Posted on: March 17, 2008 6:50 pm

The European Player Lacks 1 Quality

I received a text message from my cousin the other day and it read "The European player lacks 1 quality. Thats the difference between T.J (Ford) and Jose (Calderon). Its swagger!" obviously he is talking about the Toronto Raptors point guard situation, and while that is a whole discussion on itself, the comment about swagger got me thinking. Magic Johnson had it, Larry Bird had it, Micheal Jordan had it, Kobe Bryant has it. But are the Euro players missing something? does Dirk have it? does Kirilenko have it? does Pau Gasol have it? And how important is it? Well I don't know exactly how important it is, but I do know those players I named who do have it, have done something no European player has done yet, lift their game, and lead their team to an NBA Championship.

So the question remains do they have it?
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