Posted on: September 17, 2008 3:40 pm

35w bridge to reopen 9/18

Months ahead of schedule the 35w bridge will finally reopen tomorrow at 5am.  As many of you already know it collapsed last year during pm rushhour traffic, thankfully it was only single lane at the time and not fully loaded as there would have been most assurdely more deaths.

This event rocked the nation and fellow minnesotans as stories like this don't happen in our backyard and when they do......well it takes you by suprise. 

Its good to be reminded that when disaster strikes humanity rises up to meet the challenge.  That was evident in those that were effected and the efforts of the search and rescue teams who searched for people up and down the river and in the bi-partisan effort in all aspects of the government to get the funding to rebuild this bridge and to the construction workers who built it.  Being months ahead of schedule is one of the surer signs that this wasn't just another job, it held more significance.

I'm sure all twin citiens can agree that its nice to have it back.

Three cheers for less clogged traffic on 94.

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