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PBWWL Ratings 1-30

Hello All! I have been experimenting with some things today and I thought I would show it. I've been trying to create a sort of rating system for my Top 30 teams in the nation! I am still trying to get down the best way to calculate all of this, so comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome. And because I can't copy and paste excel, I will have to bore you some more!

Until I come up with an actual name for this it will be the PBWWL Ratings System. Pomeroy Best Win Worst Loss Ratings System.

1. Calculate the number of T50 RPI Wins each team in my Top 30 has.
2. T50 Wins - # of Losses
3. Then Divide that number by their KenPom Ranking
4. Add 100 for Numbers sake.
5. Then subtract the teams Best Win and Worst Loss from that number. (I used Sagarin Rankings)

Here's what I ended up with (I promise I had no idea this would turn out this way)

1. Indiana - 97857
2. Kentucky - 92
3. Louisville - 89.75
4. Duke - 80.8
5. Syracuse - 80.75
6. Wisconsin - 80
7. Murray State - 77.149
8. North Carolina - 76.2
9. Ohio State - 76
10. Missouri - 75.833
11. Baylor - 66.429
12. Michigan State - 63.625
13. UNLV - 56.208
14. Harvard - 56.139
15. San Diego State - 56.089
16. Georgetown - 50.294
17. Marquette - 33.615
18. Kansas - 33.364
19. Kansas State - 31.162
20. Michigan - 31.07
21. Florida - 30.444
22. Stanford - 27.182
23. Creighton - 9.105
24. Alabama - 5.111
25. Connecticut - -3.625
26. Virginia - -9.737
27. Xavier - -20.857
28. Pittsburgh - -28.875
29. Mississippi State - -44.882
30. Saint Louis - -113.722

Definately still needs some work.

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The People's Poll

Crazy week with all kinds of crazy rankings. Not too sure about some of these teams being ranked in the Top 25 yet, but we'll see. I'm sure the rankings will be crazy different next week also, some great games this week, we will really see who is real or not by next Monday.


 1. (19) Kentucky  6-0  (+1) (HR 1 LR 3)
Votes: 712

 2. (10) Ohio State  6-0 (+1) (HR 1 LR 3)
Votes: 700

 3. Syracuse 6-0 (+2) (HR 2 LR 6)
Votes: 652

 4. (1) Duke 4-0 (+2) (HR 1 LR 6)
Votes: 649

 5. North Carolina  5-1  (-4) (HR 2 LR 8)
Votes: 587

 6. Louisville 5-0 (+1) (HR 4 LR 12)
Votes: 555

 7. Baylor 5-0 (+2) (HR 6 LR 16)
Votes: 503

 8. Florida 4-1 (+2) (HR 6 LR 13)
Votes: 489

 9. Wisconsin 6-0 (+2) (HR 3 LR 20)
Votes: 460

 10. Xavier 4-0 (+2) (HR 5 LR 21)
Votes: 422

 11. Alabama 7-0 (+2) (HR 5 LR 21)
Votes: 408

 12. Missouri 6-0 (+10) (HR 5 LR NR)
Votes: 405

 13. Connecticut 6-1 (-9) (HR 7 LR 24)
Votes: 393

 14. Marquette 5-0 (+1) (HR 8 LR 24)
Votes: 328

 15, Nevada-Las Vegas 7-0 (NR) (HR 7 LR 25)
Votes: 279

 16. Kansas 3-2 (-2) (HR 7 LR NR)
Votes: 269

 17. Michigan 5-1 (-1) (HR 9 LR NR)
Votes: 241

 18. Gonzaga 4-0 (-1) (HR 9 LR NR)
Votes: 237 

 19. Vanderbilt 5-1 (-) (HR 12 LR NR)
Votes: 219

 20. Pittsburgh 5-1 (+1) (HR 13 LR NR)
Votes: 184

 21. Saint Louis 6-0 (NR) (HR 14 LR NR)
Votes: 159

 22. Mississippi State 7-1 (+2) (HR 14 LR NR)
Votes: 106

 23. Creighton 5-0 (NR) (HR 12 LR NR)
Votes: 88

 24. Harvard 6-0 (NR) (HR 19 LR NR)
Votes: 84

 25. Purdue 6-1 (NR) (HR 14 LR NR)
Votes: 51

New this Week: Nevada-Las Vegas, Saint Louis, Creighton, Harvard, Purdue
Dropped Out: Memphis, California, Florida State, Cleveland State, Arizona

Others receiving votes:

Memphis 42, California 31, Texas A&M 29, Indiana 23, Georgetown 18, Florida State 17, Stanford 17, Cleveland State 15, San Diego State 13, Michigan State 9, Northwestern 8, Villanova 6, Minnesota 4, Illinois 4, Arizona 2, Central Florida 2, Oregon State 1, Missouri State 1, UC-Santa Barbara 1.

Biggest Mover(s):
Missouri (+10)
Biggest Loser(s): Connecticut (-9)

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KenPom now requiring you to subscribe:

WOW! THanks so much. I have to pay 19.95 just to see our stats and Predicted Results? Uh no. I don't think so. CRAP! I guess I'll have to find my Bball Stats somewhere else. THANKS KENPOM!
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Weekend Games to Watch!

Hello everyone! In case you haven't noticed, basketball is already in full force, and I have some games this week, that are definately worth tuning in to:


Well, if you like watching online this will be a great game to see. I honestly don't see why this game isn't on television. It will be interesting to see how Louisville plays without Peyton Siva, he is listed as doubtful after spraining an ankle. Let's see if Butler can come back after a loss at a good Evansville team. Siva isn't the first player to miss a game because of an injury this year. Junior Guard Mike Marra went down Sunday Night against Lamar, giving him a season ending injury.

Predicted Result: UofL:
67 Butler: 61


Vanderbilt dropped a game to Cleveland State last week, how will they respond to an ACC opponent on the road. Now don't get me wrong, North Carolina State certainly doesn't have the talent Duke, North Carolina, and Florida State do, but they will still have a hostile environment that Vandy will have to deal with.

Predicted Result: Vanderbilt:
78 NC ST: 69


Don't get be wrong, Iowa is NOT a tournament team yet. But NOBODY in the big team should sleep on this team in a game. They are tough, and they will be a team to watch out for to make a run to the NIT. They return most of their players and gain a couple too. I believe the Big 10 is the DEEPEST Conference in the Nation, not saying their the best, but their teams are better top to bottom than the other conferences in my opinion. Now to Creighton. Creighton is a tournament team for sure, and this is one of the many games they have coming up that they can prove themselves. They have the POTENTIAL to be a Top 25 team, but they have to get past a worthy Major Conference team first.

Predicted Result: Creighton: 61 Iowa: 54
Posted on: March 22, 2011 1:19 pm

Ranking the Final 16

Lets jump right into it:

1.Ohio State - The have been the best team all year, and they proved they are that good when they demolished George Mason.

2.Duke - This team has been a 1 seed the past 2 years and won last year, when are people going to stop underestimating them as a National Champion.

3.Kansas - Really well-rounded team with a great young coach.

4.San Diego State - Another team blindly not talked about for a championship. I have seen this team and they are for real. They are a big team too.

5.North Carolina - The benefit of having freshman at the end of the year, is if your lucky, they will come around and start making better decisions.

6.Connecticut - I don't care if Kemba Walker does most of the work for this team. IT WORKS!

7.Brigham Young - When you have a playmaker like Jimmer, anything is possible.

8.Florida - Billy Donavon is a good coach. This is a pretty good team that has been flying under my radar all year. I didn't think they could make it past UCLA or MSU, but here they are.

9.Wisconsin - They have unbelievable ability to control the tempo. They have a play-maker, good shooters. Watch out, they could suprise us all.

10.Arizona - They didn't play in the best conference or the best schedule, but they have a good team. They have a great player in Derrick Williams as well.

11.Kentucky - You didn't forget the bad road losses did you? This is still a really young team, and I am not a believer in teams that change almost COMPLETELY every year. They don't get time to gel with each other and in the end it will hurt them, you have to be very lucky to get freshman together that can work out immediately (see UNC).

12.Marquette - They had a lot of losses in the regular season, but don't forget about the good wins.

13.Butler - Last years cinderella. Can they do it again? They have a couple of players that could get it done for them.

14.Virginia Commonwealth - I'm a believer. This team is good. I think they will get to the Elite Eight and compete with Kansas.

15.Florida State - This team had a couple good wins in the regular season. But I don't think they have as much as the others in front of them.

16.Richmond - What did they prove in the regular season?? NOTHING! Why should I give them the benefit of the doubt if they have proved nothing. Okay yes they beat Purdue, that was in November, and look where Purdue is now, back in West Lafayette.
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FINAL Final Four Rankings

Sweet Sixteen:

Well it's been a long ride. Ups and downs, ins and outs, and here we are. The Final Sixteen Teams have been decided. 
By Region here they are:

Ohio State
North Carolina

San Diego State

Florida State


Brigham Young

Teams in BOLD made the Sweet Sixteen last year. 

2 of those teams made the Final Four last year. 

1.Kansas Jayhawks - Once a difficult region to get out of, now the easiest one to get through. They play a 12 Seed in the sweet sixteen, and will play an 11 or 10 seed in the Elite Eight.

2.Duke Blue Devils - Last years champions. They have to be a favorite at this point. They still have some really good teams to get through, but they have the best Coach in the Land.

3.Ohio State Buckeyes - They destroyed George Mason. If they get past Kentucky, they will play UNC or Marquette. If they play like they did in the 2nd Round, nobody will beat them.

4.Brigham Young Cougars - We were all counting them out after they lost Davies, and now here they are, the highest seed left in their Region. They also destroyed Gonzaga who many people thought would beat them.

5.Connecticut Huskies - We saw how they finished the season in the Big East, can they ride that momentum?

6.North Carolina Tar Heels - Another team playing very well. Not giving them the Marquette game, but they have a better chance against them than Syracuse.

7.Wisconsin Badgers - They played great against Kansas State. I don't see why we should doubt them at this point.

8.San Diego State Aztecs - Their in the west, but I don't think their as good as the other top teams left in their region.

9.Butler Bulldogs - Here we are again, out of the blue, Butler beating one seeds, and back in the Sweet Sixteen, with a good chance to get to the Final Four.

10.Florida Gators - Another good team in the SouthEast. Four of the Ten teams are in the Southeast. You know what that means? Close games, upsets, nobody knows for sure who will come out of it.

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Upset Meter Round 2

Upset Meter Round 2:

As you saw in Round 1, there weren't quite as many upsets as usual. So how did Round 2 go?

The upsets go as follows:

#11 Marquette over #3 Syracuse
#5 Arizona over #4 Texas
#11 VCU over #3 Purdue
#10 Florida State over #2 Notre Dame
#8 Butler over #1 Pittsburgh

That is 5 2nd Round Upsets. Almost as many as the first round.

You can view past 2nd Round Upsets HERE!

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Upset Meter Round 1

I did this the last couple years so here we go.

Let's go through some suprise upsets the first round this year.

Obviously we're going to have to start with #4 Louisville and #13 Morehead State. Who would've guessed? A 3 with the clock winding down, ended Louisville's suprise season. Right after that, #5 Vanderbilt fell to #12 Richmond. But where were the day two upsets everyone was predicting well they didn't come. Wisconsin avoided another upset. Oakland couldn't put down another game against a top team. What about Indiana State and Syracuse, or Utah State and Kansas State? They just didn't pull through this year.

So with out further delay I present to you the Upset Meter Round 1 2011:

#11 Marquette over #6 Xavier
#9 Illinois over #8 UNLV
#12 Richmond over #5 Vanderbilt
#13 Morehead State over #4 Louisville
#11 VCU over #6 Georgetown
#10 Florida State over #7 Texas A&M
#11 Gonzaga over #6 St. John's

That is 7 first round upsets.

Click HERE, to see a graph of past First Round Upsets.

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