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Posted on: October 26, 2008 3:38 pm

2nd top twenty five

1. Texas - most impressive wins of all the undefeated teams

2. Alabama - should make SEC title game undefeated, but then?

3. Penn St. - Win over only decent Big X team probably guarantees Title game appearance.

4. Oklahoma St. - best loss of all 1 loss teams, glad no chance at a rematch.

5. Florida - Will beat Bama in SEC champioship game, will it be enough?

6. Texas Tech - I would love to be in Lubbock Saturday...and I never, ever, ever say that.

7. Georgia - I think they are putting it together.

8. Oklahoma - defense is why they drop here, and at least one more game.

9. USC - Hasn't looked sharp except against "State" teams.

10.TCU - #1 defense in country

11. Boise St - undefeated? best win is Ogn 

12. Utah - undefeated? best win is Ogn. St.

13. Tulsa - undefeated? best win is New Mx

14. Ball St. - undefeated? best win is Navy

15. Ohio St. - last 2 games looking better

16. Missou - Should win out and play in Big XII champ. game

17. LSU - Not on par with past Tiger teams

18. Minnesota - 10-1? really?

19. BYU - 26 year old white guys deserve a spot

20. So. Florida - No Bull

21. Oregon - The duck stops here

22. Michigan St. - I'll just pretend OSU didn't happen

23. Notre Dame - It pains me...but

24 The ACC Atlantic - FSU, Md., BC

25 The ACC Coastal - Va., UNC, Ga. Tech

Okay its a top 30, but who can figure out the ACC?  I know that teams 10-14 are probably to high, but the wole top 9 is BCS so I'll show the undefeated little guys some love...for now. 

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