Posted on: December 21, 2009 3:07 pm

Battle of Colleges and Athletics

When Bobby Knight [ aka  The General ] approached the microphone last week at Indianna, he just gave me one more reason why I like him.  Bobby Knight is, by far, the world's worst speaker; and I love him for it!!   He just tells it like it is; no sugar added.  If it's sour, you  gotta cope with it.  Anyone who can throw a chair across the basketball court, DURING A GAME, you'd think was a wack-o coach; but his players always thought just the opposite.  He taught his players the fundamentals of basketball.  His TEAMS did it with TEAM PLAY.  He didn't have the superstars that today's college teams have; and he had players that GRADUATED.

So with Coach Knight's attack on John Calipari, maybe it's time to revisit the battle that colleges have with athletics.  Maybe it's time to question how a "institute of higher learning" should balance the over-all college finances and how these same colleges treat their "student athletes". 

The colleges' job are to prepare the student for life after graduation.  When you look at the academic side of colleges, this appears to be working fairly well, maybe not in all cases, but for the most part it does work well.  Finance majors usually locate employment after school in the chosen profession.  Electrical engineer majors usually locate employment in their major, also.  All through the majors, graduates usually are working in their professions.   The students progress is monitored through the standard GPA.  All in all the academics side of the house appears to be fairly well organized and does what it's supposed to do.

Now, let's look at the athletic side of the colleges.  If I'm a basketball player, with hopes of landing a job in the NBA, I'm planning to go to college and "study" in my chosen major.  The problem is, colleges don't have a curriculum for Basketball.  They do have a curriculum for all those other majors, but fall short in the athletic world.  If colleges state their existence is to prepare the students for life after graduation, what are they doing for the athlete?   Do they hand-out diplomas for athletics?  Of course not!!  Do they prepare the student for life WITHOUT sports?  NO is the correct answer.  What happens to a student who gets injured and can't go on to the profession of choice?  Is the student prepared to enter the working world an an entry-level doing anything else?  A former college football player who graduated t with a degree in social science, said, "I look back and say, 'Well, what did I really go to college for?  Crap classes you won't use the rest of your life?'  Social science is really nothing specific.  ...I was majoring in football."

I have a problem with colleges prostituting their athletes to fill their own pockets with dollars.  The colleges make huge financial gains off the athletic programs.  I'm not saying they should pay their players, no way.  I'm just thinking it's about time they play the game fairly.  After all, these are institutes of higher learning.  This sends a very mixed signal, academics is rewarded by graduation, while athletics is nothing more than glorified prostitution after your "john" is through with you, who cares.  It's time the colleges reign in the coaches and restore the concept of "student athlete" once again.  I have a great deal of respect for what Coach Knight accomplished as a coach on the court and off with his student athletes.  Notre Dame still plays by those same rules.  I wish every college did. 

Division-I is out of control.  When a coach can put two schools on probation and he's still coaching, what does that say about the integrity of the colleges hiring him; they don't care.  Just keep the revenue up.  Sure these student-athletes get free room/board, but what they're  NOT GETTING is a college education.  I think it's time to bring back the "education" part of college athletics.

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


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Posted on: December 10, 2009 11:45 am

This is Our Country

   A fellow message board poster started a thread entitled "Who are the REAL HEROES" that echoed his earlier comments on another thread.  As always, someone responded with their thoughts.  I read those words today; and those words moved me in such a manner, that I had to respond to that individual.  After reading what I posted, I thought for a while about the words I chose and decided to retain them here in my blog.  I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I have a great deal of respect for my country and the freedoms it offers.  Today it seems far too easy to sit back and identify the deficiencies in just about every aspect of life.  Well, I think it takes a great deal of courage to avoid being swept-up by that raging wave of conformity and stand-up for the positive things today and stop focusing on some of those trivial negative things.  Some of you may read my words and not care for them.  That's your right.  Many of you out there won't even read them, partly because they appear in my blog.  In any case these are my thoughts in my blog, retained for my benefit, my feelings, for what I believe in.

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


My interpretation of your response is you have little respect for the people currently guaranteeing the daily luxuries you take advantage of here in America.  I also interpret your response that you never served in your country's military; otherwise you wouldn't have posted such  negative comments about the people as you did. 

I'm happy to say that I served in my country's military.  I fully believe in this country and the freedoms we have.  If you don't live in this country, then please don't enter.  If you do live in this country and still don't like it, then by all means you're FREE to live somewhere else.  I love this country and respect the police, fire, and military for the job they do. 

There's no other country based upon freedom.  There's no other country where individual rights are not gifts from the king, parliment, congress, the president, a dictator, or from the majority of your neighbors.  Freedom is a right in this country; and is maintained by those same people who you just slandered.  If you don't like the freedoms they provide, you have the right to leave this country and go live somewhere else. 

There's many other countries where you can go.  This country was founded upon, what our forefathers called, "unalienable rights".  I'm NOT UNHAPPY with how this country was established; and I'm NOT UNHAPPY with how these rights and freedoms are preserved.   If you have a problem with today's heroes in this country and what they do, then please take your negative views and go somewhere else.  Let me live here and cherish the freedoms that these people provide by preserving this country's freedoms.

They may not be medal winning individuals, but I respect the jobs they perform on a daily basis that you and I can't do.  It doesn't take a medal to be a hero.



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Posted on: July 27, 2009 12:25 pm

A View FromThe Bottom

Hi Folks,

Sunday morning I opened the Sports Section of the morning paper to discover Cleveland ACTUALLY still has a baseball team .  I thought they had folded; having all their players returning to their respective homes through-out the globe.  I was shocked to read they're still trying; very trying from what I read. 

I gave-up watching sometime back in May.  When I saw them exercising absolutely no patience at the plate; throwing the baseball behind runners or just throwing the ball around like a bunch of 10-year olds; and lastly watching so-called good pitching self-destructing... I just couldn't watch any more.  How do these guys keep their job?  There's nothing worse then watching professional baseball players trying to leg-out little "pee-pee" hits; not just any "pee-pee" hits but million dollar "pee-pee" hits.

Someone once told me a manager's job is to keep the faith; project an image that the manager supports his players so when it's time to negotiate contracts with new players/free agents; they see an organization that will support them if and when they have a slump.  I say that's CRAP!!  A manager's job is to put the BEST players out in the field on any given day .  If a manager feels a player isn't producing, and has no intention to produce, I say send that player to the minors for some atitude adjustment.!!  I'll send a signal to ALL players, it's produce or be embarrassed in the minors .  These should be the standards on this team and live with it.  If these guys expect to pull-down multi-million dollar contracts, then they'd better produce.  There's only one true baseball player on this team.... Grady Sizemore.   This is the one true player that plays for the LOVE OF THE GAME .  A true inspiration to watch.  It's a  shame the other can't follow his example.

As for Eric Wedge ..... why does he still have a job?   What's this crap about platooning an outfield?  Is this baseball or football?  How can he still get paid when he tries to convert a former catcher to a first baseman and then try to convert a converted-catcher to an outfielder?  Are you kidding me?  President OBAMA already used the term, but I'll use it here also.... "performed stupidly" . Is this guy, Wedge, for real??  He's had infielders playing out of position so many times, they don't even know what their true position is anymore.  I don't like the idea of throwing the manager under the bus, but the season's OVER.  What is Dolan waiting for?  How far down does the team have to be before Dolan makes a move?

To top it off, I read an article about discussing the possiblity of trading away more veterans, get this, for more "future prospects".  This takes the cake.  How many times are they going to trade away their good players ( the kind you would want to build a team around )  for "future prospects".  What a crock of %@$#.  Future prospects are just cheap position players that won't develop into good players for another 5-years, at least.  By that time, the fans "have left the building".!!  To top it all off, I hear talk about possibly trading the Pitching ACE.  Cleveland could be the only club to trade away back-to-back Cy Young Award winners in consecutive years..... No there's something to be proud about.

When I said this was "View From The Bottom ", I meant it.  I don't tihnk Cleveland can get any lower than this...unless we trade away last year's Cy Young Winner.   Now, that's the bottom.  For all you good cities having good baseball, remember how quickly a team can sink to the bottom.  Keep going to games before your owners begin sell-offs.   It aint pretty from down here!!


Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


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Posted on: May 7, 2009 1:13 pm


Hi everyone    ......   

My youngest son is an official entrant into the US OPEN qualification process for this year's US OPEN at Bethpage Black.  Needless to say, this father is PROUD, wait, let me rephrase that   .....     VERY PROUD of him.  Actually, I have two sons; and I'm very proud of both of them for their knowledge of the game, the quality of both their games, and how each respects of the game.  To use very simple English, I'm a very lucky father .

This year's qualifier in the Cleveland area is being held at the Beechmont Country Club.  I've already scheduled a day-off from work so I can walk the course and watch how well the battle progresses.  I've been lucky enough to watch other golf competition with my youngest, but nothing as important as this.  For those of you that have never walked the course watching a golf match, I'm planning to provide my observations.  Some of you may be bored, while other may enjoy these "bits & pieces".  I'll add more to this as we continue next week.  Hopefully, I'll be able to provide my observations from the upcoming events as he continues to advance.  For now, it's 4-days and counting.


Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


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Posted on: February 21, 2009 8:22 am

Get In The Game

"Get In The Game"  .  .  .   How many times have I signed-on and had that irritating splash-screen s - l - i - d - e  across my screen.  I don't know what this spalsh screen promotes, all I know is it's existence is a pain in the butt for me.  I've been signing-on for the past year and this darn thing comes and goes.  Make one small change after sign-on and there it is..!!  Like an unwantwed visitor in your home.   I rate this little intrusive panel of electrons right up there with those extremely loud commercials on TV.  The only thing that panel has done for me is I sometimes remember the name.

Depending on how my day's been going, I sometimes recall my displeasure for SAFECOUNT.NET.  I know that I'll never "click" their panel and I have no intension to use my web-browser to visit their site.  No matter how many times that irritating panel appears on my screen, interupting my CBS Sports pleasure.

I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I think it's time we tell CBS what a pain-in-the-butt that is.  I don't know who paying who for that, but I can't imagine that is has any positive affect of the people like you and me.  There's got to be a way to get this point across to CBS.  If my rating drops more because of tis entry, so be it.  I really HATE that screen.


Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


Posted on: February 20, 2009 7:56 pm

Posting Etiquette

Today is Friday, February 20, 2009.

I've been reading things on these threads recently that makes me wonder.  What makes people post negative comments about other people?  What is it that forces people into character assasination mode?  If I don't like what a person posts that has a different opinon on a subject, I don't post personal comments about the person.... I may post my differing opinoin, but never attack a person's character.  That's just not right. 

Just about everyone has had, or will have a difference of opinion.  Did you know that a person's opinion is never wrong.  It's an opinion.  Opinions are never right or wrong; opinions are your personal thoughts.  They may not appear to be very logical, but an opinion is never wrong.  However, what is wrong ...  I've had some shots taken by people just because I came across STUPID in what I posted; and you know what, after reading it, I was pretty stupid.  But just because I posted fairly stupid material, doesn't give other people the right to post personal attacks about my character.  As much fun as that might seem... and trust me, sometimes what people post about me is funny, I don't deserve being called stupid.  Humorous comments are always welcome, even when they highlight flaws in opinion.  Like when a person has no idea what they post....

Something like this entry.  I have no idea where I'm going with this, but I'm sure their are other people out there having the exact same senior moments, but are afraid to put them down in a post.  That's the benefit of having your own blog.... you can put your thoughts down for anyone to see, and for anyone to take shots at.  Thay can agree, diagree, or just plain ignore; and it won't hurt my feelings one bit.   Even if no one reads this crap, I'm happy. 

So if you're reading this crap and feel like you need to rip on me, feel free to do so.  Sometimes, posts like this are good for the soul.




Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


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If you're looking for the ultimate panacea answer, you won't find it.  If you're looking for an opinionated response, feel free to read-on .   From the responses I've read, the general concensus is .... spread the blame all around.  I somewhat agree with that, except the root of this problem is a little more than blame everyone. 

The root of this entire mess starts with the PARENTS .... the parents of each and every ballplayer that used performance enhancing drugs to get an edge over the other players that had enough parental influence to know the difference between right and wrong.  It was the PLAYERS not having solid parental guidance that chose the incorrect path.  If the players had better parents, they would not have chosen to CHEAT by takeing the drugs; and they would not have had to LIE about during and afterwards. Definitely, the PLAYERS ARE GUILTY of chosing their incorrect path based upon the guidance they received.

The same can be said about the players union for not correctly policing their own membership.  Could you say the player's union did the just and moral thing?  I DON'T THINK SO..!!   The parental guidance each any every player's union representative received is just as poor as the guidance each cheating player received.  Again, we have an integral part of baseball choosing to follow a path that is morally not sound; after all, the union CHOSE to ignore, or support those players they knew were CHEATING. 

Just because the players decided to cheat . . .  AND .... the union decided to ignore what was going on DOES NOT LET THE ADMINISTRATIVE BODY OF MLB OFF THE HOOK.. !!!!   I apply the same logic to MLB MANAGEMENT .. . . ...  Parental guidance is at the root of their decisions, also.   Where was their moral judgement process???  What made them turn their back on a problem like this....  GREED and not having strong parental guidance in their lifetime. 

Put yourself in a parents role..... would you be proud to say..."hey! That's my cheating son out there".  . . .  I don't think so.   You can't just sit back and quote " if your'e not cheatin, you're not tryin".....   that's a crock of crap..!!  You also can't just pull the "Adam & Eve thing" ... trying to blame it on someone else.   Each and every player in baseball now  . . .  and who was in baseball at the time this started  . . .   didn't have the balls to stand-up and shout from the roof-tops... that cheating was happening.  I really don't like Canseco, but at least he had the balls..!!!

Do I think the PLAYERS are to blame....  YES..!!   If they hadn't taken the junk in the first place, there wouldn't have ever been a problem of over-looking it either.


Stay Well and Hope to See You Somewhere.... I Hope



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Posted on: November 19, 2008 4:37 pm
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Athletic Balance

Let me first state my position on basketball::    I've played "old time" high school basketball back in the days when you clubbed a dinosaur to put food in the cave  .  .  .  .  .  well it almost seems like it was that long ago.  Let's just say that when I played, we actually wore shorts, not those pantaloons that these guys wear today.   The game wasn't played with such vivid interpretation of the rules like it is today, but then again, it was advertised as a non-contact sport.  Frankly, I like the way the game has interpretted the rules and the increased pace.  Players are much more athletically talented today then they were in the dark ages.

  So I played and  I've coached.  I still love the game at the high school level and at the college level..... the professional level riles my dander.  I hate to see the pushing and the shoving in the paint, while a simple hand-check out front gets whistled every time.  I also don't like to see the walking, the carrying, the FLOPS, and the WHINNING.  These are professionals and they should act like professionals.  Tom Hanks once said, "Crying.!!   Are you crying?  There's no crying in baseball".  .   .   .   Well, there shouldn't be any whinning in basketball, either.!!  It's almost like these guys are flaunting the Screen Actors Guild [ SAG ] card everytime they step out on the court.

Tuesday night, I watched the CAVs play the Nets.  The first thing I always look at is the other team's defense, 'cause in order to win games, you have to break-down their defense into it's weaknesses... then exploit those weaknesses.   Having watched a few games last year I remembered how other teams defensed the CAVs.  IF anyone else but LeBron James had the ball, they'd play straight man defense... but let the ball end-up in James hands; and the defense changed dramatically.  Every eye was on James, just like a 1-on-5 game.  Where ever James went,the entire defense watched and reacted accordingly.  It was the best zone defense employed in the NBA.   So Tuesday night, I see that the NETS defense was straight-up man-to-man with a little weak-side drop back for assitance in the middle.  Just enough weak-side help to make the defense ripe for solid penetration and easy dish-off to the open man.  Yep, this should be a good year for the CAVs.  The CAVs have too many good shooters on the floor for any team to play 1-on-5 defense.  Opposing teams are now forced to play the game honestly.  I saw great ball movement and many solid open looks.  Mo Williams, Booby Gibson, Delonte West, and LeBron James are just going to be too much for defenses to handle.   When you throw in  "Z", The Flopper, Wally, and Ben Wallace the CAVs should rule.  They look like they have the most imprtant ingredient.....chemistry.  We got rid of the stiffs and have replaced them with desire.

I just may watch these guys this year 'cause right now, they show promise.....  a lot of promise...... even for an old player from the dark ages.  I'm thinking LeBron gets his ring this year.


Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .



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