Posted on: May 13, 2008 5:24 pm

Grand Theft Auto 4

Without question this is the game of the year for 2008. For once the critics who review games all heaped upon the high praise for this game and its all backed up by hours of unending *fun* gameplay.

Where do I begin?

If you've played any GTA game in the past you have always played a less than talkitive main character who has no problems (morally) doing things as long as the price is right. Not so this time around. You play Niko Bellic who has a pretty dark past that eventually finds him in his new home town AND he has no problems speaking about how he feels and how he interacts with the environment around him. As with most GTA games you start with nothing and then work your way into the big leagues.

There are the usual standbys....working for various crime organizations both russian, italian and irish and even the rouge government agency who needs dirty work done but quietly. I dont want to ruin the story but needless to say the voice acting and dialogue make you want to listen to each word prior to moving on in your current mission.

Some good things they have done also in terms of adding and subtracting gameplay elements that were strong in the last GTA. No more needing to lift weights or go to the gun range to increase your skill set, nor do you need to dive underwater to find that one hidden package. So they totally nixed some "sim like" elements from the game allowing you to focus on things that actually interest you in the first place.

With those subtractions they did add in a level of happiness for the friends you make and keeping them happy above a certain percentage point unlocks their special ability. Like one guy will drive out to meet you to sell you weapons at a discounted price, another will send a backup squad to help you weed out the bad guys and another will make you bombs that can be placed on cars for remote detenation...etc. Even the girlfriends have bonuses as well.

Mix it in with car races, assination missions, a list of cars to jack, places to go and cars to hit stunt jumps after and even an online multiplayer (of which I haven't touched yet) and episodic content to download for more missions in the fall.........and you have one of the best games of all time.

Talk you junkies!

Posted on: March 27, 2008 5:46 pm

Anime you say?

Have you grown tired of predictable plot lines? Have you gone to a movie and before it even starts say to yourself: in this movie XYZ will happen and in that order, only to find out that you were right. Have TV sitcoms grown stagnant? Have you become bored with american media?

Well my friend look no further.....infact look east.......Far east.

All the way to Japan.

I know what you're thinking. Dude your cracked to even suggest that japanese animation might even appeal to me as I haven't liked watching cartoons since Transformers. Which I understand fully. Thundercats, GI Joe, MASK, He-man, Voltron were great shows when you were kids and if you watched those same shows today you in all likelyhood wouldn't enjoy them as much as you did when you were a kid. With that in mind all american based cartoons ARE aimed at kids under the age of 14. Its understandable as thats just how our culture rolls.

But not Japan. The anime shows that air in Japan would be considered (some shows not all mind you)PG-13 to rated R here in america. The topics that they deal with are mature and some brood on topics that folks wouldn't want lil johnny of age 12 to even think about til he was at least 18.

So my point and or goal here is to offer up some ideas for people who have an interest in sci-fi or who are looking for shows where you are not told the whole backdrop when the show starts, many times an anime will tell you the plot of the show over the course of it, sorta strap in and enjoy the ride if you will.

On with the shows(no pun intended)

Deathnote - This show is currently airing on Adultswim which is a block of late night programming on the Cartoon network, new episodes air every saturday night. This show revolves around a high school student named Yagumi Light. Top of his class and revered as one of the more intelligent students in all of japan he views the world as a rotting cesspool. He's tired of the lack of focus that humanity has, he's tired that the evil and corrupt thrive while the good and innocent suffer because of it and worse yet he isn't sure what needs to happen......then he sees a black note book fall from the sky. After he picks up the notebook he reads it and finds it to be a morbid joke....if he writes the name of a person in the book that person will die in less than a minute.

This show is F&*(KING AWESOME! So far I haven't found any anime that can compare in the suspense/thriller genre such as this. This story is very intelligent and clever as Light uses the notebook to fix humanities problems and the roadblocks and hurdles he faces along the way. I mean haven't you ever thought to yourself the world would be better off if (insert name here) was just dead? Deathnote tackles some pretty good ethical issues, such as being evil to spread good. I won't get into any more detail on it other than to say if you've ever enjoyed a mystery/thriller/suspense this is up your alley. Unfortunately adultswim hasn't shown the whole series yet, it only goes up to 37 episodes and all the discs have yet to be released stateside.

I'll release some more titles later as i have to get back to work and at the same time I doubt this will be a popular blog but if you're an anime fan or interested in some other shows that are easy to get into I'll be sure to update this as we go along.

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