Posted on: December 10, 2009 11:45 am

This is Our Country

   A fellow message board poster started a thread entitled "Who are the REAL HEROES" that echoed his earlier comments on another thread.  As always, someone responded with their thoughts.  I read those words today; and those words moved me in such a manner, that I had to respond to that individual.  After reading what I posted, I thought for a while about the words I chose and decided to retain them here in my blog.  I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I have a great deal of respect for my country and the freedoms it offers.  Today it seems far too easy to sit back and identify the deficiencies in just about every aspect of life.  Well, I think it takes a great deal of courage to avoid being swept-up by that raging wave of conformity and stand-up for the positive things today and stop focusing on some of those trivial negative things.  Some of you may read my words and not care for them.  That's your right.  Many of you out there won't even read them, partly because they appear in my blog.  In any case these are my thoughts in my blog, retained for my benefit, my feelings, for what I believe in.

Till next time . . . Stay Well, and See You Somewhere, I Hope. . .


My interpretation of your response is you have little respect for the people currently guaranteeing the daily luxuries you take advantage of here in America.  I also interpret your response that you never served in your country's military; otherwise you wouldn't have posted such  negative comments about the people as you did. 

I'm happy to say that I served in my country's military.  I fully believe in this country and the freedoms we have.  If you don't live in this country, then please don't enter.  If you do live in this country and still don't like it, then by all means you're FREE to live somewhere else.  I love this country and respect the police, fire, and military for the job they do. 

There's no other country based upon freedom.  There's no other country where individual rights are not gifts from the king, parliment, congress, the president, a dictator, or from the majority of your neighbors.  Freedom is a right in this country; and is maintained by those same people who you just slandered.  If you don't like the freedoms they provide, you have the right to leave this country and go live somewhere else. 

There's many other countries where you can go.  This country was founded upon, what our forefathers called, "unalienable rights".  I'm NOT UNHAPPY with how this country was established; and I'm NOT UNHAPPY with how these rights and freedoms are preserved.   If you have a problem with today's heroes in this country and what they do, then please take your negative views and go somewhere else.  Let me live here and cherish the freedoms that these people provide by preserving this country's freedoms.

They may not be medal winning individuals, but I respect the jobs they perform on a daily basis that you and I can't do.  It doesn't take a medal to be a hero.



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