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Posted on: October 13, 2008 2:48 pm

My First top 25

Now that the season has gone into conference play for everyone, I think it is time to start posting top 25 polls.  I also start this week, because its the first time my beloved Horns actually justify a top 5 ranking.  As a big XII fan, I'm glad to see that the conference is finally on par with the SEC, at least at the top.  Great QB's win big games and the Big XII has 7 qb's that would be all conference anywhere else (excluding Tebow).  While great QB's win big games, the truth is defense still wins titles, so someone in the Big XII needs to step it up on that side of the ball.

1. Texas - I am a biased homer, and can certainly see PSU or Bama here as well.  Hard to see this team undefeated in 4 weeks.

2. Alabama - Victories over Clemson & Ga. are loosing steam.

3. PSU - Wow everytime PSU looks dead, JoePa proves us wrong.  Go Grampa! By far the easiest road to NC.

4.Oklahoma - I still think they are awesome.  My guess?  They don't lose again.  BCS Dilema if Texas wins South?

5. Oklahoma St. - Do I think their this good?  Nope, but I didn't last week either.

6. Florida - I know, Ole Miss, but hey everyone gets an upset

7. USC - I know, Oregon St., but hey everyone gets an upset

8. Texas Tech - Has the "improved defense" bandwagon finally left.  this team will fall.

9. Missouri - Need to go into Austin and kick butt, or just another overrated early season team.

10. BYU - I know, played noone, but they tried.  It's not their fault the Pac X took the year off.

11. Utah - I know, played noone, but they tried.  It's not their fault the Pac X and Michigan took the year off.

12. Georgia - Should get it going and finish alot higher

13. Michigan St. - a liitle high? Maybe, I always think they look talented, now they finally look well coached.

14. Ohio St. - In a funk, maybe the USC letdown, but just don't look right.

15. LSU - to low?  Probably, but I just think their O is going to have a tough year.

16. Boise St. - Well Oregon counts for something

17. Virgina Tech - best of balanced ACC

18. Georgia Tech - Love the offense, throwback to the 70's.

19. No. Carolina - Butch Davis is gonna win big here.

20. Pittsburgh - loved Wannestedt at Dallas, but doubt this holds.

21. USF - will Bulls fold 2nd half

22. Kansas - tougher sked. this year may keep Jayhawks down a bit

23. Tulsa - maybe got their bad game(SMU) over with without an upset

24. Ball St. - Why not?

25. TCU - defense maybe best in country, (also a homer pick)


18. Va


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