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If today were Selection Sunday

My seeds 1 - 4 would look like this:

1 Seeds

2 Seeds

3 Seeds

4 Seeds

Some Thoughts:

I think that San Diego State needs a quality win over BYU to have a better resume than the Top 4.

The last 4 seeds were nearly impossible to predict. Purdue is a slim way away from a 4 seed. They don't have as many quality wins as Illinois, but Illinois has that one really bad loss. Illinois got the edge for the wins.

Kentucky beat Washington head to head so that gives them the edge + the quality wins. Kentucky's loss to Alabama will hurt them come tournament time if they are relatively close matched with other teams (same with Illinois).

Pittsburgh resume is really good right now.

Duke is a really good team, that loss to FSU hurts, it isn't bad, but it isn't good either. They lack the quality wins that Cuse and Pitt have, and they are not undefeated like OSU and Kansas.

I did this fairly quickly so I may re-evaluate later.
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10 Teams most likely to make it to the Final Four

Week 10
I will post my rankings here every week or so. I will submit my poll to the UTEA and OSUBuckeyeFan is going to put together an accumulative ranking of teams based on everyone's rankings. Just go here and you can learn about the rankings and start doing your own! Thanks!

1. Kansas - I think Mr. Self has another championship team here. But as I say this, their losing to Nebraska, but if they can pull out that game, it only boosts their confidence and mine. Teams that can close out tough games, no matter the level of competition, are the teams to watch.

2. Ohio State - This team will be number one in the rankings this week, and deservingly so.

3. Duke - Nobody's perfect right (expect IU in 1976)? They should bounce back and I still expect them to win the ACC and go to the Final Four. But I think the two teams in front, are just a notch ahead.

4. Syracuse - After Syracuse is where the line is drawn. The top 4 teams, are in a whole different world. I would not be suprised to see these 4 teams, be number one seeds and make it to the Final Four. And isn't that fitting. A Big 12 team, a Big 10 one, an ACC one, and a Big East one. That's how it's supposed to be.

5. Pittsburgh - They could be the spoiler for those top 4. Don't get me wrong, I still think those top 4 are above the rest, but Pittsburgh is close enough to be noticed.

6. San Diego State - They just beat one of their biggest competitors in the MWC. And I think a lot of people were expecting them to lose. They proved to me that they deserve this spot.

7. Kentucky - Look, I don't like young teams come tournament time. That is why I have much doubt in them. But this team MIGHT be better than last years. WAIT! Before you say anything else, they aren't more talented. But they have a better combination of talent and maturity. Now post this before I change my mind about what I said.Tongue out

8. Connecticut - This team is centered on Kemba Walker. And sometimes those teams do great come tournament time (like Marquette with D-Wayde), but sometimes they do not do so well. So while this team has done well so far, before fans get excited they need to worry about getting through the Big East.

9. Brigham Young - I will admit I do not know a whole lot about this team. But I do know that they clobbered Utah, and they have beaten a good Arizona team and a good UNLV team. I still think they are the Butler of this year. And you ask why isn't San Diego State? Because San Diego State has been in the semi-spotlight already. Butler really floated under the radar until the tournament last year.

10. Villanova - They are not a bad team. They really aren't. They've beaten UofL, Temple, and Cincinatti. Those seem like pretty good wins to me? Their only loss was to Tennesse when they were at their Apex.

Teams to Watch:
North Carolina
Notre Dame
Texas A&M

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10 Teams most likely to make it to the Final Four

Week 9
I will post my ranknings here every week or so. I will submit my poll to the UTEA and OSUBuckeyeFan is going to put together an accumulative rankning of teams based on everyone's rankings. Just go here and you can learn about the rankings and start doing your own! Thanks!

  1. Kansas - This team has everything right now, they just need to avoid those games and it could be smooth sailing.
  2. Duke - Last years Champions, they need Kyrie, but they have the best Coach in the game and it could be consecutive championships for them for the first time since Florida did a couple of years back.
  3. Ohio State - It is going to be difficult for any team to beat them this year, they have weapons all over, if you Double up Sullinger, Diebler hits a three and if it's not him it Buford.
  4. Notre Dame - Time for them to give themselves a name in College Basketball, we've seen what they can do. They lost to Kentucky and Syracuse, who ironically I'm ranking below them. Why? Now they have a better idea what to look for in close games, and on the road. They haven't lost to a bad team yet, and if you think about it, they may have the most experience of any team from this year alone.
  5. Syracuse - Well another team with a great coach and great Defense, they are well balanced, but I would like to see them take on some of those important road games in the Big East before we really start talking about them.
  6. Pittsburgh - This is a really good team, but it lacks something that i can't seem to pick out that the real big Powerhouses have. I don't know what, but I think they will get it figured out, and will move up as conference play continues.
  7. San Diego State - I almost out Kansas State here... but i don't think their there YET. I can't find anyone deserving of this last spot. I think San Diego State has the talent to get here, I think their biggest problem is the pressure. But right now they look good.
  8. Kentucky - Ugh. I hate them. But it's unbiased, and i have to admit, they are getting better, it always helps to have an Enes Kanter to practice against. Their Big Guy game is getting better and better. And young and unexperienced players get better every game. They did lose to Georgia, but the dawgs are good and will likely make the tournament this year.
  9. Connecticut - Their a good team, they may have already lost twice in the Big 12, but they got a huge road win against Texas. Connecticut is back to it's old self.
  10. Brigham Young - I have only seen a little of this team, but they have just beaten a really good UNLV team, and I think they will be overlooked come the Big Dance. I think their this year's Butler.

On the Waiting List:

North Carolina

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Testing 2

Thank you for voting! What an interesting week this became after a Tennessee loss to Oakland and and a Louisville loss to Drexel. It was supposed to be a down week in the excitement, and boy was that wrong. Stunning upsets every day, exciting games, and probably our most divided poll to date. This is what happens when kids have more then one thing on their mind on a hetic finals week. Merry Christmas to everyone and we'll see what this coming week has to offer. In case you missed this week or would like to take a look at the ballots, you can check them here.

 1. (34) Duke (-)(10-0)      

Votes -969, HR -1, LR -3, StDev -0.43, AP -1, Coaches -1,  POM -1

Did not play. Smart kids, taking finals more important than game. – AlecRaenos

 2. (4) Ohio St. (-)(10-0)      

-930, HR -1, LR -5, StDev -0.74, AP -2, Coaches -2,  POM -3

Games Played this week:

   Wed, Dec-15   Win    Florida Gulf Coast (2-7)   (83-55) Home
   Sat, Dec-18   Win    South Carolina (7-2)   (79-57) Home

Draw a line below Ohio State; along with Duke they are in a whole 'nother class than the rest of College Basketball. Sullinger is a beast. – Lobofan2003

 3. (1) Kansas (-)(10-0)      

-893, HR -1, LR -5, StDev -0.82, AP -3, Coaches -3,  POM -2

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Southern California (6-5)   (70-68) Home

Games Played next week:
   Wed, Dec-22, @ California

Squeeked by a USC team that lost at home to Rider by 20; everyone has bad games and they won theirs – OSUbeatMICHIGAN

 4.  Syracuse (+1)(11-0)      

-840, HR -2, LR -6, StDev -0.76, AP -5, Coaches -5,  POM -14

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Iona (7-4)   (83-77) Home

As good as the Orange seem to be, they couldn't break loose from Iona this week. – wachoosay

 5.  Connecticut (+1)(8-0)      

-831, HR -3, LR -14, StDev -1.91, AP -4, Coaches -4,  POM -27

As good as they are, do you think they could beat the women's team? – Marinoisgod

 6.  Pittsburgh (+2)(11-1)      

-732, HR -5, LR -15, StDev -2.22, AP -6, Coaches -6,  POM -4

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Maryland Eastern Shore (2-8)   (97-64) Home

Rebounded after the loss to Tennessee and plastered Maryland-Eastern Shore. – AlecRaenos

 7.  San Diego St. (+2)(12-0)      

-723, HR -3, LR -13, StDev -1.83, AP -7, Coaches -7,  POM -13

Games Played this week:

   Mon, Dec-13   Win    Cal Poly (3-7)   (51-45) Home
   Sat, Dec-18   Win    UC Santa Barbara (5-4)   (90-64) Home

Not sure they're this good, but I'll reward them for being undefeated – Paul4Cats

 8.  Georgetown (+5)(10-1)      

-659, HR -6, LR -21, StDev -2.77, AP -10, Coaches -9,  POM -8

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Loyola MD (4-6)   (99-75) Home

I don't honestly believe that 5 of the nation's top ten teams have a home in the Big East...but right now it's hard to argue with the Hoyas resume, or any of the others up here.  What a "down year" this conference is having! – pittbaster 

 9.  Villanova (+3)(9-1)      

-647, HR -5, LR -NR, StDev -2.91, AP -8, Coaches -8,  POM -21

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Delaware (5-3)   (78-59) Home

If there's such a thing as a "quiet" top ten team from a major league, Villanova is it this year.  Folks seem to have forgotten about them since they lost that NIT championship game.  They have scary-good guard play, as always, and that will keep them in most games. – pittbaster

 10.  Missouri (+5)(10-1)      

-541, HR -6, LR -NR, StDev -2.44, AP -9, Coaches -10,  POM -31

Games Played this week:

   Thu, Dec-16   Win    Oral Roberts (4-6)   (81-62) Home
   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Central Arkansas (3-8)   (116-63) Home

Had seven players in double figures in their last game... good depth ... young team that is still learning how to play together for a full game
– dmmizzou123

 11.  Kentucky (+5)(8-2)      

-497, HR -6, LR -NR, StDev -3.66, AP -13, Coaches -14,  POM -6

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Mississippi Valley St. (1-9)   (85-60) Home

I’m calling this team Schrödinger's Cat(s). They seemingly exist in two states and you never know when you open the box whether you’ll get a dead cats or the much more lively Cats – Logan Big Ears

 12.  Kansas St. (-5)(9-2)      

-459, HR -7, LR -NR, StDev -3.34, AP -11, Coaches -11,  POM -28

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Loss    (18)Florida (8-3)   (44-57) Semi-Away

One really bad half against Florida.  One loss to Duke.  Still a tough out for any team. - patriots9911

 13.  Purdue (+5)(10-1)      

-441, HR -8, LR -NR, StDev -3.52, AP -14, Coaches -13,  POM -11

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Indiana St. (5-6)   (65-52) Neutral

Is this too high for them, maybe, but also a byproduct of teams above losing and wins are wins. – jhzak

 14.  Minnesota (+7)(10-1)      

-359, HR -8, LR -NR, StDev -3.87, AP -17, Coaches -16,  POM -51

Games Played this week:

   Wed, Dec-15   Win    Akron (5-4)   (66-58) Home

No real quality wins, so I hesitate to rank them too high. However, we'll know real soon whether they're for real. – OSUBuckeyeFan

 15.  Michigan St. (+5)(8-3)      

-355, HR -6, LR -NR, StDev -4.62, AP -12, Coaches -12,  POM -15

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Prairie View A&M (1-10)   (90-51) Home

Gained a beat without Izzo on the bench as Summers found his shot and Lucas didn't turn the ball over. – SporTEmINd

 16.  Baylor (-6)(7-1)      

-341, HR -9, LR -NR, StDev -3.83, AP -15, Coaches -15,  POM -7

Games Played this week:

   Wed, Dec-15   Win    Bethune Cookman (5-7)   (83-39) Home
   Sat, Dec-18   Loss    Gonzaga (6-5)   (64-68) Semi-Home

First game against good team was a lost. Had to drop them a long way. – concrete man

 17.  Memphis (+2)(8-1)      

-281, HR -10, LR -NR, StDev -4.58, AP -16, Coaches -17,  POM -36

Games Played this week:

   Thu, Dec-16   Win    Austin Peay (7-6)   (70-68) Home

What have you done for me lately? – gezemice

 18.  Florida (+11)(8-2)      

-267, HR -9, LR -NR, StDev -3.99, AP -20, Coaches -19,  POM -16

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    (12)Kansas St. (9-2)   (57-44) Semi-Home

Shellacked Kansas State - proving the pre-season hype was warranted. With Central Florida moving into most polls, their losses are downright respectable – gezemice

 19.  Notre Dame (+4)(10-1)      

-262, HR -12, LR -NR, StDev -3.66, AP -22, Coaches -20,  POM -39

Games Played this week:

   Sun, Dec-19   Win    Stony Brook (4-6)   (88-62) Home

Still tough at home.  We'll see how they do away from home once conference play starts. – patriots9911

 20.  Brigham Young (-6)(10-1)      

-249, HR -7, LR -NR, StDev -4.46, AP -23, Coaches -23,  POM -10

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Loss    UCLA (6-4)   (79-86) Semi-Away

Loss to UCLA may sting a little. – jasonwells1982

 21.  Texas (+3)(9-2)      

-233, HR -13, LR -NR, StDev -2.88, AP -18, Coaches -22,  POM -22

Games Played this week:

   Tue, Dec-14   Win    North Florida (4-7)   (70-48) Home
   Sat, Dec-18   Win    North Carolina (7-4)   (78-76) Semi-Away

Good team - not great - but a character building win over the Tar Heels this week! – Pels

 22.  Central Florida (+5)(10-0)      

-208, HR -11, LR -NR, StDev -4.38, AP -24, Coaches -,  POM -35

Games Played this week:

   Wed, Dec-15   Win    Louisiana Lafayette (2-8)   (79-58) Home
   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Miami FL (7-3)   (84-78) Away

9-0 with a win over Florida deserves some respect. – nekco

 23.  Texas A&M (+2)(10-1)      

-187, HR -11, LR -NR, StDev -2.87, AP -25, Coaches -24,  POM -29

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Win    Arkansas (7-2)   (71-62) Neutral

There D keeps them in every game and they've made good decisions at the ends of games. – Marionisgod

 24.  Illinois (-13)(10-2)      

-166, HR -13, LR -NR, StDev -3.52, AP -21, Coaches -21,  POM -20

Games Played this week:

   Sat, Dec-18   Loss    Illinois Chicago (5-7)   (54-57) Neutral

Hands up if you had heard of anyone on Illinois-Chicago's roster? Hell, hands up if you had heard of Illinois-Chicago... anyone?
– canuck23

 25.  Tennessee (-21)(7-2)      

-146, HR -11, LR -NR, StDev -3.97, AP -19, Coaches -18,  POM -26

Games Played this week:

   Tue, Dec-14   Loss    Oakland (6-6)   (82-89) Home
   Fri, Dec-17   Loss    Charlotte (5-6)   (48-49) Away

Oakland? Okay. Charlotte? Really
? – cuse1788

Others Receiving Votes: Temple(84), Louisville(64), Wisconsin(55), West Virginia(40), Vanderbilt(40), Boston College(32), Cincinnati(31), Washington St.(23), Oklahoma St.(13), Xavier(12), Old Dominion(12), Washington(11), Nevada Las Vegas(9), Arizona(7), Drexel(7), Florida St.(6), Utah St.(4), Wichita St.(3), Northwestern(2), Cleveland St.(2), St. Mary's(2)

Dropped From Rankings:  Louisville(17), Nevada Las Vegas(22)

New this week:  Florida(18), Central Florida(22)

Biggest jumps:  Florida(+11), Minnesota(+7), Georgetown(+5), Missouri(+5), Purdue(+5), Kentucky(+5), Michigan St.(+5), Central Florida(+5), Notre Dame(+4)

Biggest drops:  Tennessee(-21), Nevada Las Vegas(-16), Illinois(-13), Louisville(-10), Brigham Young(-6), Baylor(-6), Kansas St.(-5)

What it all means: Rank. (First Place Votes) Team (Change since last week) (Wins-Losses), Votes , HR -Highest Rank,  LR -Lowest Rank,  STDev -Standard Deviation, AP -AP rank, Coaches -Coaches poll rank, Pom -Pomeroy rank. Games played this week.
Standard Deviation measures how varied the votes are for that team.  The higher it is, the more disagreement is between voters on the placement.

What!?! How can ____ not be ranked! Or how did ____ get a first place vote? Click here to check out TPP Poll Attacks!

Click here to check out this weeks People's Pollspeak.

We had 39 voters this week.  Thank you for all who voted!

*** Gezemice, will you take a look at this and tell me if we should keep it the same as it was done the past weeks, or to add more spacing like it is here. Thanks.

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Saturday Round 2 Predictions

There are some interesting matchups today but i don't see there being many upsets. There were so many upsets in the first round they're are plenty of uneven matchups.

Here are my predictions for today:

#2 Villanova 82 over #10 St. Mary's 78
#5 Butler 65 over #13 Murray State 57
#6 Tennessee 76 over #14 Ohio 73
#1 Kansas 84 over #9 Northern Iowa 72
#3 Baylor 56 over #11 Old Dominion 43
#3 New Mexico 79 over #11 Washington 77
#2 Kansas State 68 over #7 Brigham Young 61
#1 Kentucky 74 over #9 Wake Forest 70
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Upset Meter Round One

This year we had plenty of Thursday upsets. We had 7 Thursday upsets and 3 Friday upsets.

Round 1 Upsets:
Old Dominion (11) over Notre Dame (6)
Murray State (13) over Vanderbilt (4)
St. Mary's (10) over Richmond (7)
Northern Iowa (9) over UNLV (8)
Washington (11) over Marquette (6)
Ohio (14) over Georgetown (3)
Wake Forest (9) over Texas (8)
Cornell (12) over Temple (5)
Missouri (10) over Clemson (7)
Georgia Tech (10) over Oklahoma State (7)

Last year we also had 10 upsets in the first round. The year before that we had 8.
There were only 1 round 2 upsets last year.

With teams on the rise we could easily see plenty of upsets today and tomorrow.

Will the Upset Meter continue to rise the next two days? We'll see.
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Selection Sunday Bracketology (1 Game Remaining)

1) Kansas vs. 16) Lehigh/Arkansas-Pine Bluff

8) Marquette vs. 9) California

5) Vanderbilt vs. 12) Virginia Tech

4) Purdue vs. 13) Houston

6) Richmond vs. 11) Utah State

3) New Mexico vs. 14) Ohio

7) Oklahoma State vs. 10) Saint Mary’s

2) West Virginia vs. 15) UC Santa Barbara

1) Duke vs. 16) East Tennessee State

8) Missouri vs. 9) Louisville

5) Michigan State vs. 12) Wake Forest

4) Temple vs. 13) Oakland

6) Butler vs. 11) Georgia Tech

3) Baylor vs. 14) Wofford

7) Xavier vs. 10) Cornell

2) Georgetown vs. 15) Vermont

1) Kentucky vs. 16) Winthrop

8) Northern Iowa vs. 9) UTEP

5) Maryland vs. 12) Siena

4) Villanova vs. 13) Murray State

6) Brigham Young vs. 11) Washington

3) Pittsburgh vs. 14) North Texas 

7) Texas vs. 10) Clemson

2) Ohio State vs. 15) Montana

1) Syracuse vs. 16) Robert Morris

8) UNLV vs. Florida State

5) Texas A&M vs. 12) Mississippi State

4) Tennessee vs. 13) New Mexico State

6) Gonzaga vs. 11) San Diego State

3) Wisconsin vs. 14) Sam Houston State

7) Notre Dame vs. 10) Old Dominion

2) Kansas State vs. 15) Morgan State

Last 4 IN: Utah State, Wake Forest, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech

First 4 OUT: Florida, Minnesota, Illinois, Rhode Island
Posted on: March 13, 2010 10:30 pm
Edited on: March 13, 2010 10:30 pm

3/13/10 PM Bracketology

I don't have time to have all of the locations, so I'm going to settle with just putting East, Midwest, South, and West! Please comment and have suggestions to fix things or if i missed a game or something along those lines. Remember im new to this! :)

1: (Midwest) Kansas, (East) Kentucky, (West) Duke, (South) Syracuse
2: New Mexico, Ohio State, West Virginia, Kansas State
3: Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Baylor, Wisconsin
4: Purdue, Michigan State, Villanova, Tennessee
5: Vanderbilt, Maryland, Temple, Texas A&M
6: Richmond, Brigham Young, Butler, Gonzaga
7: Oklahoma State, Texas, Xavier, Notre Dame
8: Marquette, UNLV, Missouri, Northern Iowa
9: California, Louisvile, UTEP, Florida State
10: St. Mary's, Clemson, Cornell, Old Dominion
11: Wake Forest, Utah State, Georgia Tech, Washington
12: Virginia Tech, Siena, Florida, San Diego State
13: Houston, Murray State, Minnesota, Oakland
14: Ohio, North Texas, Wofford, Sam Houston State
15: UC Santa Barbara, Montana, Vermont, Morgan State
16: Opening Round Winner, Winthrop, East Tennessee State, Robert Morris

Opening Round Game:
Lehigh vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Last 3 In: Minnesota, Florida, Virginia Tech,

First Four Out: Illinois, Mississippi State, Mississippi, Rhode Island

Next Team Out: Seton Hall

Comments are well appreciated!

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or