Posted on: March 13, 2010 8:37 pm

Why The Hoyas Will Win

The Hoyas have suprised evryone by making todays Big East tournamnet championship. But today they will have to beat the Mountaniers of West Virginia to win the Big East tournament champioship. Both are easy locks for the tournamnet. But who gets to hang that banner in the stadium, it will be decided today. The Hoyas have shown that they can beat anyone after a good start, but can lose to anyone with a bad one. The first half will decide this game. Expect  really close one.

Posted on: March 13, 2010 8:13 pm

Akron Ties it up

With the score at 68-65, Akron thought they had lost the MAC championship. They hit a three.  Toie game 6 secs lefy
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Posted on: March 13, 2010 8:09 pm

Akron Screws Up

With 19 secnds left the Akron Zips stole the ball from Ohio down 66-65. The were blocked on the shot. But they recived the ball.  With 15.7 seconds left. They lost the ball. Now Ohio has it, with 15 tics left. Akron might have lost it
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Posted on: April 5, 2009 9:03 am

North Carolina and Michigan State move on

Ford field was rocking during yesterdays first game between UCONN and Michigan St.. But it was one of those games where one team was so close but the losing team could not have a successfull possesion. That was the story of this one. Michigan St. kept on pulling away, but the Huskies wouldnt go away. But, they wore out at the end and fell. Giving coach Calhoun his first ever final four loss.

After that one the crowd was exited for a second game. North Carolina against Villanova. The game started close but as we neared the end of the first the Heels pulled away. Mid-way through the second they were getting leads like, 17 or 13. At one point the Cats only had 6 points in 8 minutes. Scottie Reynolds than ended that by trying to get his team back. But it just wasnt enough to send the Heels home.

In the end Connecticut and Villanova packed there bags back home. But North Carolina and Michigan St. will play one more game until they go home. The seniors of these two teams are either the lukist, or the least luky. How would it feel winning the national championship in your last game in the NCAA? But how would it feel to lose the champioship in your last NCAA game?


Posted on: April 4, 2009 9:31 am

AP Player of the year voting

Blake Griffin............................

DeJuan Blair..............................

Tyler Hansbrough.........................

Ty Lawson.............................

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Connecticut-Michigan State

                                                                 When Connecticut has the Ball

With Hasheem Thabeet in the lane, the Huskies wont be scared to take it in. But Michigan St. can't just focus on Thabeet and inside play when the Huskies have AJ Price and Jeff Adrien playing the outside. But luckilly for Michigan St. they have great defenders in Gary Suton and Kalin Lucas.

                                                                When Michigan St. has the Ball

The Spartans inside plans will get kiled by Thabeet on the inside with his beastlly size. But they still have Kalin Lucas who avarages 14 points a game. So hes goanna have to pick up the slack to win this game for the Spartans.


I think that Thabeet and co. will hold there defense. And go on to win this one and play North Carolina in the Championship.

Posted on: March 31, 2009 4:53 pm

UNC-Nova preview

Game one:North Carolina vs. Villanova

                                                                                        When The Tarheels have it

With Ty Lawson back to 100%, the Tarheels will keep the ball with the  TY's. Tyler Hansborugh and Ty Lawson. So expect them to have no room, but still run up the scoreboard. The Wildcats will really need to hold them down to have a chance.

                                                                  When the Wildcats have it

When the Wildcats have it they must be carfull. The Heels are known for creating turn-overs with the tough defense of theres. The wont be able to take any risky passes. They will also need to be able to switch from offense to defense quicklly when the Heels make those turnovers.


I think in the end two heads are better than one. The Heels have a double threat in both Tyler Hansburogh and Ty Lawson. When the Cats mainly rely on Scottie Reynolds. Than you throw in the Heels defense and the Tar Heels are in the championship game.


Posted on: March 30, 2009 6:43 pm

NCAA CCoach Changes

 Today in charlottesville there was a buzz going around. Everyone was exited about Tony Bennet becoming the new Virginia mens basketball coach. Everyone now cant wait untill next year in which then they can see how Bennet will do coaching a team that isnt probablly much worse than his former team at Washington St..

 Meanwhile at the campus of the Uneversity of Kentucky, Memphis coach Jon Calpari was disscousing a deal to become the Wildcats coach. It hasnt become official, but it probablly means that the Tigers will be looking for a new coach soon.

 But how bad of a hit will this be for the Tigers? Well, I think we won't be seeing the team fall immediatley. But in about three years, they will be just another mid-major team in Conference USA. See, the recruits that were brang by Calpari will be here for a while. But when there gone, Memphis must have a good recruiting coach to get good players to a mid-major team in a one bid conference. The Tigers might stay at top in the conference, but that winning streak will die out.

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