Posted on: September 17, 2008 8:06 pm

My Other Fantasy Team....

This is the private league I formed with friends. This draft actually came out pretty much how I scripted it.

Round 1 (8) Clinton Portis - RB
Round 2 (17) Reggie Wayne - WR
Round 3 (32) Earnest Graham - RB
Round 4 (41) Steve Smith - WR
Round 5 (56) Kevin Smith - RB
Round 6 (65) Jeremy Shockey - TE
Round 7 (80) Joey Galloway - WR
Round 8 (89) Eli Manning - QB
Round 9 (104) Chris Johnson - RB
Round 10 (113) DeSean Jackson - WR
Round 11 (128) Jon Kitna - QB
Round 12 (137) D.J. Hackett - WR
Round 13 (152) Giants DST
Round 14 (161) Rob Bironas - K

Since the draft, I dropped Bironas for J.Kasay, DJ Hackett for Bryant Johnson, and Jon Kitna for Trent Edwards. I did OK on this draft...more or less what I expected...But there were some picks that I held my nose for and I regretted it later. Getting Joey Galloway was a mistake. He was supposed to go much earlier in the draft and something inside me tried to talk me out of it, but since I had certainly expected he would have been selected a round or two earlier I paid the devil's randsom when Tony Sheffler was next in my cue. D.J. Hackett was a throw away. The only guys left at WR were bums anyway. I dropped Kitna for Edwards not because I thought he was better. Kitna has the same bye week as Eli and I didn't take that into account.

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Posted on: September 2, 2008 12:07 pm

Fantasy Football...Ready for a challenge.

I really need to try to get a private league together next year because the public leagues here are filled with blissfully ignorant owners or those that flat don't show up for live drafts. How else could an owner picking up Maurice Jones-Drew at #40 and Reggie Bush with the 81st pick? Thats right...I drafted Reggie Bush at #81. Don't get me wrong, I see Reggie Bush as a top flight backup or low #2 RB at best, but the fact that he is still around in the seventh round means there were a lot of lesser players taken before him. Its just highway robbery that I can end up with Randy Moss and Wes Welker and still have a starting RB pair like Clinton Portis and MJD. I think 9 TE's had been selected by the end of the 5th round. I didn't even select a TE until the 11th round (Todd Heap) and I don't think Heap is a bad selection...especially considering he was projected between 6-8 rounds. This is how my team broke down...if you are interested.

  1. #9     - Randy Moss (WR)
  2. #16   - Clinton Portis (RB)
  3. #33   - Wes Welker (WR)
  4. #40   - Maurice Jones-Drew (RB)
  5. #57   - Brandon Marshall (WR)
  6. #64   - Brett Favre (QB) 
  7. #81   - Reggie Bush (RB)
  8. #88   - Donald Driver (WR)
  9. #105 - Reggie Brown (WR)
  10. #112 - Eli Manning (QB)
  11. #129 - Todd Heap (TE)
  12. #136 - Chris Johnson (RB)
  13. #153 - Titans (D)
  14. #160 - Kris Brown (K)

Todd Heap sat there for 5 rounds because after everyone had already locked in starting TE's, I knew no one would go for a backup TE until very late in the draft anyway, So I spent that time getting a much higher quality QB and backups...and Heap was still there in the 11th round. The only trouble I see is Week 4 with both Welker and Moss out on bye week. After that week, the 5th WR roster spot becomes the TE/DST/K bye week replacement slot. This is way too easy. This team plays itself now. No trading or unneccesary waiver fishing is required.

I know there are many of you that play the public leagues and feel the same way I do. Next year I want to set up a private league and only invite the guys I know are committed to winning. I am looking for the kind of owners who are still ripping your Waiver picks in Week 15 even though they still have no chance of winning. If you are a solid fantasy player that wants to compete in a private league that doesn't mind good natured trash talking and serious fun, leave me a reply so I can remember to look you up next season.

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Posted on: July 14, 2008 4:26 pm

Brett Favre....Drama Queen

There is no doubt that members of the sports media love, adore, focus their mancrush on Brett Favre. He is really the closest thing there is to an icon left in the NFL. Brett Favre is to the sports world what Paris Hilton is to the tabloids. Even when you think the story is over, another one is just beginning. Everyone knew the end of his career would come, but accepting it would be the hardest part, for all concerned. For the last few seasons, there has been a pre-season death watch that left reporters on a daily basis asking "Will he come back or won' t he?" After a last year's great season, it appears the Packers organization didn't want to go through that drama again. They asked Brett to make a decision back in March. The plan was certainly aimed at getting Favre to commit to off-season mini-camp and work toward winning a Super Bowl. That was not a commitment Favre wanted to make. Well, its time to start preparing for pre-season and guess who is back? Its the football verson of A.I.'s rant about "practice." Its game time and now Brett wants in. He retired because he couldn't make the commitment to practice. Brett wanted no part of spring now that spring drills are over, he thinks he can just inviite himself back to the game. I am surprised to see the Packers playing hardball with him, but you really can't blame them. Aaron Rodgers commited himself and went to spring drills. He did the time. He prepared and the team feels like he is ready to play. So Brett...what is this exactly? He says he doesn't have the commitment to do the work, but now that its time to suit up, he wants the glory and the spotlight. I hope Brett comes a backup. Thats what happens to guys that bail out on their teammates. If you want to be the starter, you are going to have to beat Rodgers to get it. If you REALLY want to play that badly Brett, those are the rules. So, is it about the love of the game, or is it about getting all the glory? Which is it, Brett?

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Posted on: April 4, 2008 9:14 am

"America's Team" or "America's Most Wanted"?

For years, we have heard that the Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team." You can debate the validity of that label all you want and you will never get anywhere with the Dallas honks. But as the years go by, imaging and market a team needs to be updated to reflect the changing times and continue to be true to the image of the team. It may be a copyright infringment, but I think a change to "America's Most Wanted" would be a more accurate reflection of the current situation in Dallas.

Jerry Jones has a soft spot in his heart for rejects and miscreants that dates back to 1992, when they picked up Charles Haley. Haley had fallen out of favor in San Francisco for starting a fight in the locker room and urinating on a teammate's car. I can understand the fight...boys will be boys. But football is a team game. At the end of the day everyone has to pull in the same direction. It might be a little difficult to support a guy after he emptied his lizard on your hood ornament. For Jones, it was his first successful rehabilitation of a player. Since then, he has brought in a variety of misfits to mixed results. So the latest is Pacman Jones

For the last two weeks, we have heard that "Pacman" and Jerry Jones were trying to put a little deal together whereby Jones would try to Jedi mind trick Roger Goodell into reinstating the troubled WR. I do give Pacman a little credit. He has managed to not have any run-ins with Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde nor has he left a "scrip" club manager paralyzed lately, but the damage seems to already be done. Instead of grabbing a quick paycheck on the wrestling circuit, the guy should have been out trying to do something positive for the community and show that he actually understands that he IS held to a higher standard as a celebrity and athlete. 

For those that didn't hear, Chris Henry was released from the Bengals yesterday hours after being arrested for a fifth time in three years. The NFL suspended Chris Henry last season for 8 games, but apparently he didn't get the message and the Bengals did. They cut Henry, giving him the freedom to take his rap sheet to any team that wants him. So guess what the joke was on every sports radio show yesterday. Guess what the sports editors at many of the nation's newspapers were saying. They were saying...get Jerry Jones on the phone! Its pretty sad when the stereotype and the reality are equally as predictable and humorous. Why would Jerry Jones call Chris Henry? Because Jerry Jones, even though he may have had good intentions, has given his franchise the reputation of being a safe haven for signing criminals and misfits. 

Congrats Jerry. Your team is now on the level with the Raiders. The only difference is the Raiders sell tickets to the criminals on Sundays. Dallas hires criminals full-time.  

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