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Tom Crean to Indiana

I'm shocked at a Marquette/Wisconsin fan I really felt that he would stay at Marquette for a while especially with the money they gave him. Tom Crean isn't a great coach, but he's a helluva recruiter. It would also create a rivalry with Tom Izzo and it's certainly an interesting hire.

Dominic James and Ousmane Barro have no intention of letting this shot reach the rim. (US Presswire)

We shall see how MU does next year with a new coach

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2nd Round NCAA Tournament Sunday Picks

What a crazy first day.........Duke lost again early in the tournament, Michael Beasley's career is most likely done, like I thought ND can't defend, UCLA won at the end, again and MSU will be a tough matchup for Memphis.

12. Villanova vs 13. Siena                                                                  Final Score:78   73 I think Villanove will continue their magical run in the tournament against Siena. Siena is great at scoring and proved vs Vandy, but I think that Villanova will be able to stop them.


2. Georgetown vs 10. Davidson                                                       Final Score:58   59 I'm going with a lower seed again. I really like Richards and Curry in the backcourt and I think Lovelace up front can at least somewhat limit Georgetown. Watch for Davidson to launch threes all night long.


1. Memphis vs 8. Mississippi State                                                 Final Score:75   66 I think that the Bulldogs can hang around for a bit, but Memphis' athlectisism will prove too much and be able to beat Miss. State.


2. Texas vs 7. Miami                                                                           Final Score:78   70 Well we finally have a game of Master vs Apprentice as Rick Barnes goes up against his old assistant Frank Haith. I like the Master to win because of DJ Augustin, but I think if McClinton gets hot that Texas could be upset here.


1. UNC vs 9. Arkansas                                                                       Final Score:81   69 I like UNC here because of their ability to score and with them improving on defense. Unless one of Arkansas' guards is hot from the outside expect a UNC win.


2. Tennessee vs7. Butler                                                                   Final Score:65     61 Last years experience will certainly help Butler. Tennessee is the better team and more athletic so I think they win, but it'll be a close game.


12. Western Kentucky vs 13. San Diego                                         Final Score:75     69 I'm now a huge Gyno Pomar fan after what he did against UCONN. I feel though because WKU has a future 1st round pick in Courtney Lee and a very good point guard in Brazelton will be the difference.


3. Louisville vs 6. Oklahoma                                                             Final Score:75    64 I think OU's guards will struggle with Louisville's press, it won't be that close in my opinion and I really like the matchup for the Cards against the Sooners.


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2nd Round NCAA Saturday Picks

2. Duke vs7. WVU                                                                         Final Score:  75  70  So on Day 1 Duke avoided a monumental upset against Belmont, they'll play WVU in the 2nd round. I like this game to be pretty close, but with Duke winning. I think Duke needs to make some 3's or they could be upset by the "Neers. Also, the WVU needs a big game from Joe Alexander.

3. Wisconsin vs 11. KSU                                                            Final Score: 65  69 Beasley had a huge game and so did Walker, now the question is can KSU play like that again? They'll be up against a team with the top defense in the country in Wisconsin, and KSU has been inconsistant this year, especially with their guard play. I think KSU hangs tough, but our Badgers are able to pull one out in front of a 50-50 crowd.

3. Stanford vs 6. Marquette                                                        Final Score:65   68 I think the Golden Eagles pull of the upset because they have better guard play and seeing as how Stanford struggled last year with great guards I think the Eagles can pull one out.

4. Pitt vs 5. MSU                                                                           Final Score:69   64 Two extremely physical teams in Pitt and MSU. Pitt lately has been playing better and I think that they'll win because of their recent success.

3. Xavier vs 6. Purdue                                                                 Final Score:74   67 Purdue has had great success this season despite having such a young team. I think this being their first tournement they fall right here against a more experienced Xavier team that's been their before.

4. Washington State vs 5. Bandwagon U.                              Final Score:62   58 I know that Bandwagon U. errr I mean Notre Dame has been a popular pick to make the Sweet 16. But WSU will win, because they defend and because I don't like ND.

1. Kansas vs 8. UNLV                                                                Final Score:85   70 I think the Runnin' Rebs can hang tough for a while, but Kansas' depth and explosiveness will prove too much.

1. UCLA vs 9. Texas A&M                                                          Final Score: 75   62 My national champion pick will continue to roll, A&M could cause some problems in that they have a lot of big guys that can stop Kevin Love. Even if they do UCLA still should win.

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South Region 1st Round Predictions

I see no upsets here except St. Mary's over Miami. I also didn't have much time to do this region.
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West Regional 1st Round Predictions

West Region Predictions

1. UCLA vs 16 Mississippi Valley State                                    Final Score: 89     58     To get your answer to why UCLA will win look at the other 1-16 games.

2. Duke vs 15. Belmont                                                               Final Score: 78        59    I expect Duke to be able to spread out Belmont, and with this making a good amount of their threes. Duke lives and dies by the three, but even if they struggle to make them they'll still beat Belmont.

3. Xavier vs 14 Georgia                                                                Final Score: 65        61    I feel that UGA will be able to keep up this momentum, the problem is Xavier is better then the other teams they've faced this. I still UGA will be able to keep the game behind Sundiata Gaines play, which has been great lately.

4. Uconn vs 13 San Diego                                                          Final Score: 65         51   Uconn plays great defense, and I think that'll be the reason they win this game. They've got a guy in Thabeet that guards the basket, and San Diego hasn't played someone like him all year. San Diego will get off to a slow start, but then start to heat it'll be too late by then

 5. Drake vs 12. Western Kentucky                                           Final Score: 68          73  I think that WKU pulls off the first upset in this region, they have a future 1st round pick in Courtney Lee, who can carry this team. I think Lee won't let down his coach and his team and deliver a huge performance.

6. Purdue vs 11. Baylor                                                               Final Score: 59           63  Another upset in this region. I really like Baylor's guards and I feel that Lacedarius Dunn, Tweety Carter, Aaron Bruce and Curtis Jerrels will be able to carry this team to an upset over Purdue and complete their comeback from the dead.

7. West Virginia vs 10 Arizona                                                   Final Score: 75            70  Arizona is one of the most talented teams in the country, but they always underachieve. WVU has had a great first year under Huggins and I think their run won't end......yet.

8. BYU vs 9. Texas A&M                                                             Final Score: 59              60  This should be a great game, with two fairly matched teams. It's hard to pick this game and that's why it'll come down to the wire. I think that the depth of Texas A&M's frontcourt will win the game for them. 

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Midwest Region 1st Round Predictions

Midwest Region Predictions

1. Kansas vs 16. Portland State                                     Final Score: 95      66     This game is going to be what's expected a blowout. KU will use their superior athletes and run them off the floor.


2. Georgetown vs UMBC                                                 Final Score: 71       47    I expect this game to be close for 15 minutes, but eventually the Princeton Offense will be too much for UMBC to handle.


3. Wisconsin vs Cal State-Fullerton                             Final Score: 65       49   This game will be close for the 1st half, buy like the Illinois game I feel late Wisconsin will run away with it with solid offense and great defense.

4. Vanderbilt vs 13. Siena                                              Final Score: 68        69   I expect one close game and it'll come down the wire a late shot by Siena who earlier in the year beat Stanford will send Vandy and Shan Foster back to Nashville the Music City.

5. Clemson vs 12. Villanova                                         Final Score: 72        69   Another close one in the Midwest this time the higher seed prevails. I feel Villanova will be in it because Scottie Reynolds has a huge game, but it simply won't be enough to send the Clemson Tigers home.

6. USC vs 11. Kansas State                                         Final Score: 79         72   I feel that Michael Beasley will get his 30-13, but his team won't do enough. Bill Walker can get 16-19 points, but other then that KSU has no consistant scorer so the Wildcats will fall short.

7. Gonzaga vs 10. Davidson                                        Final Score: 75         83   Davidson has a great point guard and one of the best shooting guards in Stephon Curry. Curry shot 44% from 3 and the Bulldogs should get a hand in his face. I don't see that happening and with a game that's a home game for Davidson I see the Wildcats pulling off the win.

8. UNLV vs 9. Kent State                                              Final Score: 68          73   I've gone back and forth on this game, but I feel that Kent State is more experienced team and more rounded and that's why I feel the Golden Flashes win this game and go on to play Kansas

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East Region 1st Round Predictions

East Regional Predictions

1. North Carolina vs Play in Game Winner              Final Score: 105  Play in Game Winner 75     North Carolina should win pretty easily here, not much resistance I think.  Like all 1-16 games expect a blowout.


2. Tennessee vs 15. American                        Final Score:   81  62      I think that it'll be a close game for about 15 minutes, but then I believe the shooting and depth of Tennessee will be too much for American.


3. Louisville vs 14. Boise State                        Final Score: 79    65        Louisville like last year I think will open up a huge lead with their athletes. Late Boise State might go on a little run to make it closer,  but Louisville won't be in trouble in this game.


4. Washington State vs 13 Winthrop               Final Score: 55     53         This is a game I feel could go either way. I just feel that this Washington State team that last year had a disappointing tournament won't bow out in the first round, it'll be a close game with Michael Jenkins jacking and making threes. 


5. Notre Dame vs 12. George Mason             Final Score: 75     66           This will be a tough game for Notre Dame, and it could be a good thing being battle tested after Round 1. George Mason obviously has Thomas and Campbell from the Final 4 team, but I think they'll come up just short against Notre Dame.


6. Oklahoma vs 11. Saint Josephs                 Final Score: 69      78             I got into an arguement with an Oklahoma fan about this game and I seriously feel OU can't stay with the Hawks. Saint Joe's has an experienced head coach in Phil Martelli, and a very good backcourt led by Tasheed Carr. They also have a very good front court in Pat Calathes and Ahmad Nivins. In the end I think it'll be too much for OU's team.


7. Butler vs 10. South Alabama                       Final Score: 55         61            I like the team with the experienced coach once again in Ronnie Arrow. South Alabama is playing a game that is essentially a home game and even though Butler returns all those guys from last year in Green and in Graves I see the Jaguars pulling a minor upset in Birmingham.


 8. Indiana vs 9. Arkansas                                Final Score: 65       71          Indiana fans are complaing that their seed is too low, but considering what they did lately maybe did deserve this. This team is better then Arkansas at full strength essentially when they had Sampson, but Dakich hasn't done much as coach and with Arkansas playing better lately I like them winning and sending Indiana home as they watch Eric Gordon and DJ White play for the last time.



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