-for-all football or see a living legend come back again

                                  4. Get stick-checked hard(NHL) or get clothesline tackled (NFL)? Ouch... they both sound painful
                                  5.  Get front row season tickets to WNBA games or get upper deck tickets to New Orleans Hornets games? Who would want to go watch the WNBA(ooh, aah)? Then again they are court-side, you can at least see who's who.

                                  6.  Become a sportswriter or a sports talk show co-host? It's awfully easy to mess up on air...

Answer and come up with some of your own as these are just a few of the endless ones that can be thought of!!

Coming soon... "what if...."
- Miamigregory
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